Nevermore 3

Nevermore 3

-First The Fields
-Go right until you can see a cave.
-Go into the cave and get a hat.
-Go right to next scene with two rocks.

-Scene with two rocks.
-Jump onto the first rock, to the second then across the water.
-Go right until you come to a tree.
-Next to the tree is a rock.
-Jump on the rock to the left branch of the tree then up to the top branch.
-From there jump to the branch of the tree on the right.
-Keep going right across the bridge.
-You will come to another tree.
-From the top of the ridge, jump to the top of the tree then to the ground 
 on the other side of the rock slide.
-Go right until you come to a statue with two elevators, one with a rock, 
 one without.
-This is tricky. Use the statue to jump onto the left elevator. As it comes
 down the other one will rise. You have to time your jumps so you jump from
 the left elevator to the right one, then up on the tree platform before the
 elevator lowers to far for you to jump. Then jump up to the next scene.
-Another tricky one. Sometimes you can just bounce right through. You need 
 to jump on the platform to the left, from there to the pipe, from the pipe
 to the top platform and then up and off to the right.

-=The Upper lands=-
-Talk to the guy sitting there
-Go right until you come to a scene with a rocker arm and a hammer stone.
-Time your jumps so you can jump down onto the rocker arm. Then when the hammer 
 stone is on its way up, jump up to its spot and quickly jump on top of it and 
 then out to the next scene. This one is simple. Just jump back and forth down 
 then back up the other side and out. Go to the right until you get to Moss gate,
 go into the house and talk to the guy there. He will tell you to go back and 
 find his glasses. You have to go back to the guy sitting at upper lands store
 and get the glasses. If you happen to fall at the rock hammer just go left, 
 you’ll come out the pipe. Once you get the glasses come back to Moss gate and
 give them to the guy in the house. He will open a trapdoor to the roof and you
 must jump up to the top and go to the left and look into the telescope. You 
 will see a scene of a man, then go back to the old guy, he will tell you about
 the telescope. Go back to the telescope, when you look again you will see two 
 guys talking. You must go talk to these two. Go back down and head to the right.
-Go to Moss town and talk to these two. They will tell you what you need to fix 
 the bridge.

-=To the tool shed=-
Go back to the old guy’s house at Moss gate. Jump up and look into the telescope 
again. You will see a hint to the next challenge. You see the two “X’s”? To get 
there, jump over the trap door and walk on top of the roof. You have to jump from 
the roof to the tower and then the ledge. Not easy. When you get there, you must 
jump over the roof into the tree and then on the balcony to the tool shed. If you
miss, you will fall through the roof. To get out you will need to push a button 
to lower a ramp. Go back to Moss gate and try again.

-=Tool shed=-
In the tool shed goto the right and get the miners hat. Go to the left and get 
the battery. Now jump down the trap door then jump up and over the roof of the 
next house. That is the bridge.

-=The Bridge=-
Jump down to the bottom and the battery will start the fan. The bridge will drop.
On to the right. You will need to jump onto a hanging log and then on to the next
Rock. Go right until you get to the old excavation.

Go to the right until you come to a drop off. You have to drop down to the step 
first, then jump up to the two steps to the teeter toter. This will open the gate
to the right. Go right and get the gem. This also turns on some lights. Goto the 
left. You will drop into a hole. Jump up to the left and turn on the switch. Go 
right and turn on that switch. Go right and you will see a hint on the wall and 
a hammer like gate. Go back to the left and turn the switch off on the far left.
This opens the hammer like gate. Keep going right until you come to a mine cart.
Jump from the rock to the left and untie the rope. Jump down the shaft and follow
it all the way to the bid door.

-=The big door=-
I’m not sure what triggers this. I missed something or its just a time thing. I 
went back an forth from the door scene and the scene to the left of it about three
of four times and then there were glowing orbs in the left. You must jump into 
them in order to make them all shine.
1, 3, 5, 2 4
Go right trough the big door. Keep going to the right. The rest is just dialog.

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