Jack in the Dark – Solve

Jack in the Dark - Solve

by Loricel SOLVE

This is a very nice little game, and I do mean little. One 1.4meg file
really gives you your downloads worth. The puzzles are exactly the
type found in "Alone In The Dark" one of the best games ever to grace
the planet. SO incredible I bought 4 copies to give to friends in hopes
that Loricel would do well with it and produce a second, third, fourth,
ect...  Anyway as the story begins you are an 8 year old girl, locked
within a shop full of "haunted" toys. Santa Claus has been captured and
held prisoner by your nemesis in the game "One Eyed Jack" a mean spirited
jack in the box. Your impossible mission is to free Santa.

   1: Get "Oil Lamp" (floor) & "Toy Drum" (Chest)
   2: Behind counter find "DIME" & "BOOK". (Read the book)
   3: Use "DIME" in Candy Machine on Counter.
   4: "EMPTY""Oil Lamp" on floor directly in front of attacking puppet.
   5: Stand next to and right of open "Chest" and begin playing drum until
      3 toys jump into chest.
   6: Go to next room get "Vanity"and"Mirror".
   7: Drop "Vanity" in front of and to the left (out of the way) of guards.
   8: Get "Candy Stick" that guards drop.
   9: Give "Candy Stick" to "One Eyed Jack".
   10: Use "Mirror" on "One Eyed Jack".

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