Need for Speed – Porsche 2000

Need for Speed - Porsche 2000

By Amit Chhangani


Important:  Best  viewed  in  notepad  with  wrap  on  and  window


List of contents:

1. Need For Speed: The past and the present.
2. Need For Speed - Porsche 2000: A brief overview.
3. Ingredients of a perfect car.
4. Driving basics and tips.
5. An ulitimate guide to unbeatable records.
6. The 360 degree spin.
7. Test yourself.


1. Need For Speed: The past and the present

To  start it all, I must admit before saying anything else that  i
have'nt  seen  a neater, graphically better, more organised,  more
realistic and so sequentially evolved racing game. From Nascars to
Test  Drives  to  Le Mans, I have seen them all,  but  none  comes
closer  when it comes to graphic details, realisticness and  sheer
joy of simulation and gameplay. If anyone of you thinks that there
is a game which i am missing, i will be more than obliged if it is
brought to my notice.

Need  for  speed started on a modest note with Need For  Speed  1,
with a low graphic detail and not so appreciable gameplay. But  it
was  still  too good as for the standards of that time. Even  Need
For Speed 2 did not seem all that appealing, but definitely showed
tremendous  improvement and the the research that was put  in  it.
Electronic Arts made a big leap in fun racing by bringing Need For
Speed  3 - hot pursuit in the scenario. This game was a generation
ahead  of all its counterparts and redefined the way racing  games
were  played.  Featuring all the major sports cars of  that  time,
this game won the hearts of all the race freaks owing to its great
graphics,  neat  control, and creative theme  of  cop  chase(  hot

Need  For Speed featured all the big sports models in the  earlier
versions  till NFS-4. It was only in Need For Speed  5  -  Porsche
Unleashed, that Electronic Arts created a game exclusively for the
legendary  car  company  -  Porsche. This  game  had  unbelievably
realistic  graphics, power packed with equally good sound  effects
and speed that got the adrenaline rushing like a jet.

Then  came the game that we are going to talk about, that is  Need
For Speed - Porsche 2000. This game too, like its younger brother,
featured  porsche  beauties  only.  This  time  with  photographic
details,  and  two  new  game  modes  namely  Factory  Driver  and
Evolution. The excitement and the realisticness of this game is to
be  experienced  to be believed. The theme is to  get  the  player
aquainted with every nut and bolt that is used in the making of  a
porsche and to make him feel, why a Porsche is considered  as  the
most desired car in the world. You can actually choose any car  in
the  garage and view it in its full details, inside out! The world
created  around the tracks misses reality by inches. Such  is  the
extent of graphic detail and realism that you can actually see the
wheels  turning in accordance with the speed and even the "reverse
illusion" of turning wheels at high speeds is taken care of!  Easy
to play, but extremely difficult to master, this game can make you
stick to your PC for days together. There is so much to accomplish
and  in  such an interesting way that you might perhaps never  get
sick  of  it.  You are given the facility to view the speedometer,
revs  etc. in digital or analog format. An unbelievably clear  and
true rear view mirror assists you greatly in getting the better of
your  opponents. The settings of any given car may be personalised
as per your need and comfort. NFS-Porsche 200 gives you an insight
to the parts of all the porsche cars, as they are in the real cars
, making you have the same experience. The proper installation and
alignment of various parts may improve the performance of your car
many folds. So lets start knowing the game better, without wasting
any more time.


2. Need For Speed - Porsche 2000: A brief overview.

Though  one may call this game as a promotional game for  Porsche,
you  will find the effort and research put into the game in  every
byte  of it. None of its counterparts boasting to feature all  the
car  models may even think of coming close. The gameplay is  based
on  a  rewarding  basis. The better you play,  the  more  you  are
rewarded  with better cars and easier it is for you  to  beat  the
opponents and make your records harder to break. The game contains
four  major  modes to play in. All of them are listed below  along
with their details:

A. Singleplayer
B. Multiplayer
C. Evolution
D. Factory Driver

A. Singleplayer

This mode has three sub modes

a. Quick Race

One  may  race with 0 to 7 opponents on any of the 4 tracks  which
are  made available to a newly created player. The choice of  cars
also  is limited for a new player as he has to choose from a  list
of  available cars and does not have access to any modified  high-
performance cars. The skill level of the opponents may be adjusted
to  three levels viz. easy, advanced and expert. It is, however  a
bit  difficult for the new players to beat the opponents with  the
available cars as they are not properly configured, lack power and
skid  a  lot  as  they lose balance quite easily while  cornering.
There is no reward for winning any races in this mode as you  have
the  option to play with damage on or off. "Damage on" wrecks your
cars  with  every collision, while this is not the case the  other
way  round.  A  newly created player is provided  only  with  four
tracks,  while  the actual number of total tracks which  are  made
available  is  much higher. why? We will talk about it  later  and
find  out  how to uncover the hidden tracks. The list of available
tracks and cars for a newly created player is provided below:



1959  356A 1600 Super Convertible D
1960  356 B 1600 Super Coupe
1972  911 S 2.4 Coupe
1973  914/4 2.0
1988  944 Turbo S Coupe
1978  911 Turbo 3.3 Coupe 930
1987  959*
1989  911 Carrera 4 Coupe 964
1990  911 Carrera 2 Coupe 964
1997  Boxster
1992  928 GTS*
1994  911 Carrera Coupe 993
1995  911 Turbo 3.6 Coupe 993
1997  GT2 Race Version*
1998  GT3 Cup*

Note:  The  cars marked with a "*" sign are to be downloaded  from
the internet in order to be uncovered.

b. Knockout

A  newly  created  player gets an opportunity to choose  from  the
above  mentioned tracks with 0-7 opponents and play in this  mode.
The  car  that  stands  last in the race is  eliminated,  and  the
remaining  contestants move to the next round of the  competition.
The number of opponents is one more than the number of races to be
played  in order to win a knockout. The tracks and the cars  which
are  availaible for a newly created player are the same as  listed
in  the  topic  above.  A player may choose any  available  track,
forward  or backward and with an option to turn on/off the traffic
on  road.  Traffic also may be light, medium or heavy as  per  the
player's choice.

c. Quick Knockout

This  mode  is  quite  similar  to the  knockout  mode.  The  only
difference  being that the event takes place on a multi-lap  track
and  the car which stands last in the lap gets eliminated. In this
manner,  one car gets eliminated every lap and the winner  is  one
who  wins  the  final lap. The only track available  for  a  newly
created  player in this mode is the Monte Carlo 3 track. Available
cars are the same as listed in the article above.

B. Multiplayer

Multiple players can play using a LAN or Modem connection.

C. Evolution

The  most exciting, the most difficult and the most rewarding mode
among  all,  this  mode is the key to all the  tracks,  all  those
powerful cars and all the parts and modifications that add  a  new
dimension  to the performance of your car. One must complete  this
mode  successfully if he wants the access to all  the  fascinating
tracks  and porsche beauties. This mode also helps the  player  to
increase  the  credit in his account in order to purchase,  repair
and modify cars.

As  the  name  suggests, evolution is a beautifully  crafted  mode
which  takes you through the history of porsche automobiles.  From
the  somewhat rickety 356 A's and B's of 1950's to the oozing  911
Turbo  996  ,  this mode makes you compete with  all  the  porsche
makes. This mode not only symbolizes the evolution of porsche cars
from  356  to GT1, but it is your evolution into a better  driver.
And  thats  the  beauty of the name of this mode. After  you  have
beaten  all  the  three eras viz Classic, golden  and  Modern  and
completed the evolution mode successfully , you find out  how  you
have  evolved  into a master driver, and do not collide  into  the
rocks while cornering any more.

The  credit  in your account keeps on increasing as  you  keep  on
winning  the  races. You can get into your garage,  and  use  your
moolah  to  buy new cars, and modify the already owned ones.  This
way  you get access to all the cars and all the modifications.  In
order  to modify an existing car, enter the garage under evolution
mode  and go to the "Parts" section. Here you can buy the  desired
modificated parts. However, buying parts is not enough.  You  need
to install them into your car in order to get the desired results.
This  can be done by entering the garage under evolution mode  and
then  entering the "Car Setup" head. Here you can see the list  of
parts that you have bought for a particular owned car. Install the
upgrades  and  your car will perform miraculously  better.  Please
note once again that in order to get access to all the cars in the
game,  you  have to complete all the three eras in  the  evolution
mode.  However,  you  can continue playing this  mode  even  after
completing  the three eras, as a list of new competions  comes  up
which  can  be played forever and are to be used as  a  source  of
increasing your credit and buying new cars.

The  best  combination of parts and the effect of various settings
will be discussed in the later part of this walkthrough.

D. Factory Driver

This mode of the game is unique to NFS-porsche 2000. Here you have
to  get into the act of driving as a Porsche test driver. You have
to perform an array of difficult tasks and tricks and improve your
rankings from a junior test driver to an Ace. This mode works as a
means  to  hone  your skills in the more stylish part  of  driving
which  is  known  as adventure driving. Here you are  deliberately
made  to  drive  in adverse conditions with the pressure  of  time
limit  and keeping the car safe. You even get a new locale,  known
as  skid pad where you have to perform those hunky-funky tricks to
skid,  corner  and even rotate a car. Altogether it improves  your
command over the car a lot by aquainting you with the correct know-
how  of using handbrakes. This comes handy when you have perfected
driving  and  need to control car at sharp corners at fairly  high
speeds. However, you cannot play in this mode forever as there are
predefined tasks and tricks and once you have completed  them  and
recieved  the  honour  of being an ace test driver,  you  need  to
create  a new player in order to play in this mode. We'll  discuss
the intricacies in a later part.


3. Ingredients of a perfect car

So  which  is  the best car? Is there actually a car that  can  be
called  unbeatable?  Or  is there a car  that  can  beat  all  the
existing records and make new ones that need a lot of perspiration
to be broken, even if they are not impossible to beat.

Well  i must say that there are a couple of really good cars which
combine  all  the  essentials of a great car  and  more.  But  the
important  thing  to take into note here is that there  is  simply
nothing  like a readymade great car in this game. Of course  there
are  good  cars, but these cars need to be modified and  literally
rebuilt  in order to squeeze a winning performance out of them.  I
would  name only four of them as almighty. Though there  are  some
other good ones also, but its not possible to win with those  cars
through  sheer  talent. Being to the point, other  cars  lack  the
sharpness  of  speed  and  control  to  rip  through  the   fierce
competetion  offered by never-tiring DYLAN. Let me list  and  rate
the three cars, maximum rating being 5 for the best:

A. 911 turbo 996   2000

Accelaeration  5
Top Speed      4.7
Handling       4.7
Cornering      4.7

Comment:  The  best car to have a start, this car  shoots  like  a
bullet,  not letting anything else come even close. With  a  tight
grip  on  the road and very good control, this car is  simply  the
most exciting to drive. However, it tends to leave the ground even
on  minor  slopes and jumps a lot making itself hard  to  control.
This car is perfect as long as it sticks to the turf, but when  it
loses contact, you need to have the required talent to control its
erupting  power  in the air. Another low of this car  is  that  it
cannot compete with GT1 and Moby Dick when let loose on a straight
track.  Though one of the fastest, its just an inch  behind,  when
compared to counterparts like GT1 and Moby Dick. Overall this  car
has  the  ability  to beat any competition by  miles  on  a  track
needing   stop-starts  at  various  points  owing  to  its   great
acceleration and formidable speed.

B. 911 GT1 race version.

Acceleration   4.8
Top speed      4.9
Handling       4.8
Cornering      5.0

Comment: I personally rate this car as the BEST. The reason being,
it  has the best acceleration , next only to 996, but it beats any
other car in terms of handling and top speed. This car offers  the
best handling and cornering capabilities making it it best car  to
steer  through tough stracks like shwarzwald. One of the  greatest
advantages  of this car is that it does not leave the ground  even
on  high  speeds  and  moderate slopes. It  does  leave  the  turf
sometimes  but only on rare occassions where the speed is  soaring
and the bumps are high. The only bad thing that i can notice about
this  beauty is that it tends to spin(rotate) on turns  which  are
sharp and have some slope to them. e.g. the Triple turn in Corsica
and super sharp turn at the start of alps. No doubt, this car beat
any opponent on any track.

C. 911 turbo 3.6  993

Acceleration   4.5
Top Speed      4.4
Handling       4.4
Cornering      4.4

Comment:  Though this car does not come close to its  big  brother
(996)  when  it comes to performance, yet this can be rated  as  a
formidable  car as it has got the capability to beat any  opponent
on  any car from the computer's side. Though on a lower side  when
counted on the handling aspect, this car has the acceleration  and
the  top  speed to compensate for it. No doubt it needs a talented
driver  to get an edge over the opponents riding 911 turbo  996  ,
it  has the capability after all. It skids and takes a lot of air,
and  you  feel helpless on straighter tracks , yet with  efficient
driving, this car can show you the gates to the winning ways.

D. Moby Dick

Comments: Somehow I feel that this car has the capability to  make
unbeatable  records on straighter tracks like  Autobahn  and  Zone
Industrielle, but each time I go out to create one, it fails me at
some crucial point or the other. There is something with this  car
which prevents it from being called a great handling and cornering
car. Though it is projected as one of the best cars in the manuals
of  the  game , practically i dont rate it too high. You  may  try
your  bit  on  this  car, but it usually fails you  owing  to  its
limitations of cornering and handling, specially at sharper turns.

Acceleration   4.5
Top speed      5.0
Handling       4.5
Cornering      4.4

Its  really important to pick the correct parts for your  car  and
install  them  in  a  proper manner in  order  to  get  a  winning
combination. No car stands anywhere without being properly set up.
There  is  always a confusion about the best parts  available  for
your  car. You might not be using the best available part for your
car  while  thinking that you are actually doing  so.  Here  I  am
providing you with a rating chart of various parts on the basis of
their performance. i have listed them in a descending order:

A. Engine

a. Flywheel

Superlight Flywheel
Lightened Flywheel
Standard Flywheel

b. Throttle body

Big Bore throttle body
Standard Throttle body

c. Fuel injectors

High flow fuel injectors
Standard fuel injectors

d. Air intake system

High butterfly intake system
Cold air intake system
performance air filter element

e. Exhaust system

High performance exhaust system
Low restriction exhaust system
Standard exhaust system

B. Brakes

Professional racing brake package
Semi-racing brake package
Sports brake package
Standard brake package

Note: effects the performance of the car only while cornering.

C. Bodywork

Carbon fibre components
Fibreglass components
Standard components

D. Transmission

Transmission   quick  shifter  (  should  be  installed   wherever
High speed gearbox , works well on all the tracks
Low speed gearbox, for slopy and uphill tracks
Close  ratio  gearbox for tracks where you have  to  variate  your
speed a lot

E.  Suspension

Professional racing springs
Semi-sport springs
Street performance spings
Standard road springs

F. Shocks

Professional racing shocks
Sport shocks
Low rider shocks
Heavy duty shocks
Standard shocks

G.  Sway bars

Extra stiff sway bars
Stiff sway bars
Light sway bars

H. Tires

Rain tires to be used in Autobahn (slicks also do well) and Alps.
Slicks to be used everywhere else
dont use stock tires

Car setup is very important to cope with the varying terrains that
we  come through in the game.There are two different settings with
which   I  play.  While  one  increases  the  speed  of  the   car
considerably,  while  compromising a bit  on  control,  the  other
setting puts you in total control, taking away its share of speed.
Here I am providing you with the settings and the conditions where
these should be used.

A. NFS-Porsche 2000 Default settings

Steering toe in    = Maximum

Just  click  on the default button in the Car-setup segment.  This
setting  makes  your car accelerate and speed like a  rocket,  but
makes  it  stagger a bit on the corners. One can use this  setting
safely  on  straighter tracks like Autobahn , Zone industrielle  ,
Pyrenees  and  Normandy. One should, however not use this  setting
unless he is out to make or break a great record as car control is

B. Total control (compromising on speed a bit)

Shocks ride hieght = Minimum
Shocks stiffness    = Maximum
Shocks Travel        = A bit more than minimum
Steering toe in        = Maximum
Brake balance         = A bit right from the center
Downforce       = 100 ( both rear and front)
Tire pressure   = 45 (both rear and front)

Note: There might be some people who may not share my views on the
settings above. There is considerable loss of speed in my setting,
but  the extraordinary gain in control makes up for most of it  in
tracks with sharp turns

Keeping the cars duly repaired and using traction control wherever
possible  are some of the other points to take care  of   to  keep
your car in best shape.


4. Driving basics and tips.

Its  really exciting and awfully realistic to drive a car in  this
game. However, its a bit tougher too to control it. There are some
points which i would like to bring to light for beginners to  make
the  learning  process a lot easier and faster.  Please  keep  the
following points in mind while going out for a drive:

A. TAP, Dont trap

This  a very important point concerned with car control. One needs
to  know  that while on sharper turns it becomes indispensible  to
keep  the  turn (left, right arrow keys) keys constantly  pressed,
its not the same with the milder and deceptive turns. You need  to
tap  the arrow keys softly and constantly in order to get your car
through  these turns and preventing it from overturning. Once  you
practice   tapping  the  keys  a  couple  of   times,   you   will
automatically  get accustomed to it and have a better  idea  about
the  periodicity with which the keys need to be pressed. The  idea
is  to tap the keys to keep the car aligned with the road, and not
trapping them in a pressed state which leads to a total overturn.

B. Try to be straighter in the air

Most of the more powerful cars take a lot of air at high speeds as
soon  as  they find a platform to take off. The point to be  taken
care  of  here  is to align the car before taking off  ,  to  land
straighter on the track. You should drive the car in such a manner
that  while  taking off, it is in such a position that  it  is  in
perfect  alignment  with  the  track  when  it  lands.  You   will
definitely ram yourself in one of the side rocks or boundaries  if
you make it land even a bit oblique. If the road turns a bit after
the  jumping  point,  you should try to  align  your  car  in  the
direction  of the turn  before you take off, so that it  lands  in
perfect synchronization with the road.
Another  thing  to  take  care of is  to  keep  the  front  wheels
absolutely  straight while landing. Do not try to  align  the  car
with  the  road in air , this aspect is to be taken  car  of  only
before the jump. If you try to settle things in the air , one  can
have  a bet on any amount that you are going to crash your  car  ,
one way or the other.

C. Accelerate from zero only on rougher surfaces.

If you somehow end up being halted over some slippery surface like
the algae in shwarzwald or snow in alps , you should never try  to
fully  accelerate over that surface as this would  make  your  car
spin  like crazy wasting the much priced time. You should however,
slowly  accelerate to the nearest available rough surface  like  a
road , or a dryer place , and then whip your car to vroom away.


5. An ulitimate guide to unbeatable records.

There  are  certain  areas in every track which  are  decisive  in
framing  your victory or defeat. If you somehow work your  machine
out  of  these  areas neatly, you get unbeatable  egde  over  your
competetors. Here i am presenting the detail of every  track,  and
the  points to be careful of. If a player can manage these  points
well while driving, no one can stop him from creating unbelievably
tough records.

A. Normandy

There are three shortcuts, use all of them to your advantage, they
provide  enough  lead  to win even after  commiting  a  couple  of
Be on the road as much as you can. Driving down the road on gravel
leads to a considerable decrease in speed.
Be  straight  while landing after taking air on  the  triple  jump
which comes immediately after leaving the jungle.
Slow  down while entering the second shortcut, otherwise you  will
collide head on with the yellow wall. I dont know what it is  made
of exactly.
Slow  down  on  the third shortcut while taking that sharper  turn
round the boulder, otherwise you will collide sideways with a rock
which is protuding out on the left.

Preferred Car : GT1
Preferred Settings : Total Control ( Go up and see)
Preferred Tires : Slicks

B. Pyrenees

This  is one of the straighter tracks. You can afford to configure
the  car to DEFAULT settings with "steering toe in" to its maximum
limit. This will help you gather faster speed.
There are practically no shortcuts. Dont take any road except  the
main  cemented road. The sub-roads are not shortcuts, but definite
time killers.
Try to be as much on the middle of the road as possible. Specially
after  crossing the church or whatever it is. There are  deceptive
rocks  which  are not visible on the sides. If you get  a  even  a
little  bit  off  from the middle , there is  a  chance  that  you
collide with one of them and get completely overturned.
Leave  the  accelerator while turning on that massive  round  turn
which  looks more like a bridge, two or three corners  before  you
the  finish.This helps you get throught that turn without collding
to rocks on the left.
The  entire  track is deceptive. You need to be more careful  then
what it seems you should. The curves need slight slowing down  and
application of brakes at certain points. Keep noticing  to  master
those minor points.

Preferred Car : GT1
Preferred Settings : Default with  maximum Steering toe in
Preferred Tires : Slicks

C. Cote D' Azur

There  is one shortcut and one misleading way. After entering  the
gate  which appears after the tunnel, you should not take the  way
on  the  left. You should, however take the impermanent bridge  on
the  right,  parallel to main road. You need to apply some  brakes
before  getting  on the bridge , so that you may  take  the  curve
The  last turn, just before the finish is a beauty in the  art  of
deception.  It  seems awfully easity to take it ,  as  the  entire
curve  is  visible,  but most of the times  one  ends  up  ramming
himself into the bounday on the left. You need to be careful here,
just  start  turning the car early. Turning it late will  lead  to
The  turns  after the first tunnel are very sharp, you  just  cant
take  them while accelerating. You must leave the accelerator  and
even apply the brakes whenever necessary.
If  you  enter the turn covered by a natural rock just before  the
tunnel,  with full speed, you need to leave the acceleraor  for  a
while, otherwise you scratch yourself with the rocks on the left.
Play  as much as you can on this track, you ll automatically learn
how to cope with turns in disguise.

Preferred Car : GT1
Preferred Settings : Total Control ( Go up and see)
Preferred Tires : Slicks

D. Zone Industrielle

The fastest and most exciting of them all. This track has two mega-
shortcuts,  one shortcut ( the road with cargo trunks, trucks  and
all. Leave the circular road on the right.) and one deceptive road
(inside the steel plant). Use them properly, and get an unbeatable
lead as your opponents rarely use them.
Through the first shortcut, you ll notice a truck standing in  the
middle  of  the  road. It seems like there  is  no  space  to  get
through. But if properly executed, you can zoom through the  space
between  the  truck  and the car on the right without  even  being
scratched and without even having to apply the brakes. You  should
ideally  take  the way on the left of the trucks, which  is  risen
above the road. Believe me, you do not need to apply brakes at all
while crossing it.
Apply brakes after crossing the railway station. Otherwise you  ll
end  up smashing you car into some wall. Start applying brakes  as
soon  as  the other end of tunnel is visible and do not accelerate
until you have worked your way through the round wall.
You  should  ideally use default settings to create an  unbeatable
record for this track.

Preferred Car : GT1
Preferred Settings : Default with  maximum Steering toe in
Preferred Tires : Slicks

E. Autobahn

Another  track which is exciting, fast and equally luring to  make
you crash your car.
Shortcuts:- Take the first flyover from the left. Leave the second
flyover. take the third flyover from left.
You have the option to use the rain tires, but i find slicks doing
equally well.
Use  GT1 to avoid scratches with siderails, while getting down the
bridges.  GT1  does not take much air, and prevents  a  collision,
which is almost sure in case of  911 Turbo 996.
Though  you do not need to take your fingure away from accelerator
most  of  the time. Dont get fooled under the railway track.  Here
you  need  to  realease  your fingure to  prevent  yourself  being
scratched with the siderails.
Slow  down, apply some brakes while climbing the first bridge,  or
you  ll find your car heavily damaged with the pole at the end  of
the siderail on the right.
Use the way on the right while getting down the bridge. The way on
the left is more circular, lengthy and surely scratching.
With  proper practice, you can get out out the tunnel  before  the
finish  without  having to decelerate. You do  not  even  need  to
release  your fingure from accelerator button. Try hard to  master
this act.

Preferred Car : GT1
Preferred Settings : Default with  maximum Steering toe in
Preferred Tires : Slicks / Rain Tires ( Both work well )

F. Corsica

There are a hell lot of ways to complete the race. None of them  a
shortcut.  Just  go straight through the cave and  take  the  left
tunnel, leaving the road on the right. THATS IT.
Slow  down in the cave. It is simply impossible to take  out  your
car unscratched, with full acceleration from this place.
Do  not  commit the mistake of accelerating hard in  the  tunnels,
otherwise  you  will  end up smashing your car  with  one  of  the
protuding borders at the end of every tunnel. You must release the
accelerator wherever necessary.
There is a tunnel, which has another tunnel waiting to embrace you
as soon as it ends. The road between the two is also a bit uphill,
just  to identify it. I bet, its the most disguised point  in  the
game.  Just  dare to go fast here and you ll smash yourself  right
into  the sides of the entrance of the next tunnel. Wrecking  your
car  horribly from the front. Just slow down a bit here and ensure
that  you  are entering the next tunnel and not smashing  yourself
with its mouth.
The  uphill  triple  turn  just before the  last  tunnel  is  very
interesting.   GT1 spins a lot on this particular  point.  So  one
needs to be specially careful while using that car here. Slow down
far before taking the first turn. Rest is easy with a  911 Turbo.

Preferred Car : 911 Turbo 996
Preferred Settings : Total Control ( Go up and see)
Preferred Tires : Slicks

G. Alps

Full of collisions. Full of slips. Full of overturns. Lenghthiest.
Shortcuts:- Just take the way on the right wherever you  find  two
Apply  brakes to get through the first sharp turn, be straight  on
the  road  before  the  ultra  sharp triple  turn,  otherwise  the
unpredictable, perfectly disguised bump will make the front wheels
of  your  car  turn  a  bit and lead you straight  into  the  rock
protuding out on the left.
Start  applying brakes early before the triple turn, and turn  the
car  while  applying brakes. Be patient, if you apply brakes  from
the  correct  distance, and do not release your fingure  from  the
brakes, the car will beautifully take a sharp turn to enthrall you
over your performance. Do the same trick for all the three turns.
You  need  to release fingures from the accelerator while  working
your way through the tunnels.
Try  being in the middle of the road in the snowy areas. The brown
patch  has  a  lot  of grip in it and it does not  let  you  loose
Slow  down before you leave the road with houses and rocks on both
the  sides. If you dont, you ll find yourself  crashing  into  the
rocks  or  the  trees.  (  Use rain tires  if  you  want  to  have
additional grip).
On  the  way to right (shortcut), notice the first bump where  the
911  Turbo takes air. Here you should keep the direction  of  your
car  a bit to right , failing which you ll bump into a rock on the
left.  Nowehere else do you need to slow down in the entire  drive
through the greens. There are however, two turns where you need to
be careful.
Slow  down  after moving, say a 100 metres after the  ice  lake  ,
otherwise you will collide head on to the perpendicular railing on
the right.

Preferred Car : 911 Turbo 996
Preferred Settings : Total Control ( Go up and see)
Preferred Tires : Rain Tires

H. Auvergne

This  track  also offers a lot of options to choose  from,  as  in
shortcut 1: First left , again first left (into the buildings) and
then follow the road as it appears . STRAIGHT.
This way, though shorter is harder to get through without scratch.
Shortcut 2: First left, then second left (leaving  the first left)
.  Just follow the brown road laid with bricks. This road is a bit
easier, but still needs to be worked hard upon.
The turns are not visible until very close, and they are hell of a
sharp, so just keep an accurate idea of what is where.
On  the  turn before the pillars, slow down, or you will  land  on
greenland with grass all over and give your car a real beating  as
it collides with a short wall head on.
While taking the curve near the pillars, be extra careful , you ll
find  everything  going allright just before a pillar  comes  from
somewhere and hits you. Its Deceptive, so be careful.
Just  after you come out of the tunnel through the buildings,  you
find  a sharp turn on the left. Slow down and turn with brakes  on
to pat yourself on the back.
Just after this antic, you will find a gate leading to a fountain.
Be  careful  to be on the righter side of the road while  entering
the gate or you ll damage the yourself.
There  are other points too, just keep practising and you ll  find

Preferred Car : GT1
Preferred Settings : Total Control ( Go up and see)
Preferred Tires : Slicks

I. Shwarzwald

Just one shortcut in this tortuos track. And that too a tough  one
to take. Enter the jungle, take two turns and watch your ass while
taking this tough turn the right , which is not even visible  from
distance.  the  only  saving grace being a traffic  sign  board  ,
making it a bit easier to identify.
Be straight while taking the the bumps at the start of the race.
Be careful while following the turn on the track leading to timber
yard. A little carelessness will smash you in the heap of logs.
Never  think  of   taking any sharp turns in the algae  after  the
jungle.  The car will spin like mad. And once halted it will  keep
on spinning like a wheel until it finds a rough surface.
There  are some very sharp turns in the track, practice  your  way
through them to find get away unscratched.
Be careful on the bumps just after the jungle ends. Be straight  ,
targetting  a  bit to the right while taking off and landing  with
wheels spread straight.

Nothing but practice will help on this track, so keep trying until
you master it all.
Preferred Car : GT1
Preferred Settings : Total Control ( Go up and see)
Preferred Tires : Slicks

J. Monte carlo.

There  are  5  tracks. I wont be going into the  details  of  each
track.  Just  notice the points given below and you ll  find  them
useful in all the tracks.
Be  close to the wall in the direction of the turn, while climbing
uphill or while taking not-so-sharp turns, this saves time. Do not
do  this  in  or immediately after clearing tunnels as  there  are
borders in the walls ready to smash your car.
Be  wary  of  rails on the side, slow down wherever  necessary  to
avoid a scratch.
Dont  panic  when  the  opponents beat you on the  long-n-straight
tunnel  even though you make your best efforts. They are naturally
faster  on straighter trcks. You can make up for all the  loss  in
the curves.

Preferred Car : GT1
Preferred Settings : Total Control ( Go up and see)
Preferred Tires : Slicks

Note: By heart all the tracks and critical points . Its only  then
you can know how important it is to take care of them.


You will be required to perform a 360 degree spin while playing in
the  factory driver mode. Its not easy for a beginner to do it but
one  can easily perform the antic if he follows the steps provided
1.  Enter the spin area with a moderate speed and press the  arrow
key in the desired direction.
2. Press the spacebar
3.  Once  the car has spun 180 degrees , just press the arrow  key
opposite to the key which was pressed earlier.

If done properly, car will spin finely within the spinning area.


7. Test yourself.
Here are some of the tasks which i think only a perfect driver can
accomplish. Try them, if you are able to perform even one of  them
dont even think twice to acknowlege as one of the best drivers.

A. Create a record of around 2:14 in Zone Industrielle.
B. Make backlash win a knockout with following settings.
Car :  911 turbo 996  or  GT1
Opponents : Same car
Traffic : off
Mode : Expert
C.  Beat Dylan by 5 minutes in Rally Of Europe( modern era).  This
will  appear  only after completing the three stages in  evolution
D. Make a record of around 2:10 in Cote D' Azur.
E.  Win  a knockout in expert mode with all the opponents  driving
GT1 and traffic off
F. Beat dylan in Rally Of Europe (modern era) using a 944.


P.S.  Any ideas, thoughts, questions , suggestions and tips  about
the  game,  whatsoever  are  most welcome  at  my  e-mail  address
provided  on top. Please provide me with feedback , it will  be  a
reward for me for this little attempt i have made.

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