Putt-Putt Saves The Zoo

Putt-Putt Saves The Zoo

Hints: Continuity:
Submitted by: RM

* The entrance to the Rapids is located in one "lake" in Jungle Land. However
  the exit is located just next to it, and it is a waterfall. If you go down 
  through the rapids, you will not see it go up at all except for the escalator
  if you do not click on any paths; however that just leads back to where your 
  started from. If you just go straight down without using the escalator, you 
  will realize that it really goes downward only, therefore there is no way 
  that the same path can go down in one place, but up in another.

* Pep's face gets painted in one scene, but is clean when we see him go down
  into Putt Putt's inventory.

* Every time you leave the Rapids in Jungle Land (not counting the whirlpool),
  you will use the same waterfall, yet you will never see where all the other 
  rivers meet up.

Factual errors:
* Even though he is a mammal, Zanzibar the hippo does not shiver when he is in
  Arctic Land. And even though he is a reptile, Skeeter the snake does shiver. 
  Reptiles do not shiver because they are cold-blooded. Warm-blooded animals 
  shiver because they are making heat in their bodies. 

* In Jungle Land, the waterfall runs straight down and it is at the same 
  location when it hits the rock. The water would go around the rock and not 
  straight down.

Plot holes:
Animals talk in Putt Putt games and think like humans, so they would know if 
the zoo was closed. They would definitely ask Putt Putt what he was doing there.
Not all animals say "The zoo isn't open yet!", Why are there visitors?", etc.

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