Nancy Drew Mysteries – The Final Scene

Nancy Drew Mysteries - The Final Scene

By Catalina Navarro

	The game starts with Nancy Drew writing a letter to Bess, telling her about her friend 
Maya Nguyen, who is a reporter. She is doing a piece on Brady Armstrong and the last 
performance in the Royal Palladium Theater before it is demolished. After that scene is 
finished you are then taken backstage to the Men's dressing room. There Maya and Nancy 
exchange a pep talk and then Maya goes in. Right after that you hear a test of the P.A. 
system and then you hear a scream coming from the dressing room. Click on the door knob 
and go in. Look around turn left and start moving to a table that has a telephone on it. 
The telephone starts ringing. Answer it; notice that it is coming from the women's 
dressing room. The voice sounds altered and threatens to kill Maya if the demolition is 
not stopped. Hang up and when you back away the phone rings again. Answer it; it is 
Joseph Hughes, the caretaker looking for Brady. Tell him about the kidnapping and he will 
comment about a secret door. Notice that the call comes from the projection room. When 
you hang up and back away Brady comes in and offers you his autograph. Tell him about the 
kidnapping and tell him to go and look for the caretaker so he can help him. 
	When he exits the room, turn right to the make-up table and click on the drawer, notice 
that it is locked. Now turn right till you see a closet, go to it and open the right 
door, you can't open the left one. Click on the top shelf and take the magicians wand. 
Close the door and turn left. 
	Go to the sink and click on the portrait above the sink. It opens revealing a lever, 
click on it. You hear a mechanism working. So turn around and go to the rack of clothes 
that are hanging in the left side of the room next to the table with a phone. Click on 
the clothes to reveal and open secret door. Go through and follow the path to another 
door click on it and go through the other closet. It is the women's dressing room. You 
hear somebody talking on the phone; it is Simone, Brady's agent. Talk to her and when she 
cuts you off turn around. Look around and after your curiosity is satisfied exit the 
	Turn left and notice a crate look down and see that there is a trap door but you can't 
open it. Look up and go to the far back of the stage where there are a lot of ropes tied 
up. Click on the second one from your right on the top row, untie it and click on it 
until you hear a clunk (five times). Turn around and go back to the crate. There on top 
of it is a hook, click on it and put it on the crate. Now turn around and go back to the 
ropes. Start pulling on it (five times) and then tie the rope around the peg (three 
times). Leaving it the way you found it. Go back to where the crate was and notice that 
it is not there anymore. Now you can open the trap door.

	Go down the steps and you arrive at the basement. Turn right and go all the way down, 
then turn right and go under the stairs to a safe-like door. Click on it, notice that 
there are buttons. It starts out, reading from left to right, with a heart, diamond, 
crown, club and a spade. Okay first puzzle. Try to make them all spades. Go ahead you try 
and I'll wait here....
	Give up? So soon. No matter. Click on the first button (heart) twice, second (diamond) 
once, forth (club) once, first (heart) three times, second (diamond) once, third (crown) 
three times and the fifth (spade) once. If you did it right it opens up revealing a box. 
There is a puzzle on it. There are 20 tiles, number them from 1 through 20 starting at 
the upper left hand corner. 
	The tiles in spaces 7, 8, 9 and 12 will not be moved. Take the tile from space 1 and 
exchange it with the one in space 13. Take the tile that was in space 13 and put it in 
space 1. Go to space 13 and twist the tile once. This is what we will do in the next 
spaces but I won't explain so thurouhly because I think it will confuse more than 
explain. I will just write the two tiles which will be interchanged and how many twists 
the tile will receive.  
	Tile in space 5 with tile in space 14, twist tile in space 14 twice. Tile in space 11 
with tile in space 4, twist tile in space 4 twice. Tile in space 3 with tile in space 18, 
twist tile in space 18 twice. Twist tile in space 19 once. Tile in space 17 with tile in 
space 2, twist tile in space 2 twice. Twist tile in space 6 once. Tile in space 1 with 
tile in space 20, twist tile in space 20 once. Twist tile in space 1 twice. Tile in space 
15 with tile in space 5, twist tile in space 5 once. Tile in space 11 with tile in space 
15, twist tile in space 11 twice. Tile in space 17 with tile in space 10, twist tile in 
space 10 twice. Tile in space 17 with tile in space 15, twist tile in 17 three times. 
Finally twist tile in space 16 three times. If you did it right the box will open 
revealing some spaces for missing gears. Now let us go look for them. But before you 
leave there is one more thing you need. 
	Turn around and go to the other side of the basement, where there is a machine. This 
machine has a magician in it. Click on it and then click on the play button. He starts 
up. Click on the play button once more. He asks you to find the ace of spades. When he 
finishes shuffling the cards, click on the first square lighted button on your right. It 
is the ace of spades. Collect the prize; it is an exploding paper with a ring. Before you 
go read the instructions. Okay, now we are ready to look for the gears. Exit the 

	When you exit the basement, you see right in front of you two doors. One is the women's 
dressing room and the other does not have a sign. Go through the door without a sign. 
Once in the hall, go to the double doors that are right in front of you. Open them and go 
inside. It is a balcony. Look down and pick up a quarter that is on the floor. Turn 
around and exit the balcony. Turn left and walk down the hall, looking at all the 
portraits that are on the walls. At the end of the hall is a curtain. Go through them and 
enter the lobby.

	When you first enter the lobby, you see a door in the background and slightly to your 
right. Go there. Click forward and then turn right, click on the door and enter. It is 
the ticket office. 

	To your right is a telephone click on it. Now on the wall right in front of the phone is 
a piece of paper, click on it. On the piece of paper you can see several phone numbers. 
Write down the telephone pertaining to the police department, it is 555-1422. Now back 
away and click on the phone, dial the number. In this conversation you tell the police of 
the kidnapping and you find out that you need to find evidence of the kidnapping or they 
can't do anything. It is a conversation that you just hear and/or read but don't really 
participate. Now turn around and exit the ticket office.

	There right in front of you is a young man, go to him. His name is Nicholas. Talk to him 
about the kidnapping. When the conversation is finished, back away and then click on him 
again to find out about the group he belongs to, Humans Against the Demolition of 
Illustrious Theaters. When that conversation is finished back away and turn right. 
	In the background you can see a piece of furniture that looks like a game. Go to it, it 
is a jazz machine. The object of the game is to take the single musical note to the 
dancers before the double musical notes eat you. Try it and once again I will patiently 
wait here...
	Finished?! Got impatient? Okay, here is the solution: up arrow, up arrow, right arrow, 
right arrow, up arrow, up arrow, right arrow, down arrow, down arrow, down arrow, down 
arrow, right arrow, up arrow, right arrow, right arrow, up arrow, up arrow, right arrow, 
up arrow, left arrow, up arrow and right arrow. Now take the coin that comes out. It is a 
token from the Royal Palladium Theater with the bust of  J.J. Thompson. It looks like a 
gear. Good, got one, we still need another one.
	 Back away and turn right so you can go up the stairs, when you get to the top turn left 
toward the poster on the wall that says to get your refreshments in the lobby. Go forward 
and when you get to the door on your right go in. It is the projection room. 

	Go in and turn left till you see a man, it is Joseph Hughes, the care taker. Talk to him 
about the kidnapping. When the conversation ends turn to your right and go to a table 
full of stuff. It is on the right side of the control panel. Click on the table and then 
on the right side of the table. You can see a slide laying there, take it. It looks like 
the poster you saw outside.  Now go to the left side of the table and click on the 
projection manual. Look through it and notice that there is a key missing. Now back away 
and go to the cabinet that is on the right side of the table. Open it and click on the 
third shelf from the top, on some boxes. Take the projector's bulb. 
	Turn around and click on Joe again, and find out about what he is planning to do after 
the demolition, find out about J.J. Thompson, and where you can get blueprints of the 
theater. Now exit the room and turn right to the other set of stairs. Click on the doors 
to go to the balcony.

	Go all the way down to the railing. Wait! Save your game here. Now, look at the railing 
and you see that there is an ornament missing. Look over the railing and there is the 
missing ornament on the ledge, but it is just out of your reach. Okay have to find 
something to get it with. Turn around and exit the balcony. 

	Go down the stairs and when you get the bottom turn around until you see Nicholas again. 
Click on him and find out about Louisa Falcone. Back away and go to the ticket office, 
look around the office for the telephone to the County Administration Office. Well, I 
couldn't find it either. So exit the room and notice that Nicholas is gone.
	Go to his work place and look at the brochures. There! In one of the brochures is the 
County Administrations number. Now, armed with the number go back to the ticket office 
and call. 

	If you did it right you will have the number in the conversation window, right under 
Bess's number. Well, what are you waiting for? Dial it.
	When you get somebody on the line, she tells you they were taken a few days ago. So you 
are still on your own. Exit the room, with your head down. 
	Let's go back to search for something to pickup the ornament with. Turn left and go to 
the display that is under the stair case, just look at it. Now turn right and go to the 
main auditorium. Click on the double doors that are on the right side of the curtains you 
first came through.

	When you enter, turn right and go to the main aisle. Turn left and go all the way down 
to the stage and turn around, now go back up the aisle, a click at a time. Be sure to 
notice a hot spot on the first seat of the left part of the theater. When you get to the, 
almost, last row, that is before the column. Click on the pink spot of the seat. Yuk! It 
is chewing gum. ... But it is sticky. Well, Maya is my friend and I have to do EVERYTHING 
in my power. Wait! I have a stick, a magician's wand. Okay, using the stick click on the 
chewing gum. Now let's go back upstairs to the balcony and retrieve the missing ornament.

	When you get the end of the aisle turn right and go forward until you get to the double 
doors. Turn left and enter the lobby, go forward to the staircase and turn right, now up 
the staircase and through the double doors. Go all the way down to the railing and then 
over the railing. Now using the magician's wand click on the missing ornament. Voila! Now 
we go back to the basement. Exit the balcony and down the stairs. Instead of going back 
the way we came into the lobby, let's go the other way. 
	When you get downstairs go forward to the curtains that are on the left side of the jazz 
machine. Enter the hallway, and while you are going down look at all the pictures. Go all 
the way down to the door.Click on it and when enter you are backstage.

	Before we go to the trapdoor, let's go to the men's dressing room. 

	Enter and talk to Brady, ask him where he was while the kidnapping occurred.  Now go to 
the secret door, if it is closed, go to the portrait above the sink and pull the lever. 
Now go to the clothes rack and go to the women's dressing room.

	Talk to Simone Mueller and find out about the cancellation of the performance. Exit the 
room through the main door. When you are in the hallway go to your left and to the 

	Go to the safe and the puzzle box inside. Open the safe and the puzzle box, put the 
missing ornament in the indentation to your left and the token on the smaller 
indentation. Now click on the gear handle and a drawer opens. Take the key and read the 
papers. They tell you about the trick Houdini preformed and how J.J. Thompson couldn't 
pay the bet, so he made Houdini a partner. Okay. So let's go back upstairs. Let's go to 
the men's dressing room again.

	Talk to Brady again, and find out about Simone. Now exit the room and go the other door, 
open it and turn left, all the way to the curtain and the lobby.

	Once in the lobby go and talk to Nicholas and find out about possibility that the 
demolition can be stopped due to the half ownership of Houdini. He offers to research it 
on his computer and leaves. When you back off you hear Joe on the PA system asking you to 
go to the projection room because he has something to show you. So go up stairs to the 
projection room.

	Enter and click on Joe. Joe shows you Maya press pass, he says that Brady gave it to 
him. He then suggests that you go and call the police. But of course you being the 
detective you are, you will first investigate something else first. So go to the men's 
dressing room first. 

	Well, well, well Brady isn't there. Using the secret door see if Simone is in HER 
dressing room. Remember if the secret door is not open go through all the steps. You 
know... the portrait, lever and clothing rack.   Once you're in the women's dressing room 
go and talk to Simone.  Yes, she is there.

	Talk to her, and find out where Simone first met Brady. Just idle knowledge. Okay, when 
you finish talking to Simone, go back to Brady's room through the secret door.

	Okay, so he is not there. Well, nothing left to do but obey Joe. So go back to the 
lobby, you know through the hallway.

	Once in the lobby go to the ticket office and call the police.

	Once inside call the police, you know the number: 555-1422. When they answer and you 
tell them what you found, they still won't help. They also tell you a few things about 
Nicholas Falcone., not very encouraging. Well, that is all you can do, so exit the 
office. When you exit you are encountered with Joe, who insists that you go and rest.

Suddenly the scene changes, it goes black.  That means you are asleep and when you wake 
up, get dressed and go to the theater you see a mob in front of the theater. So you go in 
and you are confronted with a funeral wreath and it is day 2.

	Look at the funeral wreath, a bad omen. So go upstairs and talk to Joe in the projection 

	Right before you go in look at the wanted poster taped to the door. Oh my, there is even 
a Maya foundation sponsored by Simone, huh. Oh well, go in and talk to Joe, find out 
about key making machine and no sign of Maya. Exit the room and let's go see some 
suspects. Simone and Brady, specifically.

	Oh, look! Nicholas is back. Talk to him first and confront him with the police 
allegations. He says he is innocent. Well back away. Oh, wait! Forgot to ask him about 
his research. He says he found an in-law relative. Well, that is better than nothing. So 
go and call her.

	Go to the ticket office and the number should be on a note beside the phone. And when 
you click on the phone it should appear in the conversation window under the County 
Administration number. It is 1-813-555-3247. Isn't it weird how all the telephone numbers 
that are given on T.V., movies or anywhere public always start of with 555? Enough of 
discerning thinking, good for the soul, but won't solve the mystery. So dial the number. 
Eustacia Andropov answers; she talks to you a lot and finally gives you the number to the 
Congressional Library and indicates that you should talk to a Sherman Trout.
	Dial that number and speak to Mr. Trout. He sounds fishy, huh? Well, anyways you 
ffinally get him to search for the papers and ... WOW! He is going to send them to you. 
Well, job well done, pat yourself on the back. Exit the office.

	Go and talk to Nicholas again and tell him about the special delivery you are waiting 
on.  Now go and make a little visit to Simone in the women's dressing room.

	Talk to her and ask her about the posters and find out about a press conference. Ask her 
about the wreath, the gall. You can't get any more out of her, so go to the men's 
dressing room, through the secret passage.

	Talk to Brady. Doesn't he ever sit down? Or at least change the place where he is at? 
Ask him where he found the press pass. He is confused, balcony or basement. Strange? So 
he is being manipulated by Simone, oh poor thing. Might as well go to the lobby and see 
what is happening.

	When you arrive, you can hear talking outside; it must be the press conference. Oh 
great! Now we can do some investigating.  Go to the projection room.

	Great! Joe isn't here. Let's see why he spends so much time in that little corner.  Go 
to the corner where you have always found him and click on the table on the right of the 
telephone. There under the newspaper is a telegram. Read it, and find out that Joe's 
brother, Jacob died six months earlier. And more importantly they never knew he had a 
brother. Huh? Something is fishy. Okay, well let us see the projector.
	Turn right and click on the projector, the part that is nearest the window. Keep 
clicking forward (three times) until you zoom in on the lens. Click on the lens and Nancy 
says that something is missing. Remember the slide we took yesterday that was on the 
table by the cabinet? Take that and put it on the slide holder. Now back away twice and 
click on the switch that is on the right side of the focus button. That lights the bulb. 
But the slide is not in focus. Turn the focus button three times and now you can read the 
slide. It looks like the poster we saw earlier. Okay, take the slide again and turn of 
the projector. Now back away and go to the blue part of the projector. There is a key 
hole but it is locked. 
	Turn right and go to the control panel, click on the number pad. Looks like you need a 
code. You can't do anything except push the play button on the tape player. Well, that is 
all we can do for now. Let's go and investigate Simone's room.

	Simone is not there, but her purse is. Click on it. Inside you find a digital camera, 
click on the red button (twice), and now click on the yellow button that has a plus sign. 
Maya's press pass! In the basement not the balcony. Boy, Brady can't lie to save his 
life. Great actor.
	Now click on the billfold, well it is not a billfold it is a PDA. It needs a code. Well 
let's look through the cards. Starting from left to right you see: an agents card, a 
specialist in aromatherapy, a producer, a chiropractic service, a sushi bar, a personal 
note, and a bill.
	Let's look at the last two more closely. Georgie-bear, pet name? Look at the birthday: 
8-13*. Would that be 5* or  813*, for the PDA's code number.
	So the kidnapper didn't send the wreath! It was Simone. Was she the kidnapper? Well 
everything is pointing that way, but I need more evidence. Let's see what the PDA can 
tell us. Let's try 5*, first. When I click on the 5, 813 appears and now click on all 
four corners, the order doesn't matter. You're in. Now check the e-mail in-box. See the 
e-mails from Maya. Now check the sent e-mails, so Georgie is the boyfriend.   Okay that 
is all. Now back away and open the drawer.
	There's a bunch of make-up. Take a hairpin, it might come in handy. Okay all done, now 
let's go to Brady's room. Through the secret passage.

	Look on the table where Brady is always standing. Click on the book, a self-help book. 
There is a piece of paper sticking out, click on it. He has some issues. Now turn right 
and go to the drawer that has always been locked. Using the handy hairpin open the 
drawer. There is a book in there, Stage Technician's Guide. It tells you how to do the 
Houdini Transformation. Read it and if you need to right down the sequence of 
instructions. There is a number written on the side in red ink. The text says that you 
must enter the six digit security code, and this is a six digit number. So it must be it: 
121192. The procedure is:
1-	Power on
2-	Enter security code
3-	Press left and right fader buttons
4-	Lower left and right fader switches
5-	Press magnet buttons
6-	Raise fader switches up one notch
7-	Press trapdoor button
8-	Depress the lock switch; it is the button to the right of the panel with the fader, 
magnet and trapdoor buttons.
Notice that there is a trick chair in the main auditorium and that there also exists a 
Magician's room.
	Okay we have all we can get right now. Let's go back to the projection room to see if 
these instructions work. Hoping of course that Joe isn't there.
	When you exit the door to the backstage you here the creepy voice over the PA system, 
telling you that you are wasting time. Don't let that bother you, keep on going to the 
projection room.

	Follow the above instructions and after you have finished click on the microphone. Click 
on it several times, Nancy finally figures out that that's where the kidnapper has been 
talking from all this time. Well, let's go to the stage to see if the instructions 
worked. Go through the main auditorium.
	You are good! There they are the cages. Walk down to the stage and click on any cage. 
Climb down.

	Go to the light fixture that is broken and hanging out. Look through the hole. There's 
Maya! You found her now to get in. The trapdoor closes revealing a trapdoor on the 
opposite ladder from the broken light. Click on the trapdoor and climb down the steps. 
When you get to the bottom turn left and see a door with a puzzle on it, try moving the 
pieces. They won't move. Well you need something. You have to go back and try to find 
some oil or grease. But you can't use the cages because there is no way to open the 
trapdoor. So turn around and go back, past the stairs to the other side of the hall. 
There is some sort of machine there. It could be the trick chair. 
	Click on the red button and a ledge comes down, get on it and click the up arrow. You 
arrive to a stair hanging on the wall. Climb up that now try to open the door.  You can't 
move it so you start screaming for help. A voice answers, it sounds like Joe. Tell him 
you found the secret room. He says it is the magician's room.  He then opens the trapdoor 
and hands you a can of oil. Go back to the magicians door and using the can spray the 

	By the looks of it, you have to move the pieces in order to get the rabbit to the other 
side. Now try it by yourself, and once again I will wait for you here...
	There are four vertical pieces that move up and down, number them 1v through 4v from 
left to right. There is a smaller horizontal piece, let's name that one 1h and one 
vertical naming that one 2h, both of these pieces are above the rabbit.  There are two 
vertical and one horizontal pieces below the rabbit, number these A, B, C starting from 
the left and going to your right.; and there are two square pieces, name these 1s and 2s 
starting with the top one.
	Move: 3v up, 1h right, 4v up, A down, B right, 1s right, 2s up, A up, B left, 1s down, 
1s right, rabbit left, C up, 1s right, B right, A down, 2s down, rabbit left. You did it! 
Well, with a little help from a friend.
	Go in to the magician's room.

	Maya is gone! But she left her shoe and a piece of pizza. Well, since you are here, 
let's look around. From the pizza box turn left and goes to the book case. Look at the 
book named Magic's Secrets vol. IVV. Read about the Phantom Message and what can be done 
with the prize you got out of the magician's machine.
	Turn left until you see the guillotine, click on it and see how it works. Turn left 
again and click on the chest and open it. Take the red rubber gloves. Turn left and go to 
the sarcophagus looking contraption on the wall, click on it. It opens revealing another 
entrance to the basement. Go through it.

	 It is right by the magician's game. Try it again. Oops, hope nobody saw you, 'cause YOU 
broke it. Turn around and go to the entrance. It is closed and electrified. Using the 
rubber gloves click on the keypad. I hope you know the number, 'cause I don't. You can do 
it by trial and error. Or ask nicely.  Of course I will give it to you. It is 
2,3,1,7,8,4,9,5,6. You are out of there.

	When you exit the basement you are encountered with Brady.  Go to the women's dressing 

	Talk to Simone and confront her with the pictures, the funeral wreath and all that. When 
you are finished, turn to her again and talk some more about Brady's feelings. Go to 
Brady's dressing room using the secret passage.

	Talk to Brady, he has nothing to say. Go to the ticket office.

	Talk to the police. Tell Sergeant Ramsey everything, but he still won't do anything even 
if he says he is sending somebody. Now go to the projection room. NOTE: If you by any 
chance go backstage a visit the two dressing rooms, but instead of taking the secret 
passage you use the hall behind the curtain. When you pass through the middle, you will 
see rocks or cement falling DO NOT go forward, wait until the stage light falls. Then you 
can go back and forth with no problem.

	Go inside and talk to Joe, tell him about finding Maya, and her disappearing again. Tell 
him that you talked to the police, and they might send someone later. After the 
conversation ends and Joe tells you to go and get some rest that he will wait for the 
police, walk out the door and the screen goes blank. That means you are going to sleep.

	It opens outside the theater with the wrecking ball right in front of it and a 
newspaper, talking about Maya's kidnapping and the ransom demand and how Brady is saving 
the day.
	When you put down the newspaper you are in the ticket office. Before exiting the room, 
look by the phone and read the note. Joe wants to see you. So now go to the projection 

	Talk to Joe, talk about the ransom demand, how the police did not find anything, talk 
about his retirement, tell him about the falling stage light and about the voice coming 
over the PA system, telling you to leave everything alone. Once you have finished the 
conversation exit the room and go to the women's dressing room.

	Talk to Simone and ask her about the ransom demand. That is all she has to say.  Go to 
the men's dressing room.

	Brady isn't there! He left his portfolio there... all alone. I think it is time to do a 
little more snooping, I mean detective work. Wow, sun tan lotion, progain and... Maya's 
NOTEBOOK. Huh? Might as well read it. What evidence? What answer? 
	Take the pencil you might need it later. When you close the portfolio Brady appears talk 
to him, you won't get anything helpful from him. Go to the lobby.

	Look at the key making machine, it is fixed. Go to the projection room.

	Go to the projector's manual and go to the last page, where the key was. Using the 
pencil click on the indentation to see the type of key that you need. Write it down. Now 
go back to the key making machine.

	Click on the machine, using the quarter, you found in the balcony on the women's 
dressing room side, click where it says 25 cents. Watch the machine. Now you are 
presented with a lot of keys which have different designs on them. Starting from the left 
side of the key you drew click on the keys that correspond to the design. When all is 
said and done the keys you should push are: SIVO. Neat! The way the key is made. Okay 
take the key.  Go to the men's dressing room.

	Talk to Brady and confront him about finding Maya's notebook. Find out that he is the 
descendent of J.J. Thompson and all his plans. But he won't stop the demolition. Now go 
to the lobby

	Talk to Nicholas, he says that the package just arrived go to the ticket office. Take 
the slide that is inside. Go and talk to Nicholas again. He will help you. SAVE YOUR 
GAME. Now go back to the projection room. 

	Go and insert the slide. When you turn the projector on the light bulb pops. Okay you 
have anther one and the key.  Go to the blue part of the projector and using the key you 
just made open the panel. Using the light bulb you have change the bulbs. There in the 
bottom left hand corner is another slide, take it. When you take it, you here the police. 
You can't waste time turn around and go directly to the cabinet click on it and get 
inside. Wait till the police leave no go on with what you were doing.
	Go back to the projector. Turn the switch and now focus it and read about a female 
magician. Now change slides and insert the one you just found. When you focus the knob 
fall off. Well go get it. You find a tape recorder it has Joe's voice the first one you 
heard. So he wasn't in the projection room like he said. And to the side is a voice 
swapper. Okay so now we know who the kidnapper is. But we have to find Maya. Look at the 
slide, it shows another secret room.
	Turn around and go to the light plug by the door. When you do Joe appears and after 
ranting a bit he lock you in. Notice that the clock to the left of the screen has turned 
into a sort of stop watch. Click on the light plug. Click on the switch and close the 
door. Turn right and see the ladder. Climb up. See the door right in front. It is locked, 
turn around and go back to the left side of the trapdoor is a safe. Using the key you 
found in the puzzle box open the safe. There are a lot of keys. No time to go one by one. 
Take them all. When you finally open the door. Go in.
	Maya is inside the machine to your left. You hear over the loudspeaker that the 
demolition is going to start in 3 minutes. The sledge hammer won't work now. Go to the 
back of the room and turn left and then left again to the power box. Joe steps out and 
tries to prevent you from lighting the switch. Using the flash paper you won in the 
magician's game. Click it on Joe, after he is done talking, of course. Now go and flip 
the switch. The marquee lights up and you are saved.
	Sit back and find out what happened to everyone. Once again Nancy Drew saves the day.

Copyright March, 2003

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