Dizzy – Prince Of The Yolkfolk

Dizzy - Prince Of The Yolkfolk

First of all, collect the leaf and the match. Push the leaf under the door and 
use the match on it. Collect the bucket of water and use this on the blazing 
door. Once the fire has been extinguished, go left until you reach the green 
Troll. Collect the pickaxe and go right to chat with the Prince. He will give 
you a flying carpet, but do not pick it up - it's a red herring. Keep on walking 
right and collect the cage. In the next room stand right at the edge of the 
cliff, jump right to land on the cloud and collect the piece of paper that 
you'll find there. Fall off the cloud and use the pickaxe on the boulder to 
reveal a secret cave. 

After you've entered the cave, collect everything then stand on the highest 
platform. Jump up-right and you should land in a small passage where you should 
collect the golden nugget. Go to the river and jump onto the boat. When it 
arrives at the opposite side of the river, jump off the boat and walk towards 
the ferry man who will take the golden nugget from you and let you pass. Talk to 
him and he will ask you to speed up his boat. Look behind the stereo to find a 

On the next screen, drop the cage next to the Fluffle (he won't go into it 
though). Climb up the platform to the above screen where there is a large gap. 
Use the bridge building kit on it to form a wooden bridge. Walk into the next 
room (which is called the 'Narrow Ledge') then jump onto the clouds and onto the 
tower. When you are in the tower, collect the Harp and come back out onto the 
'Enchanted TreeTops'. Look behind the tree house door to reveal a cherry and go 
up onto the next screen where you should jump left off the far left platform. 

Carry on jumping across the clouds and into the next screen, called 'Heaven'. 
Give the harp to Saint Peter and he will reward you with some Holy Cheese. Take 
the cheese all the way back to the Fluffle, place the cheese in the cage and the 
Fluffle should enter the cage. If you drop the cage in front of the Troll 
(guarding the castle entrance), it'll become scared and scarper. Now you can 
enter the castle... 

Once inside the castle, go up the first lift and collect the motor. Move onto 
the next screen and use the lift to travel upwards. When the lift stops, go to 
the far right, collect the rusty key then return to the lift and ascend once 
again. Collect the two cherries on the next floor and then return to the bottom 
floor again. Walk to the left and collect the bread. Once you have the loaf, 
take a trip back to the ferry man, give him the motor and he will give you a 

Go right and climb over the trees towards the 'Narrow Ledge'. Jump along the 
clouds, onto the tower and use the scythe on the ivy. Travel right, up the lift 
and collect the horn. Go left up, the other lift, walk right and use the lift 
there. If you jump left off this lift at the very top you should reach a 
deserted tower. Use the rusty key on the door and you will find Daisy inside but 
you won't be able to wake her because you are not a prince. Go back down and 
jump onto the upper platform. 

From the lift, carry on left until you find a pair of tweezers. Once the 
tweezers are collected you can jump up to land on a secret cloud where you will 
find a cherry. Now it's time to go back to the lion. 

When you reach the lion, give him the tweezers and he will repay you with a 
thorn. Go and see the Prince, give him the horn and he will give you a joke 
book. Go right towards the tower and onto the screen where the evil Dizzy is. 
Drop the thorn on the floor, go up to the upper level and make the evil Dizzy 
walk onto the thorn. Go back down and you should now be able to pick up the 
spanner. Take the spanner back to the castle and use it on the lever to lower 
the drawbridge. Cross the drawbridge, give the joke book to the upset Princess 
and she will reward you with a flag. Take this flag up to the top of the castle 
and place it on top of the flagpole. The Prince should now appear and call the 
King. Talk to the King and he will make you a Prince. Go back to Daisy, give her 
a big snog and if you have collected twenty cherries, you've completed the game!

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