Etherlords 2

Etherlords 2

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                  Etherlords 2 FAQWalkthrough, version 0.15.
                   Author: Hedin2004 (
			     Date: 27 June 2005.

Several years ago I bought Etherlords 2 disks. It was a great game, and I
finished all campaigns of Etherlords 2. Then this game was forgotten. The
time passed. Some days ago I visited "Etherlords 2" section in GameFAQs and 
found ... no full Walkthrough for Etherlord 2! I decided to improve the
situation. I found the package with disks, blow off a dust from it,
inslalled the game, and the fantasy story came to life again.


1. Version control.
2. Game basics.
  2.1. The Universe and the World.
  2.2. The World of Lords' races.
  2.3. Gameplay.
  2.4. Battles.
  2.5. Strategy.
3. Walkthrough.
  3.1. Storyline and notation.
  3.2. Vitals walkthrough.
    3.2.1. Synthets' invasion.
    3.2.2. Life spring.
4. Character's attributes.
5. Skill list.
6. Specialization list.
7. Artifact list.
8. Charm list.
  8.1. Synthets' charms.
  8.2. Chaots' charms.
  8.3. Vitals' charms.
  8.4. Kinets' charms.
  8.5. Pale charms.
9. Sorcery list.
  9.1. Synthets' sorcery.
  9.2. Chaots' sorcery.
  9.3. Vitals' sorcery.
  9.4. Kinets' sorcery.
  9.5. Pale sorcery.
10. Creatures' attribute list.
11. Creature list.
  11.1. Synthets' creatures.
  11.2. Chaots' creatures.
  11.3. Vitals' creatures.
  11.4. Kinets' creatures.
  11.5. Pale creatures.
  11.6. Other creatures.
12. Shrine list.
13. Credits.
14. Conclusion.
15. Disclaimer.

1. Version control.

Version 0.15.   27 June 2005.
Updated Walkthrough, Charm list, Sorcery list, Creatures' attribute list,
Creature list and Shrine list sections.

Version 0.1.   20 June 2005.
The Walkthrough is created. Added these chapters: Game basics, Walkthrough,
Character's attributes, Skill list, Specialization list, Artifact list,
Charm list, Sorcery list, Creatures' attribute list, Creature list, Shrine
list, Credits and some necessary staff. 

2. Game basics.
  2.1. The Universe and the World.

The tongues of flame, torrents of water, the vault of heaven and the stone
crust, all creatures intelligent and stupid — here everything is made of
Ether. Everything springs from it returns to it after death. Ether knows no 
barriers. Ether is everywhere. And its flow is life itself — the life of
the Ether Universe. 

The main flow of Ether comes from the center of the Universe. It dazzles
like the fresh snow — this is why it is called White Ether. Those who can
curb it will be granted great power.

But very few manage to achieve that. White Ether only exists for a brief,
elusive moment. Now and then, its full-flowing river splits into four
currents. These currents are not as powerful, but they endure much longer.

They are called Ether of Chaos, Ether of Motion, Ether of Vitality and
Ether of Synthesis.

The Ether of Chaos is scarlet like blood. The Ether of Motion is blue like
skies. The Ether of Vitality is green like a freshly unfolded leaf. And the 
Ether of Synthesis is black like scorched stones. 

These Ethers form the basis of everything existing in this Universe. When
the flow of the ethers is smooth and measured, they emit pure energy; but
when their pace quickens, ether whirlwinds form and give birth to matter.

With inexorable regularity the four multicolored flows of energy rush to
join each other and become White Ether again. And where they mix their
kaleidoscope of streams in a impetuous whirlwind, the World of the Lords
The World of the Lords - this is but one of the worlds in the Ether
Universe. Intelligent inhabitants of the World of Lords know that the crust 
under their feet in reality is just an ether whirlwind, a clot of energy.
Four celestial bodies travel over that world. The Red Sun, Blue Star, Green 
Planet and Black Moon, named long, long ago after the ethers whose energy
they emit. They do not cause high and low tides and to change the cycle of
day and night is not in their power. They spend eternity upon eternity
hovering in space. 

But their wanderings are not idle. Time passes and a mysterious force lines 
up the stars in single file aimed at the center of the Universe, at the
point where White Ether is created. And the time of change comes to the
World of Lords... 

As soon as the planets combine, their energy flows into a single blinding
beam that streaks to the center of the whirlwind. It then unfolds and
starts moving backwards. The World of the Lords begins to change wondrously 
— mountains turn into plains, troughs in the sea turn into dry land,
previously unseen lands now appear in plain view and impregnable fortresses 
deteriorate into mirages. 

The inhabitants of the World of Lords must then rewrite their history and
redraft their maps. But the magical essence of the world is also completely 
renewed at this time. 

Ether is a source of power and pure energy, sometimes referred to as magic.
To the inhabitants of the World of Lords, this means the ability to change
the direction and speed of ether flows. They are born with this ability — 
using invisible currents of energy flows, they create armor, weapons and
servants... Ether is the thread from which they weave their world. 

But new races appear on new lands, old spells lose their power and new ones 
emerge in the world. To survive, they have to learn magic anew. During
brief periods of the Great Changes, they can neither be sure that their
magic will create exactly what they want, or that they will see exactly
what they hoped to see. Frequently something alien and unknown comes to
light, and a new world forms in front of their eyes... 

Like any creature destined to go through a dawn, zenith and decline in life 
and then to return in another incarnation after death, the World of Lords
emerges, reaches its full beauteous bloom and then dies, in order to be
born anew in all its wonder.

  2.2. The World of Lords' races.

#1. The Synthets: The Race of the Ether of Synthesis.

It is impossible to mistake a Synthet for anything else! The flows of the
Ether of Synthesis are ill suited for living creatures to exist and develop 
in. Trying to adapt to these very unusual conditions, the Synthets reduced
the living matter in their bodies to the minimum, and replaced the rest
with machinery. 

Their color: black. 

Their strengths: they are incredibly enduring — and how could it be
otherwise; after all, there is so very little life left in them! Also,
being the opposite of the Vitals, the Synthets can interact with non-living 
nature excellently: in the Ether of Synthesis, chemical reactions proceed
at very high speed, while living creatures find it very hard to exist
there. The Synthets are known for their cool, perfectly rational mind,
superb order, and thorough planning of any action. 

Their weaknesses: the Synthets never managed to completely get rid of their 
original vulnerability — they just work hard to support the balance of
living and non-living elements in their bodies. Sometimes this balance gets 
disrupted, and in their unrestrained desire to become «mechanical
perfection» the Synthets lose their common sense and turn into mindless
destroyers. And even the best of machines do have occasional irreparable

Being the Lord of Synthesis... be prepared for the fact that your subject
will not believe in you at all. They can produce a huge number of proofs of 
your non-existence. But do not let this worry or confuse you: these vassals 
of yours will still do what you want. 

In case you have to address a Synthet directly, keep in mind that
communicating with you would shock and startle him, like a short circuit or 
a puzzle which cannot be logically solved. This would put a great strain on 
his mind and exhaust all thought resources. 

#2. The Chaots: The Race of the Ether of Chaos.

You will know the sons and daughters of Chaos by the scarlet sheen on their 
faces — it is the reflection of irrepressible fires of war and blood shed
in battles. The Chaots' faces seem to be carved from rough stone and their
bodies are strong and sturdy. You would not call them graceful; mayhap
stout would be a better word. 

Their color: red. 

Their strength: primarily physical. Other strengths include an unruly
temper and... numbers. Their children mature early, and the men of arms
take risks without a second thought for their own safety — partly because
they simply do not like to think, and partly because they never learned to
value life because of their incredible fertility, so casualties do not
scare them. In fact, very few things can frighten the Chaots at all — after 
all, obstacles exist just to provide the fearless sons of Chaos an
opportunity to sweep them out of their way. 

Their weaknesses: inability to control their instincts, which are very
powerful and occasionally suppress the voice of reason. 

Being the Lord of Chaots... remember that you are an indisputable and
authoritative seer whose ideas are not subject to discussion or criticism.
You will not hear any prayers or see any rites or vigils: their way of
serving you is to win fierce battles; they worship you by committing feats
to attract your benevolent attention. And if they do win a battle, they
feel certain that you will follow your subjects more closely and direct
their thoughts and deeds with care. However, never ever address a vassal of 
yours directly: that would cause great confusion and humiliation in the
mind of a simple Chaot! Others would think that he was so stupid, that the
Lord had to explain his will personally, even if it were praise! 

They would never ask anything of you and never put any questions to you;
any decision of yours, even a strange-seeming one, the Chaots would see as
fair and sacred. They would die with your name on their lips, confident
that the Lord had foreseen everything, even failure and the death of the
Sapient always under his control. 

#3. The Vitals: The Race of Vitality.

Born from the most fickle flow of ether, the Vitals sometimes look
incredibly bizarre. Watching them, one understands just how multifarious
life is. 

Their color: green. 

Their strengths: the Vitals' main strength is their ability to subtly feel
other life and interact with it effortlessly. They also can thoroughly
analyze the situation and plan many steps ahead. 

Their weaknesses: the main one is the fact that they value their own and
other creatures' lives too highly. And their ambition is limited to the
desire to reign over their private territory. 

Being the Lord of Vitality... you will be considered to be a quintessence
of life, a supreme being whose incarnation they can see in any life form,
even one of lower order. You will have to remember each of your subjects
day and night; for if you forget about one for even a moment, it will die.
And this will happen regardless of whether your subject failed to please
you, or if your attention was distracted for a second. So the Vitals will
quite logically constantly remind you of their presence! And they consider
their own feelings and desires to be part of your will, the will of the
Lord of Life. 

#4. The Kinets: The Race of the Ether of Motion.

Like the ether that gave birth to them, they always aspire upwards. Their
build is aesthetic and delicate, their bodies slender and their faces
impassive. When you look at Kinets you may get the impression that they
possess higher knowledge. But that is hardly the case; ultimate wisdom is
nothing but a dream for these Sapient. 

Their color: blue. 

Their strengths: they are not actually immortal but they come really close
to it (and that is why they value their lives so highly). But they value
knowledge even more, and their craving to learn is extremely strong.
«Knowledge is power» — this is the first commandment of the Kinets.

Their weaknesses: occasionally the temptation to acquire new knowledge is
so strong that it overcomes their common sense. And then the far-sighted
Kinets get caught in their own cunning traps... 

Being the Lord of Motion... you will become the Kinets' highest sage and
ultimate teacher. But that will not stop them from engaging in
philosophical discussions with you! Do not be afraid to admit that you were 
wrong — such a gesture would only strengthen your authority in the eyes of
a Kinet. However, this traditionally informal dialog between the Kinets and 
their Lord does not mean that they will ever take liberties with you. And
although your decision may be the subject of discussion, it will never be
challenged: no vassal of yours would ever doubt that the highest sage of
the race knows what he is doing.

  2.3. Gameplay.

Etherlords 1 and 2 haven't equal games. Your hero travels in real time on
map with the help of the mouse like in Dungeon Siege, and battles are turn
based and card-based. Your character has an active pack of cards (it is
like a spell book), which is used in battles. Each card is connected to a
spell. When you use a card, the character casts a spell. Etherlords 2 is
the most complex card game I've ever seen.

There are 3 types of gameplay in Etherlords 2: campaign, duel and net play.
Campaign game is like in a simple RPG: select a campaign and begin the
game. Your character will investigate maps, gather resources and artifacts,
talk to the other characters, learn new spells and fight with monsters and
heroes, who stand on his/her way. During the gameplay your character will
be gaining experience, learn new skills. He/she can exchange new spells for
the resources.

In Duel game you'll fight against heroes and creatures you can choose. You
can also choose a pack of cards. The net play provides playing through the
Local net or Internet.

  2.4. Battles.

Your objective during combats is to beat the opposition. Your only weapon
in the world of Etherlords is magic, and your hero's army will consist of
«monsters» — creatures whom your heroes can summon using spells. Monsters
can attack opposing heroes and repel their attacks, taking the damage
intended for your hero. Part of the damage which your charges have not been 
able to absorb can affect your hero, and finally this may cause his death.
Also, heroes can cast spells directly harming the opposing hero, and spells 
affecting the outcome of the combat in various ways. 

Combats in the game proceed step by step; i.e. the game time is divided
into stretches traditionally called moves. At the beginning of each move
your hero will have one or more spells randomly taken from his Book of
Spells. During the move the hero can use one or more spells out of the
available ones. Casting a spell, the hero spends a certain amount of magic
energy; note that the total amount of energy available for one move is
limited. At the beginning of the next move, one or more new spells from the 
hero's Book of Spells will be added to the spells remaining from the
previous move (unused). 

Using magic, the hero can summon creatures, engage in sorcery, cast charms. 

The hero can only summon creatures intrinsic to his race. There are more
than 120 monsters in the game, each of whom has a unique appearance. Each
creature has two properties defining the strength of its attack and ability 
to withstand opposition's attacks or spells (attack and defence
parameters). Also, most of the monsters have certain unique abilities. When 
a creature is summoned to battlefield, it will not be ready to attack or
use its unique abilities during the current move. However, during the
opposition's move it will be able to protect the hero who summoned it, by
blocking attack of one of the opposing creatures or by using its unique
ability. The creature will only be able to attack after its master's turn
to make move comes. 

If while making his move the hero sent his creature to attack or used its
unique ability, the creature will not be able to contribute any further
until the next move by its master. This means that during the next
opposition's move the creature which has just attacked cannot be used for
protection. To the contrary, a creature which has been used for protection
from enemy monster will be ready to fight immediately after its master has
the move. During the opposition's move you'll have to choose one or more
creatures out of those summoned by your hero to repel attack by one of the
enemy monsters. If your hero does not have enough creatures to fight off
all enemy attacks, the remaining enemy monsters will be able to harm your

If the defence parameter of the creature fighting off an enemy attack
happens to be lower than the attack parameter of the offending monster, the 
defending creature will die, or, rather, go to so called «tomb». However,
this does not mean that the creature is out of the game for good. Creatures 
in the tomb can affect the outcome of the combat and even come back. To
ensure that the creature does not come back until the end of the combat, a
special spell is needed. 

Charms are spells which work for a certain period of time. Charms allow
hero to strengthen their creatures or to weaken enemy creatures. Thanks to
these spells your hero can obtain different advantages for the whole time
of combat, and even change the rules in his favour. However, charms can be
dispelled by using unique abilities of certain creatures or special spells. 

Sorcery is casting spells which have immediate effect. They have huge
number of uses: for example, with their help hero can destroy enemy
creatures, cause damage to enemy hero, increase the amount of available
magic energy and much, much more. 

With every move, the amount of magic energy available to the hero
increases. The higher the hero's level, the more magic energy he gets at
the beginning of each next move. Accordingly, the hero will be able to
summon the strongest creatures, which usually demands a large amount of
magic energy at earlier stages of combat. However, having stronger spells
is not the only way to win. Your hero's success will depend on how well the 
spells in his magic book mix together. Correctly selected spells can
seriously strengthen each other and ensure the most profitable and
efficient combat tactics. Usually a hero can only summon those creatures
that are related to their own race. There exist in Etherlords II spells
that will be available to the heroes of any race, as well as heroes that
can fight using magic from all four races. In the game there are over 120

  2.5. Strategy.

Etherlords 2 is a rather hard game. This is simultaneously good and bad.
Here are some strategies, which can help you to complete the game.

#1. Strategies from the manual.

While travelling on map talk to the NPC's once or even twice. This can help
you through the game. If you don't do this, you can stuck.

Explore and explore ... Maps are full of resources, spell shops, enemies,
who can give you experience spells and items, NPC's, who can give you side

Always rotate the camera to explore objects, which are hard to see.

Remember, that there are no unbeatable enemies in the game. Perform a good
tactics, and you'll win.

Your main goal in battles is to defeat a hero or a creature, which casts
magic against you. But this doesn't mean, that you must only attack the
main enemy. You must also pay attention to the enemy's creatures, who can
damage your hero and defend the enemy.

It is hard to win with the help of defence, so attack. You can be damaged
by the enemy when your creatures are resting after an attack. But try to
damage the enemy harder, than he damages you.

Always use your advantages. For example, if the enemy has only land
creatures, attack with flying creatures.

Don't forget to choose your active pack of cards according to your
character's specialization and skills.

Don't forget about artifacts. They can really help in battles. Learn the
skills, connected to the artifacts.

The battle process depends on an active pack of cards. Very strong pack
always beats weak pack. So when you select cards for your active card pack,
remember these:
- choose cards which supply each other (for example a creature can
increase same tipe creatures' attributes while summoned);
- there are "quick", "strong" and mixed pack of cards (quick can be used
early in the battle, but has a small effectiveness; strong can seriously
harm the opponent, but it takes some time to gather magic energy).

Create your own tactics and use it against the enemy.

#2. Strategies, I can add.

If you are defeated, don't give up. Move away cards, which are useless
against the opponent and replace them with the cards, that are effective
against him/her/it. Then battle again.

If you are low on health during the battle, don't give up too early. The
character with 1 health point can do a lot I can say (if he/she is wisely

When you get new spells, examine them and don't forget to refresh your
active pack of cards if it is necessary. If you've received a card, which
is more effective than the same type card in the active pack of cards and
it costs the same, then replace the old one with the new one.

Don't forget to select your character's specialization after receiving.

If the enemy is strong, try to explore the part of map, gain experience,
items, spells and battle again.

3. Walkthrough.
  3.1. Storyline and notation.

In the beginning you must select one of two storylines.

             --> Vitals --> Synthets --
Selection --|                          |-->
             --> Chaots --> Kinets   --

Etherlords 2 is a 3D game and the camera can be freely rotated, so tell you
about the directions in my Walkthrough section. The direction can be
defined by the mini map. So, if you rotate camera until the arrow on the
mini map will face strictly North, then the arrow will aim North, below it
will be South, to the left will be West and to the right will be East.

  3.2. Vitals walkthrough.
Campaign description:
"With the help of Nature magic the young Vitals heroine finds out that she
will face not only the usual enemy. In the world of the ether a new enemy
appeared, who puts it's existence in danger".

    3.2.1. Synthets' invasion.

Chapter description:
"Eileen from the Rowan-tree clan has to find out, why the Synthets one more
time invaded the Vitals territory".

When the map is loaded, you'll see Eileen. She'll have a dialog with
elders, without seeing them. On the northern border of Forest state, near
the Blackthorn fortress there was a small battle with Synthets. From that
time there wasn't any news from the Blackthorn fortress. The elders will
send Eileen to find out what has happened.

Then you'll see a small game movie, where Eileen travels North. When she is
near the entrance to Blackthorn fortress, she'll talk to Nadan, the
watchman. Nadan will send Eileen to T'enan, the commander of the fortress.
Then the character will enter the fortress, and Nadan will close the gate.
Then you'll take control over Eileen for a little while. There is nothing
special to do here now, so just move forward and trigger the dialog with

Eileen will say that she can take care of the enemy. She asks T'enan to
explain, why the battle lasts too long. T'enan will answer, that the real
war began. A great army of Synthets attacked the fortress. The invasion
has been hardly held. T'enan asks Eileen to look into the magical cup near
eastern wall. Eileen will walk to the cup, look into it and see the scene.
To the North-East of the Blackthorn fortress one of the Synthets' leader,
"Omega-400E Devastator" hurry up his army to assault the fortress. The
landing force will attack the fortress from the ship, but fail. Then the
camera returns to Eileen. She'll ask T'enan what to do. He'll answer that
he isn't afraid for the fortress, but then he'll remark, that Kilan the
Fearless needs help. He holds back the enemy for 8 days alone.

Then you'll take a true control over Eileen. Let us begin our adventure!

Your basic active pack of cards: Thick forest x 2; Sharp claws x 3; Ether
drop x 4; Spitting Fingus x 4; Tick warrior x 3.
Eileen is level 1, her inventory is empty, and she hasn't any

Talk to T'enan. Eileen will ask him about the teleports. T'enan will
remark, that the shortest road to Kilan is through the teleport near the
northern wall. He adds that to the South of the teleport's exit lives
Rulana the Hermitess, a powerful sorceress, who can give you some useful
spells. Dialogs with Lona, who guards the eastern enter, and with Nadan,
who guards the southern entrance, are useless. If you look into the magical
cup in the north-western part of the fortress, you'll see a battle scene
with Kilan. Enter the teleport near the northern wall.

Gather plant resource and travel North. Battle with the Spitting Fingus.
Spitting Fingus.
10 HP. Level 1.
Specialization: Finguses' immortality.
Pack of cards: Ether drop; Spitting Fingus; Sanitation.
Enemy tactics: delay the battle, waiting for the ether disturbance, during
which it can survive with the help of Sanitation.
Tactics against this enemy: kill all enemy Finguses; attack with ticks and
strengthen them with magic; try to defeat the enemy as fast as you can.
Exp. reward: 20.
Cards received: Mystic Hornet, Magic Hornet.
You can add received cards to your active pack of cards. The flying
creatures will be useful.

Gather 2 plant resources to the North-East and travel West. You'll come to
the "cross-roads". To the North and to the South the resources are guarded,
but the main way lies to the West. If you need experience, cards and
resources, it is better to defeat the enemies to the North and to the
South. But it is not necessary.

If you want resources then I recommend you to defeat the Carnivorous Fingus
to the North first, because he'll give you a good spell as a reward.
Carnivorous Fingus.
13 HP. Level 2.
Specialization: Finguses' immortality.
Pack of cards: Spitting Fingus; Carnivorous Fingus; Bless of the forest;
Sharp claws; Thick forest.
Enemy tactics: raise the attack of Carnivorous Finguses and then
sacrifice them to kill your creatures or to damage your hero; delay the
battle, waiting for the ether disturbance.
Tactics against this enemy: attack it with the flying creatures, raising
their attack; note that Carnivorous Finguses can kill your strengthened
creature, so try to strengthen several flying creatures.
Exp. reward: 25.
Cards received: Dark forest, Sacrifice power.
After the battle exchange Thick forest for the Dark forest in your active
pack of cards, because their ether cost is equal, but the Dark forest is 3
times more effective.

Gather the plant resources and conquer the Garden of Mandragora. After that
battle with the Treant Sapling to the South.
Treant Sapling.
10 HP. Level 1.
Specialization: Vampire Treant.
Pack of cards: Ether drop; Treant Sapling; Sharp claws; Thick forest.
Enemy tactics: raise it's Treant Saplings' attack attribute and attack.
Tactics against this enemy: use Dark forest as fast as you can; attack it
with the flying creatures, raising their attributes; use finguses as a
Exp. reward: 20.
Cards received: Sacrifice power, Mystic Hornet.
Gather the plant resources and conquer the Garden of Mandragora. Now you
can travel West and battle with the Mech Worm.
Mech Worm.
13 HP. Level 2.
Specialization: Creatures resurrection.
Pack of cards: Mech Worm; Distorted upgrade; Reanimation; Enfeeblement;
Enemy tactics: raise it's Mech Worms' attack attribute and attack,
paralyzing and weakening your guardians.
Tactics against this enemy: use Dark forest as fast as you can; attack it
with the flying creatures, raising their attributes; use finguses as a
shield against strengthened worms and treants against the weak worms.
Exp. reward: 25.
Cards received: Ether harvest; Ether support.
Go to the Sacred place of knowledge and learn your first specialization - 
Free Casting. Don't forget to equip it in Inventory window. Gather the
plant resource to the South.

Travel South and talk to Rulana. She considers that the Life spring is the
main aim of Synthets. The Life spring is in the center of Vital's
territory. She asks to bring her 10 plants and 5 stones.

Move to the North-West until you see the Life Protector shrine. Attack the
Bee Warrior to the South-East of the Life Protector shrine.
Bee Warrior.
10 HP. Level 1.
Specialization: Creatures resurrection.
Pack of cards: Bee Warrior; Sharp claws; Sanitation.
Enemy tactics: raise it's Bees' attack attribute and attack.
Tactics against this enemy: use Dark forest as fast as you can; note, that
you can only defend with the help of flying creatures.
Exp. reward: 20.
Cards received: Dark forest, Dissolution.
After the battle exchange Thick forest for the Dark forest in your active
pack of cards. Take the stone resource, which was guarded by the Bee
Warrior. Travel West and take another stone resource near the water.

I recommend you to return to Rulana. Talk to her, tell her that you've got
all the resources, and exchange them for several cards: Treant Sapling x 2;
Treant x 2; Bless of the forest. Exchange Sharp claws for the Bless of the
forest in your active pack of cards. Exchange ticks for the treants in your
active pack of cards, because treants are much stronger (they regenerate).

Return to the Life Protector shrine and battle with the Mini Hopper to the
North-West of it.
Mini Hopper.
13 HP. Level 2.
Specialization: Iron skin.
Pack of cards: Mini Hopper; Distorted upgrade; Enfeeblement.
Enemy tactics: raise it's Mini Hoppers' attack attribute and attack,
paralyzing your guardians.
Tactics against this enemy: use Dark forest as fast as you can; attack it
with the flying creatures and treants.
Exp. reward: 25.
Cards received: Ether support; Dark forest; Ether harvest.
After the battle exchange Thick forest for the Dark forest in your active
pack of cards (if you've got Thick forest in the active pack of cards).
Search the monster's corpse for the Dissolution and Ether harvest.

Collect 2 plant resources to the North-West and travel East. Before
battling the Wall of illusion, collect 2 plant resources. When you are
ready, battle the Wall of illusion.
Wall of illusion.
16 HP. Level 3.
Specialization: Dazzling Illusion.
Pack of cards: Wall of illusion; Enfeeblement; weakening gas.
Enemy tactics: weaken your creatures and delay the battle, waiting for the
ether disturbance.
Tactics against this enemy: quickly use all the strengthen magic on 1
creature and kill all the enemy guardians. Then take care of the enemy.
Exp. reward: 75.
Cards received: Sacrifice power; Ether support.
Enter the fortress. Take plant and stone resources to the North. If you
look into the magical cup in the fortress, you'll see a battle scene
with Kilan.

If you proceed to the East you'll face a hero, who can be named the boss
of this chapter - Omega-400E "Demolition man".
Omega-400E "Demolition man".
18 HP. Level 3.
Specialization: Physical resonance.
Pack of cards: Mech Worm; Distorted upgrade; Mech Wurm; Paralyze; Mech
Wyrm; Deprivation of power; Body exchange; Breakage.
Enemy tactics: rase it's creatures' attack attribute and attack,
paralyzing and weakening your guardians; delay the battle, waiting for the
ether disturbance.
Tactics against this enemy: use Dark forest as fast as you can; attack it
with the flying creatures, raising their attributes; use treants as a
shield; if the enemy uses weakening spell, counter with strengthen spell.
Exp. reward: 75.
Cards received: none.
After dealing with Omega-400E "Demolition man" go East and collect 3 plant
resources and 1 stone resource to the North and to the South of the
teleport. Use the teleport to travel to the Blackthorn fortress. Talk
to T'enan. He'll give you these spells: Treant Sapling x 2; Old Treant x 2;
Ancient Treant x 2. T'enan will tell you that Eileen can travel through the
southern gate. Suddenly Rulana will appear. She'll you that a strange
female woman is traveling South. So, you must hurry. 

You can equip some new cards if you want. To finish the chapter exit
through the southern gate.

    3.2.2. Life spring.

Chapter description:
"Eileen traces the way of Synthets to the Forbidden forest. There she must
protect the Life spring from "Rusty" enemies and from unknown female
warrior, who was met on the road".

4. Character's attributes.

#1. Level - shows how strong and experienced is the character.

#2. Health - shows how much damage a character must receive to perish.

#3. Magic - shows how much magic energy remains.

#4. Magic channels - show how much magic the character can spend during the
current turn.

#5. Specialization - character's current Specialization.

5. Skill list.

#1. Artificer - allows use of artifacts several times in battle: 2 times
(the beginner).

#2. Channeling - delays ether disturbance for hero and precipitates it for
the enemy: for 1 turn (the beginner).

#3. Concentration - hero receives additional spell cards in battle: each 4
turns (the beginner).

#4. Learning - hero receives more experience points: +15% exp (the

#5. Luck - increases the chance of hero's specialization to work.

#6. Regeneration - character's health during battle restores by 1 point:
each 3 turns (the beginner).

#7. Resources - your character can use a spell card more than once each
combat: 2 times (the beginner).

#8. Strength - increases health: +10% (the beginner).

#9. Suppression - decreases the chance an enemy's specialization to work.

6. Specialization list.

#1. Finguses' immortality - every fingus summoned by the character has a
chance to regen when it's health drops to zero.

#2. Vampire Treant - any treant under the hero's control after hitting the
enemy hero has a chance to give the equal health to it's master.

#3. Creatures resurrection - each combat round, there is a chance that a
creature from the tomb will return to the hero's hand.

#4. Free Casting - the character has a chance to cast a spell without
paying it's magic cost. (additional cost isn't ignored).

#5. Iron skin - the character has a chance to avoid any physical damage in

#6. Dazzling Illusion - each time an enemy creature is blocked by a wall of
illusion under the character's control, there is chance that the blocked
creature will be charmed with the "Enfeeblement".

#7. Physical resonance - the character has a chance to deal 1 damage to
every hero and enemy creature on the battlefield every time he is damaged
by a physical attack.

7. Artifact list.

Will be added.

8. Charm list.
  8.1. Synthets' charms.

#1. Distorted upgrade.

#2. Enfeeblement.

#3. Breakage.

#4. Paralyze.

#5. Deprivation of power.

  8.2. Chaots' charms.
  8.3. Vitals' charms.

#1. Thick forest.

#2. Sharp claws.

#3. Sanitation.

#4. Bless of the forest.

#5. Dark forest.

#6. Ether harvest.

#7. Ether support.

#8. Dissolution.

  8.4. Kinets' charms.
  8.5. Pale charms.
9. Sorcery list.
  9.1. Synthets' sorcery.

#1. Reanimation.

#2. Body exchange.

  9.2. Chaots' sorcery.
  9.3. Vitals' sorcery.

#1. Ether drop.

#2. Sacrifice power.

  9.4. Kinets' sorcery.
  9.5. Pale sorcery.
10. Creatures' attribute list.

#1. First strike - the possessor always strike first, when he faces the
enemy creature on the battlefield and if the enemy creature hasn't the
same attribute.

#2. Huntress's shot - For the forced rest the possessor destroys the
creature with attack equal or greater than 4.

#3. Flying - the possessor can't be blocked by the land creatures.

#4. Blood-thirsty - the possessor attacks until attack points are fully

#5. Tireless - the possessor can't be forced to rest by the enemy.

#6. Agressive - you can't control this creature, and it always attacks the
enemy hero.

#7. Regeneration - when the possessor's health drops to 0, the is a chance
of restoring all the health. The higher is the level of regeneration, the
higher is the chance. If regeneration haven't worked, the possessor dies.

#8. Ether defense - the possessor can't be aimed by the enemy spells and
the enemy creatures' special attacks.

11. Creature list.
  11.1. Synthets' creatures.

#1. Female Necromancer.
Stats: attack - 6, defense - 6 

Half-woman, half-bird that strikingly resembles Death. She's always ready
to turn her enemies to dust and has the special ability of bringing
defeated beings of her own race back to life. Even after she is destroyed
you can never be certain that she will not rise from the ashes the next

#2. Male Necromancer.
Stats: attack - 8, defense - 8 

This heartless creature tears the hearts out of living beings in desperate
hope to replace it's own, but the new heart always refuses to beat in its
dead breast. He is blind and deaf, but he feels other life around him and
takes it without remorse. Defeating an Iron Warrior is extremely difficult
and even mortal wounds will heal in a split second. If his master orders
so, he can resurrect a dead servant and bring him back to the battlefield. 

#3. Mini Hopper. 
Stats: attack - 1, defense - 2 

Hoppers were once collected for their beauty and carefree habits. The
Synthets then modified them into awe-inspiring and dangerous beings. They
now willingly serve their masters on the battlefield. The Mini Hopper,
although not very powerful, is ready to rush into battle immediately after
it is summoned. This vicious creature is known for knocking one spell from
its enemy's hand with each attack. Mini Hopper will magically reappear
after death if 3 or more creatures owned by its master have died since. 

#4. Mech Worm. 
Stats: attack - 1, defense - 1 

Worms continuously moult, changing their appearance and armour shell as
they grow. This worm is the weakest one of its class, but when its master
summons a Mech Worm, it immediately rushes into battle and virtually
nothing can stop this "killing machine". Only a mortal wound can slow down
its thrust, but as long as the Mech Worm remains alive it only craves one
thing: to pierce it's victim with its dreadful metal jaws. It can
regenerate its mortal wounds completely if its master agrees to pay for it.

#5. Cutter Man. 
Stats: attack - 7, defense - 4 

This horrible creature is kin to Razor Man. Although not so strong, he too
can rip protective enchantments off his enemy. These mechanized creatures
engage in battle so passionately that when fatigue finally overcomes them
it's almost like death. To make any of them raise their lethal weapons
again, their master must offer up a sacrifice. 

#6. Wall of Distortion. 
Stats: attack - 0, defense - 8 

Wall of Distortion has been punished for its past crimes: once it used to
appear before wanderers' sight only to lead them away into nether world.
Now it is doomed to serve as a ...peacemaker. She is capable of stopping
even the most furious battle, but only by the cost of its dear life. 

#7. Mech Wurm. 
Stats: attack - 3, defense - 2 

Unlike weaker but more aggressive Mech Worm, this creature would take its
time before rushing into battle when summoned. But as soon as it overcomes
its birth shock, it needs no order to dart into fight. Not even a mortal
wound can stop its frenzy: revived, it will come to battle again, but for
no less than three Ether drops. 

#8. Razor Man. 
Stats: attack - 11, defense - 8 

This synthesized creature is the strongest one of the three carriers of an
age-old secret. Long ago the White Lord, master of the Ether World,
selected one representative from each race, the Kinets, Chaots and Vitals
and inserted a magic stone into each of their bodies. The person who
manages to assemble a necklace of these stones will control Ether World.

This horrible creature will cut its enemies to pieces trying to find this
treasure. Not many can withstand its attack, but if the opponent manages to 
survive, all spells cast against him will be immediately neutralised. This
mechanized creature engages in battle so passionately that when fatigue
finally overcomes it, it's almost like death. To make Razor Man raise its
lethal weapon again, its master must offer up a sacrifice. 

#9. Iron Mechos. 
Stats: attack - 5, defense - 4 

Death will come to any creature who dares blocking the way of Mechos: its
bite is so poisonous that even the slightest scratch of his mighty jaws
would be lethal. Not even this can satisfy his fury: with no regret he
would step over the dead body of its victim to sting the enemy hero. 

#10. Bronze Mechos. 
Stats: attack - 5, defense - 3 

Bronze Mechos has been developed after processing the remains of
pre-historic proto-animal which had an improbably strong and mobile
maxillary apparatus. After a number of modifications, this creature has
developed poisonous glands in its orbital socket (apart from everything
else). Accordingly, all wounds inflicted by Mechos to any enemy (except
Walls) are fatal, though the effect of the wounds only becomes apparent at
the end of the battle. 

#11. Phantasmal Wall. 
Stats: attack - 0, defense - 6 

Advanced spectral barrier. Passivity typical for this class of creatures,
in this particular case has not been confirmed by tests: comparison of
indicators undertaken during experimentation revealed the hybrid's
increased ability to fight. Using additional energy resources received from 
Master, it acquires ability to respond to enemies' attacks. Unfortunately,
similar properties regarding damage resistance parameter have not been

#12. Iron Mechozaurus.
Stats: attack - 7, defense - 5 
(Creature can't be affected by any spells or abilities)

Iron Mechozaurus has been created after a number of experiments with the
427-SJ model, which is an immature specimen of a species unknown to
science. Due to irreversible upgrades, instead of the flesh the body parts
particularly vulnerable to cold are now covered with advanced insulating
material. Later on all types of Mechozauruses developed ability to transfer 
energy from the attacked to Master. Besides, Iron Mechozaurus showed an
extremely stiff resistance to magic: it cannot be affected by any magic
spells or abilities of creatures or heroes.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to overcome a serious deficiency of
the model, due to which Mechozaurus retained the ability to parasitize on
Master, thus regularly causing him harm. All efforts to discover the
origins of the initial essence proved futile, but due to positive general
development trend, it was decided to keep the working model as is and not
make any changes in the memory zone or telescopic, balance and motor

#13. Mech Wyrm. 
Stats: attack - 5, defense - 4 

Mech Wyrm is an advanced representative of the class of Worms,
distinguished by increased attack and damage resistance parameters. A
series of experiments undertaken in order to perfect the initial Mech Worm
model yielded ambiguous results. Although the improved specimen showed
increase of certain basic parameters and tended to preserve their most
valuable ability to regenerate, they needed a considerably longer
adaptation period after their summoning. With regard to this tendency it
was decided to refrain from further experiments with the initial model. 

#14. Maxi Hopper.
Stats: attack - 3, defense - 4 

These creatures were once collected for their beauty and carefree habits.
The Synthets then modified them into awe-inspiring and dangerous beings.
They now willingly serve their masters on the battlefield. The improved
model of Maxi Hopper is not only capable of rushing into battle immediately 
after it is summoned, but also to knock three spells out of its enemy's
hand each time it attacks. This vicious creature would magically reappear
after death if at least three creatures belonging to its master have died

#15. Bronze Abomination.
Stats: attack - 1, defense - 2 

His formidable creation of Synthet's scientific thought is not only
remarkable for its dreadful appearance. Seized by despair, the enemy
watches this faultless soldier rise from the dead every time, no matter how 
hard it suffered in battle. Only one drop of Ether would suffice to bring
it back as vigorous as ever. 

#16. Hopper.
Stats: attack - 2, defense - 3 

Woe to a hero misled by Hopper's seemingly playful and careless sight. It
fiercely throws itself into action at its master's first call. It is also
known for knocking two spells out of its enemy's hand with each strike. One 
unfriendly Hopper on the battlefield is a mishap, but two of them are a

  11.2. Chaots' creatures.

#1. Orc Warrior.
Stats: attack - 4, defense - 2 

Even a small break in the battle is like torture to a Fighter Orc, who
lives for constant combat. By just appearing on the battlefield he can
inspire his fellow Orcs to heroism and even after total exhaustion brother
Orcs will get a second wind and rush into combat to crush the enemy. 

#2. Orc Guard. 
Stats: attack - 2, defense - 5 

Guards believe that their solemn duty is to protect their master, which
often causes them to look down upon their bloodthirsty brothers. There are
times when the heat of battle can light flames of recklessness even in
Guards, and then a battle cry of fellow Orcs will force them to rush into

#3. Orc Elder.
Stats: attack - 6, defense - 4 

Only an Orc who has won a thousand victories can become the Elder and only
for him will the way to the Valley of the Dead open. The eldest Orc will be 
waiting for the winner in the dismal valley, to give him the Chief's Axe in 
exchange for battle trophies - an awesome weapon that never misses it's
target. The mere presence of the Elder on the battlefield inspires the Orcs 
so much, they forget about fatigue and rush to meet the enemy with
tremendous energy. 

#4. Kobold Warrior.
Stats: attack - 2, defense - 1 

The Chaots know that there are more attractive, wiser and stronger
creatures than Kobold Warriors. But there are none braver! It would be
difficult to fight battles without them. Their blood-curdling battle cries
send chills down the spines of enemies and encourage fellow Kobolds to
attack with renewed rage. 

#5. Kobold Elder.
Stats: attack - 2, defense - 2 

Elders do not rule the Kobolds for an indefinite time. When they are either 
killed in battle or quietly die of old age, The Kobolds will go on the
first night to the dark Death Rock. The one who reaches the summit first - 
be it by force or by cunning - will be the Kobolds' new ruler. His power is 
the highest and all Kobolds must unquestioningly comply with any of the
Elder's orders. 

#6. Kobold Guard.
Stats: attack - 1, defense - 3 

Dungeon creatures do not feel at ease in the world of light. They'd be glad 
to go back but they cannot abandon their master. They loyally guard their
master's peace. And when danger comes, the Guard boldly goes to face the
enemy. However it would be unwilling to attack unless supported by his
fellow Kobolds. 

#7. Giant Bat.
Stats: attack - 5, defense - 4 

This flying bloodthirsty killer races in the dark like an arrow, secretly
bringing death to all living creatures around. Everybody is afraid of the
silent invisible sweep of its wings; however, its lightning-fast lethal
bites are even more frightening, since they can weaken even the most
full-bloodied and powerful creature. 

#8. Vampire Bat.
Stats: attack - 6, defense - 6 

The Vampire Bat always craves its enemy's blood and will seek it at any
cost in order to pass its life-giving power to its master. 

#9. Stink Rat.
Stats: attack - 1, defense - 1 

Rats have become worthy servants of the Chaots. Although small, Stink Rat
can become an irreplaceable spell in the hand of a beginner due to its very 
low cost. 

#10. Disease Rat. 
Stats: attack - 1, defense - 2 

These shouldn't be treated lightly. Their sharp teeth are dangerous both to 
the living and the dead. If a rat wishes so, the servant of the enemy who
had a misfortune of giving it a bad turn, would never come back from the
land of the dead. 

#11. Ogre King.
Stats: attack - 6, defense - 5 

Nothing can withstand the Ogre King's onslaught, who crushes huge rocks and 
tall oak trees with the slightest of effort. He craves the total
destruction of his enemies: he needs no rest after attack even if he has
received most serious wounds. Even slaying the enemy beast will not satisfy 
his craving for blood. He would trample down his victim to deliver his
mighty blow to its summoner. 

#12. Cyclops.
Stats: attack - 9, defense - 9 

There is only one thing that these one-eyed creatures fear, that they will
not notice the cunning enemy who is capable of killing them. The Cyclops
will wipe out everything in its path - be it living or dead. They crush
their enemies with huge fists, or throw giant stones from a distance. They
believe that when the world is empty enemies will have nowhere to hide. 

#13. Kobold Shaman.
Stats: attack - 0, defense - 1 

Kobold Shaman is born to lead troops in battle. As soon as it issues a call 
to Kobolds, brave warriors rush into combat. But if Shaman believes that to
be insufficient, he summons magic. He knows how to call up spirits of the
dead and direct their rage towards the enemy. Sorcery does not come easy to 
Shaman: after performing a miracle, he has to sit down and have a rest, to
restore his magic powers. 

#14. Silicon Wall.
Stats: attack - 0, defense - 7 

All walls contain small amounts of silicon - a rock which is strong as
steel. However, Silicon Walls are made exclusively of this matter. As soon
as one of them appears on the battlefield, silicon particles in other
friendly walls start to grow and arrange themselves into tough lattices.
That's why all Chaots' walls become stronger and less vulnerable when a
Silicon Wall is present nearby.

  11.3. Vitals' creatures.

#1. Bee Warrior. 
Stats: attack - 1, defense - 1 

Bee Warrior comes to the world only to sting the enemies. It was one of the 
first forest creatures adopted by Vitals sorcerers, and they still honor
this small insect as a faultless servant. 

#2. Bee Worker.
Stats: attack - 1, defense - 2 

Bee Warrior comes to the world only to sting the enemies. It was one of the 
first forest creatures adopted by Vitals sorcerers, and they still honor
this small insect as a faultless servant. 

#3. Bee Queen. 
Stats: attack - 1, defense - 1 

Bee Queen inspires its subjects to go into battle. She benevolently allows
other bees to devote their feats to her, and gives the swarm a chance to
attack the offender first; sometimes this decides the outcome of the

#4. Mother Bee.
Stats: attack - 0, defense - 1 

Nature itself protects the Mother Bee. The bee of all bees never touches
dirty work. It's not concerned about protecting itself or getting food.
It's the only one who can give birth to ever new warriors bees, increasing
their number to infinity... 

#5. Spitting Fingus.
Stats: attack - 0, defense - 2 

Mysterious fruit of Flora and Fauna, it cleverly uses its dual nature in
battle. Like a flower with roots in the earth, it cannot attack enemies on
its own free will. But like an animal, it can answer a blow with a blow
protecting itself. It gains the utmost power only with its last breath: if
its master decides to sacrifice its life, this faithful servant would
deprive an enemy of one life point before it dies. 

#6. Giant Fingus.
Stats: attack - 2, defense - 7 

Until the time comes, the master spares this creature and takes good care
of it, accumulating its power. If a fully-grown Predatory Flower is
sacrificed, it will cause any enemy creature as much damage with its last
breath as if it was capable of attack. 

#7. Tree Snake.
Stats: attack - 1, defense - 1 

The snake which lives on trees packs a lot of rage. Every time it stings an 
enemy hero, its force grows.

#8. Mystic Hornet.
Stats: attack - 3, defense - 3 

Even a small drop of their poison falling on the enemy would definitely
kill him. Nobody is safe from this sad fate. Creatures of dungeons, beings
who live high in the mountains, a stone wall or a spirit - everybody and
everything will be eaten through by the caustic poison, every creature will 
be pierced by the sting of the flying killers.

#9. Tick Worker.
Stats: attack - 1, defense - 3 

Ticks are small and look entirely harmless. But let the enemies have no
false hopes: nobody is safe from these warriors! You can try to avoid death 
if you encounter an ordinary Warrior Tick. But if the warrior is helped by
a Worker Tick it's going to be much tougher; after all, the worker's job is
to inspire fellow ticks for a mortal combat and give them more strength. 

#10. Evileye.
Stats: attack - 3, defense - 3 

They say once upon a time beholder decided it can see everything, so it has 
been punished for that: now it must keep vigil all the time. It can move
through any non-flying walls and destroy spells by a single blow. And
another scary thing: beholders can hit enemies from afar. Though beholder's 
look is only lethal if the enemy's strength is near the end. But if a pack
of beholders come together on the battlefield, they'll be able to overcome
even fresh and strong opponents. 

#11. Mantis.
Stats: attack - 4, defense - 4 

Each staff blow weakens them so much, they must catch their breath. These
cunning creatures of Ether of Vitality only need to take one hypnotic look
to stop any of the enemy's servants. And the enemy creature can try as hard 
as it knows how - it will be unable to move, overcome by a wave of
irresistible fatigue... 

#12. Mantis Scribe.
Stats: attack - 5, defense - 5 

They scrupulously keep records of glorious battles their master took part
in. Nothing escapes their keen eye; all feats of the master will be
described in detail, for the descendents' benefit. The Scribe serves the
master so zealously, as soon as the mantis' pen touches the paper the
"walls" protecting enemies from blows fell down. 

#13. Mantis Patriarchis.
Stats: attack - 6, defense - 6 

Enemies tremble when Mantis Patriarch comes to the battlefield! Not only
can he take the enemy hero's strength to give it to his master. If a Vital
wishes so, the oldest of mantises will never allow enemy creatures of the
same kind to take part in battle, regardless of how numerous or strong they 
happen to be. 

#14. Evileye Warrior. 
Stats: attack - 5, defense - 3 

The more creatures of its kind stand by his side, the more damage can the
Evileye Warrior cause, the more powerful enemies it can destroy. The roots
of its fury lie in the eternal rivalry of all-seeing creatures, whom Nature 
generously endowed with martial abilities and who are permanently fighting
for the place in the sun. They serve a single Master, so they cannot fight
each other and have to vent their rage on enemy creatures. 

#15. Carnivorous Fingus.
Stats: attack - 0, defense - 6 

Until the time comes, the master spares this creature and takes good care
of it, accumulating its power. If a fully-grown Carnivorous Fingus is
sacrificed, it will cause any enemy creature as much damage with its last
breath as if it was capable of attack. 

#16. Treant Sapling. 
Stats: attack - 1, defense - 1 

The oldest of the Vitals still remember the horrible battle when a great
number of Treants found their deaths. And those who survived went to
primeval forests, and for years nothing has been heard about them. But one
day they returned to their masters. It's not so easy to deal with a Treant, 
even if it is only a Sapling. If the master wishes so, Treant Sapling can
rise from the dead and get back to battle, to crush the enemies to the
Vitals' glory. 

#17. Ancient Treant. 
Stats: attack - 4, defense - 4 

Ancient Treants are more experienced and able than younger ones. If any of
them kills the opponent creatures, he can strike the enemy hero himself.
Treants are very enduring: only a tiny drop of ether can bring a mortally
wounded Treant back to battle. 

#18. Grass Snake. 
Stats: attack - 1, defense - 1 

Snakes are not believed to be the wisest and most cunning creatures for
nothing. The one which hides in the grass knows that the best defence is
offence, so it always strikes first.

#19. Tick warrior.

#20. Magic Hornet.

#21. Treant.

#22. Old Treant.

  11.4. Kinets' creatures.

#1. Green Dragon.
Stats: attack - 7, defense - 8 

Hey say that the Green Dragon's scales are made of emeralds. If the master
allows the Green Dragon to rest, the Dragon will destroy even the strongest
of the enemy hero's bodyguards. 

#2. Lamia Warlock.
Stats: attack - 9, defense - 5 

An unquenchable thirst for blood keeps the Lamia Warlock going. Even if
she's unable to destroy the enemy, the Warlock will try to get at least an
ounce of strength from him, and humbly bring it back to her master. 

#3. Aviak Elder.
Stats: attack - 2, defense - 2 

It has been established that presence of the Elder increases the fighting
spirit and endurance of all Aviaks taking part in combat.

#4. Lamia Warlord.
Stats: attack - 7, defense - 8 

It is well known that the gaze of the Lamia Warlord is hypnotic. She has
the ability of stopping her opponent with her stare and gaining the first
strike. If the creature sent by the enemy hero to deflect her blow would
die, Lamia Warlord will deliver what is left from her strength to her
victim's master. 

#5. Cleric Spirit.
Stats: attack - 1, defense - 5 

Cleric Spirit is the mentor of his Master's servants. His charms can make
all Spirit Warriors stronger and more enduring. Not only has he power over
living spirits, but also over those who have already crossed the border of
the world of the dead. Only a small drop of ether will help him bring a
Spirit Warrior back to life. 

#6. Wall of Breeze.
Stats: attack - 0, defense - 6 

For protection, the Kinet warrior calls a wispy flying Wall of Breeze. This 
creature is ideal for defence. However, despite the fact that it cannot
attack enemies, high magic of Kinets can arm Wall of Breeze with lethal

#7. Aviak Scout.
Stats: attack - 1, defense - 2 

Aviak Scout is a good fighter and a reliable servant. Its main merit is
that he can fly, and thus can only be stopped by creatures with similar

#8. Air Elemental.
Stats: attack - 3, defense - 6 

Air Elemental cannot be blocked during battle: its ice-cold breath
paralyses the enemy creatures for a fraction of second, but this is enough
for the Elemental to deliver his blow to their Master. And since it spends
little energy for these attacks, Air Elemental needs no rest after the

#9. Lamia Monk.
Stats: attack - 4, defense - 8 

Lamias are difficult to predict, and not a lot is known about them.
Currently the Learned Council does not have a clear explanation of why the
Lamias often take the Kinets' side in battles. An unquestionable advantage
of their loyalty to the Kinets is these creatures' aggressiveness towards
other representatives of their kind who take the opposition's side. If they 
see another Lamia fighting for the enemy army, these half-women,
half-snakes will swipe away everyone who happens to be between them and
their rival.

Lamia Monk is the least aggressive creature of their kind. The Kinets value 
her for her ability to make deals with the keepers of the kingdom of the
dead. The priestess can bring back any of her lost sisters so that they are 
able to protect the master again. 

#10. Lamia Monk.
Stats: attack - 7, defense - 7 

Lamia Warrior is very aggressive. She knows no pity and will deal harshly
with enemy servants in trying to get to the enemy hero. No other creature
is capable of deflecting her blow if her master owns at least one more

#11. Blue Dragon. 
Stats: attack - 9, defense - 9 

Long ago the Blue Dragon had the ability to give life and raise the dead.
But he was then damned and sentenced to eternal exile among the clouds. He
moves as swiftly as a thunderstorm, and nobody can escape him. His voice
crushes his opponent like thunder. When he flaps his wings, all enemies
above the ground suffer dangerous wounds. 

#12. Gibberling.
Stats: attack - 3, defense - 1 

Gibberlings are evil creatures that stop fighting only when they decide to. 
After resting they often need magical assistance in rising again. During
combat a single Gibberling will be much less active than a pair or more of
them. However once Gibberling rushes into battle, no creature or spell can
block its way. 

#13. Aviak Assassin.
Stats: attack - 2, defense - 1 

For many generations the Kinets have been selecting Winged Warriors who
displayed not only combat skills but a highly developed intellect as well.
This long selection process has brought amazing results: certain
representatives of this breed have unexpectedly acquired extremely useful

No creature can stop an Aviak Assassin, only the opponent's "wall" is
capable of blocking its way. 

#14. Black Dragon.
Stats: attack - 8, defense - 9 

His mighty spirit who dwells among the snow-covered mountain peaks has the
power of life and death over residents of the valleys. He knows no equals
in combat, but being accustomed to the vast, empty space of the skies, he
pays little attention to those who fight by his side. If the Black Dragon
is allowed to take rest instead of attacking, he will be able to destroy
any resting creature indicated by his master. 

#15. Gibberling Instigator. 
Stats: attack - 3, defense - 1 

Gibberling Instigators are known for their independence and carelessness.
After his first attack, only a special spell can make him rise again.
However, its small size gives him an invaluable advantage: nimble and
swift, he will deliver his blow directly to the enemy hero, and there is no 
way to block his attack. 

#16. Aviak Marksman. 
Stats: attack - 2, defense - 1 

Experts have noted a special ability in the Aviak Marksman as it can strike 
a precision blow to an opponent while the opponent is attacking.

  11.5. Pale creatures.

#1. Pale Revenant.

This creature comes to play as an enchantment, that is it doesn't appear at 
once, it waits for a certain trigger. In this case, the trigger is a
sorcery spell performed by any hero. Pale Redeemer arrives from an
outerplane at the very moment the sorcery is cast. Its strength and
toughness are determined by the sorcery basic casting cost. However, the
creature doesn't participate in the combat after transition, neither it can 
be harmed. To accomplish its manifestation, you should throw away one of
your own spells. You may get it back after a while. Pale Redeemer has a
special ability which allows you to sacrifice it to take one random spell
to your hand. 

#2. Pale Redeemer.

In terms of abilities and manifestation Pale Redeemer resembles the
previous creature. It has one distinctive feature though. Its strength and
toughness are defined by ACTUAL casting cost of an ENEMY sorcery spell.
Efficiency of some sorcery spells may be pumped up by additional ether.
Therefore, the resultant casting cost gets rather high. Unlike Pale
Revenant, Redeemer makes use of both basic and additional casting cost of a 
sorcery. As a result, he may become very strong and tough. For instance,
5/5 or 9/9. 

#3. Pale Avenger.

Enchantment? Yes, it is. Strength and toughness of this warrior are equal
to three, when triggered by sorcery from any source. Discard one spell to
accomplish manifestation and sacrifice the creature if you are in need for
a random spell.

  11.6. Other creatures.

#1. Huntress.
Attributes: first strike; huntress's shot.

#2. Maggot.
Attributes: flying.

#3. Konung.
Attributes: blood-thirsty; first strike; tireless; agressive; regeneration
(3); ether defense.

12. Shrine list.

#1. MechWorm Generator.

During battles it makes two Wurms of a dead Wyrm and one worm in place of a 
dead Wurm.

#2. Toxic Wastes.

It gives off a toxin that weakens everyone inside of it's radius - it can
greatly shorten your fight against lower level creatures and other assorted 
bio creatures who more easily succumb to its effects.

#3. Anomalous Gravity.

It concentrates ether on flying creatures, holding them on the ground. It
also weakens them by taking away 1 power and 1 strength!

#4. Monument of Peace.

The shrine strives to quell any hostilities, it needs tranquility. That's
why every odd turn it casts a Timidity spell, making heroes pay one Ether
for every attacking creature of their own. Moreover, it casts a Thirsty
Creatures spell every even turn - that's when each friendly creature
requires one ether at the beginning of its turn.

#5. Temple of Frost Wind.

The shrine is a shimmering crystal cage that holds a living blizzard
within. The blizzard is always trying to break free from the binding spell
and causes an Ice Storm every other turn during combat. The Storm rests all 
creatures and deprives heroes from relying too heavily on creature spells
and their attacking force.

#5. Aviak's Sacred Place.

This shrine is an Aviak sculpture, a sacred place for these magnificent
creatures. All Aviaks get agitated within it's aura. They receive +2 to
strength and gain restless ability which makes them attack immediately
after being summoned.

#6. Treants Luck.

All treants that are summoned with the shrine's aural radius received a +1
bonus to their strength as well as to their health. This sacred spot should 
be of great importance to us in the coming battles. 

#7. Tick Swarm.

The area is crawling with the creatures which soon made sense as for each
tick we summoned one additional tick-warrior appeared. There is however
a negative affect also as all of the treants are weakened by one point in
strength and health. 

#8. Life Protector.

Whenever any creature is killed within a short distance of the shrine, the
creatures of the hero who killed it are rested for a turn by a Glitter
Dust spell.

#9. Wolf shrine.

When you are fighting either a Night or a Shadow wolf comes by your side,
and they're downright bloodthirsty! It seems to happen about every second
turn of yours, if you are within reach of the statue's aura, of course.

#10. "Rat Holes".

This shrine does wonders to rodents. They get all riled up, that is, they
always strike first, and the enemy discards one spell if he's bitten.
Besides, these here special rats don't hesitate when called, they go right
in and attack at once.

#11. Lightning shrine.

It empowers all lightning spells and makes them twice as strong.

13. Credits.

Special thanks to:
- Mark Walker for the game manual, which I used to write this Walkthrough.
- Etherlords web site for game basics information and for information about
the creatures (
- Nival Interactive web site for game basics information
- Nival Interactive for creating this game.
- for your existence.

14. Conclusion.

This concludes my general FAQ for Etherlords II. I hoped my FAQ helped
you to get through the game a little. If you have any questions,
contributions, concerns, or comments, please, e-mail me at If your contribution can make a difference on my
FAQ, then I will update it with proper recognition to the author.

15. Disclaimer.

This FAQ may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without my permission. Please, e-mail me if you want to host it

Copyright 2005 Oleg Lyskov

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