TG Motocross

TG Motocross

Submitted by: bob mahoney

When on level 2 to get speed at the start wait until bike is almost of the platform 
then press throttle and you get a good shooting start and on the at the first incline 
brake at the top just before the descent and keep tapping throttle and you will get 
down the descent right from the top which will give you good air for the next jump

Submitted by: David K.

* As you approach a jump, lean back for speed. When you leave the lip of the
  jump lean forward; this helps gain distance. If you are not going to clear
  the landing, or will be landing on a bump or incline, hold the brake as you
  land to avoid losing balance and flipping over.

* When you think you're going to fall into the holes, don't worry... just brake
  hard once you touch the inclination, and lean forward while accelerating at 
  full gas.

* Press [SHIFT] to bail off the bike.

* The clock doesn't start running until you start moving, so don't add time on
  the clock by holding the up arrow until your bike is firmly on the ground.

* As the time counter doesn't start until you press the throttle button, you 
  can save some time on several tracks by leaning forward and backward to 
  position yourself in a better place to start from.

* If you are getting a really bad time for a level and have lives to spare, 
  bail off the bike and it will reset the clock to the beginning of that level
  with no penalty for death.

* On Stage 1 do not try to catch a bunch of air. Keep your weight forward during
  your jumps. Get your back wheel down ASAP to get acceleration during your 
  landing. In the beginning you can lean your bike back and forth to get a little
  extra on your start without the clock starting. At the end, keep your weight 
  back to get max traction until the top of the hill. Then lean hard forward to
  get across the line fast. By doing this you should be able to run 12.75 easy 
  and eventually end up in the low 12's.

* Whilst in the air, put the bike at a 45 degree angle so that the front wheel 
  is higher than the back. If you do this then you will stand a high chance of 
  not falling off your bike when you land.

* If you are about to fall in a hole, stop for a split second, lean forward and
  accelerate to get yourself out of trouble.

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