The Ballad of Ketinetto 3

The Ballad of Ketinetto 3

* Talk to the guys.
* Look at everything (looking at boat is important).
* Get the fruit.
* Go to other side of island.
* Look at the dog, try to take his sock.
* Get rotten banana.
* Go back to coast.
* There’s an object floating in the water - get it
* The object is a bone. Give it to the dog to get his sock.
* Use the sock on the sugary drink.
* Use banana on left flat stone and other fruit on right flat stone, 
  and you can get the paper and the dynamite while the guy is dancing
  with ants in his pants.

-=Back to inner island=-

* Use dynamite on door - but now we have to light it.
* Use paper in sunbeam, then look at it. 
* We need a magnifying glass. 
* Where did we see a magnifyer?
* Talk to the guy with the monocle three times and he’ll give it to you.
* Use the monocle on the sunbeam, then use the burning paper on the dynamite.
* Go in the door.
* Talk to the creature and learn that he wants you to show him a trick.
* Go back to the coast and look at the smoke - to discover that you need 
  some ingredients.

-=Back inland=-
* Get plant by left tree, mushroom, and fern over sharp rocks. 
* Go back into the cave and use all three on the fire.
* Then go back in and you’ll get one coconut.
* Click on the creature and learn that we have to make the coconut look 
  like a parrot’s egg.
* Use the coconut on the sharp stones to crack it open, then head back to 
  the coast to find a parrot (in the smoke standing on one of the signs).
* Combine the parrot and the coconut and give the “egg” to the creature.
* Give the coconuts one of the islanders (I’m not sure if it matters which
  one you choose) and you’re done with this chapter.

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