Rob Blanc II

Rob Blanc II

Rob Blanc II


Talk to Paul when the intro finishes, and tell him 
about the ceiling tiles. When he refuses, threaten 
him with the book. After looking outside, try to 
push the right-hand wall, then ask Paul to help you. 
The lift shall be pushed into the planet's atmosphere.

After the cut-scene, take the space helmet and go south 
twice. Walk up into the alley. Talk to the drainpipe 
and pick up the credit card when the man drops it. Go 
back west and enter the shop. Take the oxygen tank and 
bottle of fish oil on the bottom shelf. Go back out and 
back to the castle. Go east from the throne room and 
take the milk. Try to go back out the door. Damn Rob's 
conscience! Use the fish oil on the milk and try to give 
it back to the baby. Then go back out the door and south, 
south, east. Enter the right-hand door and use the 
purloined milk on the microscope. Go back to the King 
and tell him about the plague. 

Go out again and head west to go to the farm. Talk to 
the farmer about everything and he'll tell you that he 
waters the grass from the nearby lake. Operate the shed 
to get the coveralls. Go east, west again, go to the 
lake and try to enter it. Use the helmet on the coveralls 
and the oxygen tank on the radiation suit to create a 
diving suit. Go back to the street with two doors and 
head east, south. Take the sturdy rod and interrogate 
Paul if you wish. Go all the way back to the lake, use 
the diving suit on Rob and operate the lake. Use the metal 
stick to prise the canister out of the mud, but it will 
sink back in. Go back to the castle and go east. Get the 
rope. Go back to the lake bottom and tie the rope to the 
canister. Go back to Paul and ask him to help you. The 
canister will be removed from the lake and the people of 
Itegen V will be free of the plague! Well done indeed.

You get given a spaceship, but Rob isn't used to flying 
manually - you crash for the second time, onto Earth, 
and don't survive. Never mind, resurrection is meat and 
drink to the High Ones, but first you'll have to find a 
toothbrush one of them lost that morning.

When control returns to you, pick up the chalk and use 
it on the constellation to the right of the screen. Use 
the subsequent crowbar on the portal to make it wider, 
then operate it. It's still too small for you to fit in. 
Paul, however, has narrower shoulders. Talk to him and 
invite him to go on ahead. You now control Paul!

Head north to the garden and take the newspaper. Look 
at it in your inventory (you'll have to close the 
inventory window before anything happens) to gain a 
key. Go south again and use the key in the rightmost 
door. Operate the drawer and go back left. Use the 
skeleton key on the second door on the left (Rob's room), 
take the energy drink on the cabinet and use it on Paul. 
Go back to the main hall and use the skeleton key in the 
leftmost door. Go through the other door into the bathroom. 
Operate the toilet cistern and take the toothbrush from 
inside. Congratulations, you've finished the game! By 
cheating, of course. Dear oh dear.

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