Lineage 2 – The Chaotic Chronicle

Lineage 2 - The Chaotic Chronicle

Run through rivers:
Submitted by: conner54

If you are crossing a river, lake, or other body of water and can 
see to the other side (where you are trying to get to), make sure 
you are out of water near the edge. Then, click on a slightly higher 
point of which you are standing, on the other side. 
If it works you will swim across without the negative effects of 
being in water, such as slower speed and limited oxygen. 
Note: Do not click again while in the water. 

Submitted by: hitman

press the shift+`+alt+c+2 to bring down the console and use the 
folowing commands

GIMMEMONEY-9999 adena
GIMMEHEALTH-300 health

if you want to use these cheats on LINEAGE c1 or c3 just hit 

shift+alt+c+3 or shift+alt+c+3.

Making fast adena:
Needed, little bit of adena (500 will do)
Go to a magic shop that works buy the most expensive stackable item they
sell there, buy 100 million of the item at a time, u'll see it costs a 
lot (don't press ok yet) 
Add 100 million again, by now the number should be negative
Keep adding and removing items till it costs what u can afford, press ok,
sell items to the shop, voila, lotsa adena...
The above cheats might not work on some Patched games.

Command Line Parameters:
"c:Lineage IISystemL2.exe" -log -cheats -CPUSPEED=1000
The unreal warfare engine used in L2 is very similar to Unreal 2 Engine.
If you search the web for unreal2 command line parameters you will find a
lot of usefull ones.

for instance:
-cheats : Enables all cheats (teleport, speed change, etc)
-cpuspeed=2300 : sets the client to works a if it detected that your cpu 
speed was 2300Hz, and it will set the time counters that way.
If you own a 2.4MHZ processor, the game will run a faster. If you own a 
2000HZ processor, the game will run slower. This worked fine untill middle
of C1, try not to set the value more than 20% of your CPU speed.

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