Eye of the Beholder

Eye of the Beholder



ver. 1.15

last update: December 8, 2001

by: Sergio 



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This file is Copyright by Sebastian "Sergio" Kocylak 2001

If you want to put this Walkthrough on your page, or do ANYTHING else with it,
contact me first.




December 8, 2001

Added Steve's e-mail address. And, uh, nothing else :)).

October 17, 2001

I've added one section: Teams. If you want, you can send me your teams, and
I'll post them there. I'm planning to add another section: Party Members. There
I'll rate all of the possible party members, which can join you through the
game. What do U think?

August 4, 2001

If you want, I can add some useful things, like Dream Team. Of course you can
send me yours teams, hints or anything, and I will put them in next version of
this Walktrough (It'll be FAQ/Walkthrough then :)). Besides, I'll place here
only locations of important and/or needen items - you must find the rest
yourself. And I must warn you: my English is not very well and I know that very
well, so please don't send me e-mails about it.




In this section I'll post your Dream Teams. Let's start with mine, shall we?

Sergio's Team

warrior, Keirgar, mage, Tyrra, cleric/thief, Ileria.

Explanation: well balanced team. Two warriors, with an arrow shooter and a
dagger thrower/spell caster, and two backup girls ^-^. Keirgar is simply the
best warrior in this game, Tyrra is a great Ranger, and Ileria... I've let her
join only because she is the only Cleric in this game (except your starting
party) - her stats are AWFUL (10 Wisdom!!!), but it's better than nothing. Why
Cleric/Thief? Thief is helpfull in EOB2, if you want to use your characters
from EOB of course.

And something useful from Steve (regninf2@aol.com):

Additionally, those planning on using their EOB1 characters for EOB2, might
want to make sure they have all extra equipment items with the 4 characters
they can/want to transfer. An extra cleric holy symbol is especially useful,
not having to wait for one to be dropped can save a lot of time and effort.




In this game you'll have to pass 12 levels. This Walkthrough will guide you
through them quite precisely, but don't expect step-by-step Walkthrough. Oh,
and about the monster names: I gave them names which resembles their look.
Shall we begin?


Enemies: Koblods, Worms

This level is very easy. All you have to do is step on panels, and leave items
on them if needed - it'll open some doors. The last one is tricky - you must
step on panel, place any item on it, and then push a switch. And don't forget
to take Lockpics - you can find them almost at the beginning of this level,
along with Halfling bones (you can ressurect a Thief from them later). The
entrance to the next level is on South - East, counting from the entrance. Oh,
and take as many Daggers as possible with you - you'll soon see why.

SPECIAL: In an alcove holding a Mage scroll of Armor and a Cleric scroll, 
place a dagger. It will turn into Guinsuo.(a +4 dagger, I think). Thanks to
Martha White (camwhite3@earthlink.net) for this.


Enemies: Skeletons, Zombies

Well, it'll be harder from here. First pick up the Silver Key and go East. Use
levers, step on panels and find Silver Key. Return to entrance and now go
South. Open door with Silver Key. Watch out - there's some false walls and
illusions here. When you'll see a carved dagger on the wall, place Dagger
there, and then go through one of the walls. You must find another Silver Key
here. Finally go North, use Silver Key, and go North again, until you'll find
another door. Click on it few times, and they'll open. Go forward, open doors,
take items and don't forget about Silver Key. Now go in the direction of
entrance, but this time use a path to the left. You'll find Stone Dagger there.
Leave chamber with Southern exit. When you'll find a teleport, don't use it -
it'll teleport you to the exit, but you don't have a Gold Key, so it's no use.
But soon you should find another door (to your left). Open it, enter chamber
(well, sort of :)), close them and finally push the button. Wow, an elevator!
You must use it twice to obtain a Gold Key, and you'll fight with some
Skeletons and Zombies along the way. Now, if you want to finish this level
quickly, return to a teleport and use it. Open door with Gold Key. You can
explore some more if you want, and you'll eventually reach those doors anyway,
but it's up to you.

SPECIAL: If you'll put Daggers in every carved dagger on this level, you'll get
one Food Ration for every one of them.


Enemies: Frogs, Big Kobolds (I think)

Quite easy too. Your main objective is to find four Blue Gems and put them into
eyes carved on walls (you'll see what I mean). As for other things: this time
you must be careful, because some halls and chambers may teleport you, usually
they'll only turn you around, so look at your compass often. Some doors (two I
think) must be opened with Red Gems, you can get one of them if you'll go East
for entrance, and turn right when you can. Second is in the room with many
holes and panels - you must open door using the first Red Gem. In Soth -
Western part of this Level you can find another bones - they belong to a
skilled fighter, so save them. Your target is North - Western part of this
Level - there's a hall there, you can find all Blue Gems here and places, where
you can put them. Just be careful, because you'll be often teleported to the
other part of this hall. After doing this, a new path will open (it's got two
entrances, both from this hall). You should enter Northern.

SPECIAL: After putting all Blue Gems in their places, pull them out, and you'll
find two potions in the last chamber.


Enemies: Spiders

Now it's something. BEWARE OF SPIDERS!!! Those damned suckers can poison you if
they hit you, so try to finish them using throwing and shooting weapons. If
they'll poison you, you're as good as dead, because you don't have any
Neutralize Poison scrolls, and you'll find only four Cure Poison potions, so be
very carefull.

After one step, you'll meet Taghor (Figter) - tend his wounds, and he may join
you. This is rather hard level. You can get Drow Cleaver (axe) here. Don't
forget to take every Dwarven Key you'll find. First go North and take the left
path. Don't worry about the walls, they're all illusions. Next go West, and
then South. You'll enter big chamber with three doors. Open each one of them,
take Dwarven Key and other stuff. In the middle room lies Drow Cleaver. If you
want it, open all three doors and then close left and right of them  - a wall
will open in the middle chamber. Now go North, pull lever, West, North and
East. In one of the rooms here you'll find four Cure Poison potions, so take
them. Now it's getting hard. You must find an entrance to Level 5, which is on
South - Western part of this Level. But first, go to the South - Eastern part,
and destroy Spider Webs, enter hall and find a Stone Scepter. You can destroy
Webs using any short - range weapon. Now go to the entrance to the next Level,
or explore a bit more - it's your decision. Oh, and BTW: there are two
entrances to the next Level, so take first you'll find (there are some doors

SPECIAL: If you put three stone items in the holes in the little room with 5
teleporter doors in it, you get three "scrolls" (not spell scrolls). Thanks to
Ryan Mills (hubris@ucla.edu) for this.


Enemies: Spiders

Nothern wall is false, but don't pass it until you find Dwarven Key (go West).
Then pass through the wall, go North and open any of the three doors (like
middle). If you'll go North and then East, a Dwarf will talk to you. Hear his
speech, agree, and he'll offer you a company of Dohrum (Fighter), and give you
some food. You may also find a Cleric here: he can ressurect Tad-something :)
(Thief) from bones from Level 1 and Anya (Fighter, bones from Level 3), and
even heal your team, but you must give him some time. Now leave Dwarves and
head Nort - another false wall, take Stone Necklace from there. Next go South,
through the door you opened earlier, East until chamber, and then South. Pull
lever, open door. This part may be hard, but don't worry - I'm here :). Go
South, West, open door, take a key, East, North, East (don't open a door),
South, East, North, pick up a key, West, and fall through the hole. Don't fight
with the enemies, just get the hell out of here (North - West) and use stairs.
Then return to this tricky chamber (East), pull cat's arm (it'll reset this
room), and this time go, South, East, open a door, use key and pass through the
false Eastern wall (Teleport yourself). Now go forward until you'll reach a
room with Teleports - you must pull three levers here, then head into a false
wall, and finally go through the hall. There's an entrance to Level 6.
Hooray!!! :)

SPECIAL: Put five rations into a hole with "PANTRY" sign next to it - you'll
recieve five Iron Rations.


Enemies: Kenku

When you'll see a door and two panels, put Daggers or Darts on them. Remember
to pick up every Kenku Egg you'll find here. As for Kenku's: they're new
enemies, with an ability to use Magic Missile, and they're always attacking in
groups. Go South until you meet a Mage - you must fight with him - easy. This
level's really simple. When you'll find a hole, fall through it and take a
Dwarven Key - you must obtain two using holes - they'll open locks needed to
enter Level 7. You can open false walls on South, when you'll place Dagger or
Dart into holes on the wall - find Dwarven Key and Mace +3 there. Not far form
there (West) is the entrance to Level 7.

SPECIAL: When you'll find a room with a sign "NEST", throw few Kenku Eggs there
- you'll recieve Chieftain Halaberd.


Enemies: Drows, Elite Skeletons (?)

Much harder. You can really get lost in here. Drows? They're weaker than Kenku
(IMHO), but still may be dangerous (they can paralyze you). Elite Skeletons are
stronger, but no to hard to beat. But they're not a main problem here: this
time traps will fire Fireball on you, so when you'll step on and panel, run, or
get hit. When you'll enter this Level, few Drows will appear. You can fight
with them, or give them all of your Kenku Eggs - decision is yours to make.
When exploring, don't use a stairs going down, but the ones going up, and take
a Stone Ring. After taking all items (bones belongs to Ileria (Cleric)),
finally use those down-going stairs. I don't think you'll get lost in here, so
just take gem and all keys you'll see here. There's a place where you can
exchange your gems for keys - use your Blue Gems from Level 3 (you need four
keys). Open door with a gem. It is really simple place now, so just open all
doors, take all items, and finally use your Jewel,  Ruby and Drow keys to open
last four doors.

SPECIAL: I don't think there's any Special Quest here... at least I haven't
found anything.


Enemies: Hell Dogs (nice name, huh? :)), Spider Queens

One of the most simple levels. Both enemies are easy to kill, and those Spider
Queens can't poison you (I think :)) Just find an entrance to Level 9, but
watch out for the invisible teleports. Look for Night Stalker (Sword) here
(it's behind a false wall, North-East).

SPECIAL: Nothing here.


Enemies: Chimeras (uhm... dog-lookin', blue guys with two tentacles on their
back), and... errrr... a mix of a turtle and scorpion... What are those guys!?

Enemies? Piece of junk. Again. When you'll enter this Level, you'll see four
doors. First, use Nort-East door, go through the hall, take two stones and use
them as a keys. Now use Nort-West door and go through this hall. You'll find a
bones of Baohram (Paladin) here, with great +5 Sword. When you'll see a two
holes, throw something to the East, then go few steps back, place something on
the panel, and you can finally enter a next Level. Oh, and one more thing: do
NOT enter South-Eastern door, because you can lost some items there. You can
have them again later (there's a panel somewhere), but it's not worth it.

SPECIAL: Across from a saying about walls and stuff like that, there is a wall
that can be thrown though. Fire a dagger or stone to open the wall and find
some good stuff. Thanks to Martha White (camwhite3@earthlink.net) for this.


Enemies: Mantis

Beware of Mantis, they can paralyze you. When you'll meet Shindia, let her
speak (don't kill her). You can also meet here Keirgar (Fighter) - if you want
to defeat Beholder (last boss of this game) easily, take him with you (you'll
soon see why). In North-Western part lies a bones of Tyrra (Ranger). When
you'll enter a hall with teleports, enter first of them, and then step back -
they'll dissapear. If you'll find a levers, pull them once or twice, 'till
entering a room with a hole. This hole is the only way to enter Level 11.

SPECIAL: Put Kenku Eggs in holes on the wall in Eastern room.


Enemies: Psionics, Stone Beasts.

At least some hard enemies :)! Stone Beast can really hurt you, so just kill
them quick. And Psionics? Beware! They can paralyze ALL party with ONE attack,
so try to dodge. If you want to leave this room, you must push buttons on one
of the sides. Your main objective is to found Dwarven Healing Potion, Stone Orb
and two Drow Keys. You'll also find a bones here:  they belong to Kirath
(Mage). If you'll find the Stone Orb, you can use those funny-lookin' teleports
- just place your Stone Things (you should have some). Using them return to
Level 5 and go meet the Dwarves. If you have a Dwarven Potion of Healing and
Keirgar is in your party, you'll recieve a Wand of Silvanias. Now return to
Level 11 and search for another teleport - place an Stone Orb there, and
welcome to Level 12!



Enemies: Golems

You'll meet with golems here, they can really pack a punch, so be carefull. Use
switches, open doors and finally meet with a Big Beholder. Equip Wand of
Silvanias on your Mage and use it - it'll push this guy. You must push him into
a trap - this is the fastest and easiest way to kill him. As far as I know,
it's VERY hard to beat him without this wand. Good luck!

SPECIAL: Using the Wand of Silvanias, push him into the trap in the throne
room. Ummm... so it was a special quest then? Oh well - thanks to Martha White
(camwhite3@earthlink.net) for this.




Well, what can i say? My name is Sebastian Kocylak and I'm a 17-years old male
from Poland. I LOVE RPG games on any computer or console, and also some
strategic games, like Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre or Jagged Alliance. I
also enjoy listening good music (especially from games like Suikoden 2), and -
of course - learning English, because my grammar sucks :)))




* Thanks to www.gamefaqs.com and other FAQ pages for exsisting :)

* Thanks to Barteq for help and moral backup :)

* Thanks to Ryan Mills (hubris@ucla.edu) and Martha White
(camwhite3@earthlink.net) for Special Quests info.

* Thanks to Steve (regninf2@aol.com) for his thoughts ;P

* And of course thanks to SSI for producing this game.

Well, that's all. If you have any suggestions, ideas or any other stuff you
wish to share (about this game of course), contact me.

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