Redhead Prison Escape

Redhead Prison Escape
* click on the red arrow to the right par of the prison yard.
* Take cushion end then put it on the red cross.
* Take the cat
* Take the cd player
* Go back
* GIve cat to prison trader
* Take everything
* IN the cell use CD on cd player and wait for music to asleep the guard
* talk to the pet and ask him to open the door
* get out
* take the green wig
* Put it on
* click on the left foot of the eagle then use it on the rope
* Chew the gum
* Go right in prison yard
* take a picture
* use chewed gum on picture and the stick it on camera
* get the needle in the left corner of the screen
* go back left
* use the needle on the prison first aid kit
* Take somniferous
* use it on cake
* cross the prison yard to the far right end
* wait the good moment to place the cake on the bench and hide
* use the rope on the wall
* Answer 3 to policeman.

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