Scooby Doo – Episode 3 – Reef Relief

Scooby Doo - Episode 3 - Reef Relief

Walkthrough for scene 1:

1 You need to get the pole that is on the left side of the 
  screen with plant on it.
2 Use it on the rock that is near the little fishes.
3 It will scare them away.
4 Get the carb that is hiding near the rock you just moved.
5 Now there is one more rock where the little are. Use the pole 
  on that rock.
6 The fishes will go away and one of the shark will follow them.
7 Now use the crab on the other shark. He will go away too.

Now you can enter the tunnel.

Walkthrough for scene 2:
In the engine room.

1 Pick up the nut from the third compartment from the left.
2 Bang the other two closed compartment by clicking space bar and 
  get the pipe and wire.
3 Now there are three things that you need to fix.
4 Use the nut on the big vertical pipe which is on the right side 
  of the screen.
5 Use the pipe that you got on the horizontal pipe which is on the 
  bottom left side of the screen.
6 Now there are three big horizontal pipes from which you need to put 
  the wire on the left most pipe. The pipe which has the wire missing.
7 And now pull all three switches down.

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