The Horror Mansion – The Kitchen Escape

The Horror Mansion - The Kitchen Escape

-Zoom in on plates. Get candle.
-Right. Click on right leg of table. Get matches. In same view
 click further away in darkness. Get knife.
-Right. Open right cabinet under sink and get large fork. Click
 under the two cabinets and get large stick. Notice the paper in 
 the sink. Notice the three knobs on the stove. Notice the fourth 
 knob right of stove and the place of all colours.
-Right. Place candle on wax on table. Light the candle with the 
 matches. Click on the bible 4 times. The room becomes brighter.
-Go to the box by the door and get cross. Place cross in mark of 
 cross, room is now bright.
-Use stick on spider web.
-Use stick with web on sink to get paper.
-Put paper in flame of candle. Notice the colour code.
-Put the 3 knobs of the stove in the same position as indicated on
 the right of the stove. Put also the fourth knob on the right of 
 the stove in the correct position.
-Open stove and get bird with fork.
-Cut bird with knife and get red kitchen key.
-Use key and get out!

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