Sam & Max Hit the Road FAQ

Sam & Max Hit the Road FAQ

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Version 1.00 - By Tricky

| Index:                                                                       |
    Introduction to this FAQ and the game ........................... IDX01
    HQ .............................................................. IDX02
    Snuckey's ....................................................... IDX03
    The Carnival .................................................... IDX04
    Biggest ball of twine in the world .............................. IDX05
    World of Fish ................................................... IDX06
    Gator Golf ...................................................... IDX07
    Mystery Vortex .................................................. IDX08
    Frog Rock ....................................................... IDX09
    Bumpusville ..................................................... IDX0A
    Bigfoot party (part 1) .......................................... IDX0B
    Dino Bungee ..................................................... IDX0C
    Vegitable Museum ................................................ IDX0D
    Bigfoot Party (part 2) .......................................... IDX0E
    The Four Totem Poles ............................................ IDX0F
    Copyrights and permissions ...................................... IDX10
    Contacting me ................................................... IDX11

| Introduction to this FAQ and the game                                | IDX01 |
Sam & Max Hit the Road is one of the good old adventure games of long lost times
If you wonder how to get this game, I cannot help you, I still got my copy from
times this was still in store. I'm sure there are sites you can download it
from, but since I cannot support software piracy, I cannot give you links.
If you can give me sites on which this game can be bought/downloaded from
WITHOUT VIOLATING COPYRIGHTS mail me, and I'll add those to this FAQ.

Also note that since this game is old you may NOT be able to play it on modern
machines. You may need an emulator to play it.
One of the best out there is DOSBox.
Download it from:

I recomment only to use this FAQ when you are stuck, or else this game will be
no challenge at all. If you are stuck look at the index on what you are doing
and look at the IDX code. Open a search window (Ctrl-F in Windows and Linux and
Apple-F in MacOS).

Well, that's all folks...
Let's get started on this

| HQ                                                                   | IDX02 |
In the game you control Sam, however you can use Max by either grabbing him
and point a target with him, or by selecting him from the inventory.

- First check the mousehole to get yourself some cash
- Take the blacklight from the closet

Some optional stuff is to use the dart-board or to feed Max' ant farm.
- When you're done here, leave the building and go outside

- Use Max on the cat

If you want a quick laugh, go into the store at the corner of the street.

- Enter you car and be ready to get on the road.

| Snuckey's                                                            | IDX03 |
You can buy some silly things at the Snuckey stores, like a car bomb game,
dress up dolls and shit like that. It's all optional, but it is kinda funny
to collect.

One of the shops has a cup lying. Pick it up.
You can also get a box of pecan-candies. Take that too.

When Max complaints he wants to go the bathroom talk to the attendant and
ask him if Max may go to the bathroom. He'll allow you to and give Max the
key. Now go out quickly and speak to Max before he returns the key. Get him
to keep the key. That makes you ready for this part.

| The Carnival                                                         | IDX04 |
- Show your orders to the firebreather
- Pick up the bigfoot hair and exit north
- Play the Wak-A-Rat game. If you win you get a flashlight as prize.
- Take the magnifying lens from the Wak-A-Rat stand
- Put the blacklight in the flashlight
- Tell the guy sitting next to the Cone Of Tragedy you want a ride.
- After the ride check your inventory and see that all your items have gone.
- Ask the guy next to the cone about your stuff and he'll give you a claim
  ticket for the lost and found.
- Go to the lost and found (close to the entrance) and reclaim your stuff.
  Along with it you got a magnet fish. Look at that fish to get a new
  location on the world map.
- Now enter the Tunnel of Love
- Use the flashlight to see spots otherwise invisible in the dark
- When you get past a fusebox, use Max on it to stop the ride
- At the right statue pull its beard to open the back door
- Go through it.

- Give the kid the pecon-candy and he'll tell you how Bruno and Trixie
  disappered. He'll also tell you about Shuv-Ool, his uncle. With this story
  the largest ball of twine on earth. You'll also get a crowbar.
- Use the switch to get the Tunnel Of Love moving again
- Leave

- Now find Trixie's camper
- Use the crowbar to open it
- Open the closet
- Pick up the calender inside for another new location
- Open the box for a neat custume

- Go to the freak show tent
- Pick up the claw-in-a-jar

- Leave the carnival and go to the Snuckey's.
- Have the attendant to get the claw out of the jar
- Now go to the Gator Golf.
- Get the ball retriever here and go to the World's biggest ball of Twine

| Biggest Ball of Twine in the World                                   | IDX05 |
- Enter the small hut at the bottom of the twine
- Attach the claw to the ball retriever
- Attach the fish to this combo
- Use it to get a ring out of the twine
- Now go outside and ride the tram to reach the upper part
- Enter the building
- Use the loose wires on the telescope
- Talk to the telekenetic guy and get him to give you a bent tool
- Use the elevator to get down
- Go back to your car.

Next stop, World Of Fish

| World Of Fish                                                        | IDX06 |
- Pick up a bucket of fish
- Use the bent spanner to loosen the big fish doll
- Enter it
- Call Max to that too

You'll end up at the kitchen of the ball of twine
- Use Max to get yourself a bit of twine
- Next stop Gator Golf

| Gator Golf                                                           | IDX07 |
- Exit north

A fight between you and Conroy Bumpus will get you rid of Max.

- Pick up the bucket of golf balls
- Place the bucket with fish
- Now pick up the club

Now you can use the flag to aim. Now the alligators will change position
when you put a fish in their neibourghood. Try to move them that wat that
a bridge is formed.
Don't worry about running out of fish, your supply is unlimmited, and Max
will tell you when the bridge is good.
Sam will automaticly cross it.

- Open the door to free max (a hidden door will be revealed), and Max will
  give you some bigfoor hair
- Open the newly revealed door
- Pick up the snowglobe inside (leads to a new location).

Well the mystery vortex is the next stop.

| Mystery Vortex                                                       | IDX08 |
- Enter the vortex

You may see a lot of doors here. Shuv-Oohl is behind one of them, which one
it is, is diffrent each game. You are either too small or too big to enter those
doors. If you enter by the mirror you can set the colors of the magnets to
either red, yellow and blue, or combine them to get white, purple, orange and
green. Try to set them to the door color you like to try. If it's the wrong door
try it again, until you found the right door.

- When you found Shuv-Oohl ask him about Bruno
- Give him the ring you found in the biggest ball of twine
  He'll give you mole man powder.
- Go into the back room (where everything is upside down)
- Pick up the bigfoot hair from the block of ice
- Leave this bizarre place and go to your next stop

- Go to the top of the ball of twine and put the magnifying lens on the
- Now use it to find Frog Rock

With this your next target is set.

| Frog Rock                                                            | IDX09 |
- Put the three samples of big foot hair on the rock
- Now put the mole man powder on it

Now you get the next location. Bumpusville.

| Bumpusville                                                          | IDX0A |
- Enter the mansion
- Take the left way and go to the back to see a show of Conroy Bumpus

You cannot do anything for Bruno and Trixie yet. If you try you'll set off
an alarm which will get you kicked out.

- Find the bed room (right of the entrance)
- Get on the bed and pick up the pillow
- Use the claw on the retriever to get a book from the shelf
  (It's the users manual of the cleaning robot)
- Look for the cleaning robot and open it when you found it
- Disconnect all wires and connnect the blue one
  This will set off the alarm and distract Conroy's bodyguard
- Go to the back room in the right part of the mansion
- Use the virtual reality simulator

  = Pick up the sword
  = Go to the cave
  = Slay the monster with your sword
  = Grab in the hear to get a key. This key will become real.

- Go to the room where Trixie and Bruno are kept
- Use the key to turn off the alarm and release the prisoners.

The next location is now available

- Take the picture of John Muir

Go to the Bigfoot Party

| Bigfoot party (part 1)                                               | IDX0B |
- Enter the building
- Give the rasp to the bigfoot with the hurting foot
- Talk to the receptionist
  After your chat she'll give you some brochures
- Examine those brochues to get two new locations.

Leave here, and go to the Dino Bugee

| Dino Bungee                                                          | IDX0C |
- Go to the Dino and Mammoth robots
- Use Max to get the hair from the Mammoth
- Put the string
- Use the speaker to get the mouth of the T-Rex open
- Put the string on it
- Attack Max to the string. This will get you tooth.

- Go to the back
- Enter the bunge site
- Get behind the screen to get in Bungee Equipment
- Put the cup on the retriever with claw
- Start bungee jumping and use the retriever with cup to scoop up some tar.
- Now use the screen to get back to your normal self

Now let's get outta here

| Vegitable Museum                                                     | IDX0D |
- Give the picture of John Muir to the lady
- Now leave, go wherever you want and come back here and ask the lady about
  the John Muir vegitable
- Look the giant crate to pick up a Bumpus vegitable out of it.

- Go to Bumpusville
- Swap the Bumpus veggie with the wig (you'll be kicked out, but you got the
  wig now).

- Now to go to the party again.

| Bigfoot party (part 2)                                               | IDX0E |
- Put the tar on the costume
- Put the hair on the costume
- Put the wig on the costume
- Enter the building
- Put on the costume.
- Enter the party

- After the speech, pick up the wine bottle from the table
- Go into the back (if there's a large fridge you're in the right room).
- Pick up the screwdriver
- Open the fridge
- Open the back door to meet Bumpus and bodyguard
- Talk to Bumpus
- Tell him you're not a bigfoot (he won't buy it)
- Take off the costume
- When Bumpus uses the fridge to disguise himself use Max to lock them in
  The bigfoot chief will lead you to the four totems and explain the situation
  the bigfoots are in. After that we gotta solve the totem riddle

| The four totem poles                                                 | IDX0F |
The four totem poles all need an item in order to be activated.
We got already three of those items. (At least when you followed my FAQ).
One is still missing.

For that one do the next things
- Have the telekenetic at the ball of twine to bend your screwdriver
- Use it to remove the cork from the screwdriver

- Go to the upside down room in the mystery vortex
- Step in the mini-vortex
- While you are on the ride, use the snowglobe to catch some of the vortex'
  power and use the cork to lock it in.

Now we got all we need. Go back to the party site to the yard with the
four totems. From there is a way (extremely hard to spot) to a small pool
where the bigfoot chief is waiting for you.

Give him the next items to activate the totems:

TOTEM #1: The snowglobe with mystery vortex power
TOTEM #2: The tooth of the T-Rex from the bungee site
TOTEM #3: The John Muir vegitable
TOTEM #4: Conroy Bumpus' pillow

Doing that will end this game.


While the credits are running you can shoot serveral things. Not that it
matters, but it is kinda fun, I suppose.

| Copyrights and permissions                                           | IDX10 |
This FAQ has been copyrighted by Jeroen Broks aka Tricky, formely known as
Tricrokra. This FAQ may be viewed, downloaded and printed for personal use
only. It may not be sold, or used as a basis for commercial work. This FAQ
may also not be modified. Parts of it may not be copied to your own FAQs
without my permission.

This FAQ is NOT officially authorized by LucasArts or any
other party that is related to Sam & Max

If you want to host this FAQ, it's allowed, if you ask my permission first,
permission will be granted assuming that the FAQ stays in this form
unmodified, that users can view it FREE OF CHARGE, and that no pop-ups have
been added to the page that views this FAQ.

Sites with permission to host this FAQ:

Sites banned from hosting this FAQ:

| Cantacting me                                                        | IDX11 |
Before contacting me, please read carefully.

If you want me to answer questions about the game itself please visit this

That is my Q&A site where I (or others) will answer all your game questions.
If you do, please check if the question you want to ask hasn't been asked
before. :)

If you want to inquire about me as a person, or when you have anything to
say about the FAQ itself, like asking permission to host, got suggestions
for this FAQ, something like that please mail it to

       REJECT YOU!

If you see that I missed things in this FAQ, then in stead of calling me
names, you may tip me about that part, or if you want even come up with
a complete workout of that part, that I will copy into this FAQ (I may alter
your lay-out to make it fit with the rest) and even credit you for your
trouble. This also goes for alternate boss techniques.

I get a lot of mails in which I must guess which FAQ it is we're talking
about, and since I'm very busy as a contributor for GameFAQs, and ocasionally
other sites, I have quite a lot of FAQs here. So it will help me a lot when
I know which FAQ/Game it is you're talking about. :)

And one last thing. Below are remarks I got a lot about my FAQs. Some are
funny, and some are just plainly too stupid for words. I don't want to be
an arrogant bastard or anything, but some of them tire me a lot.

So here are those mails with my standard replies:

  M: Fix your English
  A: Some people say they hardly hear the diffrence between me and an
     English speaking fellow. Others say it sucks. Well, I honestly don't
     care in which category you are. English is NOT my first language. If
     I spoke my own language you probably couldn't read my FAQs at all.

  A: Anyone who sends mail like this won't receive a reply. In fact they
     will be banned from ever mailing me again. I can understand you do not
     agree with my technique. There are as many as there are people. I can
     also agree you detected that I made a mistake. Well, I'm human you know.
     Making mistakes is part of my nature, as much as it's yours. If you
     detect errors in my FAQ you can tell me about it in a civil way, and
     I'll fix it if I agree with you.

  M: Are you a man? A woman? How old are you? Where do you live?
  A: I really got that kind of mails a lot. I don't mind that you know.
     I was quite amused by such mails actually.
     Well, my name is Jeroen Broks. I'm not going to give my private adres
     in this FAQ or anywhere else on the internet, but you may know that
     I live in the Netherlands, I am a man, and I was born in 1975. So on
     the moment I started on this version of this FAQ I was 31 years old.

  M: Fsdasdadasf afsdfasd afdfsaf
  A: Whatever you say I don't understand it. If you mail me, please only do
     so in either English or Dutch or if you really need in German.
     (Be perpared that if you speak German to me, you might get an answer in
     English, tough).
     I don't speak any other language.

  M: May I translate your FAQ into another language?
  A: If you ask my permission, mostly no problem

  M: Why is Neoseeker banned from hosting your FAQs?
  A: That's something between me and Neoseeker. I don't find it necesary to
     go into detail about that. I noted it in my FAQs to make sure they
     will never pop up there unnoticed. So don't mail me about it
     cause I won't answer. I got very good reasons for it. That's all you
     need to know.

And so far this FAQ. I hope you have good use for it!

(c) Copyright 2008, JBC-Soft, Jeroen Broks (Tricky)

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