This game is titled also "Armed Assault 2"

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

All of the following cheats require you to hold [Left Shift] down and
then press the [Numpad - (minus)] button. Then let go and type the 
appropriate cheat code (capitalization doesn't matter). 

Nothing is displayed as you type however the key strokes are being

Code            Result
ENDMISSION    - End Mission.
CAMPAIGN      - Unlock All Campaign Missions.
MISSIONS      - Unlock All Single Player Missions.
SAVEGAME      - Save Game.
TOPOGRAPHY    - Generate Map in EMF Format.
GETALLGEAR    - Unlock All Armory Items.
FLUSH         - Flush Video Memory.
FREEZE        - Freeze Game.
CRASH         - Forced Crash Dump.

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