Nekonote Escape 04 – Lion Room

Nekonote Escape 04 - Lion Room

-Go right twice
-Click on box
-Click on every thing in the box until you see a small 
 dark peak spot.
-Click on it.
-Go to bookshelf.
-Look and see where the wall and the ground meet on the left
 side of the bookshelf.
-You should see a small light gray line follow it until it meets 
 the bookshelf click there.
-Get tissue.
-Click on doll in Items.
-Then click About Items.
-Use Tissue on Doll
-Click on doll again.
-Give Clean doll to lion.
-Take bag and open it.
-Take cookie.
-Put cookie in front of mousehole.
-Take mouse.
-Go to door.
-Click on mouse then on dark gray line on the left of the screen.
-Take key
-Click on mouse hole twice and feed the mouse family.
-Use key on door.

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