GIGIG – Game in Game in Game

GIGIG - Game in Game in Game

-Password is elizabeth.
-Check Internet Explorer, go to Favorites and click the 
 japanese icon.
-Find the three items that David mentions (they’re all in drawers) 
 then keep going down on the forum.
-Then go to the bed headboard and pull out five tissues.
-Get the red paper.
-Go down on the forum.
-Lift the blanket.
-Fiddle with the curtains (unsure of exact method) and get the 
 blue paper.
-Go to the forum and find how to open the DVD player.
-Turn the TV on then open the DVD player and close it.
-Watch the scene.
-Then you can open top drawer of big drawers.
-Get spatula.
-One of the desk drawers needs the spatula (it has a false bottom) 
 and then you’ll get the yellow note.
-Go to the forum and then go to the encyclopedia.
-Enter LAST and then working out clues you’ll get the combo for the 
 bottom drawer in big drawers: 483.
-Open drawers, get key, use key on drawer and you are OUT!

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