Rings Of Zilfin

Rings Of Zilfin

                   R I N G S   O F   Z I L F I N
                      (Strategic Simulations)


To  defeat K-Plants and other tough monsters, especially early in
the game, use one purlet and one parzin for each creature. When
possible, do so prior to entering the location. After visiting the
Castle and a Witch in a Realm, buy  a  better sword. To develop
Strength, use prihny powder at the Witch´s hut  and drink until you
attain the current maximum level. By visiting each Wizard  you  will
learn more magic spells. Carry at least ten bows and five hundred
arrows when crossing into another Realm. Locations of some healing
pools are pointed out to assist in the early stages.


Telbiz to Ziad: Collecting Gems and Mushrooms.
Fight  worshippers  in the Temple and look to get a gem. Exit town
and give five gold to beggar. Go SOUTH to Ziad, gathering mushrooms.
After defeating the  goblins,  move  to the pool by pressing the
cursor key and drink. Then continue  into  Ziad,  exit  and  save.
Go NORTH to Telbiz, collecting more mushrooms.  Repeat  this cycle,
selling gems when you´re low on food, until you have eleven gems.

On the Road to Perimon.
Sell  all  your  gems,  buy  eight tobacco, leave town and go WEST.
Use two purlets  and  two  parzins  right after leaving town. Slay
the K-Plants and continue  WEST to Perimon. Drink from the second
pool. Sell the tobacco and buy ninety-nine toys. Return to Telbiz
and sell the toys. Repeat this until you  have  nine  thousand
gold,  the  maximum.  (You´ll need at least four purlets  and  four
parzins  for  each  trip). Then buy ten prihny, several hundred
spice and go SOUTH.

Ziad and Tol-Bin.
Buy  heavy  armour  and more bows and arrows in Ziad. Go to Tol-Bin
and buy five  Elfish boots. If you have enough gold, visit the
healer to boost your points. EAST, EAST (Pool two is good),
NORTHEAST. Fight in Shaktir´s temple to  get  chewba. EAST. Enter
Castle Durheim for clues and to increase sword skill.  On  the  way
through Shaktir, win another chewba. (You´ll need four for the end
game). Go to Finduk and visit the witch.

Tumriz and the Road to Begonia.
Give ten gold to beggar. (Meet wizard and learn magic). Buy more
arrows and bows,  then go to Telbiz and buy lots of spice to sell in
Northern Begonia. Go to Finduk and talk until a dwarf takes you to


South Tivern.
Talk. Say HAMSHERY. Go to Tar-Im to buy a riddle book and win chewba
in the temple.  Also  get  ten  prihny  powder and more boots if
you´re out. Enter Castle Razag to boost sword skill, then go to
Maerdom and see the witch.

Intersection, South Demion and Derymin.
Say  JILBO  (at  Intersection).  WEST. Give ten gold to beggar in
Llorim to visit wizard. In South Demion, talk and say KARUN. Go to
Derymin, buy a key and two torches. Enter the first house, win the
battle and look to find the nukh. Keep it. (If you get more, sell

North Demion´s Strange Door and Zaradrim´s Temple.
Say MAYFOON. Say BI-THAR. Say HAZMEDY. Go through tunnel. Go to
Faerlot and buy  pearl.  At  Temple  of  Zaradrim: Say BELIRR, Say
ONUMDA, Say DERHALL. Offer pearl. Behind the temple, wait until sun
vanishes and use seed to get staff.

Dark Tower.
Say  DEM, Say OGANDUR, Say SHEM. Enter Dark Tower. Locate King
Rolan´s cell (on  the fourth floor) and get amulet. (Use nukh to
escape when locked in a room).

To Sumeria.
Go to Karadum and talk until a dwarf takes you there.

Northeast of Ahbap Desert, Shakamin and South Metsny.
Say  DALIN.  NORTHWEST. NORTHWEST. Enter Castle Rimline. Go to
Shakamin and buy cookie and two torches. Give ten gold to beggar and
visit wizard. Go to Waylong  and visit witch. Say CANO in South
Metsny. Buy rope in Zax and win another chewba if you don´t have

Shimerr, Safina and the Bogum.
Offer  cookie  to sea serpent. Buy elixir (need 1,000 gold). Go to
The Well and  use  rope.  Enter  tunnel.  Use  flute  (twice). Offer
harp. (You need maximum  endurance  and  fatigue  points, plus as
many mushrooms as you can find  to  survive  the  end game). Go to
Sharkynn Heights and use horn. Use cloak. Go to Castle Graz. Offer
chewba four times. Enter Castle Graz.

Castle Graz.
Locate  Lord  Dragos  - on the Fourth Floor - and drink elixir. Say

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