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SURREAL Walkthrough -from Jeetu (

General Hints 
Move slowly down the corridors and keep looking ahead of MUTT, 
this helps you to avoid the traps. On all levels try to fully 
explore all the corridors because you will find money and food. 
Save your game on each level then if you die you can start from 
the same level again without having to start the game again. 
Making a map of each level will help you to keep a track of 
where you are, make sure you mark the position of the Goodies 
room as you will need to return to it to buy things on most levels. 
When you enter a room for the first time try to find a safe place 
to stand. Then you can try to work out what needs to be done. 
To defeat the bridge monsters at the beginning and then end of 
each level the best thing you can do is a combination of high 
and low hits. Remember you can press button 2 in the tunnel to 
bring up the inventory. 

Entrance (has stick) 
Spider Room: (needs but spray) (gets torch) 
In this room you need the 'bug spray' available from the goodies room. Stand 
either side of the spider's head. Pressing one button lets MUTT use the 'bug 
spray' the other button makes MUTT stamp on the small spiders. Keep spraying the 
large spider until its head explodes, a torch then appears grab hold of this 
torch and MUTT uses it to scare the little spiders away. 
Swamp Room:(needs bucket) 
In this room you need the bucket from the Goodies room. Jump across the humps 
until you get to the face in the wall breathing fire. Jump onto the final hump 
just as the fire is dying down, then, as soon as you land press the button. MUTT 
will then take the bucket out of his pockets, lower it into the water, and throw 
the water at the face, thus putting the fire out. 
In this room you have to play a game of Simple Simon. Jumping on the backs of 
the fish will make them spit out the symbols again. If you have trouble 
remembering the sequence then write it down. It really is very easy!!! 
Death Room: 
In this room you need to 'bash' the skeletons until they crumble into a pile of 
bones. Then jump on top of them until they disappear in a puff of smoke. You 
need to keep killing skeletons, once you have killed 3 skeletons you have to 
kick the gatekeeper. Once you have killed him, twice you can exit the room 
through the gate. 
The Furnace Room:(gets Anvil) 
In this room you need to set the dials on the wall so that the fire is able to 
burn the rope. The seal will try to stop you by messing with the dials. Kick him 
across the room! The best thing to do is set the first two dials and let the 
seal mess about with the last dial then you can see how it needs to be set. You 
will get the Anvil from this room. 
Arena1: (needs Pin) 
In this room hit the Sumo Wrestler and knock him over. Eventually MUTT will pull 
out the pin that you have bought from the Goodies Room and pop the Wrestler's 
belly. You are then free to leave the room. 
Platform Room: (gets Crystal) 
In this room you have to jump from platform to platform and find the crystal. 
You avoid the skeletons who throw bones at you. Doors will appear on the round 
platforms when you land on them. 
Goodies: (needs Pin, Scythe, bug spray and bucket) 
In this room you can buy goods depending on how much gold you have. All goods 
appear in MUTT's thought bubble and you can select an item if you have enough 
money otherwise you have to exit by selecting the door. 
Lost Souls: (Anvil, torch, gem(crystal)) 

Entrance: (has stick) 
The Witches: (needs sunglasses to see the solution on the backwall of the 
witches room). 
In this room you need to empty the Red, Green and Blue potion bottles into the 
cauldron. Then walk over to the cauldron, press button 1 and MUTT will stick his 
head into the bubbling mixture. Then get past the cat by getting the frog off 
the chair so you can exit through the small door!!! 
The Dragon: (uses jewels in room) (gets dragon broach) 
In this room you need to throw the jewels in the corner at the dragons nostrils. 
Eventually you will have blocked his nostrils and he will stop breathing fire. 
You can then get the dragon broach on the other side. 
Skull Room: (gets dice) 
The object of this room is to play the game with the Demon. An eyeball is placed 
under on of the skulls, the skulls are mixed and you have to choose the one that 
has the eyeball underneath it. To choose the skull you think has the eyeball 
walk over to it and press button 1. 
Sacrifice Room: (gets love heart) 
You must get MUTT to pull the ropes in this sequence. Rope 2 once, Rope 3 twice 
, Rope 4 four times, Rope 6 three times. 
In this room you must avoid the bouncing spit balls and the crumbling bridges 
and cross to the opposite cliff where you must kick the green gob creature and 
exit through the door. Phlegming easy. 
Bubble: (gets lever in room to make platform appear) 
In this room you need to stick the piece of wood in the hole in the ground to 
make a lever which you push and this releases the platform on the opposite side 
of the chasm. Then you jump the bubbles to reach the other side. 
Arena 2: (needs axe) 
Strike your opponent with the weapon as in Level 1 
Lost souls: (love heart, dice, dragon broach, goodies, axe, sunglasses) 
3D Maze: 
Walk along the walkways. Press button 1 when under the archways to transport to 
floating walkways where you can find items. You need to find the ladle, the 
weights and the mug. Defeat the monsters with the laser gun. There are three 
levels to the maze coloured blue, red and gold. To travel between levels find 
the floating walkways with platform lifts and descend. 
Tunnels after 3D Maze: 
You have to find the keys which open the locked doors which will bar your way. 
Lost Souls: (ladle, weight and mug) 

Solitaire Room: (gets chess piece) 
Move MUTT left, left, forward. You will slide back so go forward again, forward, 
left x 6, and then forward until you leave the level. 
Chasm Room: (gets Shield) 
To open the door on the screen you need to jump on the platforms with the 
switches. MUTT can duck to avoid the things shot at him. 
Arena 4: (needs tennis racket) 
You must play tennis with the man and win to leave this level. Each coloured 
ball equals a certain tennis swing. Timing is very important too as you must hit 
the man with the ball about five times to complete the level. 
Hourglass Room: (has eyes) 
You need to throw eyes into the skull's eye sockets while avoiding being shot by 
the two Goblins. 
In this room you need to walk across the moving walkway while avoiding the 
laser. You need to look in advance at what you are going to do and the pattern 
of the moving walkways. Make sure that you don't end up in front of the laser. 
You find the tennis racket which you need for the Arena here. 
Lava: (needs key to exit the room) 
You need to get across the moving platforms 'Frogger style' and collect the key 
to open the Gate at the end of the level. 
Dark Room: 
Move to the switch squares to swap the positions of the platform and move on. 
Watch out for the appearance of a ghost who will drag you under and move you 
elsewhere. The 2 squares with the two half moons on are the entrance and exit. 
Make sure you choose the right one or you'll have to start again. 
Exit: (has Scythe) 
Lost Souls: (Chess piece, tennis racket, shield) 
Entrance: (has stick) 
Chess: (has mine) 
In this room a man chases you. (He can only go in a straight line). You must use 
MUTT to drop mines that should blow the man up. You need to anticipate the man's 
next move and drop a mine in advance, the mines take five seconds to explode. 
Rodeo: (gets Hat) 
In this room you press button 2 to get on the bull then try and stay on. By 
pressing down and up you avoid lighting up the horse shoes and eventually get 
the guns from the skeletons. 
Bar: (needs hat and guns) 
In this room you have to kill the barman then the skeleton gunman avoiding their 
bullets and the holes sawn in the floor. When you do this you get the key and 
exit. For extra fun try killing the piano player. 
Run along the backbone runway, press button 1 just before you reach the 
trampoline to bounce on it in order to smash the monster's teeth. Avoid standing 
still or you will be grabbed by something. 
Arena: (needs axe) 
Battle the swordsman until, after six hits, you defeat him (as in the other 
Arena rooms) 
Garden: (needs watering can, gets rose) 
You need the watering can. Water the shoe by pressing button 1 then you have to 
quickly jump over the devil eating plants to find the exit. 
Medusa: (needs shield) 
You have to avoid the snakes and fireballs and use the mirror to reflect a 
fireball back at her and turn her to stone. 
Real Dark: (needs torch) 
Works in the same way as the dark room on Level 4 but with less light! Only the 
torch illuminates the way forward. 
Lost souls: (hat, rose, chess piece) 
Before starting the game by typing DIVIL to run the game from DOS. 
Enter one or more of the following: 		
	divil KmCiNpOcKeT	Press F1 in the game to skip levels	
	divil Nicole	Press Shift + P to walk straight through a room	
	divil MEANING 	Press Shift T for energy	
	divil Donkey	Press T for extra treasure	
	divil Grumpy	press K for extra keys	
	[N.B.] All these cheats are case sensitive. Multiple cheats may be used.

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