Normality Solve

Normality Solve

Submoitted by: "anthony.stanford"

Just an updated and more detailed walkthrough for the pc gaem

astan78 "Nasia"


To travel around Neutropolis, you need to find a bus stop, there
is at least one at every location, just use the bus stop and it
brings up a map for you to choose your destination, but remember
only locations that have been revealed through completing puzzles
are shown on the map. Eventually the map fills with locations,
enabling you to revisit locations for objects and clues that you
may have missed the first time around.

Check out the sofa first of all, you will end up breaking it but
don’t worry this is a good thing as the wreckage reveals two
important objects, some money and a gadget. Then pick up the
cushion from the bed to reveal the remote control, which you will
need for later. Then pick up and examine the flyer on the floor by
the front door, when you have done this read the text message on
the TV between this and the information on the flyer you should
have a good idea of where to go next.

Examine the note you already have, then go into the kitchen and
pick up the can of food, the nodding bird and the jar of white
paint. Then go into the bathroom and pick up the shark spoon from
the bath, then pick up the T-shirt that sits on the fruit-rinds
cabinet. Then return to the TV room and use the nodding bird with
the TV remote, this will create a device to keep the TV switched
on. You can now escape the apartment via the window, simply use
the window and you will climb out.


Talk to Dai and listen to what he has to say. Dai needs a drink so
use the window again to climb back into your apartment, go back
into the kitchen and use the kettle to make it boil and then use
it on the cup to make a cup of coffee, then examine the cup and
use the white paint on the cup as a milk substitute (using paint
instead of milk !!! As you may have noticed this game is anything
but "normality") and then examine the cup again. Now take the cup
back to Dai.

Talk again to Dai after giving him the cup of coffee, he chats to
you for a bit and then takes you down to the ground level. Now
press "M" to bring up the map and select the PRF Reception.


Click on the T-shirt and use it with your photo, this will
disguise you as a "fat" person which will get you past the
receptionist. Talk to her first to get permission to go through
the doors at the end of the hall, turn right and enter the
hospitality suite.

Use the water machine to get a white cup, pick it up and keep it
for later use. Use the sculpture with the coffee machine and a cup
of coffee appears on the floor. Pick it up, you will get burnt and
hop around the room a bit but when you have done this, Tiddler the
boss of testing walks into the room and starts to talk to you,
again pay attention to what he has to say.


After the cut scene, you find yourself in conversation. Find out
what you can from Tiddler, he tells you all about the running of
the test department, the waste engineers and something about the
little gadgets.

To get the debris go to the small toilet cubicle, stand on the
toilet and use the grill in the roof to climb into the air duct
and you will find the debris after a bit of a search, not
forgetting to pick up the belt while your at it. Then go to the
bed with the sleeping tester and place the debris next to the bed
. A waste engineer will then come and collect the debris and take
it back to the grinder room.
Pick up the current sender and the current receiver from Tiddler’s
office and use the sender with the battery and use the receiver
with the bare wire and the bed should now work. Use the debris
with the bed again , this time when the waste engineer arrives he
will crash. Now you should be able to gain access to the grinder
room, use the power box to turn off the grinders and use one of
the grinders to take you up the conveyor belt to the dumpster. ( I
hope you understood that better than I ).


You meet Heather in the hideout, she will talk to you but is
listening to a tape and will only turn it off after you have
performed two tasks those tasks are to broadcast a tape of Brian
and then paint the sculpture in the mint mall. The locations
needed to complete these tasks has now been added to your map so
be off with you…….


There is a security guard in front of the building and will stop
you from gaining access, but by talking to him you find out that
he is scared of rats. Go to the Mall and in the Thrifty Fifty shop
pickup the rubber rat toy, then return to the TV station building
and use the rat on the security guard, unfortunately it doesn’t
scare him what you need is a real rat.

There’s a rat in your apartment, to be precise there’s a rat in
your washing machine but its not as easy as that as the door is
jammed, so here’s what to do to get yourself a 100% genuine living
rat to scare the goon at the TV station. First go back to your
apartment and grab the towel in the bathroom, go to the mall and
get the block of frozen food, wrap the frozen food in the towel
and return to your apartment. Then use the frozen food on the
washing machine door to open it. You now have a rat but you need
something to transport it to the TV station building in. In the
microwave in the kitchen is a box, put the rat in the box and
return the TV station and show it to the guard at the door and
watch him run, not such a tough guy after all.

You may now enter the building, talk to the receptionist and she
will allow you to talk to Mr Johnson, after talking with him he
will give you an access card. Once you have the access card walk
down the hallway to the security door leading to the control room,
use the access card and proceed in. use the video tape on machine
B to insert the tape, then use the RUN VT B and the tape of Brian
begins to play unfortunately its password protected.

The only way to get the password is to get the one of the TV
studios engineers to reveal his name. When you find an engineer
you notice he is wearing a name tag on his shirt. To get the name
badge, you need to get his shirt. Go back to your apartment and
use your access card with the bean splat on the wall and then
return to the studios and use your bean splatted access card on
the engineer, who will then take off  his shirt and throw it at
you, upon examination of the name badge it reveals the name
"Holen", this is the password to the editing computer. Access the
inner working and enter the RUN VT B control line and the tape is


Here you must paint the sculpture, the only way that you can get
the norm to leave his post is to cause "An Emergency". Talk to the
blind norm, he gives you some matches in return for some books. Go
back to the factory and pick up the paper back books from the
unlocked locker in the locker room. While your there use the belt
on the fire extinguisher in the Grinder room and watch the mess,
then go to the rear of the factory and use the extinguisher with
the yellow paint (this will fill the now empty extinguisher with
yellow paint).

Now go back to the mall and give the books to the blind man to get
your matches and a book on starting fires. Now go to the Thrifty
Fity shop and use the fruit croppers with the bargain bin, then
use the fruit croppers with the large glider sign , then use the
yappie puppies with the small gliders TWICE. Now pick up the
croppers and go to the cave of comestibles.
Look at the food and talk to Ray Twill until he breaks down and
the lights go out. While the lights are out, use the fruit
croppers on the plum shaped speakers and then pick them up. Go to
the Disco La La store and pick up the Clap CD. Use the CD on the
speakers, then use the plum speakers with the stereo. The dogs now
start jumping and yaping  and Deepha the dog appears, the norm
runs from his post near the sculpture.

Quickly go to the sculpture and use the matches with the fire
starting book, then look at the fire and you will automatically
call for help, the norm guarding the sculpture re appears and uses
the extinguisher on the sculpture and paints it yellow (you filled
the extinguisher with yellow paint before …. Remember ?). You now
find yourself in complete darkness. Use the matches with the photo
of yourself , you should now be able to see and you also have a
new chum norm 2782 and he is a little confused.

Next, go back and talk to the group, they want you to free Saul,
who’s the good brother of the evil dictator Paul. You need to
disguise yourself again, so it’s time for a quick clothes swap
with norm 2782.


Once your inside there are only two ways out of here, the first is
via a window that gets broken  and the other is getting to the
roof to escape. To start off go up to the receptionist who will
tell you to go up to the research floor. Use the key code given to
you  by the receptionist  on the keypad  on the left of the lift.
Once on the research floor talk to the scientist.

To release the prisoner, you have to cut his straps with some
scissors. Pick up the snotty glass fragment and the spanner . Go
into the newly opened lab by using the broken window , use the
glass on the fingure prints (which are on the extinguisher). This
then lifts them from the surface, you now need to remove the


Use the broken window to get on the scaffold and then pick up the
ladder. Use the pulley to get out of the ordinary outpost, then go
to the haulage container in the factory compound and pick up the
large cog laying in the puddle. Use the ladder with the container
to get on top of it, then pick up the small cog from the broken
machine. Go back to the outpost and use the cogs with the side
panel of the grinder. Use anything you want with the grinder to
get rid of any evidence against you and Saul.


Get rid of the prisoner by getting to grips with the "Zoom Toob".
Put the prisoner in a capsule. "Down" calls the capsule while
"red" opens the door, put the prisoner in the capsule and then use
"up" to send him away. The scientist asks you to go up to the
processing floor to get a new subject. Go back to the lobby lift
and talk again to the receptionist, then turn the fountain on ,
then tread on the suspect slab behind the pillar. Now talk to the
receptionist from the slab and the receptionist will go to the

Examine the code he has left laying on the desk and use it on the
other lift (the on that you haven’t used yet). The code is 1312.
At the processing floor, talk to the norm there and get him to
leave. This is the "mood filter chamber". Look around and examine
things and the door seals behind you, examine Saul at the end of
the room, he then disappears. Examine the screen and he then
reappears, to open the door examine Saul, unfortunately at this
point Paul and a couple of  his cronies appear and after a speech
you find your self being dragged off to the cells.


Break the bench in the first cell by using it, This reveals a
transmitter, pick up the splinter from the bench and wait to be
sucked into the mood filter. Examine the sign that Saul is holding
up. Wait to get sucked down to the next cell. Again break the
bench here by using it, pick up the 2x4 piece of the bench, pick
up the scrap of cloth from the floor. Using the eating utensils
provided by the food mat, prise the transmitter from its housing
in the broken bench. Wait to get sucked  down into the mood filter
again and again examine Seal’s sign, again to be sent to another
cell, the final cell. Break the bench again in this cell by using
the 2x4 piece of wood found in the previous cell, this will break
the transmitter and you must now find another transmitter
somewhere. Write a note to Saul on the scrap of cloth found in the
previous cell using gravy as ink. Use the splinter from cell one
with the note and pass it along the corridor to Saul and wait to
go into the mood filer once more .

To find the next transmitter, look at the picture that Saul holds.
Sabotage the faulty food mat in the 3rd cell with the broken wall
bracket found in the previous cell. This floods the room, The
guard now attends to your needs, and you are cleaned. Go into the
toilet cubicle, open the lid on the cistern and pick up the third
transmitter and return to the cell with it. Wait to return to the
mood filter, once there all hell breaks loose, you will now escape
with Saul through the roof, while you are shoot at you make it
safe back to the group.


The next thing to do is to go into the TV shop and try to pick up
the micro TV on the counter, Talk to the norm behind the counter
and ask him for a remote. When he leaves , rush around the counter
and pick up the keys on the back door and lock him in . Use the
box to get into the loft . Then get the mallet from behind the
crate there. Use the mallet on the slats. Go through the slats and
walk until you fall down the hole into the power station.

Pick up the hanging teddy, he will fall on the floor but you have
a long wire so use it to pick up the teddy again and get his eyes.
Go down the steps and pick up the little pink wire. Put coins or
the teddy’s eyes into the slot and go back upstairs. Press the
start button then go back downstairs and pick up the glowing light
bulb. Use the long wire on the bulb (pins exposed) on the light
bulb socket. Go upstairs and open the control box , use the
circuit board and type "123-ENTER" in to the keypad screen, open
the box again and use the long wire on the circuit board to
complete the power connection, it blows and now you can move on.


Go to the mall, pick up the two rubber pipes you find there, then
go back to the street and attach one pipe to the grille and the
other end to the grille that’s on the truck. Go back to your
bathroom in your apartment and use the other tube on the hole in
the bath and the other end to the extractor fan above the bat. The
norms now activate an emergency door opener and you can rescue Dai
from the rear of the van.


Saul and Heather decided that the substation mission is not
acceptable and they are aiming high. The polutotron has to be
destroyed if the group has any hoe of transforming the city. Talk
to Heather and she tells you about a few components that she needs
to make a missile. Go to the mall and pick up the broken wood,
pick up the single fire cracker, pick up the rope from around the

Now go back to the container in the factory compound, To open the
container, light the fumes at the top or try to pick up the
acetylene canister. Use the canister with the matches , the doors
will be blown off. Use the wood with the barrels, use the rope
with the wooden barrels and the raft with the river. Use the toxic
canisters with the raft and then climb on the raft and use it. You
now find yourself at the docks just in time for the rocket launch.


Go to the stadium and fetch Saul’s backup brain machine, you must
also smuggle Brain’s guitar on to the stage. Talk to Saul and
Heather and mask sure that you know what to do. Get the goggles
from near the packing creates in the main area. Turn off the light
near the sewer head, to get past the norm troopers who are
standing there.

Use the gap in the wall to get up the grating. Pickup the
batteries laying there and use the batteries with the goggles and
smash down the grating with the guitar. Break down any suspect
walls that might be around (there are three but one can not be
smashed). The wall that can not be smashed is the secret entrance
to the labs, to break this wall take the roof brace down fro
behind one of the walls, this causes a collapse which brings one
of the creates down from above.

Use the brace on the sign near to the impervious wall, this opens
the wall, go down the labs, pick up the norm poster on the wall.
Use the hole to get through and pick up the fire axe from the
rubble. Go back outside to the fallen create and smash it using
the fire axe and then pick up the emergency containment suit. Then
return to the room with the microwave (where you found the fire
axe). Open the microwave and use the suit with the brain and go
back up to the sewers. Pick up the roof brace from where you left
it, use it on the lift door to open it, use the lift and sit back
and watch the ending.

Well done

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