Scooby Doo – Mayan Mayhem Episode 3 – Terror In Tikal

Scooby Doo - Mayan Mayhem Episode 3 - Terror In Tikal

-go thru the door ahead of yu
-get to the next screen use the bush to pull a lever
-return to start use the other door
-use the bush to yur left(its past the stair leadung up)
-go upstairs n thro the door yu just opened
-use the stone horse shoe to lower the stairs
-go towards the lever and xit the screen
-go up slope use bush nearest the face like door
-go thru the newly opened door
-get shovel
-return to previous screen n go up the slope
-use shovel on pillar w a crack on it next to that button to open 
 ext door
-go thru tht diir use right door n the bush there to move that huge 
 stone block
-walk to the bush thats on the other side of that block use it
-walk over to the bush near the stairs down use it
-Exit the screen downstairs
-use the big square switch n scoob will sit on it
-use the door thats under the crowbar
-get it then return 2 scoob
-go theru the door thats just by the block that you walked over to 
 get the crowbar
-use crowbar on rocks
-go back n thru the door shag used to get the crowbar
-turn the statue white by walkin on it
-go thru the door and prepare for a cutscene and another arcade part

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