Facebook – Premier Football

Facebook - Premier Football

Easy money:
Submitted by: soni

Make sure you challenge 3 matches a day 

After you get more than 20,000 seats stadium a day, you should always buy bonus 
challenge and have 4 challenges a day. 

Upgrading your stadium seat immediately after a challenge is much more efficient, 
but it is hard to tell when your opponent will take up a challenge. If they are 
your friends, you could instant message them. 

Get challenges from people with 250,000 seats. [This is the hard part and you 
could learn the trick here] - This will maximize your money earning each day, 
but you will get a very high negative goal difference and some loses. 
Not to worry because you will need to do this most probably until 120,000 
stadium seat and after 2-3 days, you will get 250,000 stadium seats.

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