Fireworks of the Summer

Fireworks of the Summer

1. Pick up grass and the match.
2. Go right and lift up the rock. Get the screwdriver.
3. Right again and click the guy on the skateboard. When he falls, pick 
   up the skateboard. View it in your inventory and flip it over. Use 
   the screwdriver on it to get the board.
4. Go right and get the mystery machine (ice shaver).
5. Also pick up the foxtail.
6. Go all the way left and give the board to the monster.
7. Give him the grass and he’s better. He’ll blow and freeze the waterfall.
   Get the ice and the box of iron.
8. Use the screwdriver on the box of iron and get the flower fireball.
9. Give the foxtail to the cat and then click the witch.
10. Go right to the panda.
11. Click the mystery machine and use the ice on it. Get the chipped ice.
12. Give the chipped ice to the panda and get the dumpling.
13. Go left and click the witch.
14. Click the witch so she places the flowers.

Blue Fire End:
1. Place the dumpling on the altar and click it. The ghost appears with 
   blue fire.
2. Use the match on the fire.
3. Go left twice and put the flower fireball in the holder. Use the match on it.

Red Fire End:
1. Take the flowers.
2. Go left and place the dumpling on the plate.
3. Put the flowers on either side of it and click the dumpling.
4. The ghost appears with red fire. Use match on the fire.
5. Go left and put the flower fireball in the holder. Use the match on it.

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