Rescue Your Girlfriend

Rescue Your Girlfriend

- Go right & get the sword from the water & paper
- Click on paper in the inventory see colored numbers
- Click again see yellow dots & get the key.
- Go left twice, open 1st room from right with key
- Notice picture's colour, click on them in the correct order, 
  according to paper (Click on the following pictures and press 
  the symbol to the left: green, pink, blue, yellow & black)
- Enter 2nd room from right now with green bulb
- Get arrow from statue
- Get bottle from the shelf right side
- Enter 3rd room
- Use arrow with fish statue & click on it to reveal a white rock 
  on wall.
- Enter the 4th room
- Get log on top right side
- Get yellow bamboo buttom right side
- Combine bamboo with sword get a stick
- Combine stick with the bottle to get it poisonous
- Click bamboo middle left side get green stick
- Go to left side room (where dragon is)
- Combine green stick with poisoned arrow
- Use it on dragon to make him a sleep
- Take his flower
- Go back to 3nd room
- Use flower on white rock,get stones.
- Go fireplace
- Put log & stones in fireplace
- click on green button on wall

Now 2 possible ending:
*Bad ending*
- Enter new room & take white ball & chest

*Good ending*
- Enter new room take ball but NOT CHEST!
- Go back to where the dragon is
- Place ball in the middle & light up other ball according to dots 
  on paper get code
- Go back to where your girlfriend is.
- Impute code on lock & press red button.

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