Rupert’s Adventures – Escape Pink Room

Rupert's Adventures - Escape Pink Room

1. Click on the note on the window, read it then put it back on 
the window. Go right. 

2. Solve the Sudoku game on the table, using the instructions in 
the red Sudoku book on the shelf, if needed. Take the gun magazine 
(clip) from the drawer and leave the screw behind. 

3. Click the bottom of the lamp. Take the paper clip and then the 
bullet from behind the left lamp wheel. Replace the paper clip 
underneath the lamp. 

4. Click the first aid kit. Remove the asprin at the upper left and 
look for the faint outline of a bullet underneath that spot. Click 
it to take the bullet. Replace the asprin. Also take the scissors, 
glove and the stethescope. Maximize the gun clip and put the two 
bullets you have into it. Go right. 

5. Take the teddy bear from the playpen. Maximize it, then use the 
scissors on the X on its belly. Take the brown key, then replace 
the teddy bear in the playpen. Go left once and replace the scissors 
in the first aid kit. Go right twice. 

6. Click behind the right side of the safe. Take lipstick. Maximize 
it and click the top striped gold part to remove the top. Use the 
glove to take out the red lipstick. Take the bullet from the lipstick
tube and put it in the gun clip. Replace the lipstick tube behind the

7. Go down for the large view of the safe. Take the stethescope from 
your inventory, keeping it minimized. Click on the number tumblers on 
the front of the safe. Be sure the sound is up on your computer. Click 
each tumbler with the stethescope. The correct number for each one 
will have a double click sound. The numbers change with each attempt 
at the game. When you have all six numbers correct you'll hear another 
sound. Go down and the safe will be open. Take out the money, retrieve 
the bullet, then replace the money in the reverse order from which 
you took it out of the safe. Put the bullet in the gun clip. 

8. Check each of the three pockets of the blue coat for another bullet. 
When you find it, put it in the gun clip. You now have 5 bullets in the
magazine. Go left twice. Replace the glove and the stethescope into 
the first aid kit. Go down. Go left once. 

9. Use the brown key on the treasure chest on the bottom shelf of the 
bookcase. Remove nine fake gems from the middle of the chest. Take the 
bullet, then put all the fake gems back into the chest in reverse order
from how you took them out. Go down, then check behind the left back 
corner of the chest. Take another bullet. Go down. Put both bullets 
into the magazine. You have seven bullets in it now. 

10. Lift the left pillow on the bed, retrieve the bullet from underneath 
it. Click on the rearmost bed leg in the corner to get the under bed view.
Take the wrapped candy. Maximize the candy, click the wrapper, take the 
bullet. Put both bullets into the gun clip. The clip is now full with 
nine bullets in it. Go down. Go left. 

11. Click the wastebasket. Take the broken bowl and the brush out, then 
take the gun. Put the brush and bowl back, in that order. Go down, go 
left once. 

12. Click the door. Take the magazine from the inventory and put it over
the gun in your inventory. Click once to combine them, keeping both of 
them minimized. Keeping the loaded gun minimized, shoot around the 
doorknob nine times and YOU'RE OUT!

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