The Optimized Straightforward Walkthru for Starcross


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Like all of my optimized straightforward walkthrus, this FAQ is a complete
walkthru for the game that has been optimized and organized to make it as fast
and easy as possible to complete the game. I don't give any reference-style
information, like a list of all rods, or encourage you to do unnecessary things.
In true walkthru fashion, I just tell you the answers without explaining or
rationalizing them.


This is the original release of this FAQ, so I have no special notes or credits
to report yet.


NOTE: This FAQ was written while playing the Starcross version that came with
the Lost Treasures of Infocom package that was released in 1991 by Activision.
As far as I know, everything will be the same for other game versions.

*** STEP 1: Set course for the alien artifact. ***

Get out of your bunk (GET UP), then get the tape library and go east to the
bridge. Press the red button to cancel the alarm, then check the mass detector's
screen (READ SCREEN) to see which UM you're supposed to set course for. Find it
on the chart below to learn its R, Theta, and Phi coordinates.

08   150   210    17
12   100   345   107
24   100   285    87
28   250    45   178
31   150   105    67
52   175   165    35
70   100   135   101
91    50    15   121

To enter those cooordinates, use the following format: COMPUTER, R IS #. THETA
IS #. PHI IS #. If you got UM08, the command would be COMPUTER, R IS 150. THETA
IS 210. PHI IS 17. After you get that entered, confirm it with the COMPUTER,
CONFIRM command, then sit down on the control couch (SIT) and put on your seat

*** STEP 2: Board the alien artifact. ***

Use the WAIT command until your ship gets pulled in by the alien artifact. After
it does, get up off of the safety couch (UNFASTEN BELT. GET UP). Go east to the
storage room, then get the space suit and safety line. Go back west, then open
the inner airlock door (OPEN INNER DOOR).

Enter the airlock with the OUT command, then close the inner door. Put on the
space suit (WEAR SUIT), then open the outer airlock door. Use the OUT command
again to get to the red dock, then examine the metal sculpture that's on the
artifact's airlock door (EXAMINE SCULPTURE).

The ten circular bumps represent Earth's solar system (the sun plus the nine
planets), and the artifact wants to make sure you're from Earth before it lets
you in. Why? I don't know. Just press the bump that represents the Earth (PRESS
FOURTH BUMP), then push down on the tiny column that rises up (PUSH TINY

Get the black crystal rod to open the airlock door, then use the IN command to
enter the red airlock. Close the outer door, then take off the space suit and
open the inner door. Go up to enter the red hall.

*** STEP 3: Get the red and yellow crystal rods. ***

Go north, west, and north to find the artifact's zoo. Go east to the nesting
room, then destroy the rat-ants' nest with the tape library (THROW LIBRARY AT
NEST). Get the library and the red rod, then go west and south to exit the zoo.

Go west and south, then open the blue airlock's inner door. Go down, close the
inner door, and open the outer door. Go down again to reach the blue dock, then
use the AFT command twice to enter the spider guy's spherical ship. Give him
your tape library (GIVE LIBRARY), then get the yellow rod that he tosses toward

*** STEP 4: Repair three vital systems. ***

Use the FORE command twice to return to the blue dock, then go up. Close the
outer door, then open the inner door and go up twice, then south. Open the metal
hatch, then go down to find the repair room.

Get the metal and ceramic square, then use the yellow rod to repair the yellow
hallway's lights (PUT YELLOW ROD IN YELLOW SLOT), and the red rod to fix the air
circulation system (PUT RED ROD IN SECOND RED SLOT). Go up, north, and down to
return to the blue hall.

Go east, north, east, north, east, and south to reach the computer room. Open
the computer's access panel (OPEN PANEL), then put the metal and ceramic square
into the empty slot (PUT SQUARE IN SLOT). Close the access panel, then boot up
the computer (TURN COMPUTER ON) and get the gold rod that falls onto the floor.

*** STEP 5: Get three more crystal rods and a rod-carrying basket. ***

Go north, east twice, south, and west to find the observatory. Locate the clear
crystal rod inside the projector (LOOK IN PROJECTOR THROUGH BLACK ROD), then
take it (GET CLEAR ROD). Now drop the black rod since you won't ever need it

Go east, south three times, and west, then pick up the ray gun. Look in the ray
gun's barrel (LOOK IN BARREL), then take the silver rod that you find there. Go
east, north, and west, then open the yellow airlock's inner door. Go down and
get the metal basket, then put all of your rods into it (PUT ALL RODS IN

Close the inner door and wear the space suit, then open the outer door (OPEN
OUTER DOOR. AGAIN) and go down. Tie the safety line to yourself and the nearby
hook (TIE LINE TO SUIT. TIE LINE TO HOOK), then go west and get the pink rod. Go
back east, untie the line from the hook (UNTIE LINE), then go up. Close the
outer door, remove the space suit, drop the safety line, and open the inner

*** STEP 6: Get four more crystal rods. ***

Go up, south twice, and east to find the laboratory. Get the red and blue disks,
then save your game in case a maintenance mouse shows up and makes off with
something before you're done here. Put the red disk on the floor underneath the
silvery globe (PUT RED DISK UNDER GLOBE). Drop the blue disk, then set the ray
gun on top of the globe (PUT RAY GUN ON GLOBE).

Turn the machine's dial to 4 (TURN DIAL TO 4), then turn it to 1. You can now
type GET ALL to reclaim the ray gun and two disks, plus the blue rod. Use the
PUT ALL RODS IN BASKET command again, then go west, south, and west. Drop the
red disk, then go west, north twice, and east to enter the weasel village.

Go east again to the village center, then wait until the weasel chief shows up
and "asks" for your space suit. Give it to him (GIVE SUIT), then point at the
brown crystal rod he has (POINT AT BROWN ROD) to choose it as your reward. The
chief takes off right after giving you the rod, so follow him with the FOLLOW
CHIEF command.

Use the AGAIN command until the chief leads you to the center of the warren,
where you can go down to enter the green airlock. Close the inner door and open
the outer door, then go down and west twice to enter the weasel ship's cargo

Use the FORE command to enter the control room, then touch the weasel skeleton
(TOUCH SKELETON). Use the LOOK command to see that the object that slid out of
the skeleton's space suit is the violet rod, then take it. Drop the blue disk,
then save your game. Get onto the blue disk (STAND ON DISK) to be teleported to
the red one.

You'll hopefully end up in the garage, where a maintenance mouse took the red
disk that you dropped earlier. If not, restore your save and wait a few turns,
then try again. When you make it to the garage, start searching the trash bin
(SEARCH BIN). Use the AGAIN command until you find a green crystal rod, then
take it.

*** STEP 7: Fly the artifact to Earth. ***

Use the PUT ALL RODS IN BASKET command, then go north to exit the garage. Go
west, north twice, up, east, and south twice. You'll be at the base of a giant
tree, so do the obvious thing and climb it (CLIMB TREE). Go up to the top of the
tree, then jump over to the drive bubble (JUMP).

Put your silver rod in the silver slot, then enter the drive bubble with the IN
command. Get the white rod, then put it in the white slot to reactivate the
artifact's stardrive. Leave the bubble with the OUT command, then go up. To get
over to the control bubble, first jump toward it (JUMP), then shoot the drive
bubble three times with the ray gun (SHOOT DRIVE BUBBLE. AGAIN. AGAIN).

Go down to the control bubble's entrance, then put the gold rod in the gold
slot. Enter with the IN command, then put the clear rod in the clear slot. This
causes five other colored slots to appear, so repeat the rod-inserting process
with the brown, green, blue, violet, and pink rods (in any order). Remember that
you'll have to specify the slot color since there's more than one, as in PUT

Now you can select your destination. Press the pink screen's large square once
(PRESS LARGE SQUARE), then press the brown spot. Use the AGAIN command until the
screen shows Earth, then press the violet spot to set course for the center of
the Earth. That's not good!

Use the AGAIN command twice to get the ellipse orbit option, then press the
green spot to adjust the artifact's speed. Use the AGAIN command once to get the
dots to flash rapidly, then press the blue button to "make it so" and win the

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