Space Quest – The Sarien Encounter

Space Quest - The Sarien Encounter

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                __    ___/______|__| ____ |  | _____.__. ______
                  |    |  _  __   |/ ___|  |/ <   |  |/  ___/
                  |    |   |  | /    ___|    < ___  |___  
                  |____|   |__|  |__|___  >__|_ / ____/____  >
                                         /     //         / 

Version 1.00


Sierra made two versions of Space Quest. The AGI and the SCI version.
AGI (Adventure Game Interpreter) was Sierra's first interpreter, and that's the
old version of this game and the version this FAQ is about. SCI (Sierra's
Creative Interpreter) is the advanced interpreter Sierra used for its later
games, and in thus the new version.

As said, this FAQ only handles the old AGI version the game (the one in which
you got to type commands). If you got the SCI version it's very well possible
this FAQ works as Sierra wanted to be as close to the original as possible, but
I cannot guarantee everything is the same.

| Index:                                                                      |
    How to play this game on modern machines ......................... IDX00
    Starship Arcada .................................................. IDX01
    The escape pod ................................................... IDX02
    Kerona Desert .................................................... IDX03
    Ulence Flats ..................................................... IDX04
    Sarien Ship ...................................................... IDX05

| How to play this game on modern machines                            | IDX00 |
Space Quest is written on a machine that is almost ancient, and a system that 
is not (completely) supported by Windows and other modern OSes. 

Therefore you're gonna need a emulator for old systems.
When I wrote this FAQ I used DosBox 0.72 (MacOS X PPC version).

DosBox can be downloaded from

| Starship Arcada                                                     | IDX01 |
Well, you start the game by entering your name. Of course I entered "Tricky",
but any name will do. If you want to take the name the series would take on for
our hero later, fill in "Roger".

Now you must be cautious. Your ship is taken over by aliens. For the good of 
this FAQ I cannot always name it, but when the game says "You think you hear
footsteps", you got to get away quickly, or an alien will come and kill you.
Going to another location will help. If you are in an elevator always wait 
awhile, when nothing happens come out, if the message appears stay in the 
elevator until the alien is gone.

Okay, here goes

- Exit west

- = Go to the console and use it (Command LOOK SCREEN)
  = Type for title "ASTRAL BODY"
  = The console will pick up the desired cartridge
  = Get the cartridge
  = Exit west
  (There is a cartridge slot, so theoretically you can read the cartridge here
  however if you do a Sarien will enter and kill you, so don't)
- Exit west

- = Search the dead man
  = Get the keycard
  = Exit east
- = Go down with the elevator
  = Exit east
- Step into the elevator

- When you played as fast as I did it is possible you get footsteps here.
  No worries, if it doesn't happen or when the alien is gone, exit east
- = Go to the console and type "OPEN BAY DOOR BUTTON" (8)
  = Exit east
- Beware the footsteps "curse" happens a lot here.
  = Insert the keycard in the slot to open the elevator
  = Enter the elevator (10)
- Well here you are safe against the Sariens, so no more fear for footsteps.
  = Open both buttons to open both doors
  = Take the gadget from the left and the spacesuit from the right (12/14)
  = Go to the console and press the airlock button
  = Exit west
- = Go to the console
  = Press the platform button
  = Enter the pod

| The Escape Pod                                                      | IDX02 |
Before you continue check your inventory:
It must contain: Cartridge, Keycard, Gadget

= Close the door
= Press the power button
= Press the autonav button
= Fasten your seatbelt
= Pull the throttle.

(If you press the "Don't Touch" button now, you'll end in the crocodile pool
of King's Quest 1, but the game will be over. Just a joke).

Now wait and you'll go to the planet of Kerona, after your crash...

= Get the survival kit
= Open the survival kit (34)
= unfasten seatbelt
= Get out

| Kerona Desert                                                       | IDX03 |
Okay, Kerona is swamped with monster who live under the sand. When you go to 
an area where you have no business, they'll come up and eat you. So it's
important that you walk the right way. If you wanna find it without my FAQ, then
I advise you to save frequently, because you may die frequently.
Also a spider droid could appear and follow you. Avoid it at all costs, as its
touch is lethal.

- = Examine your pod and take a glass from it (37)
  = Exit east
- Exit east

- Exit north

- = You can take a piece of the plant here, but Sierra forgot about that item,
    and thus it has no further function. They fixed that in the SCI version
    though, but that's not what this FAQ is about.
  = Exit north

- Exit east

- Exit south

- Enter the cave

- = Throw the dehydrated water to Orat (THROW WATER TO ORAT) 
  = Get the Orat part (44)
  (If you got the spider droid tracking you Orat may not appear, in that case
  try to get rid of that droid first before you come back here).
  = Exit west
- Exit south

- Go up the ramp to get up the mountain

- Follow the mountain path

- This brige can only the crossed a limmited number of times and then it will
  collapse. Normally not a problem,  but still you should know.
  If the spider droid tracks you, you can push the rock onto it to destroy it
  = Exit west
- Follow the path and exit north

- Exit east

- Exit east

- Step between the two rock poles to disappear into the ground (51)
  (You must have the glass before you do).

- = Get the rock beside the elevator 
  = Exit west
- = Pass the raster as close to the back wall as possible
  = Put the rock on the geyser
  = Exit north
- Go to the far back and exit west

- = Put the glass between the lasers (60)
  = Follow the path up
- Make your way east without being touched by drops (they'll kill you) (63)
  Exit east
- Turn on your gadget and exit east

- You see a hologram. You can only understand it when you got a gadget and
  when it's turned on. If you don't  have the gadget, oops, gotta start over
  the entire game I'm afraid.
  = Drop the Orat Part on the ground
  = Exit north
- = Hear out the alien
  = Go to the console and insert the cartridge (78)
  = Take a peace of paper and write down the code 6858 as you'll need it
  = Remvoe the cartridge from the slot (83)
  = Use the skimmer. (BOARD SKIMMER / TURN KEY)
The Skimmer part is an arcade part.
Fly the skimmer (use slow speed to make this easier) and avoid all the rocks.
If you can keep this up long enough you'll arrive in Ulence Flats.
| Ulence Flats                                                        | IDX04 |
- = Get the skimmer key (108)
  = Get off the skimmer
  = A man will come and offer 30 buckazoids for your skimmer.
    Decline his offer
  = The man will leave, wait until he gets back.
  = Now he offers 30 buckazoids and a jetpack. Accept his offer
  = Enter the bar
- You may enjoy the band here (which could be either ZZ Top, the Blues Brothers
  or another band).
  = You see a man at a slot machine. Wait until he disintegrates
  = Play at the slot machine
Okay, before playing save every time before spinning the wheels. If you win
save again, if you lose load a saved game. If you get killed (what happens
when you get three skulls) also load the game. Play until you got 250 buckazoids

  = When you got 250 buckazoids the slot machine will get out of order.
    Leave the bar
- Exit north

- Exit East

- Enter "Droids B Us"

- = Buy the white droid right on top of the stairs
  = Exit south
- Exit west twice

- Exit south

- = Let the spaceship salesman talk you into buying a ship
  = Exit north
- = Buy the spaceship here
  = Enter the ship (the droid will take its position)
  = Load the droid (121)
  = The droid will ask for the section to fly to. Type HH
| Sarien Ship                                                         | IDX05 |
- = Wear your jetpack
  = Leave the ship
- Fly to the door and open it to enter (146)

- = Go stand beside the door and wait until a cleaning droid comes 
  = Go through the door (147)
- = Open the trunk
  = Enter the trunk (150)
- = Open trunk
  = Open the washing machine and enter it (155)
  = After washing open the machine (you now look like a Sarien).
  = Exit east
- Exit with the left elevator

- Exit west

- = Go up with the elevator
  = Exit east
- = Exit east
- Below you see the Star Generator but nothing you can do now
  = Exit east
- = Type LOOK CLOTHES and you get an ID card
  Now you must be quick
  = Show the robot the ID card
  = Now get a grenade and wait at the desk until the droid gets back (156)
    (if you don't wait it'll kill you)
  = The droid will give you a pulseray (gun) (159)
  = Exit west
- = Move above the guard at the Star Generator
  = Throw the grenade to him and he'll be knocked out
  = Exit west
- Exit west

- Here you'll lose your helmet. Now the Sariens will kill you on sight.
  Each time you enter a new room fire to make sure that any Sarien will be 
  killed. If you see a security droid, go to another location and come back.
  = Go down the elevator
  = Exit east
- Exit east

- = Search the guard (167)
  = Press the off button (170)
  = Look at the star generator's console
  = Enter the code 6858 (180)
  = Exit west
- Enter the elevator

- Kill the Sarien and enter the other elevator

- Enter the pod and launch to finish the game (187)


| Copyrights and permissions                                           | IDX10 |
This FAQ has been copyrighted by Jeroen Broks aka Tricky, formely known as
Tricrokra. This FAQ may be viewed, downloaded and printed for personal use
only. It may not be sold, or used as a basis for commercial work. This FAQ
may also not be modified. Parts of it may not be copied to your own FAQs 
without my permission.

This FAQ is NOT officially authorized by Sierra On-Line or any
other party that is related to Space Quest

If you want to host this FAQ, it's allowed, if you ask my permission first,
permission will be granted assuming that the FAQ stays in this form 
unmodified, that users can view it FREE OF CHARGE, and that no pop-ups have 
been added to the page that views this FAQ.

Sites with permission to host this FAQ:

Sites banned from hosting this FAQ:

| Cantacting me                                                        | IDX11 |
Before contacting me, please read carefully.

If you want me to answer questions about the game itself please visit this

That is my Q&A site where I (or others) will answer all your game questions.
If you do, please check if the question you want to ask hasn't been asked 
before. :)

If you want to inquire about me as a person, or when you have anything to 
say about the FAQ itself, like asking permission to host, got suggestions
for this FAQ, something like that please mail it to

       REJECT YOU!

If you see that I missed things in this FAQ, then in stead of calling me
names, you may tip me about that part, or if you want even come up with 
a complete workout of that part, that I will copy into this FAQ (I may alter
your lay-out to make it fit with the rest) and even credit you for your
trouble. This also goes for alternate boss techniques.

I get a lot of mails in which I must guess which FAQ it is we're talking 
about, and since I'm very busy as a contributor for GameFAQs, and ocasionally
other sites, I have quite a lot of FAQs here. So it will help me a lot when
I know which FAQ/Game it is you're talking about. :)

And one last thing. Below are remarks I got a lot about my FAQs. Some are
funny, and some are just plainly too stupid for words. I don't want to be
an arrogant bastard or anything, but some of them tire me a lot.

So here are those mails with my standard replies:

  M: Fix your English
  A: Some people say they hardly hear the diffrence between me and an
     English speaking fellow. Others say it sucks. Well, I honestly don't
     care in which category you are. English is NOT my first language. If 
     I spoke my own language you probably couldn't read my FAQs at all.

  A: Anyone who sends mail like this won't receive a reply. In fact they
     will be banned from ever mailing me again. I can understand you do not
     agree with my technique. There are as many as there are people. I can
     also agree you detected that I made a mistake. Well, I'm human you know.
     Making mistakes is part of my nature, as much as it's yours. If you 
     detect errors in my FAQ you can tell me about it in a civil way, and 
     I'll fix it if I agree with you.

  M: Are you a man? A woman? How old are you? Where do you live?
  A: I really got that kind of mails a lot. I don't mind that you know.
     I was quite amused by such mails actually.
     Well, my name is Jeroen Broks. I'm not going to give my private adres
     in this FAQ or anywhere else on the internet, but you may know that
     I live in the Netherlands, I am a man, and I was born in 1975. So on
     the moment I started on this version of this FAQ I was 33 years old.

  M: Fsdasdadasf afsdfasd afdfsaf
  A: Whatever you say I don't understand it. If you mail me, please only do
     so in either English or Dutch or if you really need in German. 
     (Be perpared that if you speak German to me, you might get an answer in
     English, tough).
     I don't speak any other language.

  M: May I translate your FAQ into another language?
  A: If you ask my permission, mostly no problem

  M: Why is Neoseeker banned from hosting your FAQs?
  A: That's something between me and Neoseeker. I don't find it necesary to
     go into detail about that. I noted it in my FAQs to make sure they     
     will never pop up there unnoticed. So don't mail me about it
     cause I won't answer. I got very good reasons for it. That's all you
     need to know.

And so far this FAQ. I hope you have good use for it!

(c) Copyright 2008, JBC-Soft, Jeroen Broks (Tricky)

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