The Fancy Pants Adventure – World 2

The Fancy Pants Adventure - World 2

Pants and Tropies Walkthrough


Teal (Level 1):
Jump onto the first green  pipe that’s above you when you fall down. There
should be a spider on it, kill it. Jump onto the spring on the next  green
pipe and it’ll shoot you onto another. Jump from the left  of that pipe onto
the brown ledges  above it. Keep jumping up those brown ledges until you see
the snail  on the top one. Jump on him and take the shell . Then just keep 
kicking the shell to the right from pipe to pipe until it lands in the hole.

Purple (Level 2):
Ok, getting the purple pants  is hard and annoying. To get the shell in this
one you need to go down the first hill and over the jump and whatnot, but then
at the second oily part with the drop, jump onto the ledge  thing that’s over 
it kinda ish. Then keep going up till there’s the oiled wall. Jump onto it, 
and slide up the wall (yes, you can do that) and kill the snail that’s on the
ledge (you should see it)

Ok, you now have your shell. Send it all the way down to the end  of the level.
Then once you and your shell reach the bottom, pop the shell onto the ledge with 
the door. Then jump on top of the shell to pop it up. It should land on a ledge 
that’s above you, but you can’t see it. Once it’s up, have Mr. Fancypants Man 
jump onto the little nooks on the wall over the door . Have him jump up the 
nooks onto the ledge where the shell should be. THIS IS THE HARD PART!!!! GENTLY
nudge the shell towards the end of the ledge (—-> that-a-way), about where another
ledge is. You can see this one over you, so you should know where to put the shell.
Then jump onto the shell again, popping it up onto the next ledge. then follow the
shell. The next ledge is smaller. This is the smallest ledge. Pop it up onto that
one, then get up onto the ledge. Then you SHOULD be able to kick the shell into 
the hole, which is above and to the left.

Black (Level 3):
OK, to get the black pants, here’s what you do: Get the shell onto that red curved
platform/ledge thing. Then go over to the cannon and get into it. Aim the cannon 
to the left as far as it can go, and launch. you’ll go over a oiled platform filled
with the swirly things. you’ll land on a hanging platform thing. Then move all the 
way over the right end of said platform. The next part is the hardest. JUMP off 
the hanging platform, and hold down the right arrow as you fall. you should land 
directly on top of the shell if you did it right. The shell should shoot up into
the big area where the hole is. Then all you have to do is go and push it in.

Yellow (Level 4):
Basically, get to the end of the level. That’s all pretty self explanitory, just 
run straight, every once in a while you have to make a jump. You should see the 
yellow hole on your way, to the left of the first spring you go off of. Okay, so 
once you can see the door, rather than going up like the arrow tells you to, stay 
on that lower level of vines, and kill the snail. Once you have it’s shell, take 
it over to the left. Pop it up all of those levels by jumping while next to it. 
Once it’s on the top level of vines, just boot it over to the right. It’ll land 
on an oiley vine. Kick it to the right again (make sure it gets over the vine, 
it’s a little hard with the oil . It’ll fall to another group of vines. Kick it 
all the way down the vines and in between the two oiley walls. It’ll slide down 
the oil, follow it down there (you might have to kick it down the oil, but I 
doubt it). Once you get down the oil, you should see the yellow flag to the 
left. Just kick the shell in there.

Light Blue (Level 5):
Get to where the door is at the end of the level. On your way, where you see a 
little jump on the first level where a spider is and one of those backflip jump 
things. Instead of jumping up where the spider is, go under that ledge to the 
right and you’ll see the hole. Rather than going to where the door is, you should
see a line of those swirl things to the left. Jump down that line and you should 
land on that block. Run off the right of that block and you should see the snail.
Just kick the shell off to the left, and follow it down. The hole is at the bottom
right most part of the level (and you already scoped it out). Just kick the shell 
into that area, and you should be able to get it into the hole.

Pink (Level 6):
Get to the long green hanging platform with two spiders on it. Kill them and get 
all the way to the right end of the hanging platform. Jump off it and jump up the 
two walls until you get to the platform with a snail on the platform above it (you
should see the pink flag on your way). Jump up and kill the snail. Don’t worry if 
the shell falls of at anytime while trying to do this, it’ll appear right back on 
that brown platform where it started. So, after you kill the snail, boot the shell
to the left. Follow the shell. You’ll see a bunch of branches hanging off of two 
walls. You can see how the snail is supposed to go down when you see the branches.
Get the shell to the 6th and last branch down (it’s connected to the left wall), 
it may need some help, just nudge it if it stops before the last branch. Once 
it’s there, give it a little bit more than a nudge to the right into the hole 
with the pink flag.


Tommy LM (Level 1):
Run srtaight until you hit a curve, and keep running. DO NOT JUMP!! You will fly 
up and land on a platform with another curve. Run left up that one and you should
see a door with an octogon above it on the left side of the screen. Run and jump 
to it, then go in the door. You will bee (ha ha) in the Tommy LM room. 
Trophy: Happy Little Bee!

Adam Phillips (Level 2):
Run down the oil hills until you reach theone with the huge jump. go off the huge
jump, and you should land on a platform. From there, wall jump onto the platform 
above it. Wall jump between the two oil walls until you reach the top, then jump 
onto the platform, and jump up a few platforms until you reach the big springboard.
Jump on it, and you should land on a platform right beside the door. Go in the door,
and you will be in the Adam Phillips room. 
Trophy: Prowly

The Swain (Level 3):
Run over tho the big black cannon thing and shoot yourself straight up. Go to the 
left side of the platform you will land on and jump to the yellow chain thing. Jump
up the little sort of staircase of chain things, until you reach another platform. 
on that platform is the door to The Swain’s room. 
Trophy: The Swain

Luis (Level 4):
Go through the level until you reach the part where you go up the spingboards shoot
you up. climb up through the platforms, go down the oil slick slant thing, then 
there will be two platforms. Go to the lower one, and go to the left side of it.
Then, sprint to the opposite side and jump as far as you can to the right side. You
should land hanging onto a ledge with the door on it. Climb up onto the ledge and 
open the door. Now you are in the Luis room. 
Trophy: Happy Luis

Afro Ninja (Level 5):
Go through the level until you reach the point where you shoot out the green tube. 
Climb up the chains, and jump onto the spring. Walk to the right, then run fast to 
the left and jump to the wall. Do not jump, just slide down the wall until you en 
up hanging from a ledge. There are a series of these ledges, so jump straight up 
to get to the next ones. When you reach the top ledge, jump to the right onto the
platform there. Open the door, and now you are in the Afro Ninja room. 
Trophy: Ninja Pick

NegativeOne(Level 6):
Finding this one is very simple. Go through the level until you reach the snail. 
Jump past the block it is sitting on. You will find yourself sliding down a green 
slope. Once you reach the bottom of the slope, turn around and run back up the 
slope without jumping. You will fly up and land right beside the door. Open it,
and now you are in NegativeOne’s room. 
Trophy: Cold NegativeOne

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