Korean Folk Village

Korean Folk Village

1) From main screen: 
-Click top left
-Sand / rice field 
-Click sand to gather some up.
-Get board.

2) From main screen: 
-Click top right.
-Use board on rope to make a swing.
-Click under see-saw and get shoe.
-Click left and use sand in pit.

3) From main screen: 
-Click house on bottom left.
-Go through first door Place shoe.
-Click to left to get hammer.
-Enter house click left and get paper.

-Go back and click right (purple cabinets)
- First cabinet has papers, examine papers and fold 
  (1, 2, 4, fold in sides) get pasteboard dump
- Open last cabinet. Click on inside of last cabinet and remove
  the stopper.
- Open top drawer and get game piece

-Go to entrance and click right place game piece with the game.

4) From Main Screen: 
-Click House bottom right
-Go inside and click left, you will see a cabinet and paintbrushes on the wall,
-take the right one.

-Main room click desk. 
-Use paintbrush on ink pad then place paper on desk. 
-Use paintbrush on paper. 
-Take mural.

5) From main screen: 
-Go back to house on bottom left and place mural in the blank spot.

6) From main screen: 
-Go to top House
-Click left from entrance and use hammer on rice pattie, take soft rice cake.

7) From main screen: 
-click top left and go to field.
-The rice should be grown now. 
-Pick one and use with rice cake. 
-Close until its "a rice cake steamed on a layer of pine needles"
-Examine hole and get key.

8) From main screen: 
-click house on bottom right.
-Use key in desk drawer (where we made the mural) and get incense.

9) From main screen: 
-Click house at top
-Place steamed rice on the table with the food. 
-Use the incense next to the little kettle. 
-Click it a few more times to light and your done.

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