3D Pinball

3D Pinball

Cheat Codes:
Type hidden test during game play. You can now click on the ball and move
it around freely. The ball will follow your mouse, as long as you hold the
mouse button down. Press R to increase your rank in the game. Press H for 
a very high score.

While "Cheat mode" is active, press [F3] to pause game play, then press all
the letter keys on the keyboard. Then [F3] again. You can now see the path 
of your ball in pink throughout the whole game. This will not go away until
the end of the game or you exit out. 

Get to the Launch Pad:
Launch the ball on the Hyperspace. After launching, the ball will hit the 
left flipper (do not move any flipper) then bounce into the right "rebound". 
After the ball hits the right "rebound" press X. This works about 70% of 
the time.

Do the skill shot then do not touch the flippers. Just let the ball fall, 
and the game will give you a re-deploy. You can shoot it up and then attack

Submitted by. matthew

Do a new game and type "hidden test"in and then press "H" for a high score.

Secret Missions:
If you hit all three of the mission lights which are the buttons on the left
you hit to choose a mission, you can play a special mission that will give 
you more points then a regular mission.

If you go into the hyperspace tube, a light will come on to tell you how many
times you've gone in. If you go in once, you get a hyperspace bonus. If you 
go in twice, you'll get a jackpot. Three times and you'll get a center post.
Four times and you'll get an extra ball. Five times and you'll get a gravity
well, plus it'll start over.

Glitch - play in alternate color:
Submitted by: Nick

first type in hidden test cheat then click and hold you can move your ball then while 
you are clicking press h then press cancel then you should be playing in alternate 
color if not try again.

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