Karoshi 2.0

Karoshi 2.0

Submitted by: Arriator

Complete Walkthrough, with Boss Part 1

Level 0
Jump onto the spikes.
EASTER EGG: Instead of jumping onto the spikes, go to the very right of the
screen and wrap through it. You'll see you aren't alone!

Level 1
Push the crate down the platform and on top of the middle circle.
Push the button. Boom.

Level 2
Push the top crate down the platform AT THE LEFT CORNER, while the bottom box is 
standing below the left corner. Push the bottom box away. Boom.

Level 3
Four times the fun! Jump onto the top of the platforms,
push the crate(s) down and onto the button(s). Jump into the spikes.

Level 4
Push the blue button 10 times (13 -3). Walk below the third crate. Boom.

Level 5
Take the gun, click yourself (maybe in the crotch...?). Boom.

Level 6
What you see is actually the reverse level. Walk into the mirror to see the real
path. Follow it, and jump into the air (actually the spikes).

Level 7
Walk around, observing the ground. When you see a block with a red dot on it, 
jump on top of it.

Level 8
The guy says "Give me 10 coins!". Collect the 10 coins around the level, and he'll 
say "Did I say 10? I meant 20." You'll surely be panicing "OMFG?! HOW??" But just 
press R(estart). Collect the next 10 coins and the guy says "THANK YOU" and you 
can pass through him. Fall down the gap.

Level 9
Don't collect the coins, instead, DASH through the level,
because with each jump you'll run out of "gravity". Touch the spikes.

It's a "scribble" of a level. Just wrap through the left of the level.
Touch switch. Huge TV + Karoshi = BOOM.

You see a button, a button block and a recycle bin. Follow it by wrapping through 
the screen at the places where the recycle bin is. If you do it 5 times
a crate appears. Touch the button and quickly jump/run intoo the crate as it falls.

Press K.

Jump up, and at the highest point press L. A row of blocks appears. Jump over the
huge L and fall.

Obviously, you can't jump. Walk to the right, and as you fall the second time DASH 
to the left. Fall down the small gap. Boom.

All grounded spikes are happy kids.
Wrap to the right, push the blue button, wrap to the left, jump onto the top row and 
JUMP and while in MID-AIR WRAP to the right and touch the spikes.

"Oi" is true. Touch the buttons in order: 1, 2, 3, 4 squares. At the fourth: BOOM.

Press (any) 100 buttons. You can press some simultanousely 
(A-S-A-S, Left-Right-Left-Right, ...) On the 101th press the ground fa(i)lls.

Make the "AIR" bar run out. Touching the (huge) air bubbles
will fill it up again, making you have to restart (full air = bad). BOOM.

Don't let the orange fuzzes kill the top-left block! Or damage it below 1/4. 
Let them kill the other three. Jump onto the 4th block and into the spikes. Bewm.

Just don't think the screen rotates. Jump into the spikes. BEWM!!

More level-guides soon!

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