Half Life – Game of the Year Edition

Half Life - Game of the Year Edition

Cheat mode:
Submitted by: nightraider
Update by: Abhinav

Right click on the icon of the game from ur desktop or programs(Start Menu).
Go to its properties and type in the Target " -console".
So it should look like this: "C:SIERRAHalf-Lifehl.exe -console"
Now,start the game and u will see an option "Console" in the Main Menu.
This means that cheats can now be enabled.
To enter the cheats, start the game and press "~" key.
A big box appears,now,type "sv_cheats 1".Cheats will now be enabled,
here is a partial list of cheats:

Result                                       Code 
God mode                                    - /god 
Adjust gravity                              - sv_gravity   
All weapons and ammo                        - impulse 101  
Developer mode on                           - developer 1  
Verbose developer mode                      - developer 2  
Developer mode off                          - developer 0  
Suicide                                     - kill 
Map select1                                 - /map   
No clipping mode                            - /noclip  
Obtain item2                                - /give   
Opponents ignore character                  - /notarget  
Third person view                           - /thirdperson  
Return to first person view                 - /firstperson  
Auto-reload enabled                         - +reload  
Auto-reload disabled                        - -reload  
See things brightly without flashlight      - lambert -1.0001 
HEV suit, weapons, and ammo                 - impulse 101  
Spawns gibs and blood                       - impulse 102  
Monster stats, while looking at monster     - impulse 103 
List global entities                        - impulse 104  
Silent player                               - impulse 105  
Model/sprite stats, while looking at target - impulse 106 
Texture name, while looking at object       - impulse 107  
AI node information                         - impulse 195  
AI node information                         - impulse 196  
AI node information                         - impulse 197  
AI node information                         - impulse 199  
Delete monster or NPC from world            - impulse 203

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