Sex Olympics

Sex Olympics



.01 - What is the game winning criteria?

When a person wins over 10 women the game ends and the highest score is the

.02 - How do I win over women?

When you find a woman and get her naked, you will want to remove Brad's clothes
(DROP CLOTHES) and SCREW her. Afterwards use the USE CLOTHES command to wear
them again.

.03 - How do I save or load the game?

There is no way to save or load the game.

.04 - Where can I find the items in the game?

There is certain way to guide you for finding items. Locations tend to be
random for each time you play, and the difficulty option will alter this as

Take any objects you find regardless. The following are the default locations
(which may not be true depending on your difficulty setting):

6 volt batteries - random
9 volt battery - random
Brad's ID card - in start location hotel room on Earth
C-size batteries - random
CDG - Clothing Dissolving Gun, random
CLOSED sign - landing spot on Cleft
Joe Smith ID - random
Sandie/Sandy - Initial start
Stun Gun - random
TSW - Thermo Shlong Warmer, random
bad apple - a tree on Arboria
bear trap - outside hut on Primordial
blossom - in water on Agua
chastity belt - Droxina on Dildonia
clothes - in start location hotel room on Earth
crown - queen sheep on Ramewe
glasses - random
key - gray, random, for hotel left door
letter - in start location hotel room on Earth
love apple - a tree on Arboria
skeleton key - brown, random, for handcuffs & chastity belt
water lily - in water on Agua

Never drop items.

.05 - How do I change planets?

The game is set on 12 different planets. You move between these using Brad's
Big Thruster. When you're at the Interactive View Screen inside the ship, you
can choose between planets using the mouse. When the ship fuel gauge gets to
empty, GO to Earth and refuel by pressing Zipper (far left button) to
disembark, then USE fuel tank, then GO ship. To choose a destination, just
click on a planet (there are lots of things on the screen that aren't planets)
so that you see the name in the bottom left panel, then click GO.

.06 - What are the planets?

EARTH: center, start location. 
You start in your hotel room, with several fixed items to get: your clothes and
ID card. TAKE these items and USE clothes; the game will penalize you for
walking around outside on Earth while naked. Also LOOK picture and USE phone to
get two hints. Ignore the letter unless you're playing the game for the first
time. Also ignore the left door for now, until you get the two keys. GO right
door. This game is rather picky about what you click on to go through the
doors, so click on the doorknob to be sure. Outside, USE fuel tank, GO ship.

ARBORIA (green, lower left):
Nothing needed to complete this one, and I suggest you do it first. In each
screen that you see a snake, TALK snake. If it makes you an offer, EAT snake.
This should give you some sort of super sex power, at least it doesn't hurt.
You start in the center of the locations on this planet. Visit all the other
locations, you should see a tree with apples in each "corner." TAKE all the
apples in each one; while you only need one from each, you're looking to get
both a red apple to appear next to Sandie, and a red one with a grey spot that
shows up further to the right in the item list. And you might as well not let
DD get any of these apples! The pure red one is a "love apple", used on Beach
to get Pricilla, and you could use it on Primordial to get Grizelda too. I'm
not sure if the bad apple has a use. You may get a hint elsewhere to avoid one
of the corners, so you might be able to save some time and not get the bad
apples. The only locations should be: ship, edible snake, good apples, bad
apples, bad snake. Look for items hidden in the foliage graphics! One of the
snakes may give you a hint when you talk to it.

HIVERNIA (yellow/brown, middle left):
Nothing needed to complete this one! GO beehive opening. Much as you may
dislike it, the easiest way to "relieve the pressure" without getting the scent
of the drones on you is to JERKOFF. You can TALK to any drone to get a hint.
The simplest way to win through is: JERKOFF, GO right door, JERKOFF, GO left
door, JERKOFF, go right door. The route to Ayesah the Queen seems to always be
the Right, Left and then Right doors. Now, just DROP clothes, TAKE clothes,
SCREW girl, then she kicks your useless male butt out, so USE clothes. But
before you leave the planet, GO opening again. Try to BACK, but you can't. So
JERKOFF again. This time, there will be some kind of pile-on, and you end up
outside the ship again. Now GO ship, because the drones will now keep DD from
getting to Ayesha after you do.

AGUA (blue with a little brown, upper left):
Nothing needed to complete this one. The game says the frog can help you by
blocking DD, but how? GO tree. TALK frog for a hint, LOOK tree for another one.
KISS frog twice and it takes your clothes. Now GO water, TAKE clothes. TAKE
both of the flowers on the screen, the game calls them lily or blossom and says
they have magical powers. Now GIVE both of them, and they'll stay on the
mermaid. Now BACK out of the water. If you did it right, she'll follow you and
you'll see her on the beach. Now you can SCREW mermaid, then USE clothes, BACK,
GO ship. Just the right lily might be enough. If you don't give her flowers,
but still try to screw her, you'll start to drown but Sirena still saves Brad's
inconsiderate ass while DD gets to move ahead, which is a rare encouragement of
foreplay for this game. I'm not sure if it was kissing the frog twice or the
super snaky sex, but Sirena rejected DD after my visit.

RAMEWE (green/gray/brown/blue, upper right):
Nothing needed to complete this one. From the ship, LEFT until you get to the
queen sheep. KISS sheep's face, TAKE crown. Now LEFT some more until you're
back at the ship, GO ship. SCREWing the queen sheep here will get a message
about something smelling funny from then on, not sure if it can be made to go
away. It seems to prevent you from being able to screw anyone else! I haven't
checked to see if it can be washed away by going into the water on AGUA. Like
the joke about the kilt and the zipper, it seems the game won't let you take
off your clothes near a regular sheep! Anyway, just say no to sheep! There are
plenty of humanoid females in the game without having Brad resort to

CLEFT (gray, upper left):
Nothing needed to complete this one, bear trap suggested. The game suggests
that you go (a different direction each game) in the dark, but that doesn't
seem to work very well. TAKE Closed sign. The game suggests that you leave the
bear trap from Primordial here in the dark, to scare DD if he hasn't gotten to
Mamonga first. The maze in the dark is VERY annoying. You have to get to a
particular location, then TOUCH and click around in the middle left of the
screen to find Mamonga, because she's playing Hide-and-Seek! Assuming this maze
isn't random each time you play, this should work: From the ship, GO cave,
LEFT, UP. Now TOUCH and click in the middle left of the screen. If you do it
right, you get a message besides "Nothing happens when you touch that." TOUCH a
second time and you'll see the girl. KISS girl, DROP clothes, TAKE clothes,
SCREW girl, USE clothes. If you don't do this part right, your clothes will be
left at her side and you have to find and screw her again just to get them
back! Then TALK girl and she will start playing hide-and-seek again, leaving
you in the dark! Now DROP the bear trap if you have it, then UP should bring
you back to the ship! If that doesn't work, try DOWN, if you got "BONG!" then
do LEFT DOWN UP to escape, otherwise just UP should do it. It seems that while
the maze isn't random, Mamonga's location is! So, just wander around
desperately clicking on the middle left of each dark screen until you find her.

WHISPER (gray diamond, upper middle):
Need ID and glasses to complete, Closed sign suggested. DROP Closed sign (on
grass in front of library) to stop DD from being able to enter, if he hasn't
done Agnus already. GO door, GIVE ID card (the Brad Stallion one, not the Joe
Smith!). TAKE ID back, USE glasses, KISS girl, DROP clothes, TAKE clothes,
SCREW girl, USE clothes. TALK girl for a hint about Droxina. LOOK open book for
a hint. BACK, GO ship. This is the only one that you can prevent DD from
getting before you have the items necessary for you to do her yourself! The
Closed sign will stop DD, but it doesn't stop you.

FLOE (white, upper left):
Need TSW to complete this one. GO igloo, DROP clothes, TAKE clothes, USE TSW,
SCREW girl, DROP TSW, USE clothes, TAKE TSW. If you waste time on extra actions
while your clothes are off, you'll get frozen! If you get to her first, DD will
be "frozen out" because you've still got the TSW.

PRIMORDIAL (gray/brown/red, upper right):
You need either the Stun Gun and a love apple or just the CDG to complete this
one. GO gray rocks, TAKE bear trap. If you have the CDG then USE CDG, EAT dog,
GO hut. If you have the Stun Gun and a love apple, then USE stun, GO hut, EAT
love apple. Either way, now KISS face, DROP clothes, TAKE clothes, SCREW girl.
TALK girl again to get a hint. If you do this correctly before DD visits,
Grizelda will refuse DD. Now USE clothes, BACK, BACK to ship, GO ship.

DILDONIA (blue/brown, lower right):
Need either CDG or glasses and Joe Smith ID or nothing to get past guard, but
definitely need brown key to complete this one. To get through the maze from
the ship, go BACK (to "Lost"), then from "Lost" go UP (anywhere but DOWN) to
"There", then from "There" go DOWN to "Still", then from "Still" go UP to "No",
then from "No" go DOWN to "This", then from "This" go UP to Dildoville. These
directions are written like this only because the game can break in at any time
with an announcement of DD's progress. At Dildoville, GO to the gates, USE CDG
to remove the guard's clothes and make her run away. However, when you come
back to the long view of Dildoville the guard will still be shown even though
she's no longer there when you approach! If you don't have the CDG, try wearing
the glasses (DROP, TAKE and USE glasses to make sure they're on) and then GIVE
Joe Smith ID to fool the guard. One game, I was lucky and the guard didn't
recognize Brad, and just let him through with no special action necessary. In
fact, trying to shoot her that time just got me shot instead! Either way, UP to
go to a house. You can LOOK window but you don't actually see Droxina, so just
GO door. USE brown key, DROP clothes, TAKE clothes, SCREW Droxina, USE clothes,
TAKE chastity belt. Luckily for you, DD won't commit incest, so you have one up
on him for sure! You could TALK Droxina to get another hint. To get back to the
ship, BACK to gates, BACK to long view of town, BACK again to "This", then from
"This" go RIGHT (anywhere but UP) to "No", then from "No" go LEFT (anywhere but
DOWN) to "Still", then from "Still" go DOWN (anywhere but UP) to "There", then
from "There" go UP (anywhere but DOWN) to "Lost", then from "Lost" go DOWN to
the ship, and finally GO ship.

MEDIOL (big green/blue/brown, lower right):
You need the crown from Ramewe to complete this one, chastity belt from
Dildonia is suggested to stop DD from getting Crystal. GO door, GO girl, USE
crown, KISS girl, DROP clothes, TAKE clothes, SCREW Crystal (face, not
blanket), GIVE chastity belt if DD hasn't been there already, USE clothes,
BACK, GO ship. The chastity belt should stymie DD if you get to Crystal before
he does, but unfortunately getting the key first and then going all the way
through Dildonia usually takes too long. In two games, the gray key was very
difficult to find because it was on the gray castle background!

BEACH (small brown, middle right):
Need CDG and love apple to complete this. After leaving the ship, you want to
wander the desert for a while to find any items lying around, then go back to
the ship. Pricilla will appear in her car when you return to the ship. TALK
girl, GIVE love apple, USE CDG, DROP clothes, TAKE clothes, SCREW girl, USE
clothes, TALK girl, GO ship. If you talk to Pricilla after sex, she will hide
from DD if he hasn't done her already. The game crashed a few times on me at
the animation of her clothes being dissolved.

EARTH (center of screen):
Need gray key and brown key to complete this one. GO hotel, USE gray key, GO
left doorknob. USE phone for a hint. GO girl, USE brown key, TAKE blanket, DROP
clothes, TAKE clothes, SCREW girl. Hey, da bitch left without even saying
goodbye! (Just like Brad's done to all the others so far...) Oh well, USE
clothes. If DD hasn't done Lotta Luv yet, you can USE gray key to lock door
again before GOing through the left door. If you've done all the females, this
will end the game. If not, you have to LOOK ship's log and figure out which one
you missed.

.07 - Anything else?

This should help you complete the game already.

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