NBA 2K11 – My Player Mode Post-Game Press Conference

NBA 2K11 - My Player Mode Post-Game Press Conference
NBA 2K11 My Player Mode Post-Game Press Conference FAQ
Version 0.02
For NBA 2K11, PC, English-language (probably applies to all English-language 
Last Updated 2/19/2011

Table of Contents
1. Purpose
2. How to Read
3. The Questions
4. How to Contribute/Correct
5. Acknowledgements
6. Version History

1. Purpose

Following regular- and post-season games in NBA 2K11's My Player mode, your 
player is asked a question by a member of the in-game press, to which he can 
respond with one of four qualities: Professionalism, Arrogance, Loyalty, or 
Indifference. Your choice of response can affect three personal ratings 
attached your player: Teammate Chemistry, Leage-Wide Popularity, and Local Fan 
Support. These ratings in turn change the way the play of the game for your 
player. For example, a player with low Teammate Chemistry will find the ball 
passed to him less often.

The purpose of this FAQ is to provide a list of the questions that can be 
posed to your player and the personal ratings changes that ensue from 
answering with each quality. This will allow NBA 2K11 players to optimize 
their created ballers' personal ratings.

2. How to Read

In the succeding "Questions" section is a list of questions, sorted 
alphabetically - note that leading articles are not dropped for the purpose of 
sorting. On the next line after each question is a tab-delineated list with 
entries "P:", "A:", "L:", and "I:" respectively for the answer with the 
qualities Professionalism, Arrogance, Loyalty, and Indifference. Following the 
colon for each answer quality is a list of three symbols from the set "+", 
"=", "-", and "?". The first slot records how answering with the given 
question with the given quality changes the Teammate Chemistry, the second the 
League-Wide Popularity, and the third the Local Fan Support. A "+" indicates 
an increase; an "=", no change; a "-", a decrease; and a "?", that the result 
is unknown.

For example, consider the following (fictitious) entry:
My sources in the league office indicate that a management change may be in 
the works. How do you feel about your coach? 
P:=-+	A:-+-	L:+=+	I:+==

This indicates that, if the in-game reporter asks your player the question "My 
sources in the league office indicate that a management change may be in the 
works. How do you feel about your coach?", and you answer with 
Professionalism, Teammate Chemistry will remain unchanged, Leage-Wide 
Popularity will decrease, and Local Fan Support will increase, etc.

One additional caveat may prove of use. The text in this FAQ is (as close as 
possible) the _written text_ of the asked questions. Rarely, the audio of the 
question differs slightly from the written text, so make sure you compare the 
written text of the asked question to the question in this FAQ.

3. The Questions

A lot of people were saying after the game that you took way too many from 
behind the line considering how much trouble you were having getting them to 
fall. How do you respond to that?
P:=-+	A:=+-	L:=-=	I:???

A source in the NBA offices has apparently leaked the list of players who have 
been named to the all-star team, and it just so happens that you are on that 
list. Congratulations! First thoughts?
P:???	A:???	L:+++	I:???

According to my sources within the league office, you have just been named the 
conference Player of the Week once again. Who do you most credit for this 
P:+++	A:-+=	L:+++	I:+=+

After back-to-back games, how are you feeling? Any worries about the team 
getting worn down?
P:+==	A:-+=	L:==+	I:+-=

After tonight's game, you're now officially an NBA player. Were there any 
nerves for you stepping out on to the court for the first time?
P:+=+	A:???	L:???	I:???

After your game tonight, I feel like it's safe to say that you've made your 
statement that you not only belong in this league, but that you will one day 
be a force in this league. Do you agree with that?
P:+++	A:=++	L:+-+	I:???

Are your teammates passing you the ball as much as you would like? Some might 
say there's been a bit of frustration on your part if you don't touch the ball 
on a given play.
P:+==	A:???	L:???	I:???

As this game was ending, the selection committee released the rosters for the 
upcoming Rookie-Sophomore game at All-Star Weekend. Your excellent play has 
been recognized, having earned a spot on the roster. Your thoughts?
P:=++	A:=+=	L:=++	I:=+=

Coach has just indicated that you're now the starter at your position. How 
does it feel to have cracked that starting rotation?
P:+=+	A:-++	L:==+	I:+++

Congratulations on bringing home the Larry O'Brien trophy. How much do you 
feel that you individually contributed towards winning the title?
P:+++	A:=++	L:+++	I:+++

Congratulations on the win tonight, this gives the team 3 wins in a row. Could 
this be the start of something bigger?
P:+=+	A:-+-	L:+=+	I:???

From the looks of things, you appear to have taken over the starting role for 
your position. What do you think?
P:+=+	A:-+=	L:+=+	I:+=+

Great game out there tonight. You set your career high in points. Was this 
just a one-time outburst, or do you see yourself scoring like this on a 
regular basis?
P:???	A:???	L:+=+	I:???

Great win for the team tonight. You guys were clearly clicking on all 
cylinders. What can you take out of a positive win like tonights?
P:+++	A:+++	L:+=+	I:=-=

Great work out there tonight. You had another double-double, and you've 
really got a streak going now. How is it that you've been able to keep 
posting numbers like that each game?
P:???	A:???	L:+-+	I:???

Has your coach ever talked to you about changing positions, maybe moving up or 
down one spot to see how it worked? What do you think about that idea? Is your 
position right now best suited to your game?
P:???	A:???	L:==+	I:???

Having just been named Rookie of the Month, can you tell us how that feels?
P:=+=	A:???	L:???	I:???

How big of an impact do the fans have on any given game? And how do you feel 
about your team's fans?
P:???	A:???	L:==+	I:???

How do you feel about your relationship with the coaching staff? Have they set 
up the offense to best utilize your skill set, or do you think there's room to 
improve there?
P:???	A:???	L:=-+	I:???

I think we can all agree that you had WAY too many turnovers out there 
tonight. What kept you from holding onto the ball better in this game?
P:=-=	A:-+=	L:???	I:-=-

Is fatigue setting in at all after a back-to-back like this?
P:+=+	A:-++	L:=-+	I:=+-

It has just been publicly announced that you have been named the conference 
Player of the Week for this past week. This is the first time you have 
received this award. Can we expect more of this from you in the future?
P:???	A:???	L:=++	I:???

It seemed like you guys could do no wrong out there tonight. What's it feel 
like to come off of such a great all-around team performance?
P:+==	A:++=	L:+=+	I:-+-

It seems like now would be a good time to ask you a little bit about your 
practice habits. How important is it to you to put in as much extra time as 
you can, and does it wear you down over the course of a long season?
P:???	A:=+-	L:???	I:???

It was a rough night from behind the arc tonight, yet you kept on shooting. 
Why were you struggling so much from deep?
P:+=+	A:???	L:???	I:???

It was straight domination by your opponent in the trenches tonight. He 
outrebounded you by quite a bit. Was there something keeping you from getting 
involved more down low?
P:???	A:-+-	L:???	I:???

It's got to be a great feeling setting the team record for points tonight. How 
does it feel to get such an accomplishment?
P:+++	A:=++	L:+++	I:+-+

Kobe lit you guys up out there tonight. Did the team try to do anything 
specific to shut him down? How do you react to a player that's on a roll like 
P:=--	A:???	L:???	I:???

LeBron had a great game and really took it to your team tonight. Did you have 
a gameplan going in to try to stop him? How did it feel to see him scoring 
early and often like that?
P:+--	A:-+-	L:=+-	I:---

Let me be the first person to congratulate you on your spectacular performance 
tonight. I don't know if you saw the final stat line, but you ended up with a 
triple-double, the first of your career. Can we expect more performances like 
this from you in the future?
P:+++	A:+++	L:+++	I:+-+

Looks like you'll be moving on to the next round. Are you relieved to have 
this series out of the way so you can get ready for the next challenge?
P:=++	A:???	L:++=	I:???

Lots of people would say the fans for your team can be classified as 
fair-weather fans. Do you feel like they are legitimately behind the team 
regardless of whether you're winning or losing?
P:==+	A:=+=	L:+=+	I:???

Not sure if you're aware, but tonight marked your 50th straight game scoring 
in double digits. That's more than half a season, and a pretty remarkable 
display of consistency. What's been the key to such a long run?
P:+++	A:+++	L:+=+	I:+-+

Now that game 1 of your NBA career is in the books, how would you rate your 
P:???	A:???	L:+=+	I:???

Now that you've played your first NBA game, how are you feeling?
P:???	A:???	L:+-+	I:???

Now that you've wrapped up this series, what's the next step for you and your 
P:+++	A:???	L:+++	I:???

Once again you have been named the conference Player of the Month. What 
changes in your reaction to winning this award?
P:+=+	A:=++	L:???	I:???

Once again, you have been named as the Rookie of the Month. Your star seems to 
be rising rapidly at this point in your career. What does your future hold?
P:=++	A:=+=	L:+=+	I:+=+

One complaint about your game tonight is that you weren't taking care of the 
ball. Why so many turnovers?
P:=-+	A:???	L:???	I:???

Rough game for you out there on the defensive side of the ball, causing a lot 
of people to question your effort. What do you have to say to that kind of 
P:==+	A:???	L:???	I:???

Sometimes it seems like you're having trouble establishing a rhythm on 
offense. Would you say you're getting enough touches out there?
P:???	A:???	L:+==	I:???

The team just got steamrolled tonight. What are your thoughts after a 
performance like that?
P:???	A:-++	L:=-=	I:???

The trade deadline is coming up soon. How do you feel about some of your 
teammates possibly getting shipped off to another team? What do you think 
management is trying to do at this point?
P:???	A:???	L:+=+	I:???

They really had your number out there tonight, and it wasn't even close. What 
P:???	A:???	L:???	I:===

This team is clearly on the up-and-up with this being, what, your 5th straight 
win? What has been the secret to the team's recent success?
P:+=+	A:???	L:+=+	I:???

Thus far, the team's been doing well. Going into the second half of the 
season, what do you think of your chances in the postseason?
P:???	A:???	L:+=+	I:???

Tonight's game marks your first career double-double. Do you view this game as 
the stepping off point in your career?
P:=++	A:???	L:???	I:???

Tonight's win makes it 7 in a row for you guys. How long can this ride last?
P:+++	A:???	L:???	I:???

We recently saw a big trade that shook up the rotation as well as the emotions 
in the locker room. How have you reacted to it?
P:???	A:???	L:+-+	I:???

We're starting to hear reports that you have recently requested a trade to 
another team. Any truth to those rumors?
P:+++	A:???	L:???	I:???

Well, congratulations on breaking the NBA record for points scored in a game. 
That's a pretty incredible feat! You have now surpassed some of the legends in 
the history of this league. How does it feel to be in their company?
P:=++	A:+++	L:???	I:=-+

What is team chemistry like at this point in the season? How do you feel the 
guys get along both on and off the court?
P:???	A:???	L:+=+	I:???

What is your relationship with the fans like? How much of a difference can 
they make in any given game?
P:==+	A:???	L:==+	I:???

What is your take on practice? Do you really feel like it makes your game 
better or helps you get a better feel for the way your teammates like to play?
P:=++	A:???	L:???	I:???

With the result of tonight's game, you guys have officially clinched a playoff 
spot. How do you handle the rest of the season? Do you take your foot off of 
the gas pedal for a little bit or do you keep going full speed ahead?
P:???	A:???	L:+-+	I:???

With this series done and out of the way, what kind of preparation do you 
begin with for your next opponent?
P:+++	A:???	L:???	I:???

Word has just come down from the league that you have been awarded the Player 
of the Month award. Does something like this create any sort of momentum that 
will help the team as a whole?
P:+++	A:-+=	L:+++	I:???

You can't be happy with your defensive performance after a game like that. How 
do you recover from getting schooled early and often the way you did? Is it 
even possible?
P:???	A:=+-	L:???	I:=--

You guys really frustrated LeBron tonight, harassing him into one of his worst 
performances of the year so far. What did you do specifically to throw him off 
his game?
P:???	A:???	L:+++	I:???

You guys really ran them out of the building tonight. It's gotta feel good 
coming off of a win like that. What was the reaction like in the locker room 
P:+=+	A:+=+	L:+++	I:++=

You guys took quite a beating in tonight's game. What was the mood like in the 
locker room afterwards?
P:=-=	A:???	L:???	I:???

You posted yet another double-double in tonight's game. How have you been able 
to keep up that level of consistency?
P:???	A:???	L:+-+	I:???

You really seemed to be hogging the ball out there tonight? Why weren't you 
looking to get your teammates more involved with things?
P:???	A:???	L:-=-	I:???

You seemed to have a difficult time holding on to the ball out there? Was the 
defense just too much for you to handle?
P:+=+	A:=+=	L:+--	I:=-+

You took a lot of shots from downtown even though they really weren't falling. 
Why did you keep on shooting even when it was clear you weren't hitting from 
the outside?
P:==+	A:=++	L:+=+	I:???

You were outrebounded by a pretty significant margin tonight. What happened 
that let your man have such an advantage over you on the glass?
P:--=	A:???	L:???	I:???

You were really showcasing your passing skills out there tonight, setting the 
team record for assists. Did you even realize what you were doing as the game 
P:+++	A:???	L:+-+	I:???

You've been on a scoring tear lately, dropping 20 points in ten straight 
games. How have you been able to keep up that level of consistency for such a 
long stretch?
P:=++	A:???	L:???	I:???

You've played a couple of tough games now back-to-back. Are you looking 
forward to getting a day off and a little rest?
P:???	A:???	L:+==	I:???

Your man really did a number on you tonight on the boards. How do you explain 
such a discrepancy?
P:=-+	A:???	L:???	I:???

Your man was running wild tonight, seemingly putting up points at will. Where 
did things go wrong for you defensively?
P:=--	A:???	L:???	I:???

Your name has started to surface in the rumor mill with numerous teams 
reported to be interested in your services. How do the rumors have an impact 
on your play on the court?
P:+=+	A:???	L:???	I:???

Your team has just clinched the best record in the league and home court 
advantage throughout the playoffs. Only a short time away to the postseason, 
how does it help your chances of success in the playoffs?
P:+++	A:???	L:???	I:???

4. How to Contribute/Correct

If you want to contribute to or to correct this FAQ, please contact me at me 
at You can send contributions in the form of questions 
and answer results in the above format.

To aid your efforts, I'll share a trick that will allow you to find the 
answers many questions quickly. First, unless you've already done so, turn 
Autosave off (in My Player mode, load the options menu, then go to 
"NBA>Options>Game Mode Options" and set "Autosave" to "Off.") Play a game 
through as normal until late in the 4th quarter. Save the game and exit 
("Pause Menu>Quit>Save Game and Exit" - make sure you choose a file to which 
to save your game after you exit, as the NBA 2K11 will no longer autosave the 
game to the My Player file you're using!) Now, go again to My Player and 
re-load the game. Play through to the end and answer the press conference 
question as usual, noting the question and results from your answer choice. 
Then, repeat the last two steps - quit My Player, re-load the game, play to 
the end and answer the question again (with a different answer this time if 
it's the same question - questions are determined by significant game results, 
so the question almost always will be the same.) In this way, you can fairly 
quickly discover the results from all four answers.

5. Acknowledgements

This FAQ contains entirely original research by me, for now. I encourage you 
to change this by submitting your own research! For now, I have only to thank 
2K for making this fine game.

6. Version History

0.01, Published 1/30/2011 - First version.
0.02, Published 2/19/2011 - Added many new entires. Changed margins. 
Alphabetized entries. Added this section. Minor changes to wording in many 

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