Star Wars – Rebel Assault

Star Wars - Rebel Assault

   First of all, The main way to beat Rebel Assault is skill, and the only way
to get that is practice. There are certain levels where no amount of hints
will do you any good. However, there are some levels where a little
information can be helpful. That is what this is for.

Level 1:

Part 1:
This level is pretty easy, and it's a good place to get practice. The only
secret is that although Green Leader says the path to the right is tougher,
most people I know, including me, think the path to the right is easier.

Part 2:
This section is also relatively easy. Just dodge the pillars of rock, and 
take out at least 5 of the 14 drones.

Level 2: In this level, just follow Commander Farrel. He's a jerk, but he
knows how to navigate the field.

Level 3: In this level, stick directly behind Ru Murleen. If she makes a
move, copy it even if it doesn't look right. Beyond that, don't be
discouraged. It's one of the toughest levels (I got someone else to beat it
for me, then used the passcode!).

(Passcode: Falcon)

Level 4: Just try to take out as many of the blaster turrets as you can, but
your main objective is the shield generators (The round things on top of the
destroyer). Remember, Blaster blasts are only minor damage, but if a TIE gets 
past you, you are more severely damaged.

Level 5:

Part 1: This level is probably the easiest in the game. The best time to get
the TIEs is immediately as the level begins. After that, it gets trickier.

Part 2: This is just a "Bonus round." I don't think it's possible to be
damaged in this section.

Level 6: This level just takes skill and practice. The only secret is that
the TIEs don't damage you as they ordinarily would, so you don't need to
worry about them. Also, a small turn to the left when you're passing through
the ring-shaped asteroid will keep you from being hit.

(Passcode: Anoat)

Level 7: The key to this level is navigating your way through the cave.
You will pass a sireies of places where the cave branches. You must turn 
towards the tunnell that you want your speeder to take. To get out of the
cave, turn to the left at the first intersection, left again at the next,
right, left, left. Most wrong turns will take you back to the beginning,
except for the third intersection. At the third intersection, if you turn
left, you will loop around and come at the third intersection again.

Level 8: This level is pretty boring. Just keep shooting the Walker until
it blows up. Try alternating attack runs, and be careful not to collide
with the walker.

Level 9: This level has a sieries of turns and forks, like level 7, but the
correct route is determined randomly. At the first intersection, a wrong
turn will result in death. Just take the other side next time. At the other
intersections, a wrong turn will result in a setback, but not death.

Level 10: This level is another pure skill level. Get the TIEs before they
get you.

(Passcode: Yuzzem)

Level 11: The minimum number of targets shot is something like 10-15. 
Try just running through the level once without shooting, just getting a
feel for the canyon.

Level 12: Yet another pure skill level. In one part, you will see an X-Wing
pull up in front of you, followed by 3 TIEs. Simms will announce that he has
some TIEs on his tail. That X-Wing is Simms, and if you don't get those TIEs,
you will have to start the level over.

Level 13: Easy. Stay towards the bottom of the screen and dodge the blasts.

Level 14: This is one of the hardest. You need to take out all of the blue
plates. After they're down, you will dive into the cannon's bay, and try to 
take out the power relays (Little green pillars). You have as many tries as
you need to get the relays, but after two flies around the bay, you pull out, 
encounter 3 TIEs, hopefully destroy them, then head down for another pass.

(Passcode: Brigia)

Level 15: Take out as many turrets as possible. The first part is pure skill. 
In the second part, those blue things need to be destroyed, because when you
pass them, each remaining blue thing gives you as much damage as 1 TIE 
passing you. When all 5 are working, that can be really painful.

(Passcode: Greedo)

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