Nancy Drew – Danger by Design (PC)

Nancy Drew - Danger by Design (PC)

Walkthrough v1.0 
Copyright (C) 2009 by OutRider

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Version History:

v1.0 – September 27, 2009 – The walkthrough was completed.


Note: I had intended to include screenshots with this guide as the puzzles
are numerous and may not always be easy to solve while using my descriptions.
However, the program (Fraps) I had been using to capture them quit working on
me and I have not been able to fix it nor have I been able to find a good
alternative to it. I apologize for the trouble this may cause, but I will do
the best I can so that you're not left scratching your head at any point
while using this guide.

When you first start a new game, Nancy will show off her base of operations,
which consists of an austere setting since she likes to keep things neat. On
her desk are three objects; a Book for Detectives that explains how the game
works, the Case File which will explain the case she'll be working on in this
game, and a plane ticket that will allow you to get underway. You can read
the book and case file if you want to familiarize yourself with the game,
otherwise click on the plane ticket and start the game.

You'll be prompted to choose the Junior or Senior mode. The Junior mode
offers a checklist so you can keep track of everything that Nancy still needs
to do, otherwise the primary difference between the two modes are the puzzles.

Nancy will fly to Paris to start her new job working for Minette in her
design studio. Upon arrival, however, you'll hear someone screaming (it says
the screams are in anger, although they sound more like someone giving
birth). The person will throw a flower pot out through the door and a woman
will emerge from the other room soon afterwards.

The woman introduces herself as Heather McKay, the senior assistant to
Minette. The person you heard screaming was Minette herself, and Nancy is
there to find out why Minette has been acting so erratically these days. As
Heather explains Minette's problem, she says that a therapist told her that
in order to regain her “positive flux”, she goes through stages of anger,
sobbing, and laughter.

Nancy will tell Heather that she lost her luggage and cellphone as she is
given a Metro pass that'll allow her to travel anywhere in the city and
explains what all Nancy is expected to do while she is working in the studio,
which involves answering the phone.

Nancy's workstation can be found to the right of where she first entered the
studio and when you look at the computer, you can click on her to do list to
see what she has to do so far and you can also check out her inbox to see
what emails she has available to read.

After you're done looking around and Minette sends for Nancy, enter her
office through the door near Heather's station and speak with Minette. She's
in the process of designing a dress for the First Lady to wear at the World
Summit, and she points at a form that has a piece of dress on it. Minette
instructs Nancy not to touch it and she gives Nancy her first task: brewing a
cup of her special tea.

The tea stand is on the opposite side of the room, and it looks like a
vendor's cart. Nancy explains how everything works. The various herbs are
alphabetized along the top of the cart and if at any time Nancy screws up the
recipe, you can dump out the contents into the sink.

Start by reading the instructions sitting in front of the pot. Nancy will ask
Minette for her favorite color and number, which she says are red and 10. The
instructions state that if she says her favorite color is red, to use herbs
that grow in marshy areas. Look through the rest of the instructions to get
descriptions for each of the herbs and toss the following into the pot to
make the tea:

Hog Bone 
Yellow Buttons

Once you're finished, click on the teapot and Nancy will pour a cup of tea
for Minette. Leave the close-up view and you'll be allowed to take a look
around. Take a look at the paint-spattered gears that are leaning against the
wall as well as the magazine that is lying on the coffee table and note that
whenever Minette thinks something is cool, she describes it as rude instead.

As Nancy leaves the room, Minette will call her back in and tell her to
retrieve some stuff that are similar to the four objects sitting in the
middle of the room. Take the basket and Minette will also give Nancy €195 to
buy the things that she needs. You can see the four objects that she's
wanting in the middle of the room; a blue drum, red hubcap, green pail, and
an orange bar stool.

Leave the room and go over to Nancy's desk. Look at the to do list to see
that it's been updated and then check her email and read the email regarding
the First Lady.

Turn left and look in the top left drawer to find a set of doodles that were
drawn by Minette's last assistant, Sonny Joon. On the very last page is a set
of instructions on how to calibrate the plotter that's sitting to the right
of Nancy's desk. Since fixing the plotter is one of the things on Nancy's
list, the instructions will come in handy momentarily.

Walk over to the plotter and click on the Start button to have Nancy ask
about the machine. Heather explains to her what it is and that it is Nancy's
job to fix it. Click on the Start button again to see three different
settings; H, V, and I. If you click on the print button without changing
anything, the plotter will print out some misaligned text. Add a bar to H and
print again and the plotter should be fixed.

After fixing the plotter, the phone will begin to ring. Minette threatens to
fire Nancy if she doesn't pick up quickly but when she does, she'll receive a
call from a woman named Lynn Manrique who is doing some research on Noisette
Tornade. Heather brushes her off by telling her Minette is busy for another
six weeks, leaving a dejected Lynn to hang up the phone and call back in six

Talk to Heather if you want, but as you leave the building to continue
working on the to do list, a shadow walks by the door and slips a note
through the crack. It's a death threat on Minette's life, which is something
she's been receiving a lot of these days. The letter will get tossed into a
box with a dodo on it like all the rest and afterwards, head out the door.

Click on the Metro map in front of you and ride the green line down to Rue de

Talk to Dieter and he'll ask if Nancy knows how to properly develop photos.
If you haven't played this game before, answer no and he'll tell Nancy that
there is a binder next to the fish tank that explains the process. Read the
directions before entering the dark room.

Turn right to get a close up view of the darkroom, and save your game before
continuing as one false move will result in an explosion. This puzzle will
require precise timing and an accurate memory, so be sure to have something
that keeps track of the seconds and make sure to focus on what you're doing.

1) Take one the negatives from the pan near the front and place it in the top
part of the enlarger.

2) Turn off the light using the switch near the top right of the screen. The
room will now be dark, so hopefully you've memorized where everything is

3) Flip the switch on the bottom of the enlarger to turn on the light. Count
off between 2 to 9 seconds before turning it off.

4) Place the paper into the developing pan and count off between 7 to 12
seconds before removing it.

5) After the developing pan, place the paper into the stop bath and count off
no more than 5 seconds.

6) Place the paper into the fixer and count off between 8 and 15 seconds.

If done properly, the picture will be hung to dry. Repeat the process for the
remaining three negatives until all the photos have been developed.

If this puzzle frustrates you as much as it did for me, there is a cheat that
you can use to bypass the entire process of developing the film. Flick the
light off to darken the room and then turn it back on. Turn to the left and
flush the toilet ten times before turning around to face the developing area.
You'll see that the photos were automatically developed and Nancy will place
them into an envelope.

Talk to Dieter some more before leaving for the Hotel de Ville to meet Jean
Michel Traquenard. Talk to him to learn that Minette is enemies with a man
named Hugo Butterly as they're constantly competing for the same clients and
that they have similar styles. Eventually Jean Michel will prompt Nancy to
order something off the menu. You can order anything you want and once Nancy
is finished eating and talking to Jean Michel, leave for Place Monge to check
out Nancy's temporary digs while she's in France.

Speak with JJ Ling to see that she's making cookies. She's a fitting model
for Minette, and due to her contract, she choosing to make cookies in order
to maintain her ideal size and weight for a size 12 model. Retrieve the
envelope that's addressed to Heather and then take a look around. Look at the
newspaper on the table to the left as well as the magazine near the phone.
Once you're done, leave for Pont Neuf.

You'll see a few vendors lingering around in the area. You can look at the
Cross of Lorraine in front of you, otherwise stop by the first vendor that's
located to the left of the cross. The first vendor is named Malika and choose
to buy the green rings for four euros.

Move along to the next vendor, who is situated in the middle of the area. His
name is Marchand and offer to buy the blue film canister for 21 euros. After
you're done, he'll offer Nancy a job opportunity. She has to paint
reproductions and for each successful painting, she'll earn 15 euros.

It's rather simple. All you have to do is look at the painting on the right
and paint each spot with the same colors as the original. If you make a
mistake by choosing a wrong color, you can change it and paint over it. The
first painting is of the Mona Lisa and once Nancy has successfully reproduced
it, paint another reproduction featuring a vase of flowers.

After you've painted both reproductions, leave Marchand for now and continue
to the last vendor at the end of the area. Buy the lava lamp from Monique for
15 euros as well as the orange traffic cone for 1 euro. Return to the design
studio at the Abbesses to deliver the goods.

Upon arrival, you'll hear the phone ring. Pick it up to answer a call from a
woman named Prudence Rutherford, whom Nancy met during a previous case.
Inform her that her clothing designs will be shipped to her by the end of the
week and Heather will tell Nancy that she has to come with the designs.

Look at the drafting table to the left of Heather and read the notes that
Minette had originally left for Sonny before opening the book containing
Prudence's notes for each of the designs.

The first design that Nancy has to work on is the summer ensemble. It should
include the green hat, black sunglasses, pink top, green pants, the pink boa
and pink fuzzy slippers.

The second design is the cruise ensemble. It should include the rabbit mask
and ears, white fuzzy top, pineapple hand bag, orange pants, and the fuzzy

The last design is the fall ensemble that includes the blond wig, yellow
mask, the purple and green plaid shirt, black hand bag, long white pants and
the green boots.

Once you're successful with the designs, Nancy comments that they'll be
shipped out. Talk to Heather and ask about her aspirations of becoming a
fashion designer. She says that she already considers herself one, but she
chooses to work for Minette to build up a list of contacts. Nancy will
remember to give the envelope from JJ to Heather and once you're done talking
to her, attempt to enter Minette's office. Heather says that she's too
preoccupied playing some sort of online game.

Walk over to Nancy's computer and access Jane's Game Portal. It'll ask for a
login and password which can be found on one of Sonny's doodles that are in
Nancy's desk. The login is Carol while the password is rude. Nancy has an
opportunity to play a game called Model Match. You have to line up 3 or more
pictures of the same model, horizontally or vertically, to score points. The
more you can match at the same time, the more points you can earn. If you run
out of options, you can always click on Mix It Up to get a whole new set of

The current high score is 1000, which Nancy has to beat before the time is
up. You'll know when she's accomplished her goal when she says “Alright!”.
After beating the high score, you'll hear Minette exclaim that she got the
high score, which means that Nancy can now enter her office.

Show her the items that Nancy bought and after you leave the office, Minette
will begin to scream that she wants JJ so she can do some fitting so let's go
to Place Monge to retrieve her. She'll agree to head over to the studio if
Nancy stays behind to finish baking the cookies. All the ingredients are
readily available, except for the mint and brown sugar. The sprig that she
had was moldy and there is a mint shortage going on so finding some may be a
bit tough.

You can go to Pont Neuf and buy some mint from Malika for 50 euro, but you
can score some for free by going to Hotel de Ville and ordering the Crème de
Glace and picking the mint out of the ice cream. However, stop by Pont Neuf
anyway and buy the food substitution book from Marchand for his asking price
before going to the hotel to get the mint. With the mint and book in hand,
return to JJ's and let's get baking!

It was about this point that the first day concluded for me. Whenever the day
ends, Nancy will automatically return to JJ's and go to bed. You'll just have
to pick up where you left off during the next day.

After Nancy awakes, walk towards the baking table and open the cabinet to the
left. You'll find a container of molasses sitting here. Take it and walk over
to the table and place the molasses on it and then place the mint on the
chopping board and Nancy will chop it up to fine little pieces. Follow the
recipe as shown, substituting where needed:

3 cubes of butter 
1 cup of white sugar (for this recipe, make it 1 ½ instead
of 1) 
½ cup dark brown sugar (since we don't have any, substitute it for 1
tsp of molasses) 
3 eggs 
1 teaspoon vanilla 
2 ¼ cups of flour 
½ teaspoon baking soda 
¼ teaspoon salt 
1 fresh mint sprig, finely chopped
1 cup semisweet chocolate chips

Each ingredient is to be dropped into the mixing bowl and after everything
has been mixed together, click on the cookie tray sitting above the chopping
board and Nancy will bake the cookies. If at any time you make a mistake, you
can turn around and dump the contents of the bowl into the sink and start over.

When you're successful, Nancy will note that the edges of the cookies turn up
due to the mint. The phone will ring and when you answer it, it's JJ checking
to see how well Nancy did making the cookies and ask her about the one thing
that makes her cookies different from other cookies, and Nancy should tell
her that the edges turn up.

When you're done, return to the studio. The phone will ring and when Nancy
answers, an unknown German voice is on the other end and he wants to speak to
Minette. Tell him that she isn't available until he gets frustrated enough to
hang up. You'll see a do not disturb sign hanging on Minette's door, so to
kill some time, let's check out the dodo box near the door to read Minette's

The puzzle involves moving the dodo square from its starting point to the
glowing spot in each section until it reaches its nest in the last section,
but you have to avoid getting cornered by the predators along the way. The
arrows in the lower left control the dodo. If you need to start over, you can
push the button in the center of the arrows to reset the puzzle

I'm playing through the game on Junior mode, so if you're playing through
Senior, the solutions will be different than the ones I'm about to provide.

The first section:

Move right once 
Left once 
Up five times 
Left once 
Down twice 
Right three times 
Down three times 
Right once 
Up once

The second section should now unlock, allowing you to continue.

The second section:

Left once 
Down three times 
Right once 
Down twice 
Right three times 
Up twice
Left once 
Up twice 
Left once 
Up once

The last section should now open up.

The last section:

Left once
Down twice
Left once 
Up once 
Right once 
Down twice 
Right twice 
Down twice
Left once

The dodo will move into its nest and once you've completed the puzzle, push
on the egg button to open the box. Read the letters inside and pay particular
attention to the one on the purple note since the lettering is different
compared to the others.

Since Heather isn't here at the moment, let's check out her desk. Look inside
her fashion portfolio and then read the note she left for Nancy on Nancy's
desk. She wants her to pick up a stuffed parrot, so leave and head over to
Pont Neuf.

As you walk over to Marchand, you'll find Dieter sitting on a bench nearby.
Nancy will call out to him, but he runs off before she can say anything more.
Walk over to where he was sitting and pick up the obituary for Noisette
Tornade as well as the miniature clock. Buy the parrot from Marchand for 5
euros before returning to the studio.

As soon as Nancy re-enters the studio, you hear Minette scream out and Nancy
will then run over to her door. After Minette comes out of the office, she
explains that someone sent her a box of chocolates that actually had
cockroaches inside of it and now they're running around loose in her office.
She wants Nancy to catch them all before she can do anything more.

Pick up the box and let's go bug catching. As you wander around the office,
you'll see a cockroach scurry about the floor. Quickly pick it up before it
runs back into hiding. If you miss it, come back later as it'll reappear

There is a cockroach that hangs out by the dress form and when you catch it,
Nancy will follow it behind the platform where she finds a letter on the
floor. Pick it up and read it to see that it is a letter to Minette from Lynn
and then continue to catch the cockroaches. The other notable cockroach can
be found on the computer desk, where you will find a note from Heather
containing various font selections, causing Nancy to deduce that she was the
one that sent one of those letters to Minette.

After you've caught all the cockroaches, walk over to the door and attempt to
open it. Minette will slam it shut and won't let Nancy out until after she's
left. After they're done talking, leave the office and use the phone to call
Lynn, but you'll have to dial the phone card before dialing Lynn's number.

Talk to Lynn to learn more about Noisette Tornade to learn that she was a
Director of Public Works as well as her activities during World War II in
which she was mistaken for a German collaborator because she worked as a
translator. Before hanging up, Lynn asks if Noisette's last words of 'red
left green' mean anything to Nancy. They don't right now, but she'll call if
something turns up.

If at any time the second day ends, read the newspaper on JJ's table before
picking up where you left off.

Head to Pont Neuf to release the cockroaches back into the wild before paying
a visit to Dieter at Rue de Bac. He's in the darkroom right now, so talk to
him twice and he'll ask Nancy to do him a favor by using his camera to take
some stock photos. Agree to do so and pick up the camera off of the small
table near the door as well as the list of items he wants pictures of only to
see that it is in French.

Walk over to the fish tank and see that there's a small hole in the wall to
the right of it. Stick the miniature clock into it, only to reveal eight more
just like it. The idea here is to have all the clocks on the 3, but the
kicker is that when you change one clock in Junior mode, it also changes two
other clocks along with it. If that wasn't enough, you're also on a timer.

Number off each clock one through nine starting with the top left and ending
with the lower right. The order in which the clocks need to be changed are
clock 8, 1, 4, 7, 9, and 6. If you're successful, a hidden passage is

As soon as you enter the passage, you'll see a spider camped out on a web
nearby. Use the camera to take a picture of the spider by going into the
inventory and clicking on the camera to bring up the interface. Click on the
top button and then center the frame over the spider before clicking to take
the picture.

Afterward, follow the passage to the end where you'll see an engraving of
some sort of nut. Open the door to find a combination lock, the combination
is the answer to “the year our despair ended and the year my despair began”.
The answer is 1945 and when you've unlocked the door, you'll find a small red
book inside.

Read it and open the folded pages at the end of the book and be sure to take
the graph paper before leaving for Pont Neuf.

Return to Marchand once again and buy the code book for 8 euros. Read all
about the different type of ciphers and then ask him about the decoder. He
offers to trade it to Nancy for a bottle of Mouton Fouetté 1968. Talk to
Monique and buy the French-English dictionary from her for 23 euros.

Use the camera to take a picture of the Cross of Lorraine before heading back
to the studio. Use the phone to call Zu (his number is found in the Utne
magazine near JJ's phone) to learn that he is a fan of JJ. He'll agree to
help Nancy figure out what the sign means that she spotted in Dieter's house
if she can get JJ's autograph.

You can also call Hugo Butterly , but he'll hang up on Nancy before the
conversation gets too far. Deliver the parrot to Heather and then use the
camera to take a picture of the stapler on Nancy's desk. Speak with Minette
in her office and take a picture of the teapot sitting on the tea stand in
her room.

Before leaving, look at the gears again as well as the magazine to hear Nancy
comment about the similarities between them and the decoder. Let's go pay a
visit to Jean Michel.

In order for Nancy to see the uncropped photo of Minette, she'll have to make
some parfaits because the parfait maker is on his break at the moment and
there's currently some high demand for them.

As you look at the parfait stand, you'll see the ingredients on either side
of the parfait cup. The ice cream is on the left while the toppings are on
the right. You can see which parfait you have to make on the LCD screen at
the top and once you're finished making it, ring the bell at the top to be
given another order. If you make a mistake, you can dump the parfait into the
trash to start over. You'll have to click each ingredient on the particular
layer in which it needs to be placed. Here's how to make each parfait, so be
sure to put in the ingredients in the order I have listed for each one:

Aixois – whipped cream, strawberry ice cream, caramel, bananas, caramel

L'Enfer – chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate, whipped cream,

Tropical – Bananas, tapioca beads, berries, strawberry ice cream,

Corbeau – chocolate, caramel, bananas, caramel, chocolate 
Mystique– tapioca beads, berries, bananas, whipped cream, 
tapioca beads 

Fantasie – berries, vanilla, tapioca beads, strawberry, 
whipped cream 

Loulou – bananas, caramel, bananas, caramel, bananas

After you've made all the orders, Jean Michel will show the uncropped photo
to Nancy. Make a note of where the arrows are pointing on each of the gears.
Leave here for Place Monge.

Talk to JJ about Zu and agree to play hangman with her. You can con JJ for
her autograph by clicking on the letters to spell out “ZUMYLOVEJING” and once
you've done so, Nancy will rip the piece of paper off so that she can take it
to our next location, the Denfert Rochereau station.

Walk forward to the skull and take a picture of both the skull and the single
candle sitting to the left of it. Place the note in the skull's eye socket
before returning to the studio to call Zu and inform him of Nancy's success.
He explains that the symbol she saw is a noisette, which is French for
hazelnut. He points out that he saw the symbol on a door in the catacombs,
but Nancy will need a wetsuit to get to it because it's waterlogged.

After you're done talking to him, return to Dieter and talk to him about
everything. He'll show Nancy a postcard he was given by his great uncle Hans,
and he's given up on trying to solve the puzzle since he hasn't had any luck,
even after dating Minette in an attempt to learn more about it. Make a note
that the symbols can be found in areas that Nancy has already visited.

Our first stop is to Pont Neuf to check out the symbol at the Cross of
Lorraine. Flip the postcard over and then place the graph paper over it.
Click on all the green eyes as well as any red eyes that are looking left to
decode the message “Sous Lorraine 4154”. Look at the plate on the cross and
Nancy will comment that the numbers are moveable. Push in 4154 to uncover
several pictures, all of which can be found here in the park.

You'll find the mouth statue to the left of Marchand and to get it to
resemble the picture that was uncovered in the cross, turn the handle on the
right side ten times. The pinwheel can be found on the other side of
Marchand. Turn the crank on it until the purple petal is at the top and as
you turn around, a squirrel will climb down and screw it up, so now you'll
have to find something to keep the squirrel away.

Speak with Malika and buy the spool of string for 3 euros as well as the
stake for 10 euros and the Ichi-Do book for 6 euros. Walk over to Monique and
buy the flashlight from her for 3 euros and then return to Marchand and buy
the pie tin for 1 euro and the wet suit for 31 euros.

Head back to the pinwheel and place the stake in the ground to the left of
it. Attach the string and pie tin to it and the noise that it creates will
repel the squirrel. Turn the pinwheel until the purple petal is at the top
again and then go back to the park entrance. To the right of the cross,
you'll find a fish fountain with a red button near it. Push the button and
the grate behind it should open up to reveal a ladder leading down.

Follow the path until Nancy stops in front of a chest with a hazelnut on it.
Open the chest and take the key inside before returning to the surface to
travel to Denfert Rochereau.

Open the top of the skull and push the red button to uncover a hidden
doorway. Head through the door to enter a tunnel. Turn right and head down to
the next plank and cross it. If at any time you hear the police approaching,
duck into any side alcove and wait for them to pass by before continuing.

On the other side of the plank, turn left and enter the first alcove to the
right. Head down into the water and Nancy will automatically don her wet
suit. Head forward and dive down to see that a meter has appeared that
measures how much air Nancy has before she has to surface.

From where she starts, follow these directions:

Forward twice 
Forward and enter the tunnel 

You should now be in a dead end with a bottle lying near the grate. Pick up
the bottle to see that it is the Mouton Fouetté 1968 that Marchand wanted for
the decoder. Now you'll have to make it back to the starting point before
Nancy drowns.

Forward three times 
Enter the tunnel
Forward twice

Nancy will surface to regain her air supply and you'll have to make one more
dive before we're done here.

After re-diving, follow these directions:

Forward five times
Forward twice 
Forward twice 
Forward four times 
Forward twice

Climb up the ladder and head forward until you see a door with another
hazelnut engraving on it. Read the words and remember the page in the decoder
book about how metro stops can be used as codes. The code for the lock is
3724 and once you have inputted it, it'll reveal a propeller key that you
need to take with you.

To return to the entrance, dive down into the water and follow these

Forward twice
Forward four times
Forward twice
Forward twice
Forward five times

Walk up the stairs to see a pile of clothes. As you pick them up, Nancy will
be frightened by the appearance of a rat that may end up taking her decoder

Once you have the clothes, leave Denfert Rochereau by heading forward out of
the room, turning right and crossing the plank nearby and heading back the
way you came when you first entered the tunnel.

If at any time the day ends, read the newspaper on the table after Nancy

Return to Marchand at Pont Neuf and give him the wine to get the decoder in
exchange and then return to the design studio. When you look at Minette's
door, you'll find a bomb attached to it that is set to go off when the door
is opened. The puzzle is timed, so you want to be quick about defusing it.

When you open the door on the bomb, you'll see a set of instructions. The
sequences are correct when either the shapes have the same color or when you
have two of the same shape together.

Starting in the upper left corner, follow these directions:

1) The first connector that is in the upper left corner should be a
horizontal connector with a green circle on it.

2) From there, head down to where you see the black board with the red
circle. The connector next to it should be a vertical connector with a yellow

3) Continuing down to the next connector, there should be a vertical
connector with a green circle.

4) Below the next black board with the green triangle on it, a horizontal
connector with a green triangle should be placed in that spot.

5) Heading to the top of the circuit board, below the black square with the
red circle on it, a horizontal connector with a yellow circle on it should be
placed in that spot.

6) A vertical connector with a green square should be placed in the spot near
the upper right corner.

7) Below the last connector, place a horizontal connector with a blue square
on it in that spot and to the left of that, place another horizontal
connector with a blue circle on it.

8) Below the gold square that's below the pair of connectors that we just
placed, put a horizontal connector with a red triangle on it in that spot.

9) To the right of that connector, place a vertical connector with the red
square on it in that spot.

10) The last connector is a horizontal connector with a blue triangle on it,
and it goes in the spot near the lower right corner of the circuit board.

The bomb should now be defused, allowing Nancy to access Minette's office
once again. However, before we do so, let's use the decoder that we got from
Marchand to decode the M380.

Go into your inventory and take a closer look at the decoder. Open the bottom
part of it to find the gears and set them to the dials we saw in the
uncropped photo. The first gear should be turned to IX, the second to V, and
the third to III.

Look up at the top part of the decoder again and you'll have to type in the
code using your computer keyboard. Make sure that you don't put in any spaces
or punctuation and make sure that you can tell the difference between an O
and a zero. The code to enter is as follows:


After you enter the code, you'll see the decoded message appear on screen. It
says “Rouge Blanc Rouge Bleu Rouge”, which is French for “red white red blue

Enter Minette's office and look at the column in the middle of the room to
see an indentation that looks similar to the propeller key. Put the key into
the lock to see it uncover a panel with bars that have colors on both sides
of them. What you'll need to do is shift the colors on the bars so that it
corresponds to the message you just decoded. From top to bottom, shift the
bars so that they show red, white, red, blue, and red going down the middle.

Once you're successful, the windmill will turn and open a trap door in the
office. Head down the uncovered stairs and proceed through the passage until
you reach a door. Use the key from the chest to unlock it and you'll have
found what it was that Noisette stole during the war.

You'll see a pedestal sitting in the middle of the room with a glass case
sitting on top of it. Open the case and read the letter found inside to learn
the truth behind why Noisette did what she did. When you close the case, the
pedestal sinks into the floor, prompting some steel bars to come down and
block the entrance.

Open the panel on the bars to find another message that you will have to
decode. Read the pages in the decoder book about the date shift cipher. Using
380 as the shift number, you should end up getting this:


Decode the new letters with the decoder and enter the 3 Roman numerals found
under Noisette's initials in her letter, which are X IV III. You should end
up decoding the words DEUX UN CINQ SEPT, which are French numbers. In
English, they would read 2157, which is the combination you need to open the

Return to the stairs to overhear a conversation between a couple of German
men and Minette. It turns out that the whole thing was a set up. The Germans
wanted to bug the World Summit and Minette was to design the dress for the
First Lady that contained the bug.

Before leaving the underground passage, read the Ichi-Do book and keep in
mind the different chi-crys that will tell you which move is about to be
used. When you're satisfied, leave the passage and go over to the dress
platform and swipe the dress.

Minette will catch Nancy in the act and you'll now have to defend yourself
from Minette's attacks by listening for which chi-cry she yells out and block
the move accordingly. Here's the list of chi-crys and the moves they
correspond to:

Huh-SAH = Up-left attack
Huh x5 = Up-right attack
Ehs-SAH x2 = Up-center attack
Eeee-KAH = Mid-left attack
Sssss = Mid-right attack
Shirrr-RAH = Mid-center attack 
Keee-LAH = Low-left attack 
Shuh-ZAH = Low-right attack 
Shee-TAH = Low-center attack

Once Minette has been defeated, escape with the dress and Nancy will turn it
into the police. Watch the ending sequences and you'll have beaten the game!

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