P Sensor

P Sensor

Turn left for the table view. Get the blue-labeled bottle and the yellow
key (behind the fruit). Ignore the stuff on the chair; near as I can tell,
it’s a red herring.

Click the green triangle shelf to zoom in, then click the bottom right 
corner of the screen to see the wastebasket. Ignore the clue; I can’t 
come up with any logic where it’s any help. Get the green “triangle 

Turn left (locker view). Use the yellow key in the yellow lock; look 
down to get the screwdriver. Select the bottle in your inventory, click
Item, and click the bottom of the bottle, then apply the screwdriver to
get the blue key.

Use the blue key in the blue lock. Look up to get the black key.
Use the black key in the black lock. Look down and move the newspapers 
to get the picture and the wrench (stuck through the bow of the doll’s 

Turn left (shelf view). Some of the cubicles are zoomable. Notice the 
log cabin — it should look familiar. (When it says “fixed with the 
screw”, it actually means “bolted in place”.) Use the wrench to remove
the bolt and get the pink key.

Zoom in on the red plate, lift it, and click the switch once. Go back 
to either the locker or table view and click above the plant in the 
corner. The fan should now be off, so you can zoom in and get the red
“circle part”.

Use the pink key in the pink lock and get the briefcase and the hammer.
Use the hammer in the only zoomable empty cubicle (left of the log cabin)
to get the green key.

Use the green key in the sliding door and get yourself locked in the 
closet. In the dark. The light switch is straight ahead, but first look
around in the dark. You’ll need the clue on the back of the sliding door
later, once you’re out of the closet.

Turn on the lights, then turn twice so you’re looking at the back of the
door. Click the bottom left part of the screen to look down; pick up 
the bottle.

Turn right once from the back-of-the-door view. Click toward the bottom 
of the screen to look down. Pick up two bottles and a board.

In the view of the wall left of the shelf/picture thing, click the side
of the shelf, then the picture to see the back of the shelf. Pick up the
blue “circle part”, and note the Roman numerals. It’ll all make more 
sense in a bit.

Turn to face the lightswitch, then click the shelf. Click the underside 
of the topmost shelf above the red square to see another bottle, which 
you can’t reach. Click the bottommost shelf below the green square to 
see an X on the floor.
Put the three bottles on the X, then put the board on top. Now go back 
and look at the fourth bottle, and tada! You can reach!

Pick up your impromptu step-stool, then put the four bottles in their 
color-coded spots on the shelf. (It doesn’t let you do it wrong.)
Now go look at the back of the shelf again. There are Arabic numbers on 
the bottoms of the bottles: I goes with 9, II goes with 1, III goes with
4, and IV goes with 6.

Go look at the wall opposite the shelf. It’ll now let you zoom in on the
thingie with the red light, which turns out to be a code-lock. It’s 
labeled in Roman numerals across the top. I’m sure you know what to do 

The code is 9146; once you get all the digits correct, the little red 
light turns blue, and if you turn and click the sliding door, it opens.

Back in the main room, go look at the picture by the door. Notice that
it moves when you click the corners. Use the clue from the back of the
sliding door to take the picture off the wall (click each corner once,
starting at the bottom left and going counter-clockwise, then click the
top right corner again). Put the three “shape parts” in place to activate
the code lock. You’ll need a three-digit code.

Look at the square shelving unit. Notice the equation across the middle
shelf? Triangle times square plus circle. For the number to go with 
each shape, think about the things you’ve seen around the room(s).

Each number comes from a single location.

Triangles: the wine rack by the table. Circles: the fan. Squares: the 
shelf in the closet. Count all the occurences of the shape in questions
(and no, rectangles don’t count for the blue squares number, thankfully).
Once you’ve counted them all up, do the arithmetic. 
You should get 12 x 10 + 5 = 125. 
Enter this code and the door should open when you click it.

Ending 1 (”GT”):
Go out the door and up the stairs and you’re out.

Ending 2:
Go out the door but click the down arrow to turn around. Click the left
edge to close the door and look at the clue on the back. Click the door
to open it, and go back inside.

Revisit the lockers: each one now has a place to enter a letter. Use the 
clue from the back of the door (HOME). The lockers will move to the sides,
revealing a subway entrance. (Yeah, weird apartment.)

Go look at the picture by the front door, which is now on its side on the 
floor. Notice the four-letter clue (KVXW). Use it to open the lock on the
briefcase and get the subway card.

Use the subway card in the subway entrance and you’re out.

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