Lords of Magic

Lords of Magic

Cheat Codes:
Press [Ctrl] +  to display the cheat prompt.
Note: The codes are available only in v2.0 or greater in the 
game and may not be enabled in multi-player mode. 

Code         Effect
Jackpot    - gives you 200 gold, crystal and ale
Marathon   - gives 1000 movement points to the selected party
Puff       - gives you a dragon
Hocuspocus - grants you all spell knowledge, and gives 1000 mana
             to the selected party

Increase defence rating:
Submitted by: Radon

Worth trying if you're playing as a mage. Conquer the Great Temple
of Life, and take the magical staff that boosts defence rating 
from within. Put that staff in the inventory and the other in your
hand. Switch the staffs (drag one to replace the other) and your 
defence rating will go up by two points! Switch them back, and the
defence rating will go up another two points. In just a few minutes
your mage's defence rating will go from 4 to 300! This works on all
kinds of mages and makes them literally invulnerable. 
It doesn't work on warriors though.

Undead army:
If you have a Dark Necromancer with the "Raise Skeleton" spell, you
can use it to create skeletons from defeated enemies after the battle.
Since three skeletons are one unit, if you raise less than three after
a battle then heal using crystals at a temple, you will have a full 
unit of skeletons instead of just one or two.

Easy win:
Use the following trick when an army is too powerful to fight head on 
and you have access to Fairies. Save the game and send something to 
make sure the enemy has no missile attack, no flying creatures, and 
that the battle has rocks that cannot be walked on. If the conditions
are met, buy a full army of Fairy Slingers and send them in. Do not 
attack immediately. Instead, position the Fairies over the rocks and
places Foot Soldiers cannot reach, then attack. If there is a Mage, 
kill it first. The enemy army will walk toward the Fairies and stand
at the edge of the rock while the Fairies attack until the entire army
is destroyed. This can be done with any creature that flies and has 
the opportunity. Dragons can take out a numbers a Archers and then 
defeat the rest of the army without losing any more hit points.

Get Possessed unit:
Get a high level order wizard who knows the spell Possession (or a 
high level mage of any kind that has the Amulet Of Control). When 
going into battle, cast the Possession spell on any of enemy unit 
that is two levels lower than your mage. Before the battle ends, 
press the computer button. If you have won the battle, the possessed
unit will still be there, but it has now joined your party. If you 
do not want to press the computer button, cast dispel magic on the 
possessed unit during or after the battle. With this trick you can 
get lords who already have taken their great temple (even Balkoth 
and also renegade only units such as the elephant. 

Boosted Defense:
Select the Life Warrior, Mage Or Thief. When Asked for the difficulty
repeatedly click on "Easy". 
Your Defense will begin to rise.

Control opposing army:
When in a capital and attacked by an army larger than your own, just
run away. If your troops can get away, and you do not get into any 
more fights until your turn, then you may be able to control the 
opposing army in a limited way. Although you will not be able to move
the army, they will be on the bottom panel instead of your characters.
Double click on them, and click the disband button. You can not disband
Lords. It a Lord entered your capital, move in with an army. 
This trick can be used to win the game if the Lord who enters the 
capital is Balkoth with his unholy armies.

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