Dracula – The Last Sanctuary

Dracula - The Last Sanctuary

This is the complete, game-spoiling walkthrough of 
Dracula 2: The Last Sanctuary. For those of you who 
have played Dracula: Resurrection following my last 
verbose, long-winded guide to the letter, you'd should 
be older than Dracula by now! 

Since these 2 games are slightly similar, I'm gonna cut 
and paste a few parts of the introduction of the last 
walkthrough that still apply to this sequel. Dracula 2 
has more enhancements and improvements over Dracula: 
Resurrection which I'll mention later. 

Please note that you can rotate 360 degrees and look up 
and down. 

"Forward Arrow" - move forward "Upside-down-U arrow" - 
to "back off" one screen "2-gear symbol" - means that you 
can use an item from your inventory here (whether you have 
it or not) "gear+hand symbol"- use/operate object (no need 
items from inventory) "magnifying glass symbol" - 
Examine/zoom in for closer look 

-In Dracula 2, you CAN use one item (from inventory) on 
another item (from inventory). i.e. you sometimes have to 
combine items in this game. This is different from 
Dracula: Resurrection where items were not combined with 
each other. 

You are Jonathan Harker (again). In the introduction movie 
(which is kind of a spoiler for those who haven't played 
Dracula: Resurrection before), you see the ending of 
Dracula: Resurrection and the game follows one week after 
that. You stash your wife Mina safely (more or less) back 
in London where Dr Seward is trying to work out how to cure 
her, blah, blah, somehow you decide that you should seek 
out Dracula in Carfax. 

NOTE: Btw, to skip any cutscene you can press [spacebar]. 

Well its relatively harder to get lost in Dracula 2 than 
Dracula: Resurrection since the areas you walk around in 
are smaller and easier to familiarize with. 

One word of caution is that you can die (Game Over) in 
this game and some puzzles have time limits as well. 
Don't worry, as long as you "figured it out in advance" 
(or if I tell you exactly how its done), there should be 
plenty of time to clear the threat. 

And again, this game still doesn't have a compass so 
trying to describe certain areas and giving directions 
may be difficult. Well that's not entirely true, there 
is a compass in the game but its an inanimate object in 
your inventory. 

If you get lost trying to follow this walkthrough, it is 
very difficult to get you back on track because there is 
no compass or other means to get your bearings. 
So normally if there is a fork in the road I will 
describe the direction of the path you have to face to 
go to, and after that I'll describe the screen you'll be 
in after you have moved to it. If that screen doesn't 
match my description then most likely you have taken the 
wrong path, turn back and choose the other one. If neither 
path matches my description, then you're probably playing 
a different game! Just kidding. 

Alright, no compass...and oh yes, the items in your 
inventory have no descriptions on them (text/speech) so 
there might be some confusion and to which "key" in the 
inventory I'm referring to, but if you notice, the easiest 
way is to look at your inventory screen (Right-click or 
press Tab, or press Backspace, or press Delete). You will 
notice that your inventory has 20 item slots and each item 
has its own position on the "20 item wheel" of your 
inventory. No doubt during later stages of the game other 
new items will use the same inventory slots as items before, 
but it doesn't matter. When I mention eg. (Item#12) It means 
the item which you should have currently in inventory slot 
number 12. 

So, numbering your items from the top-most item (North) and 
going around clock-wise, you get the following items: 
For example, (I won't list out all it'll spoil the fun!) 

Item#, Item description (in my own words) 

1. Key
2. Revolver
7. Watering Can
19. Dracula's Journal 

NOTE: to exit out of the inventory screen you must click 
on the "Upside-down-U arrow" on the bottom-left to "back 
off" to the game screen. (You can't press Esc) 

Now in Dracula 2, you also have a second row of Inventory. 
If you look at your inventory screen again, you can see that 
there are bullets (on an outer row on the left of your 20 
items slots). These are the items that CAN be CIMBINED with 
the ones on the 20 items slots. The items on the outer row 
CANNOT be used on the "outside world" (only within the 
inventory screen). I won't number these items since there 
are only 6 slots there. Shouldn't be too confusing. The 
bullets are at the first item slot. Oh what the heck, lets 
just call the Bullets Item(A) and the bottom slot on the 
outer row, Item(F).

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