Star Wars – Episode I – Racer

Star Wars - Episode I - Racer

Get Cash:
At the screen where you purchase pod parts press [Shift] + [F4] + 4. You can do 
this up to five times 

High Floating: 
On any Oovo IV level just before exiting an anti-gravity tunnel pull up and keep
pulling up away from the ground and if done right, after exiting you will keep 
floating in the air hugging the ceiling. 

Cheat Codes:
For those of you lucky enough to be playing this hot new game based on the 
upcoming Star Wars Episode I movie, here are some cheat codes to help you out:

Type these codes in while playing the game, or you may simply speak them into 
the microphone (using Microsoft's new DirectVoice implementation):

- God Mode On/Off

- Access to All Weapons

- Makes All Racers Tiny (and Green)

- Access to All Levels

- Instant Death

- Win Current Level

- Bonus Level - "Dark Insemination"

- Display's"April Fool's" on the Screen 


Tip 1: 
As soon as you can, invest in a full complement of pit droids; this will ultimately 
save you the money you would spend replacing the worn-out parts that reduce your pod's 

Tip 2:
Save your in-race repairs for twisting areas or hairpin turns where you have to slow 
down anyway. 

Tip 3: 
For big money (and impossible odds), jump ahead to the Invitational races as soon as 
they're available.

Going out-of-bounds in Executioner:
This is quite a cool way to get into an out-of-bounds area in Executioner. To do it, you 
need to choose Mars Guo, and then choose Executioner. Play through normally, but as soon 
as you reach the area leading up to the second anti-gravity tube, hold down A, and go as 
far right as possible. If done correctly you should be racing along the wall, and if you 
go high enough you can even access a hidden route at the top right. If you keep on this 
secret route you can go beyond the second anti-gravity tube and access an area behind it!
However, you won't be able to go beyond the tunnel leading out of the area and you'll 
throw yourself into midair, and then crash. You'll then be righted in the anti-gravity 

Glitching through a wall:
There are two main sections in which you can glitch through a wall and fall to your death:

1.Choose any racer, and head onto Executioner. Play normally until you get to the area 
leading up to the first anti-gravity tube (not the tunnel after the sharp bend to the 
right, the bit afterwards). Hold down left or right, then press A or D respectively, 
until your pod is hugging the wall. Then, while still holding left or right, and A or 
D respectively, boost. If done correctly you'll glitch through the wall, land out of 
bounds, and fall to your doom. You'll be righted in the anti-gravity tube.

2.Choose Mars Guo, then head onto Abyss. Stay on the top level of the first tunnel until 
you hit the final straight that eventually leads out of the tunnel, then boost straight 
forward without tapping either left or right. Due to the wall's small size, youll glitch 
over the wall, and once again, fall to your death.

Glitched sky:
To do the glitch, choose Executioner, and play through the course normally until you 
enter the narrow decline that leads right up to the sharp bend to the right. When you 
reach the bend, stop, turn around, and head back the way you originally came. When you
emerge from the decline, the starry sky will be replaced by a solid blue sky, and all 
objects on the overworld will be silhouetted.

Blue haze:
This is similar to a glitch on Executioner, in which turning around on the ramp can 
cause the sky to appear blue. To encounter this graphical glitch, choose Vengeance, 
choose any pod, and then play normally until you reach the area just before the anti-
gravity tube (the area you enter through a door that turns). Once in that area, stop,
turn around, and come back out. A really thick blue haze, somewhat reminiscent of the
underground parts in Executioner, will cover the track, making it harder to navigate.

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