Nancy Drew – The Haunted Carousel Walkthrough

Nancy Drew - The Haunted Carousel Walkthrough

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Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel Walkthrough
by The Lost Gamer (
Copyright 2005

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Characters
003.  Walkthrough
004.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the PC game called Nancy Drew:
The Haunted Carousel.  It's the eighth game in the Nancy
Drew series, in which you play as Nancy Drew and go around
and solve mysteries.  I think it's a cool game.

If you want to contact me, e-mail, but make the subject blank
if you do.  If you want to reproduce this guide in some
fashion, you should contact me before doing so.

I have had two people let me know about mistakes I've made
in the characters section, yet both of them eluded my
responses asking about how they would like to be credited.
Therefore, I decided to update the characters section all
by myself. So thanks to me for doing that.

002- Characters

Nancy Drew: Our heroine! She's a super-mystery solver, and
she's trying to solve the case of the haunted carousel, so
you _know_ that this case is going to get solved.

Ned Nickerson: Nancy's boyfriend, which is unfortunate
because I would have liked to date Nancy a little while.
I guess I'll have to settle for George, who is less likely
to have people try to kill her, anyway.

Togo: Apparently, he's the Drew family dog.  He doesn't
appear in the game.

Hannah Gruen: Nancy's housekeeper who e-mails Nancy with
news from home.

Rolfe Kessler: He's the woodcarver who made the horses for
the carousel in 1914.  He's dead by now, though.

Amelia: Rolfe's wife, who, sadly, was separated from him.

Paula Santos: She owns Captain's Cove Amusement Park.

Bess and George: Nancy's friends, whom she can call for

Frank and Joe Hardy: The Hardy Boys, who Nancy can call for
help, too.  They're not as helpful or interesting as Bess
and George.

Harlan Bishop: The security guard at the amusement park.
He has a...suspicious background.

Joy Trent: Park bookkeeper.  She's kind of strange.

Detective Perris: He worked on a jewel heist case that
involved someone hiding jewels in the carousel horses.

Ingrid Corey: The park's head engineer.  She believes in
crazy food-related things, like that Nancy Drew suffers
from niacin deficiency.

Lance Huffington: He's a con artist who is suing the park
for whiplash due to the roller coaster accident.

Miles the Magnificent Memory Machine: A robotic invention
created by Daryl Trent to try to get Joy to stop being so
strange and be a nice person.

Tink: He's in charge of the carousel, but is, for the
moment, fishing in Canada during his unexpected vacation.

Elliott Chen: The park's art director.  He's a

Luis Guerra: A parole officer, but whose?

Anton Sukov: An expert on Rolfe Kessler.

Chas Dunning: The person who stole the jewels in the jewel
heist that Detective Perris investigate.  He died a year

Daryl Trent: Joy's father, who is dead.  He used to co-own
the park before he had to sell his half of the park to Ms.


Start your game by choosing "New Game".  Choose tutorial to
learn how to play the game, which you should do unless you
already know.  Once the tutorial is over (or if you don't
do it), you can choose either "senior detective" or "junior
detective".  They're both the same game, but junior
detective is slightly easier,

"Dear Ned,

Well, here I am at Captain Cove's Amusement Park, about to
try to figure out what's behind all the weird things
that've been happening here lately. First, a horse just
disappeared off the carousel one night. Then, a little
later, the carousel started spinning around all by itself
in the dead of the night, as if it was haunted or

And then, last week, the roller coaster suddenly stopped in
mid-ride for no apparent reason. Nobody was seriously hurt,
but the park was shut down until the city knows for sure
what caused the accident.

I'm here because Paula Santos, the park's owner, is a
friend of Dad's.  She's putting me up at the Captain's
Quarters Hotel, which is next to the park.  I'm supposed to
head over there right now and meet with a security guard
named Harlan Bishop.  I hope I don't let Paula down. Wish
me luck!

Ever yours,

PS. There's a rumor going around that the park is cursed.
Creepy, huh?"

The game begins with Nancy in her room at the Captain's
Quarter's Hotel.  Her laptop is on the desk by the phone.

Nancy's laptop is important for several reasons.  One, it
keeps a record of everything that's happed (in the
journal).  Two, it gives hints on what to do next (in the
things to do option).  Third, it lets Nancy get important
e-mail from her family (okay, so that's _not_ important),
friends (totally important!) and the sassy detective
newsletter (sounds good to me!).  If you're ever stuck,
you can check out the things to do list to figure out what
to do.  In fact, check it now.

You'll see there are three things to do: Meet Harlan
Bishop, the security guard, call Paula Santos to let her
know that you showed up okay, and check out the carousel.
Okay, so let's do that.  Leave the room.

Nancy leaves the room (and the hotel) for the park.  Step
up towards the park, and a loudspeaker tells the young lady
who just entered the park to go through the whale's mouth
to her left.  Hey, that's you!  So walk up to the whale's
mouth and go through the "employees only" door.

Inside is Harlan Bishop, the security guard you're supposed
to meet.  Talk with him to get the lowdown on what's going
on here.  He's the only security guard on duty because the
park is closed, and he doesn't believe in the "curse"
nonsense.  He tells you about the other people working
during the lock-down, who are Ingrid Cory, the park's chief
engineer, who believes some weird new age food stuff, and
Elliott Chen, the park's art director, who is a nosy,
procrastinating sort of guy.

But first things first--Harlan lets you know that you have
to see the park's bookkeeper, Joy Trent, to get an access
card, so you can get into the employee only areas.  He also
gives you a fun card, so you can ride the rides and play
the games at the park (when you're not busy sleuthing).
And he gives you a map of the park.  Wow, what a nice guy!
Is he buttering you up so you won't be suspicious of him?
Does he, perhaps, have something to hide?  Hmmm...

Anyway, he can show you a tape of the carousel haunting,
which is pretty boring (just the carousel going on while no
one's there).  There's a burst of static before the
carousel starts, though, which Nancy picks up on as
probably having something to do with the "haunting"; that
is, maybe whatever started the carousel caused the static.

If you ask Harlan where he worked before, he says that he
worked in...a store.  Department store.  As a security
guard in Flemington, which is conveniently located far away
so Nancy can't double-check this.  Hmmm...does anyone else
suspect a phony alibi?  Check his locker.

Harlan doesn't let you check his locker (but you should try
anyway, so that "check Harlan's locker" appears on the
to-do list on Nancy's computer).  What you can check out is
the white board, which has the phone number of the local
police.  Examine the phone number, and Nancy copies it
down.  Then you can leave.

Head towards Joy's like Harlan said, and Ms. Santos calls
you to let you know that she wants the roller coaster to be
investigated, even if the power to it is shut off.  Sounds
like a plan.

Talk to Joy.  It seems that she doesn't like Ms. Santos too
much.  Something to do with how Joy's father used to co-own
the park with Ms. Santos, until she bought out his half of
the park.  Joy's father is dead now...

Joy tells you that Elliott Chen is behind in his work as
art director, and she tells you to see Ingrid about
problems, not her.  More importantly, she gives you an
access card.

There are a few things you should look at in this room.
First, go up to the bookcase behind Joy (the one with
something covered up on top of it).  Open the top-right
drawer to find a loose paper.  Take the paper to find that
it's a stenographed note about a horse being sold...only
Nancy can't read all of it.

Other than that paper, check out the framed newspapers in
the room.  One is about someone finding hidden jewels in a
carousel horse years ago (the jewels were from a heist).
Detective Perris worked on that case, so maybe you should
call him, because maybe, just maybe, someone stole the
horse off the carousel because they expected to find jewels
in it.

On a fun note, check out who wrote the news article.  It's
the esteemed reporter Dill E. Daly.  Ha ha!  I wonder if
he works for Carmen Sandiego!

You can also check out a newspaper in the corner (it's on
some boxes) that tells about the roller coaster stopping,
and Lance Huffington (the con artist!) suing for whiplash.

Leave Joy's room now that you've done everything you can
here.  Now it's time to make some phone calls.  Call the
police department to reach Detective Perris.  He lets you
know that the jewel thief died in prison about a year ago,
but maybe the thief had a confident.  Tell you what; he'll
investigate and call you back.

As for the mysterious stenography notes, call Nancy's
friend Bess.  She's waiting for a hunky guy who works at
the movies to call.  George, her cousin, is there, too.
Talk to them about the stenography notes, and they promise
to research it and let you know their results.

Time to check out the carousel.  Go through the gate and
take a look around.  You can go as far as the organ thing
(right by the middle of the carousel).  Try your access
card on it, but that doesn't work for some reason.

Leave the carousel area, but turn around and use your fun
card on the meter there to ride the carousel.  Grab the
brass ring when you go by it (you get two tries).  Don't
try to grab too early or you'll fall off and need some
brain surgery.

If you don't get the brass ring, put your fun card in again
and try another time.  Keep doing that until you get that
brass ring.

After that's done, it's time to check out the roller
coaster.  Detective Perris calls you to let you know that
the jewel thief's cellmate was recently paroled, and he
fits the description of...HARLAN BISHOP!!!  So he was using
a phony alibi after all!!!  Wait, no, you can't prove that.
It could be someone else.  So let's give Harlan the benefit
of the doubt for now.

Perris says he'll keep investigating, so let's do the same.
Examine the access card reader to the roller coaster to
find a red tag on it.  Check it out.  Hmmm...what could it
mean?  Is there an engineering problem?  And are there any

The answer to that is "yes", and you should identify it so
you can tell Ingrid about it.  Go to the Midway Games and
examine the machine that is out of order.  Once you're done
with that, go see Ingrid.

Ingrid tells you that you're low on Vitamin B3, Niacin.
Gee, thanks.  She does, however, tell you important things,
like that she lost the blueprints of roller coaster
(hmmm...), that Harlan is an ex-bouncer from Trenton (so he
was using a phony alibi!) and that carousel horses can be
valuable, which could be when the carousel horse was

As for engineering stuff, for the roller coaster, she gives
you a macro processor and an engineering handbook so that
you can do the job.  But before then, you'll have to get
her soldering gun from Elliott Chen, the artist guy.  Once
you're done, give the red tag to Harlan so he can put the
power back on.

Hmmm...check out who wrote the engineering handbook.  Petit
Al-Tegither.  Wonder if he knows Dill E. Daly?  For another
pun, note that it's _Parker's_ Industrial Engineering
Handbook (Parker's, this is an amusement park, get it?).

In other engineering news, Ingrid tells you that the broken
access card readers will be repaired when she gets down
working here.  Also, she lost her pliers, so if you find
them, hang onto them.

To repair the broken midway game, all you have to do is
reprogram it using a portable keyboard, which is also
missing.  Sheesh, the keyboard, the pliers, the
blueprints...what _hasn't_ Ingrid lost?

Once you're done talking to Ingrid, check out her computer
area.  Examine that car magazine and her bag.  Whoops, she
doesn't want you to examine the bag.  Dang, guess you'll
have to snoop around here later when she's not around.

Time to visit Elliott.  Bess and George call to say that
they e-mailed some stenography notes to you, which is good.
But you should see Elliott now.  Nancy accidentally knocks
over a can of paint, and he kicks you out unless and until
Joy calls him.  Dang.  Better visit Joy.

Joy isn't in the room, so you should leave a message on
her desk.  You're interrupted by Miles the Magnificent
Memory Machine, which is some sort of crazy robot that is
obsessed with Joy.  Weird.  Leave a message for Joy on her
desk with her chewed-upon pencil (ew...) and then leave.

Well, now I guess you'll just have to sit and wait for Joy
to return and then call Elliott.  Say, to take up the time,
why not decode the stenography notes?  Go back to Nancy's
laptop in her room in the hotel to read the e-mail on
stenography (in your inbox).  Read it through to learn
about stenography, then check out the stenographed note.
Translate the missing part ("Glory") to learn that the
horse that was sold was named "Glory".  Well, that was a
waste of time.

That should have taken up enough time for Joy to call
Elliott, so go to talk with him.  He lets you know that the
stolen carousel horse was a piece of junk (ie. it was not
originally carved by Rolfe Kessler), and that he
certainly did NOT shut down the park so he could catch up
on his work.

Eliot gives you the soldering gun (if you ask for it),
which is ends his usefulness at this point.  Now you have
to explore the room.  Head towards the desk thing right of
Elliott, and examine the spare roll of tape.  Elliott lets
you take it.  You can also take the tissue strips from the
box on top of the blue boxes (by Elliott), so do so.

At the other end of the room is a bookshelf.  You can read
one of the books on the bookshelf to learn fun things about
carousel (horses), like that the outside horses are bigger
than the ones on the inside.

Opposite the bookshelf is a fan.  Turn it on by pressing
the button below it.  Yes, it seems useless, but, trust me,
it'll come in handy.

Also, make sure to check out the magazine that Elliott is
reading (directly opposite of him).  He doesn't let you.
Hmmm...yet another thing you'll have to check out when the
owner isn't around.  Something you can check out is a piece
of paper in the corner, which is an order for a lot of wood
(why does Elliott need so much wood?).

Well, now that you have the soldering gun, you can check
out the roller coaster.  Go to the roller coaster and open
up the access card reader.  Check out the circuitry area,
(that'd be the board on the left) and put the macro
processor into place at the right side of the circuit.

Now you need to solder in the correct processors.  You can
figure out which ones you need to solder by checking the
notes left by the engineer who last worked on this and the
engineering handbook.  Or you could just follow my
instructions.  Either way, solder in the macro processors
on the top and the right (solder in both sides of the
processors) and flip the power switch to get things

Take the tag to Harlan, who turns on the power to the
access reader.  Go to the roller coaster and use your
access card on the reader to get inside.

Move along inside the roller coaster, and you find a pencil
that is chewed up.  Hey...Joy chews her pencils!  Is it
hers?  Let's ask her.  Leave the roller coaster.

Oh no, Nancy gets trapped under the tracks!  Someone's
trying to run her over!  Better hurry to free yourself.
Open the track-switching box and arrange the wires in the
following order: blue on the top, green in the middle and
red on the bottom.  Then hit power, and press the "A"
button to change the tracks to the "A" position.  Nancy's
free and doesn't get run over, yay!

Ugh, that attempted murder was so bad that I'm going to
need a dose of fun before continuing the investigation.
So go to the haunted house and use your access card to get
inside.  Move all the way down the hall to the mechanical
spook on the ground.  Examine the spook to find the
portable keyboard.  Now you can fix the game machine!

So head to the midway games and approach the broken game.
Flip it around, then use your access card to get into the
circuitry in the back.  Plug in the keyboard, then type in
"Super" and "KM5200" to fix the game.

Now it's time to play the games.  To win squid toss, on the
first shot, move the lever one to the left and shoot it at
shrimp strength.  For the next shot, move the lever one
right and shoot it at dolphin level.  For the last shot,
move the lever one right and shoot it at whale level.  You
then win an anchor token.

Play the other games (swimmer's itch and barnacle blast)
and win the other tokens (a seahorse, clam, and mermaid).
If you run out of credits on your card, you can get another
one from Harlan.

Once you've got all the tokens, you can get prizes.  Choose
the harmonica, and the red thing.  What fun prizes!

Now head to the carousel and go to the organ thing.  Open
up the band organ on the right, and there's a note telling
you not to do anything without calling Tink (he's not there
if you call, so don't bother).

Instead, open the door to the gear room (left of the band
organ).  Examine the floor directly opposite of the exit.
There's a trap door!  Crawl down to reach the area below

Crawl through this area to find a strange mechanical
device.  Hit the "transmit" button, and the carousel moves.
So that's what caused the carousel to go in the middle of
the night!  Cool!  Wait, not cool!  You're under the moving
carousel!  Quickly get back up through the trap door!

When you go through the trap door, Nancy notices something
near the ceiling.  Move closer to see it's a letter.  Use
the red thing on it to knock it down.  It's a letter by
Rolfe Kessler, who made this carousel.  Apparently, he had
a workshop under the ballroom (which was turned into the
haunted house forty years ago).

Now it's time to pull a sneaky move.  Go see Harlan and
tell him about how you were almost run over at the roller
coaster.  He says he'll investigate.  So while he's gone
investigating, we can snoop around in his locker, ha ha!
Maybe there's incriminating evidence in there!

But Harlan hasn't left yet, so let's confront Joy.  While
Nancy does so, Miles interrupts to tell that Nancy snooped,
the jerk!  Joy tells you that Miles was invented by her
father to reacquaint her with her childhood, because she is
"a party-pooping stick in the mud."  Miles gives you a
riddle about the silvery remains of a four-bit day.
Hmmm...I have no clue what that riddle is talking about.

Anyway, Harlan should be gone by now, so go to his place.
Check out his magazine, and you'll see that he highlighted
a secret number thingy on it (101190).

That just so happens to be his locker combination.  Head to
the locker, turn to the first digit and press the triangle
button.  Then turn to the next digit and press the triangle
button.  Repeat this until you put in all of the digits,
and the locker opens.

Check the upper part of the locker to find an appointment
book.  Harlan is planning to meet Luis G.  Who's that?
Check the lower part of the locker to find a tape.  Take
the tape, then put it in the tape player at the machine
that Harlan sits in front of.  The tape is of Ingrid
entering her security code (0726) into the engineering
building.  Put the tape back and exit Harlan's place.

Call Luis G. to find that Luis is Harlan's probation
officer.  So Harlan was a con?  He's getting more
suspicious by the second now!  Call Ms. Santos to let her
know about this!

Ms. Santos, as it turns out, already knows that Harlan used
to be in jail, and she's not happy to hear that he used the
security camera to spy on Ingrid.  She's going to give him
the benefit of the doubt, though.

Go see Elliott to see if he knows the answer to the riddle,
and he does!  It's the spoon you get when you order a
"fundae" at the hotel.  So go to the hotel and pick up the
phone and order a fundae.  Eat it, pick up the spoon, and
go to Joy and tell her you solved the riddle.

Luis Guerra calls you before you get to Joy's, and he
clears Harlan.  Dang, so that lead was wrong.  Anyway, go
to Joy and put the spoon inside Miles and it turns out you
got the right answer to the riddle!

We learn that Joy destroyed all the pictures of her mother
after her mother died (when she was four), which is kind of
sad.  Miles gives you a blank piece of paper, which is the
second riddle.

This seems mysterious, but it's not hard; the riddle was
simply written in lemon juice (AKA invisible ink), which
was mentioned in a Sassy Detective e-mail.

Go back to Nancy's room, and turn to the small room aside
of the door to find the ironing board.  Take out the iron
and turn it on, then put the paper down and iron it a
couple of times to find the riddle.  Turn off the iron, put
it away, then head to Joy's.

At Joy's, the riddle is discussed.  Apparently, you need to
play the first eight notes of Joy's favorite song on a
harmonica.  Her favorite song is roll #3 of the band
organ's various paper rolls.

We should head to the carousel now, but do you know what we
forgot to do?  Check out Ingrid's!  Head to her place and
type in the security code 0726 to get inside.  Check out
her bag to learn she paid for a gold $21,194.98 watch in
cash!  Where did she get that much money?  Also, check out
the note nearby where Ingrid usually stands.  It's a note
that says to call LH about the results.  LH...Lance
Huffington, maybe?

Call LH and yes, it is Lance Huffington, the con artist who
is suing the park.  He hits on Nancy during the entire
phone call, the jerk.  Well, whatever.  It seems that
Ingrid is in cahoots with him.

Head to the carousel, and call Tink.  He lets you know that
the combination to the safe in the gear room is 18, 9, 39.
Open it up like you did with Harlan's locker and take out
the roll labeled number 3.  Take it to the band organ and
put it on the dowel.  Dang, the dowel breaks!  You'll have
to fix it.

Elliott has a lather, so you can fix it there.  Go to
Elliott, and he gives you permission to use it, while he
leaves to go on an errand.  Put the dowel against the ruler
by where you got the tape to get the proper measurements
(long indentation from 2.5 to 11.5, with a notch at 12).

Head over to the lathe.  Hey, now that Elliott's gone, we
can check out his magazine!  He has copied down Anton
Sukav's phone number, so Nancy does, too.  Anton Sukav
knows a lot about Rolfe Kessler and carousels.

Go to the lathe and put on the goggles.  Grab a stick of
wood from the container on the left.  Then move up to the
lathe (zoom in on the thing to the left) and you have to
start using the lathe.

You can create notches up to three lengths, and at various
positions.  Carve at the third length (the longest one)
from inch 3 to inch 10, which is a smooth cut all the way.
Then make a cut with the first length at inch 12, and
you're done!  Time to go back to the carousel.

Go to the band organ, open it up and put in the dowel.
Then put the roll in, and switch the machine from CD to
roll.  Turn the power on and the song plays.  But how do
you know what notes they are?

Wait, the fan!  Remember how you could see the air moving
through the fan due to the tissue strips and tape?  You can
do that here!  Put the tissue strips on the organ pipes and
tape them down.  Then start the song again and you see that
the first eight notes are A, E, D, E, F, E, A and E.  Turn
the band organ off and go to Joy's.

Before you do so, Harlan wants you to report to the
security office.  He's upset that you told Ms. Santos he is
an ex-con who fits the description of the cellmate of the
jewel thief.  Nancy apologizes, but he's still kind of

Leave Harlan's and call Ms. Santos to set the record
straight, because you cleared Harlan.  Then go to Joy's,
which is where you were going before you were interrupted.
Play the song for Miles, and you're right! It turns out
that Joy's mom bought a carousel horse for her.  Which one
was it?  Wait, we know that; it was said in the
stenographed note!  Glory!

As it turns out, Joy's father didn't destroy the horse as
Joy asked to, but he saved it.  Okay...then Miles gives the
last riddle.  Ask Tink for the book about Kessler and
Amelia, then put her nickname into the chest of Spook
Number Ten, and put the brass prize on his arm.

Well, that seems easy enough (ha!), but Joy doesn't want to
help.  She has to go confess to Paula, because she stopped
the roller coaster.  Aha!!!  Mystery solved!  Well, not the
carousel mystery, but at least something was solved.

Leave Joy's and call Tink about Amelia's nickname.  Tink
has no idea what it is because he just kept the book to
humor Mr. Trent.  Dang.  So then call Anton Sukov, the
expert on Rolfe Kessler, who tells you that his nickname
for Amelia was Spatzi.

Great, so that's that part of the riddle.  Now let's go
check up on Spook #10, who has to be in the haunted house.
Dang, the arm is missing and red-tagged.

While you're here, check out the room that the spook's
right arm is pointing at.  Check out the radiator, and
above it is a hidden door. the blue thing
(the one used to start the carousel) to the blue pad here
and a keyhole appears.  But you don't have a key.  Oh,

Go to Ingrid's to ask her about the missing arm of the
spook, and to confront her about being in cahoots with
Lance Huffington, although we already figured out that Joy
caused the accident (sorry about that, but I didn't have
you do everything in the correct order).

Go see Ingrid about the arm, and she gives it to you, along
with some pliers.  You can confront her now about the Lance
Huffington business, but you don't have to.  What you have
to do is talk to her about the locked door in the haunted
house.  Make sure you do this.

Then go the haunted house, but Harlan asks you to report to
the security office again.  He's got an anonymous letter
for you, and an apology.  So he's not so huffy anymore!
That's good.

Go to the haunted hours and reattach the arm of Spook 10,
using the pliers to screw it on (keep screwing until Nancy
thinks it's okay).  Then grab the red tag and head to

Harlan has a package for you, which is the key for the
haunted house's keyhole.  Too bad, we don't need it now.
Give him the red tag and he starts up spook 10.

Go back to the haunted house and go to Spook 10, which is
on.  Check out its chest and spin the letters until they
spell out "SPATZI".  The spook's arm then comes down.

Put the brass ring on the spook's arm, and a trap door
opens, and a sign for Joy comes down.  Go down the trap
door.  The stairs looks bad, and on her way down, Nancy

Nancy trips into Glory, the carousel horse.  Hey, jewels
come out!  So Nancy's suspicions about jewels still being
in the park were correct!  Oh yay!

Additionally, there is a letter for Joy there.  It has a
picture of her mother (Aw...) inside.  It says to see where
Glory was carved, look for Kessler's symbol on the wall.

Look up, and is that Kessler's symbol on the wall right
there?  Wow, this is too easy.  Check it out and you reach
Kessler's hidden workshop.

There are more horses here.  Wait a second...forgeries!
Someone is making faux Kessler originals!  Check out the
computer and you find some printed e-mails about someone
trying to sell the horses.

Okay, this is definitely time to call the police (except
Nancy can't use her phone inside).  So leave through the
door and who comes in?  ELLIOTT!!!  Aha!  So he's guilty!
He stole the horse so he could make these duplicates, which
is why he's behind in his work!  And he was making up the
"curse" nonsense to bring up the price!

Right you are, Nancy.  But Elliott isn't planning on
letting you tell anyone.  Nancy interrupts to tell about
the jewels (this was talked about in a Sassy Detective
e-mail, that when you're cornered, you can distract greedy

Choose the option "that's right, you wan't 'em, here!" and
Nancy chucks it at Elliott's fat head!  Ha ha, take THAT,
you procrastinating evil-doer!  But now is not the time to
gloat; it's the time to GET THE HELL AWAY FROM THE ANGRY

Go out through the door, then turn around and go up the
stairs and exit this place (you go through the hidden
passageway that you would have reached had you used the key
in the keyhole...but you would also have had another
attempt on your life occur if you did so).  Leave as fast
as you can, but by the spook, the doors lock and Elliott
comes back.

Dang!  Wait, he's behind the Joy sign!  Take the brass ring
off of the spook, and the sign goes back up, smacking
Elliott in his face and knocking him into trap door!  Ha

Nancy taunts Elliott, talking about how she's going to call
the police.  She does so, and justice is served as you
watch the ending scenes and credits.  Yay, game over and


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2005.  If you want
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions
under general information)

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