Super Karoshi

Super Karoshi

Level 1: Use arrow keys please
Just use the arrow keys to move, up to jump, and if you followed the
movie, you would know to jump onto the spikes, not to the exit.

Level 2: Diving board
Jump up to the diving board, and dive into the sea of nails. 10-10-10!

Level 3: Get stuck (press R)
When all the buttons are pressed, any platform with an X on it will disappear.
So what you want to do is press all the buttons, making sure that you press 
the one on top of the spikes LAST 

Level 4: We're in the future (and we've got teleporters)
The teleporter works as you think it should - the one with the green line on 
top will teleport your character to the one with the green line on bottom. 
Whatever direction you were going in when you enter the teleporter will stay
the same. So enter the teleporter going right, so that you can land on the 
moving platform, then jump into the spikes.

Level 5: Timing (is important)
This is your first spring board. You can not jump into the nails on the left - 
but the nails will shoot out after a while. Just wait a bit, and it will shoot 
out. Once it passes the center of the T is more or less when you need to get 
on the board.

Level 6: The End (1)
First fake ending. Run to right and you will find some spikes to welcome you.

Level 7: Something is wrong with this stage
WARNING: You will NOT be able to go left on this stage. You have to go right, 
jump over the button (and land between the button and the platform of X's), jump
onto the platform, jump onto the spring, and get your way to the teleporter. 
Once there, just walk to the spikes on the top.

Level 8: 4 is enough I tell you
WARNING: You can ONLY jump four (4) times in this stage. First jump should be 
the second gap, second jump should land you to where the plant is, third jump 
to the tallest pillar. Walk down to where the upside-down T platform, then take
your last jump into the spikes.

Level 9: Fake spikes room with exit and teleporters on top of one another.
Just walk to the exit first. The room will change and now say "Secret Stage".
Now you can aim for the spikes, but be careful: touching two (2) of the three
buttons will kill the platforms.

Level 10: Computer game rated 11/10
Go to the right most part of the stage and just jump. You will do a super 
jump and kill yourself.

Level 11: LOL
Jump into the area between the O and the second L. Stick to the side of the O 
and jump, holding down left while you do that. You will find a secret entrance,
and you can kill yourself.

Level 12: Room with a low ceiling
WARNING: Your jump height will decrease with jumps. Try to get on top of the 
fourth pillar bit (in your fourth jump) instead of jumping over it, then jump
onto the pillar besides the spikes.

Level 13: Room with the wall of spikes on the right
Just hold down right. I know, you will slow down - but don't worry, you will 
get there. 

Level 14: Karoshi 3-D
Just.... wait. Yeah. Easy, right? 

Level 15: The end (2)
Another fake ending. Just keep jumping, and you will find that your jump height
will increase each jump. Spikes are at the top. 

Level 16: Blue toxic waste
Just jump into the blue barrel.... Make sure your aim is true because the springs
break after being used. 

Level 17: You are Super Karoshi
Oh dear, I guess the toxic waste did this. You can now fly (by jumping multiple 
times) but you can not die until you turn back into normal Karoshi by eating a 
green crystal, like the one you see behind those blocks of X's. Just press each
button, get used to flying, grab the crystal, and die. (You would do well to 
remember the K crystal and the green one)

Level 18: Your mission...
First mission with multiple Karoshis. You have to kill the one wandering left/right
as well as yourself (of course, you can only control yourself). So get the K crystal
(making sure you don't kill yourself), press the button (without touching the green 
crystal), then kill yourself.

Level 19: Huh.
It is impossible to go forwards, but this screen wraps around. Go left, and you will
find yourself on the other side, ready to die.

Level 20: The Blue crystals
First intro to blue crystals. You have to be Super Karoshi to distroy these (as noted).
Make sure that the wandering Karoshi is walking RIGHT before you distroy both crystals,
otherwise he will not die. Once successful, just kill yourself.

Level 21: Karoshi starts in a room with a K crystal.
Grab the K crystal, get into the teleporter, distroy the crystal, kill yourself. 
Don't worry, there's no limits here.

Level 22: Wandering Karoshi at the top, pit of spikes on the right.
WARNING: Time sensitive. Quickly grab the K crystal, then quickly distroy the blue 
block before the wandering Karoshi reaches it (Using the teleporter helps). 
Then kill yourself. 

Level 23: The yellow K.
Just walk under one of the feet of the K then press the letter "K" on the keyboard. 
First of the ones where you have to press a key on the keyboard. 

Level 24: Wandering Karoshi on top of X's.
WARNING: Very sensitive to precision timing. You need to press the switch when the 
wandering Karoshi is going RIGHT at the middle of the blocks of X's. You do not 
need the K crystal for this. Then kill yourself.

Level 25: Orange blob with a number at top.
Just walk to the blob to get the blob to stand up, walk away to get the blob to sit 
down. Do this until the number reaches 7, and the blob should start walking to you. 
Touch his feet and you'll die.

Level 26: Youtube version.
Just jump right when you enter the teleporter, and you'll die. Easier with the second 

Level 27: Blue blocks in an upside-down T pattern near the spikes, 2 wandering Karoshis.
WARNING: Very time delicate. Get the K crystal, distroy the blue block at the bottom 
(BEFORE the wandering Karoshi on the left gets to it, but AFTER the wandering Karoshi
on the right hits it and goes to the teleporter), go through the teleporter, then destroy
the blue blocks that form the upside-down T pattern at the top (before either wandering 
Karoshi gets to them). Now kill yourself.

Level 28: Credits
Just wait. The spikes are just at the bottom of the list, you can't miss it.

Level 29: The end (3)
Another fake ending. You get used to them. Walk right, and you'll find the spikes. 

Level 30: Bridge of X's, 2 wandering Karoshis, one stuck behind blue block.
WARNING: Time delicate. Press the two buttons, get your way to the K crystal (jumping 
over the teleporter, of course), get into the teleporter, then distroy the blue block 
(you don't have to worry too much about the timing here). Hit the last switch when 
both Karoshis should fall to their deaths, then kill yourself.

Level 31: Karoshi Shift
Just press "Shift" on your keyboard, and you'll die eventually.

Level 32: American flag
Collect all the hamburgers to kill yourself.

Level 33: Two wandering Karoshis trapped between blue blocks at the center.
For one wandering Karoshi, distroy both blue blocks. Now take a look and see which 
button needs to be pressed once the Karoshi you freed gets teleported. If you need 
the RIGHT button, distroy the LEFT block of the Karoshi that's still trapped, and 
vice versa. Once they teleport and hit both buttons, kill yourself.

Level 34: The platform that goes up and down.
WARNING: Time sensitive. Get the K crystal, and time yourself in breaking the blue 
block so that the platform will be underneath the wandering Karoshi's as they get 
on it (as a general rule, best bet is to break the blue block as the floating platform
is just starting to go down). Once they get to the other side safely, kill yourself.

Level 35: Is your head hurting from all these puzzles?
The name is a hint - you have to get on the first spring and stay there - your head 
will distroy the floor after a while, and you can kill yourself.

Level 36: What are you doing inside my stage?
Another hint - think outside of the box. So just jump while holding left - you will 
jump out of the box and die.

Level 37: The one with 7 green crystals, five of them in an arc.
WARNING: Time sensitive. Get the K crystal, and then fly to the teleporter - 
remembering that you have to fly once teleported otherwise you will lose your
powers. Now distroy both blue crystals quickly as the wandering Karoshi is going
right. Now kill yourself. 

Level 38: The one with three wandering Karoshis in one spot blocked by a blue crystal,
and an elevator with spikes.
Delicately make your way to the elevator, get on it (but watch for the spikes), jump
to the K crystal, break the blue block, and kill yourself. I make it sound easy, but 
it is delicate work - don't go too fast. 

Level 39: The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Just stand under the biggest apple (that's the 3rd entire apple from the left) and wait... 

Level 40: First bomb.
First bomb. This one is easy - get the K crystal, jump over the bomb and get the blue 
crystal, then kill yourself. 

Level 41: Second bomb, spikes right above you, 2 wandering Karoshis.
WARNING: VERY time delicate. what you want to do is get to the teleporter, get the K 
crystal, break the right blue block first, then time it so that when you distroy the 
eft blue block, both wandering Karoshis will land on the platform below them at more
or less the same time (Tip - its easier if the Karoshi on the right is going Left when 
you distroy his block, so that you can get to the left block and time it well). This 
will allow them to touch the bomb at the same time. Once you get that done, kill yourself.

Level 42: Third bomb, 2 wandering Karoshis, 3 springs.
Get the K crystal, distroy both blue blocks while both wandering Karoshis are going
left, get the green crystal, then time yourself so that all 3 of you get killed in 
one blast. 

Level 43: Fourth bomb, 1 wandering Karoshi
Get the K crystal, distroy the blue block, and get to the bomb. Touch the bomb when 
the wandering Karoshi falls to where the bomb is, then kill yourself.

Level 44: Visit to win.
As the hint says, just click on the button on the bottom right to die. 
Don't worry if you have a pop-up blocker, you'll still die.

Level 45: 3 wandering Karoshis on blue blocks.
Easy but delicate platforming. Get your way to the K crystal, destroy all blue blocks, 
kill yourself. Just be careful, and don't rush.

Level 46: Button with a question mark on it.
Press the button, and... well... watch out for the ... Whoops. Too late. 

Level 47: Button on the ceiling.
Get the K crystal, then fly up to press the button. A massive plant will fly in - 
touch the flame. I guess even Super Karoshi can die sometimes. 

Level 48: Massive block of heavy iron with a flame.
Stand under the block, then point your mouse over the flame. Your mouse will now be 
on fire. Mouse over the rope to burn it and the block will kill you. 

Level 49: Endless
Just hold down the Right key, and you will keep falling right - and to your death. 

Level 50: teh end
Another fake ending. Click the 'd' in "teh end" and Karoshi will appear. Just make 
your way right, and keep going through the boundary - you'll die soon enough. 

Level 51: The stage where everything is green.
WARNING: very annoying stage. Press the button next to the exit, get your way onto 
the spring (theres a place to jump from right beside where you started), get to the 
teleporter, and die. 

Level 52: The stage that is split in two.
WARNING: You can not jump on the right side. Make your way up, and jump onto the 
upside-down T platform thats moving left/right. Make sure you get on right side of 
the T, otherwise you'll have to wait to get back onto the left side to do so. Just 
kill yourself once on the right side. 

Level 53: The stage with a background of Karoshis.
This is just more annoying than difficult. Walk around - you will find that some 
of the Karoshis will be upside down when you are close to them. Note their positions
- thats where solid ground is. Just figure where you can jump onto (near the right 
side of the screen), make your way left and to the spikes. 

Level 54: The stage with the giant gallotine.
WARNING: Time sensitive. Press the button, get into the teleporter going left, you 
will land on the spring, get onto the platform on top, then jump right to the 
gallotine and stay under the blade before it falls, killing you. 

Level 55: What is this? (Space)
This one is easy - press the space bar and a rocket will fly in. Jump into it to die. 

Level 56: Hats + Lock
This one is also easy - after all, caps is another word for hats. Walk right so that 
the lock is above you, then press Caps Lock on your keyboard to die. 

Level 57: Hmmm...
Trick to this one is that there's a "glitch". Restart the level to reveal a spring 
you can use to get yourself up there and kill yourself. 

Level 58: The level with the giant... pickle?
... By the time you read this, you're probably already dead, seeing how you're 
falling right into those spikes down there. Mind you that it is possible to actually
live - holding right and pressing up right when this stage starts might actually get 
you there. But why bother? 

Level 59: There's something inside this white box.
I think we've all done something like this before - use your mouse to highlight the 
text in the white box. It will say "Press Esc". Do so, and the ceiling of spikes will
come down. Keep doing it, and you'll die sooner or later. 

Level 60: The end (6)
Go right - and keep going right. You'll die soon enough.

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