Rupert’s Adventures – Escape Pear Room

Rupert's Adventures - Escape Pear Room

-Turn left and look at the puzzle. There are 34 pieces on the table, and 
 it's a 70-piece puzzle. So you will need to find 36 pieces. 
-Turn back to the fireplace view. Take the NOTE, read it, and put it back.
-Take everything (WINE BOTTLE, CAKE, COOKIES, TABLECLOTH) off the table and 
 get PIECE 1. Examine the WINE BOTTLE, lift it up, and get piece 2. Open the
 curtains and get piece 3. Put everything back on the table. 
-Take all 3 fireplace tools (POKER, BROOM, SHOVEL). Use them all to sweep 
 the fireplace chimney. The BELT will fall on your first sweep, and once 
 you've used all 3 tools, PIECE 4 will fall. Take PIECE 4, but leave the 
 BELT for now. Put the tools back. 
-Click the left stocking. A cat will pop his head out and open his mouth. 
 PIECE 5 is in his mouth, take it. If you miss, try again (zooming in helps
 a lot here). 
-Turn right to the tree and take the STAR. Go back to the fireplace and put 
 the STAR on Rudolph's head. When he grins, take PIECE 6 under his head (zoom 
 in if you need to). 
-Now turn to the tree. Click the rocking chair and take PIECE 7 when it's 
 visible. (On the floor, behind the far rocker.) Turn on the lamp and take 
 PIECE 8 on the bottom-left corner of the lampshade. (It's a slightly darker 
 blue.) Take PIECE 9 under the tree (just under the bottom candle, zoom in 
 if you need to). 
-Now comes the hardest piece: set the clock hands to 12:00, click the ropes 3
 times, and click the small door in the clock. Santa will pop out for a moment
 holding PIECE 10; take it. (If you miss, click the ropes 3 more times and 
 repeat until you get it. Zooming in helps a lot here.) 
-Head right to the view of the door. Click the far left and right corners of 
 the rug and get PIECES 11-12. Your inventory should be full, so unload it by 
 turning right to the bed view and putting the PIECES on the puzzle. 
-Now that your inventory is empty, go back to the door view. Tip the bucket 
 and get PIECE 13. Take BOTH SKIS and examine them. In the boot of the LEFT 
 SKI is PIECE 14; on the top-right of the RIGHT SKI (by the tip) is PIECE 15.
 Put the SKIS back. 

Lift all four corners of the rug, then (while all 4 corners are up) lift the rug 
by clicking its center; get the LIGHTER. Take the CANDLES from the tree. Examine 
each CANDLE in turn and burn it away with the LIGHTER. When all CANDLES are gone,
put the LIGHTER back. 
Turn up the sound on your computer. Click each bell and notice that they all 
make a different sound. Click the bow and you will play Simon with the bells. 
A mistake sends you back to the beginning of this mini-game. When you've done 
enough (matched 6 in a row), a GOLD KEY will drop onto the doorsill. Leave it 
for now. 

-Turn to the bed view. Open the top drawer and get the SCISSORS and PIECE 16. 
 Open the bottom drawer and get CAP and PIECE 17. Examine the CAP, shake it a 
 few times, and get PIECE 18. Put the CAP back. Look at the painting and get 
 PIECES 19-20 (the two largest blue spots). Put your PIECES on the puzzle. 
-Move the lamp. Rapidly click the pillow and get PIECE 21 on the headboard. 
 Rapidly click the pillow and blanket and get PIECE 22 by the back foot of 
 the -bed. Rapidly click the pillow, blanket, and both mattresses and get PIECE
 23 and AXE. Put your PIECES on the puzzle. 
-Pick up all the PRESENTS; under them is PIECE 24. Notice the red button. 
 Examine each PRESENT in turn and open them with the SCISSORS. You will get 
 PIECES 25-31. When you're out of room in your inventory, put the PIECES on 
 the puzzle. When you're done, put the PIECES on the puzzle and put back the 
-Go to the fireplace view. Use the AXE on the left chair and get PIECE 32. Take 
 the CAKE, examine it, use the AXE on it, and get PIECE 33. Put back the CAKE. 
-Go to the tree view. Use the SCISSORS to open the red bag. Take all the ORNAMENTS 
 that you can and put them in the bag with the pears. Do the same for the rest of 
-Use the AXE to cut up the tree until you reveal another bag. Use your SCISSORS 
 to open the bag. Take the HAT, MITTENS, and PIECE 34. Return the HAT and MITTENS,
 zoom out to tree view, and get PIECE 35 in the top of the tree trunk. 
-There are 20 branches protruding from the tree trunk. Use the AXE on all of 
 them to turn them into twigs, then use the AXE on the twigs to turn the tree 
 trunk into a log. 
-In order to pick up the LOG, you need an empty inventory. Put the PIECES on the 
 puzzle, return the SCISSORS to the top drawer, and put the AXE back under the bed. 
-Once your inventory is empty, pick up the LOG. (You control it with the first box
 in your inventory.) Remember the painting? Make like the painting and bust open 
 the door with the LOG. 
-Take the POKER, SHOVEL, and BROOM by the fireplace. Head over to the open door 
 and pick up the KEY. Use the BROOM on the small pile of snow to reveal PIECE 36; 
 use the SHOVEL to get PIECE 36. Use the POKER to get the BEARD under the wreath 
 on the fence. Put away the fireplace tools. 
-Put the LAST PIECE on the puzzle and solve it. (Start with corners and edges, then 
 work in a spiral with connecting pieces.) When you're done, you'll hear a sound and
 flowers will appear. 
-Take all the PRESENTS and push the red button to make the drawers slide left. Put 
 all the PRESENTS back. Now use the KEY to open the safe and get the COAT. 
-Put the KEY back on the doorsill.
-Now get the complete Santa suit: COAT, BEARD, HAT, MITTENS, BELT, SKIS, SKI POLES. 
 Now leave the room and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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