X-COM – Interceptor

X-COM - Interceptor

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Indra Permata Dinda

Cheat mode:
To activate a cheat, press [Ctrl] + E (or W) until the tone. 
Then enter its code below.

Result                                   Code
No aliens                              - JOYRIDE
Side mission: Arms Dealer              - SMARMS
Side mission: Corporate Reconnaissance - SMRECON
Side mission: Nova Bomb                - SMNOVA
Side mission: Pirate Base Rescue       - SMRESCUE
Side mission: Rogue Freighter          - SMROGUE

In-flight Cheats:
To activate cheats, you must first enable In-flight mode. 
(press [Ctrl] + E until the tone. Then type: BATTLECHEAT.) 
Thereafter, enter the corresponding shortcut key for the desired 

Cheat                                            Shortcut Key
Cycle weapons                                    [Alt] + X
Destroy targeted object                          [Alt] + ~
Disable target                                   [Alt] + 2

10,000,000 Credits 
While playing press Ctrl-E twice (you should hear a beep) then type PAYDAY.

All Research 
Press Ctrl-E twice then type KNOWITALL. 

Enable In-Flight Cheats 
Press Ctrl-E twice then type BATTLECHEAT. 

Finish All Bases Under Construction 
Press Ctrl-E twice then type in QUICKBASE for all the bases to be 

Press Ctrl-E twice then type CANTTOUCHTHIS. 

Unlimited Flight Range 
Press Ctrl-E twice then type FILLERUP for unlimited flight range.

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