Joe And Mac

Joe And Mac

Bonus Life:
On the fourth level of the game, progress through the zone
with the rocks that go up and down. 
Fire towards where you can see the words ELITE, and you will
get an extra life.

The caveman carrying the rock will nearly always drop fruit. Hit him,
and then jump on the rock he drops three times to get the fruit. 

Now and again you'll come across a caveman who isn't doing anything.
When he wakes up and starts chewing, hit him for extra points. 

Vertically scrolling levels have a special Spaceman bonus. 
Stay on the right side ofthe screen to get this. 

Bonus fruits:
On levels 9 and 10, after you have defeated the spiky guy and the 
disk loads for the next level, hold the joystick left and hold the
firebutton until the bonus section starts. You'll float down slowly,
and will be able to catch more bonus fruits.

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