German Room Escape

German Room Escape

-get the blue big vase on the cabinet. (about item it there
 is "5" under it)
-get a thin paper from th middle light green book on the 
-get the girl painting on the wall. (about item it there are 
 chineese word on the right side of it)
-enter "89" on the gray safe in front of the desk and get scissors.
 (for one moment you will see "4" after getting scissors)
-cut the rope on the cabinet witrh scissors (left of the door) and 
 get a key thing.
-open the cabinet , on the right of the bookshelf with the key.
-and get a knife.
-cut the place on the wall which we got painting before.
-see the code thing.
-get the photo of the bookshelf on the floor.
-put the vase on the game table .
-you will see another code place on the bed screen.
-there are 3 paintings in the room. numbers on it 17-6-9 but one 
 of them is not upright.
-so the code for the panel 1799.
-get the lion and the 2nd part of the thin paper. 
 (for one moment you will see "3")
-enter the code "3745" on the safe near the door.
-get a violin.
-put it on the panel next to the door.
-see the symbols.

switch the buttons of the symbol:
A looks like the P
G looks like the square
G looks like the square
E looks like up arrow
C looks like the 'n'

-The door will open and you are free.

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