The Bunker Escape

The Bunker Escape

First scene click on the numbers at the bottom left corner.
It is a “,” not a “.” this means A = 1
Thus A = 1, B = 2, - Z = 26
Zoom out
Click on the brown box
If you look close, you can see the letters GAZ
G is the 7th letter so the lock combo starts with 7.
So the combo is 7126
Enter the number and click on the top of the lock.
Door open.
At the top you can just barely see slider bars and a red button.
We will come back to this shortly.
Go Right One

You will see a box with three buttons on it. 
I will come back to that shortly.
Notice on the right wall the dots are different. 
Count the number of dots from top to bottom.
Go right twice.

You will see three circles on the front wall. 
Click on the corner.
You will see a peace of paper in the crack.
Get that paper and look at it. 
It’s the key code for the power box.
That’s the brown box you opened with the combo lock.
Each line has one letter that is in (). 
It will be ether an N or a Y so look for
(n) or (N) or (y) (Y) in the line.
That means if the line has a (y) or (Y) in it then that slider is UP.
If it has an (n) or (N) then that slider is DOWN.
I copy that on the bottom of the paper means to repeat the pattern.
I don’t know if it changes each game but my pattern was….
UP, Down, Down, UP, Down then repeat.
Click on the red button and the power comes on.
Go left from power box

You will see the three lights blinking.
Remember the box with the three buttons earlier?
Each one of the blinking lights represents one of the buttons.
Don’t try to remember the pattern.
Just count how many times each light blinks.
There is a small pause when the pattern starts up again.
The number of blinks is how many times you must push the buttons.
In my case it was …
Go back to the box with the three buttons and zoom in on it.
Click the top button 2 times.
Click the second button 4 times.
Click the third button 5 times.
You will see a computer chip fall out the slot.
Get the chip and head for the door.
Door code

Put the computer chip in the black square next to the keypad
Remember the number of dot’s on the wall?
Enter that and the keypad should say accepted.
Click on door… your out.

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