Eternam – Don Jonz’s Virtual Adventure Vaction

Eternam - Don Jonz's Virtual Adventure Vaction

Version 1.0.1
Author: MysticWeirdo

1. Introduction
2. Version History
3. Slowing the game for modern PC's
4. Controls
5. Walkthrough
6. Completion Objectives
8. Contact Information
9. Credits

1. Introduction
I am MysticWeirdo also known by my real name Warren Grieder.

This game sees you in the role of Don Jonz's who has won a vaction to the 
Virtual Pleasure Planet, Eternam.  Things are going horibly wrong there due to 
the actions of Eternam's native population, the Dragoons, and your archrival, 
Mikhal Nuke. With the help of Tracy, your virtual assistant, you'll need to 
set things right.
2. Version History

1.0.1 May 7, 2005  Addition data for the pyramid regarding the giant scorpion 
and the quicksand.

1.0 April 10, 2005 Initial version. 

3. Slowing the game for modern PC's

The first challenge is getting the game to run on a modern pc. My 1.8 GHz 
machine is overkill for a game recommended for a 18 Mhz machine. If you don't 
use any type of slowdown software, you find yourself dead in a matter of 
seconds, either beaten to a pulp by one of the wandering enemies or drowning 
because you ran into the water from lightly tapping one of the arrow keys.

I first tried Moslo which has worked for my in the past.  However even at its 
maximum slowdown rate of 1% the game is still runs too fast.

Enter Dosbox an opensource program available at

This software does an admirable job of slowing down old software and emulating 
the sound cards of the time.  A must have for playing vintage games like this 

For Eternam it works with the default config file.  Assuming the game is 
installed to its default location, use these commands to start the game:

mount c c:
cd eternam

If you selected buzzer as the sound card where you installed go into the 
configuration menu item to change it to the Adlib which is supported by 

Otherwise select Introduction and Game or Game to begin playing.

4. Controls

4.1 Movement 

Use the arrow keys to move.  On the world map you be in a first person view so 
up will move you forward, left and right turn, and down moves backward. Inside 
you'll move in the direction of the arrow being pressed.

Enter: Turn 180 degress (on world map)

4.2 Combat

If ALERT is flashing on the command you can shoot enemies by pressing the 
space bar.

4.3 Command Bar

Press Tab to access the command bar and use the left and right arrows to 
select from the six commands: Take, Use, Look, Speak, Character, and Disk.
Each of these commands also has a keyboard equivalent.

Take (Pinching Fingers)
Picks up an item if it can be carried.

Keyboard: T

Use (Grasping Hand)
Attempt to use the item currently selected in the Character Screen.

Keyboard: U

Look (Eye)
Examine an item in detail.  

Keyboard: L

Speak (Mouth)
Talk to nearby person, or make a sound in situations calling for it.

Keyboard: S

Character (Don's head)
Call up a screen that lists your current inventory, gold, time played, and 
completion percentage.  You can use the arrows to scroll through the inventory 
and select an item that can be used with the use command.

Keyboard: I

Disk (Floppy)

Allows access to the save and load functions.  There's also a volume control, 
and a window size function to reduce the size of the playing window to speed 
the game up if you happen to be playing on a vintage machine. 

Use the arrow key to highlight the options and enter to select the highlight 
option.  S will select save, and L will select load.

Keyboard: D

4.4 Hit Points

There's a hit point display to the right of the command bar.  Don initial has 
99 hit point, but this number can be reduced if he takes damage.  He will heal 
over time if he does take damage. 

4.5 Conversations

Use the arrow to switch between the offered choices and enter to choose the 
currently highlighted option.  

4.5 Other Commands

P: Pause Game
ESC: Get prompt to exit to DOS

5. Walkthrough


World Map

When traveling on the world map keep an eye out for the flashing ALERT sign 
that indicates that an enemy is near.  Shoot it using the space bar.

Don't walk into water unless you've been told its safe to do so.  Don can't 
swim and will drown.

Keep to the roads so you don't get lost.

Not everything moving on the world map is an enemy.  You can talk to some of 
them. Be warned that the game will let you shoot them.


Directional naming convention use in walkthrough
North: Up
South: Down
West: Left
East: Right

If there's a southern exit to the room there will be a white line representing 
the exit just above the command bar.

5.1 Cauda

5.1.1 Road to the Duke's Castle

Make sure you start a new game from the main menu [1%], don't load an "Init 
the game save or you'll miss out on 1 percent of the complete objectives.

You begin the game on the island of Cauda standing in a circle of multicolored 
triangles.  The red triangle point to a road.

If you talk to the man in blue he'll tell you to stick to the road as the 
risks are great.

Follow the road until you get to a building to the left.  Walk up to the 
building to enter it.  

There are some stairs on the east side of the entrance room.  Climb them to 
the next floor. [1%.]

You can speak to the man here and follow one of six conversation threads, 
possilbly learning the man's name, Olaf, his past and present careers 
(carpenter and hunter) or some information about Duke Ethered who lives to the 
east.  It does matter what you choose as none of the threads yeilds a reward. 
If you go downstairs and return he'll give you a brush off.

Leave the house and continue down the road. You may encounter a gaurd who'll 
warn you about the ordeals in the dukes castle if you talk to him. You'll pass 
by a black tower that will repel you if you attempt to enter it and eventually 
arrive at Duke Ethelred's castle.  Approach it to enter [1%].

5.1.2 Duke Ethelred's Castle

On entering the castle you'll be in a room with a dog house labeled Rex. Rex 
will attack you when you try to go through the door to the north, before a 
guard intervenes to punish the dog (er well paid stunthound).

The guard will ask you if you're there about the and you'll have three 
conversations options to choose.  You'll be ushered in to the castle 
regardless of you choice, and be told the Duke is in the council chamber at 
the end of the second hall.  You'll immediately talk to a skeleton.  Depending 
on which of the twelve conversation thread you choose you may learn the 
skeletons name (James Bones), so information about the first ordeal (a gaze to 
be avoided) or a warning about the castle doctor's equipment.  There's no 
reward for any of the threads so it doesn't matter what you pick.

The first hall stretches out before you to the north with exit to the west and 
east, if you try to go back to the south the guard will tell you to go see the 
Duke and will send you back in.

Head west first [1%].  There's a sweetmeat on the shelf by the door to right, 
take one to add [A sweetmeat (candy, probably)] to your inventory.  The are 
doors to the north and south of this room.

Go through the northern door where a guard will mention that he's lost his 
keys and will ask you to leave, and help you on your way if you don't comply.

Go down through the southern door where you'll see a gaurd on some furniture 
by a statue. Talk to him and he'll mention that there's a camera someplace in 
the castle.

Go north and east to return to the main hall.  Head through the east door this 
time.  Get the match from the sack on the east side of this room to add [A 
match] to your inventory. Doors lead north and south from this room.

Head through the southern door, you can talk to a guard here.  The five 
conversation options include the Dukes where abouts, and onion soup being on 
the supper mention.  You can leave and reenter the room to get the other 
conversation items here.

Go north to the previous room and head through the northern door of the 
previous room takes you to room with a large table.  Someone who let the 
ordeals get to him will be seen falling by the window as you walk by it.  Head 
west to the main hall, a little further north than the entrance.

Head north from here, where a guard will inform you that the secretary will 
want a sweetmeat, and warn you about a train.  You get shocked if you approach 
the outlet by the door to the north, but it won't do any lasting daming.  Head 
through the door to the north where you encounter the train that will push you 
back to the entrance.  

Head north again.  The guard will mention there's time before the buffalo come 
through.  Head north through the door to the second hall.

Listen to the statues gossip. Head through the door to the west.  You notice a 
pair of red boots hanging over a roaring fire in a fireplace.  Apparently 
their owner, who's still wearing them was caught in the guards quarters 
lacking a satisfactory explanation for his presents.  Make sure you don't 
approach the boots again unless you want to see the dialog again.

Continue to the west.  Some guards will walk by and you'll automatically hide 
in an alcove.

Go west again.  There a cleaning servent here vacuuming the hall.  You can 
leave and reenter the room to see all three of the conversation options, none 
of which are useful.

Head north into the guards' barracks [1%].  There's a pair of infrared glasses 
on the shelf in the northeast corner. Take them to add [Infrared glasses] to 
your inventory.

Go south, and east three times to return to the second hallway entrance and 
listen to more statue gossip.

Go north.  On there west side of the hall is a shelf with some great stuff 
that gets carted off before you can help yourself to it.

Go north again.  Theres a secretary and a guard here.  Talk to the secretary 
to announce you, he'll take you're sweetmeat.  The guard want a sweetmeat to 
so you'll need to go south five times and west once and get another from the 
shelf. Go east and then north five times and approach the guard and give him 
his sweetmeat. He'll step aside allowing you to go thrown the west side of the 
curtain behind him to the north. (ALTERNATE SOLUTION: Do bother talking to the 
secretary and approach the guard first. He'll take the sweetmeat automatically 
and step asside making the trip back for a second sweatmeat unnessary.)

Duke Ethelred will talk to you when you enter the Council Chambers [3%].  Both 
conversation option lead to you being assigned the take of finding the ordeal 
chambers within the castle walls.

There nothing of interest (yet) in the room to the north of the council 
chambers, leaving you with a choice of going east or west.

Head west first [1%].  There a stuttering scribe here making a map of Eternam. 
You can leave and enter to read all of his conversation options, unfortunately 
his directions to the ordeal chamber can't be understood.  A map of Eternam 
appears on the northern wall of this room when you approach it.

Go through the door to the south.  There's a medieval camera sitting on the 
grey object in the center of the room.  Take it to add [Medieval camera] to 
your inventory.

Go north and east to return to the council chambers.  Head east to the 
infirmary.  The doctor warns you not to disturb him.  If you walk behind the 
xray machine on the east side you'll get turned into a skeleton, but the 
doctor will fix you back to perfect health.  If you get "killed" during one of 
the upcoming ordeals you find yourself back here.

Head through the door to the south [1%].  The entrance to the ordeal chamber 
is by the stair on the east side, but climb the stairs first.

The second floorboard from the bottom in this room is a conveyor going to the 
west and the second floorboard from the top is another heading east.  Get on 
the one heading west and ride it to next room.

If you approach the guard here he'll ask you to clean your boots but he'll 
allow you to see the Duke before telling you to get lost. (If you return as 
getting "killed" in an ordeal he'll allow you to enter the Duke's Chamber to 
the west where the Duke will tell you a major clue to surviving the ordeal. 
You return to the entrance to the ordeal chambers after receiving the clue.)

There's nothing of interest in the room to the north, so head down the hall to 
the south.

The room to the east has a bunch of weird stuff but nothing of use, so 
continue south to the end of the hall.

You can go either east or west here.  Go east first [1%] to a room with a boat 
in it.  If you approach the laughing jester, you can leave and enter 
repeatedly to read all of his threads, learning the jester's name (Gustavus), 
the name of the duke's son (Cuthbert), that the duke's son built the boat in 
this room, and that the duke's son has vanished.

Head west twice. Take the onion skins from the table where some insect were 
flying to add [Onion skins] to your inventory.

Go east, north twice, and east along the conveying floorboard to return to the 
top of the stairs. Go south down the stair.

Head east to fall into the ordeal chamber.  A skull there will say "Hey 
Talk to him and he'll ask you a random question that will give you vague hint 
about an upcoming ordeal, be warned there are some red herrings thrown in 

Head east into the first ordeal room.  You'll notice a pair of blinking eyes 
on the north wall.  If you walk between them you'll get zapped and find 
yourself in the infirmary, so use the onion skins to make them cry.  Let the 
tears from both eyes fall on you so you get "Double soaked".

Quickly head east into the next room [1%].  There are two rows of flames to 
get by in this room. If you take too long getting across this room or didn't 
get double soaking in the previous room the flame will burn you sending you 
back to the infirmary, so don't stop until you reach the east side of the 

The next room has a board suspended above it.  If you try to cross the room 
you fall into a pit earning a trip to the infirmary.  You need to speak to 
create an echo to knock the board down, but move to the south side of the room 
to avoid getting crushed when the board lands.  Walk across the board to the 
other side.

The next room as two potential exits, one to the north which is label as the 
exit be three signs, and a close door to the east.  The door to the north is 
the correct exit, as the eastern door is trapped although its almost worth 
seeing the scene with the stunt double when you spring the trap before being 
sent to the infirmary.

Head north to a room with a caged monster.  If you talk to the monster an 
choose an option other than "See you round" the cage will rise and the monster 
will beat you to a pulp, sending you the infirmary.  You can ignore the 
monster and head west.

If you tried to cross this room you get cut in half by a blade sending you to 
the infirmary.  Use the infared glasses to see the safe path through here and 
follow it through the door to the west [1%].

The next room has two levers on the north wall.  You want to move the one of 
the left up and leave the one on the right down to defuse a trap two rooms 

Continue to the west.  These's a lot of wooden debris in the next room.  If 
you try stepping too far into the room some of it will fall on you sending you 
to the infirmary.  Use the match to take care of the debris.

Go west through the ashed to the final ordeal room.  Step on the large tile on 
the north side to trigger a lift.  If the levers two rooms earlier are set 
incorrectly you'll get crushed against the ceiling earning a trip to the 
infirmary.  Otherwise, you find yourself in the room to the north of the 
council chambers.

Go the shelves on the west side of the room to get a set of keys, which adds 
[A set of keys] to your inventory.

Head south, where the duke will congratuate you and take you to see his scribe 
in the map room.  The duke will take about supplies to Cauda being cut off, 
Paw Island  being to the south, mention a rumor about you needing to find "The 
floating stars of the Earth's sister", and ask you to go to Dorsalis after 
talking to the captain of the guard (first to your right after you enter the 
castle).  He'll also add [A very small tiny miniscule knife] to you inventory.

Go east, then south six times, and then head west (the duke must have meant 
his other right.. er.. left).  Head north and return the keys to the guard 
who'll tell you about a secret passage in the Duke's son's apartment.

Before heading to the duke's son's room, head south twice and use the medieval 
camera by the guard and statue to take a picture.  I don't know if this does 
anything important.

Go north, then east, then north five times.  The guard will want another 
sweetmeat so backtrack and get one, and return here.  Give the guard the 
sweatmeat and go north, then east, then south.  Go up the stairs, and head 

Go south twice and then west to the Duke's Son's room.  The secret passage in 
on the north wall by the bed. Walk up to the bed and walk to the right to 
enter the passage and press the up arrow to enter the room to the north.

There's a ransom note on the table on the east side if you care to read it.

Head north into the dukes room. He'll give you 30 GP. Go south and north twice 
more to get a total of 90 GP. NOTE: You can return to the duke if you have 69 
or few GP and he'll give you another 30.

Leave the dukes room to the east and let the startled guard scold you, before 
heading east and then south down the stairs.

Go north, the west, then south seven times when the entrance guard will 
congratulate you.  You're inventory will be reduced to the Medieval Camera, 
and the small knife.

5.1.3 Road to Dorsalis

Go south to the world map.  Turn around 180 degree and head down the road 
before you.  You'll encounter a guard, you won't tell you much of interest 
other than to mention asking a drunk about Victor.

Continue down the road until you reach a pair of flags.  There may be a priest 
on the left fork here, talk to him if you see him.  He'll tell you to go the 
the Temple of TwinRoses on the yellow paths at the crossing marked with three 
flags, and tell you to tell the head priest that Francesus sent you.  (If you 
don't see him wait until after you visited the inn) 

Head down the right fork at the two flags to an inn and enter it [1%].

You can talk to the inn keep on the main level but none of the 3 conversation 
options yeilds any reward.  

Go up the stairs on the east side.  There are a brother and sister on the 
second floor.  All any of the three conversation option will get you here is 
information of the reign of terror in Dorsalis or that you can walk there 
through some shallow water.

Go up the stairs on the west side of the room to the third floor [1%].  You'll 
find a drunk here.  There are three possible conversating paths, two of which 
he'll lament that his friend Victor drown by straying off the safe path 
between Cauda and Dorsalis.

Go back down stairs and leave the inn as you'll only get brushed off by 
talking to any of the occupants a second time (the inn keeper will throw you 
out if you that to her again).

Head back to the flags and take the other fork. Make sure to talk to the 
priest if you didn't see him earlier.

Continue down the road.  You should encounter another guard who urges you to 
hurry on the Duke's mission and warns you to be careful on the other islands.

Turn left at the crossroad with the three flags to get to the Temple. Enter 
the temple [1%]

Talk to the woman in the first room.  Ask her "Is there something I can do for 
you?"  She'll ask you to take a letter to her daughter Marianne in Dorsalis. 
[A letter] will be added to you're inventory.  (If you choose the other 
options you can leave and return to choose the correct one.

Head east into the next room.  There are three possible conversation with the 
man here.  You may learn that he's the Grand Inquistitor, Tepes, a mission to 
stamp out progress and other evils.  None of the options gives a reward.

Go east into the third room.  Approach the head priest and you'll talk to him.
Provided you talked the priest on the world map on the second conversation 
option you can tell him "Francescus told me to come to you." to get him to 
direct you to the ford to Dorsalis, with is to return to the crossroads and 
take the left fork.

Leave the temple and follow the priests instructions following the left fork a 
fair distance until you reach some water.

Go straight across the water into Dorsalis.

5.2 Dorsalis

5.1.1 Dorsalis countryside

Follow the road into Dorsalis.  Talk to the first man you meet, he'll mention 
that there are two Barons in Dorsalis [1%]. Follow the road until you reach a 
house and enter it [1%].

Head east into the next room. Talk to the man here. Regardless of which of the 
three options you choose to begin with, you'll get some form of warning about 
the theives on this island, possibly learning he's a bookkeeper, and get the 
same two options for the second converstation choice. If you choose "Thanks 
for the advice. It's not every day meet someone so considerate..." He'll give 
you directions to his mother, Ducros (take the first right, then first left). 
Go back to the east and leave his house.

Continue down the road and turn left at the next junction.  Enter the house at 
the end of the road [1%].  You can speak to the man here and possibly learn 
about the revolt on this island or that Halley discovered his comet in 1682.

Go south into the next room.  Speak to the people here and listen to their 
revolutionary banter.  The woman is named Marianne.  The conversation options 
to choose are "You're called Marianne?" and then "I'm supposed to deliver a 
letter to someone with your name" (If you don't have the letter you'll need to 
backtrack to the temple in Cauda to get it.)  [A revolutionary rosette badge] 
will be added to your inventory.  If you choose the wrong options go north and 
south and try again. Go north twice to leave the house.

Head back to the junction and head left.  You may see a man in light blue at 
the next intersection. Talk to him [1%], he'll tell you that you can win some 
gold by fighting the big guy in town, while liberating you of the money you 
received from the duke.

Ture right here and head past the French flag to another intersection.  Speak 
to Norbert at the intersection [1%], and he'll ask you for the password.  It 
doesn't matter what you pick, he'll either accept the "new" password when you 
tell it to him or give the correct one away.  He'll relieve you of any gold 
that may be in your possession.

Turn left here and head to Ducros' house and enter it [1%]. Head north into 
the next room. She'll talk to you (unless you don't have the rosseta in which 
case she kills you).  You can either learn about the people on the island or 
the dragoons.  Either way she'll tell you to order something strong in the bar 
in town.  DON'T STEP ON HER CAT, she'll kill you.  Go south twice to leave her 

Head back down the road to the junction and turn right there.  Turn right at 
the next junction.  Take the right path at the next junction until you meet a 
man.  Talk to him [1%], he tell you to see Charlotte and help himself to any 
gold you may have.

Turn around and return to the previous junction and turn right their.  Follow 
the path to Charlotte's house and enter it [1%].  

DON'T APPROACH THE DOG AND PUPPIES as Rex will appear and beat you to a pulp 
with no guard to intervene this time.  Instead give the a wide berth by go 
right from the entrance past the table and the up to go through the door to 
the east [1%].

You're in Charlotte's studio/bedchamber.  Charlotte is the scantilly clad 
woman painting, talk to her.  If you say "You're quite an artist" she'll give 
you 10 GP.  You'll need this since the bandits on the road took the money you 
got from the Duke.  If you chose one of the other options, leave and reenter 
the room and speak to her again and she'll give you 10 GP if you're completely 
broke, you can also return anytime you're at 0 GP to receive 10 GP from her.  
Go west, avoid the dog and puppies and go south to leave her house.

Follow the road from her house back to the junction at turn right.  Ture left 
and the next insection and then right and the intersection past the French 
flag. You'll pass another black tower that will repel you if you try to enter 
it, just like the one in Cauda.  Enter the town at the end of the road just a 
little further than the tower [1%]. Tracy will inform you the the towns name 
in Middleville.

5.2.2 Middleville

There's a man fishing here.  There are five conversation options, way may give 
you some information about the Barons, or the way off the island.  If you talk 
to him move immediately after you're finished on the "big one" that he hooks 
will hit you in the head killing you.  You can leave and return to see all of 
the conversation options.

Head west into town.  You emerge from the north into an area with a compass 
sales man.  He'll want $1000 for one.  Say its a deal to add [A compass] to 
your inventory in exchange for 1 GP.  Whenever you're on the world map you can 
know select the compass in your inventory to display a compass on in the lower 
right so you can tell what direction you're going.  

The are two paths to the south and a path leading west (at the bottom of the 
screen) here.  Head the southern path on the left first [1%].
You be in an area with a boxing ring.  An MC will be trying to convince the 
audiences to take on the Champ for $1000 and will single you out.  Approach 
them and speak to volunteer.  Select the knife you received from the Duke in 
your inventory and use it to make your opponents shorts fall off for a cheap 
victory. (You die otherwise.)  You receive 1 GP for winning.

Head south from here into an alley.  On the left side of the alley you'll find 
[Rackets], [Useless thermometer] and [A key] that you can take to add to you 
inventory.  [Canis Crotus] on the right side of the alley can be taken as 

Head south again.  You'll be at the docks outside the bar.  Talk to the man by 
the dock, you'll need to be start directly north of him to do so.  He'll tell 
you that you'll need to get an authorization from the each of the two barons 
to use the ferry.

While you're here enter the bar to the east, you need to walk east to the 
south side of the entry stair and go north to get in.  There are only two 
people you can interact with here, the bartender at the west end of the bar, 
and the man standing at the other end of the bar, the other people here are 
just background.  The man at the east end will give you the brush off if you 
talk to him first so speak to the bartender.  Follow Ducros' suggestion and 
choose "I need something strong."  Choose "Maybe" as the second option.  The 
bartender will tell you to speak to the man at the other end of the bar if you 
want to get hook up with some illegal items.  To get to the other man you'll 
need to walk around the front of the first table.  Talk to the other man and 
choose "That's right." to get directed to the back room.

Walk up to the barrel on the east side of the room it will move to the side 
revealing a secret passage.  Go east through the secret passage [1%]. 

(If you choose the wrong option with either the bartender or the other man, or 
just leave the bar before going through the secret, Tracy will tell you that 
you missed something on leaving.  Go back inside and try again.)

There's man behind the desk you can talk to.  None of the four conversions 
paths will currently available will get you anything, although if you want to 
see them all you can leave the room an come back.

Go west twice to leave the bar.  Go north twich to the town square where the 
boxing ring is.  Go east to the outside of the Manor of one of the Barons.  

SAVE THE GAME here.  (If you don't have any money, leave town and go visit 
Charlotte or the Duke to get some more.)

Walk on the grass outside the manor to get arrested.  You'll be marched off to 
the courthouse to the west, for a speedy trial and death sentence, to be 
carried out at dawn.  You'll be taken to a cell near wear a guillotine is 
being constructed [1%]. (If you use the key, useless thermometer, or Canis 
Crotus here you'll get a humorous comment but nothing that will help you keep 
your head.) When you hear talking outside the cell window, go to the window 
and speak.  When talking to the children outside say "I thought I heard a 
voice...", "Nice little girl... Wouldn't you like a present", and "... What 
would you say to $1000?" to be told how to escape. (If you choose any of the 
other options or wait too long to start talking you'll be force to keep your 
date with Madame Guillotine.)  You'll find yourself outside the courthouse 
with 1 fewer GP.

Head east twice to return to the outside of Baron BasseVille's manor. You can 
now walk on the grass with impunity so you'll now be able to enter the manor 

Go east.  There's a parrot here,  speak to it.  It will say it knows what 
needs to be done but will want seeds first.  Go north from here to see on of 
the stage crew walk across the front of the screen.  

There's nothing else of interest here, so go south and west to return to the 
Manor entrance.  Head north through the doors.  Head north through this hall 
to the Barons de BasseVilles throne room.

Talk to the Baron.  Say "I'd like your permission to take the ferry." to add 
[A ferry authorization] to your inventory.  If you leave and reenter the room 
there are three other conversation options you can choose.

Go east into the kitchen and you automatically speak to the chef [1%].  It 
doesn't matter which conversation option you pick, if you want to see both 
leave the room at return.  There are some seeds on the east side of the room.  
Take them to add [Seed for talking parrots] to you inventory.

Head west, south twice and east to return to the parrot.  Speak to it and it 
will take the seed and tell you to go the Baron HauteVille who it says will 
make you a proposition for the other ferry authorization. (If you did this 
before getting the authorization from the Baron BasseVille the parrot would 
tell you to speak to him to get his authorization. If you have both 
authorizations the parrot will say its not hungry.) Go west and south to leave 
the Manor.

Walk west until you're off the grass and go north.  Head west along the bottom 
of the screen by the compass salesman to get to the outside of the Baron 
HauteVille's manor.  Walk until you're lined up to the south of the north and 
head north through it to enter the manor [1%].

You've in the southwest corner of the mansion. Head east once and north twice 
to get to the chambers of the Baroness [1%].  If you walk close to her you can 
choose one of three conversation options before she'll sends you to the room 
to the west. (You can go back in to see the the other options).

In this room you'll find a man playing a piano will a girl Dances.  There are 
five conversation options with the man none of which yield any reward. You can 
see them all by leaving and reentering the room.

Entering the northwest room causes the Baron Hauteville to appear in the hall 
outside the Baroness HauteVille's Chambers.  Head east and south to get to 
where he is.

Speak to the Baron.  He wants you to gather proof that his wife is seeing 

Head north into the Chambers of the Baroness.  Hide behind the green privacy 
screen on the west side of the room before she notice you.  Select the 
medieval camera in your inventory and keep using it until she sits down in 
front of her vanity.  She call Mikhal Nuke using the vanity mirror as a 
viewscreen.  If you were using the camera you'll take a picture for the Baron.
(Otherwise you'll have to try again.)  You'll leave the room to the west.  

The dancing girl will be gone.  The man at the piano will tell you she was 
kidnapped if you talk to him.  Go east and south to get back to the Baron.  
Talk to him to give him his proof.  He'll also take you're medieval camera in 
exchange for adding a second [A ferry authorization] to your inventory.

Head south, west, and south to leave the Manor.  Go east, then south via the 
left path.  Go south twice to get back to the ferry.  

Talk to the man beside the dock to take the ferry to Stomaca.

5.3 Stomaca 0.1

5.3.1 University

Tracy will comment on Stomaca after your ride the ferry.  A small robot will 
greet you.  He'll talk you to an examination room to another robot who will 
give you an intelligence test [3%].  Answer the twenty questions that will 
test your knowledge about the game and some general trivia [2%].  Some of the 
question refer to parts of the game that you haven't reached yet.

The correct answers are:

1. Cauda
2. The Czech word for "Chore"
3. Rex
4. Cybernetics
5. Cuthbert
6. Ernest Rutherford 
7. The temple woman's daughter
8. Triton
9. Bear Hunter
10. A boat from the pumping station
11. TV remotes
12. Albert Einstein 
13. 5
14. Jupiter
15. Tepes
16. 1682 
17. inaccurately dating an event
18. give way to the right
19. the first moon-landing
20. between 14 and 20. 

If you got at least 14 correct you'll be allow to proceed to the command 
complex. (There's no addition reward for getting all of the questions correct 
other that some sil  You'll be escorted from the examination center and taken 
to a vehicle that will take to the Commander's city through the world map 
along the road [3%].  Tracy will tell you the disturbance in Eternam are 
coming from the Island of Capit.

(If you don't get enough questions right, you'll be taken back to MiddleVille. 
You have two options. One is to take the ferry and try the exam again.  The 
other if you have at least 10 GP (visit the Duke or Charlotte if necessary) 
has you enter the bar, go east, talk to the man behind the desk.  Say "I'm 
looking for something rather special..." and then "I need a way to avoid the 
university tests." He state a price of $100,000. 10 GP will be deducted from 
your total.  Go west twice to leave the bar and take to the man by the ferry 
again. The robot will that you straight to the vehicle to the Commander's city 
bypassing a second go at the exam.  The same completion percentage is awarded 
for this route as you would have received passing the exam.)

5.3.2 Commander's City (aka Future City)

NOTE:  The you're not able to talk to any of the workers in green or the 
robots in the Commander's City, just consider them part of the background.

The only way to go from the entrance at the momember is west [1%].  There's a 
terminal in the center of the room here bearing Tracy's image.  Approach the 
terminal and listen it welcome you to the city and mention the that your card 
in invalid.  You'll see card XB25 in the terminal.  Take it to add [Card XB25] 
to your inventory.

Head west into the elevator.  You're currently on Floor 0.   Use the up and 
down arrows to select at floor and enter to press the button.  The only floor 
that XB25 allows access to in Floor -1, so select that.

You'll be in the basement, Don will complain about the heat (as well as the 
next two times he passes through this room). There nothing of interest to the 
east so head north [1%].  Approach the man sitting on the west side of the 
room.  He'll mention that he's the City Energy Controller and will add [Card 
Y8-Z23] to you inventory so you can get a cold drink.  Theres nothing of 
interest to the east here, so go south and then west to get back on the 

Y8-Z23 gives you access to Floor 1, so select that.  There a green drink 
dispenser to the back of the room that you emerge to where you can get a 
drink.  There's also a woman sitting at the desk.  Approach her to start a 
conversation.  There are five conversation threads you can see if you leave 
and reenter the room, you'll learn that the command center is on Floor 4 and 
the Commanders quarters are on Floor 2, and you can use the teleporter to 

Head east to the next room [1%]. Head north from here. There are four blue 
drawers on the north wall here, approach them to open them.  The one on the 
left has a card in it.  Take it to add [Card DF25-T8J] to your inventory.

There's currently nothing of interest in what appears to by a washroom to the 
west, so go south and west twice to return to the elevator.

DF25-T8J allows access to floor 3, so select that. Head east from the floor 3 

There's another woman at a desk here. She can tell you that the city engineers 
are working on a computer glitch among the three conversation options that you 
can enter and leave to see them all.

The city "engineers" are having a meeting here.  The conversation is a bunch 
of nonsense, so head west, where you'll step into "The Halflight Zone" [1%].

There are two red areas near to bottom of the screen that you can enter by 
going up. The one on the right leads to Yael, a female graphic artist that 
worked on this game who's been sucked into the futurn by a time warp.  The one 
on the left lead to Loran, one of this games designer who was also suck 
through the time warp.  Both Yael and Loran will ask for your help to return 
them to their own time.  Loren will mention that Soako can help. Press the 
down arrow to leave these areas.

Go up the stair on the west side to find a card at the top of the stairs.  
Take it to add [Card C13-2] to your inventory.

Go east, south, and west twice to return to the elevator. C13-2 gives you 
access to Floor 4, so select that.

There's yet another woman at a desk here.  Approach her to start a 
conversation, among the 7 conversation threads you can learn what's on the 
floor from -1 to 4, and where the Commander and Control Room chief can be 

Head north from here [1%]. Take a couple of steps north to activate a view 
scope [1%].

5.3.3 Pumping Station Fire

You can use the left and right arrows to turn to the view scope.  Turn to the 
right you'll see smoke rising from a pumping station.  Press and hold the down 
arrow to exit the viewscope.  The control room chief and Mr. Spot will come 
out to investigate and a count down time will be set to 999.  If it reaches 0 
the entire planet will be annihilated.  Fortunately it moves fairly slowly.

Head west to where the control room chief is, approach him to start a 
conversation.  There are three conversations options. "I want to see the 
Commander" will get [Card 8-FH-4] added to your inventory, however the chief 
will give it to you anyways during this emergency.  "How do I get out of the 
city?" will get the chief to tell you to get a teleporter card from his 
secretary.  During the emergency he'l tell you to report to the City 
Commander.  You can leave and reenter to see all of the options.

There are two workstations at the bottom of the screen. Go can go north into 
these when you're below them.  The one on the west side is manned by Mitch 
Gorbachekov.  He doesn't have much to say at the moment.  Hold the down arrow 
to exit the station.

The station on the east side is manned by Soako.  One of the three 
conversation items has him recommend you see the well being dug nearby. You 
and leave and return to see the other options. Hold the down arrow to leave 
Soako's station.

Go east twice to Mr. Spots area. Approach him to start a conversation.  One of 
his three conversation options will inform you that the teleporter room was 
moved from Floor 5 to an undisclosed location.  He'll also mention some 
technobabble about the current emergency. You can leave an reenter to see the 
other options.

The station on the east side of this room is manned by Ooh-la-la. One of her 
current three conversation items mention the nuclear reactor in the basement 
being cooled by the water from the pumping station (the one the smoke is 
rising from.) You can leave and reenter her station to see the other options. 
Use the down arrow to leave her station.

Head west then south.  If the chief told you to get a card from his secretary 
you can approach her to get [Card UV-4] added to your inventory.

Go west onto the elevator.  8-FH-4 allows access to the second floor, so you 
can select that.  There's nothing to the room to the east so go through the 
door to the north [1%]. Approach the man in the white suit.  He'll tell you 
take the teleporter to the pumping station as its quicker and give you a card 
to the fifth floor, [Card UV-4] is added to your inventory if you didn't get 
it from the chief's secretary. (If you didn't get this card before dealing 
with the emergency, either the secretary or the Commander can give it to you 
later. You can't talk to the woman here.

Head south then west to return to the elevator. UV-4 allows access to Floor 5, 
so go there [1%].  There a spherical device that look like it could by a 
teleporter, but if you walk into it you'll find out its just at toilet.

Go west onto the elevator. Since the toilet is in water appears to be the 
teleporter it's logical that the teleport would be in the wash room.  Press 1, 
and head east, north, and west to get there.  Step into the cylindrical 
chamber by the door on the east side.  You'll find yourself in the deserts of 
Paw outside a black tower similar to the ones you saw in Cauda and Dorsalis.  
You're obviously no where near the pumping station so enter the Black Towers 
that you can now use thank to UV-4.  There are two more transporter station 
here in the hall to the north on the west side of the room.  The closest one 
leads to the Black tower in Cauda outside the duke's castle, the other to the 
Black Tower in Dorsalis, outside MiddleVille.  So much for the teleporter 
being quicker. Go east, south, and west twice to get back on the elevator.

Press 0 to get to the room with the Tracy terminal which is offering 
horoscopes.  Speak to it to get your fortune if you want.  Head east to where 
you entered the city.  An exit sign will flash on as you enter the room 
allowing you to leave the city to east.

Outside turn around and head for the road. Turn left at the intersection and 
follow the road to the pumping station.  Aim for the black door as you 
approach it to enter the pumping station [1%]. (If you miss you could end up 
in the water, quickly press the down arrow it this happens to attempt to avoid 

Inside the pumping station, walk up to the panel at the corner and Don will 
hit it putting an end to the current crises.  If you walk past the corner, a 
Dragoon will pop up and inform you that no boats run to their island anymore.

NOTE: You could have gone straight to the pumping station after seeing the 
smoke, and done the other tasks later to get the completion percentages. You 
could also have done them ahead of time.

5.4.4 Stomaca Countryside

Go north to leave the pumping station.  Turn around and follow the road to the 
crossroads.  The path to the left would take you to the University when you 
would get kicked out, and the path to the right leads back to the Commander's 
city, so head straight through the intersection.

Follow the road to the next intersection.  Turn right until you encounter 
someone walking on the road. Speak to him 1%.  He'll mention that the robots 
outside are coming from Techno-Base (you may have noticed a scorched hole in 
the command center viewscope) furthur down the road.  You'll find nothing all 
all on either fork on the road past him, so turn around and return to the 

Turn right to enter a building [1%]. Walk down the walkwalk to the west turn 
north and head east into the black well.  You'll fall and Tracy will tell you 
you've gone through a time warp to the 20th century.  You'll witness the 
Apollo XI moon-landing, and find yourself on the moon [4%].

The crater beside you, that has a star field in it is the warp back to you own 
time.  Before you enter it head west.

As you cross the next screen you'll be greeted by an astronaut.  He'll ask you 
to find a star chart which you'll agree to locate if he'll help the two game 
developer back to earth, albeit 2 decades early.  

Go west to see the landing module. Head back to the east and you'll see a US 
flag planted here.  Take it to add [A flag] to your inventory. Go east again 
and enter the timewarp crater. Go east to leave the building.

Turn around and follow the road through the intersection and turn left at the 
second intersection to enter the Commander's city.

Go west twice to get to the elevator. Take the elevator to 2, and go north to 
see the commander who'll thank you and tell you to keep the card. Return to 
the elevator by going south then west and take it to 4.  

Go north and the chief and Mr. Spot will come out to thank you.  Go east and 
into Ooh-la-la's station you'll find she has three new dialog options, this is 
triggered by averting the disaster at the pumping station.

Go west twice and into Soako's station.  He to has three new options, this is 
trigger by the encounter with the astronaut.  The options include an inquiry 
about a star chart, which he's noticed in the illicit good shop in 
MiddleVille.  Mitch Gorbachekov has nothing new yet.  Go east, south, and west 
to return to the elevator.

5.4.5 Teleporting

Take the elevator to floor 1.  Go east, north and west to get to the wash.. 
transporter room.  If you have less than 11 GP (or even less than 69) you 
should enter the nearest transporter console in the hallway on the west side 
of the room to go the Cauda. Go around the black tower, and down the road into 
the duke's castle.  Go north seven times, east once, and south once to get to 
the stairs.  Go up the stairs, go west, south twice, and then west.

Go through the secret passage on the north wall and go north to get 30 GP from 
the duke.  Go south and north to get more money until you have 70 or more. You 
should be good for money for the rest of the game now.  Head east twice and 
south down the stairs.  Head north, west, and south 7 times to leave the 
castle.  Go around the castle an then down the road to the black tower.

You be back in the transporter room.  This time take the further transporter 
in the western hall to Dorsalis.  Turn to the right and head into MiddleVille.

Go west, south via the left route, south twice, and east into the bar.  Go 
east and speak to the man behind the desk. Say "I'm looking for something 
rather special..." and then "I'm looking for a star map."  The man will sell 
you the map for $100,000 (10 GP) and tell you that you can find it on the 
wall.  Wall up the scroll on the wall and take it to add [A stap map] to your 

Go east twice to leave the bar.  Go north three times and east once to leave 

Turn around and enter the black tower to return to the transporter room. Go 
east, south, and west twice to get to the elevator.  Press 0 to go to the 
ground floor.  Go east twice to leave the city.

Turn around and go down the road.  Turn right at the first intersection and go 
straight through the next one to enter the building with the time warp again.

Enter the time warp to return to the moon.  Go west and walk to the west until 
the astronaut appears again.  He'll take the star map and tell you to get the 
game developers while he initialized the launch procedures.

Go east and go through the timewarp.  Go east to leave the building. Turn 
around and follow the road through the first intersection and turn left at the 
second intersection to enter the Commander's city.

Go west twice to reach the elevator.  Press 3 to go to the third floor.  Go 
east, north, and west.  Enter either one of the red areas to send the game 
developers home [1%].

Go east, south, and west twice to return to the elevator.  Press 1 and go 
east, north, and west to get back to the transporter room.  Take the 
transporter by the door to get to the next island.

5.4 Paw

Note: Nothing on this island indicates that its Paw Island, but its the only 
on of the six island names not otherwise account for and there are only six 
islands displayed on the map in Duke Ethelred's castle.

5.4.1 Paw Desert

You emerge from the transporter in the Paw Desert.  Turn around and go 
straight until you get to the road.  Turn left down the road. Go straight at 
the crossroad and take to the soldier, who'll tell you Mikhal Nuke has wipe 
dout most of the Egyptian population [1%].  There's a sign with a some 
hieroglyphs at the end of the road.

Turn around and turn left at the junction.  You'll encount three people you 
can talk to on this long road.  

The first is the pharoah's girlfriend. Speak to her [1%]. One of the four 
threads informs you that there's a door in the pyramid that open if you drink 
from a sacred glass.  Another tell you that you'll need a few talismans and a 
means of transportation to get to the next island.

The next person along the road is a soldier Speak to him [1%]. He'll tell you 
that he got his scar from some the Dragoons for stealing their gold.  He'll 
ask you for some money. Say "Sure. that's the least I can do for a veteran." 
to give him 1 GP and receive a warning about the dragoons.

The last "person" is a skeleton.  Speak to it [1%] and you find out its the 
brother of the one in the Duke's Castle.

Turn around and return to the junction.  Turn left and follow the road to the 
pyramid.  Enter the pyramid, Tracy will tell you the place gives her the 
creeps and warn you not to miss any clues [1%]

5.4.2 The Pyramid

You'll be at the entranceway to the pyramid, go north through the door. After 
your scan of the room is complete go to the north wall on the west side to see 
a clue: A triagle with yellow at the top point, orange on the left point, and 
blue on the right point.

Go east.  Go to the north east corner of the room and the Rosy Stone will fall 
off the wall.  Take it to add [Rosy Stone] to you inventory.  

You'll want to get the stone translated to go west and south twice to leave 
the pyramid.  Turn around and go down the road to the black tower and enter it 
to return to the transporter room.  Go east, south and west twice to get to 
the elevator.  Press 4 and go north and east to Mr. Spots area.  Speak to Mr. 
Spot has he'll translated the stone for you, it turns out to be a key 
corresponding to English letters.  He'll also go into a longwinded story 
concerning the final resting place of a staff of miniaturization in a pyramid.
Press the down arown to exit the station when Spot did the translation.

NOTE: The sign you saw in Paw earlier translates as "Kheops".

If you go west twice and enter Mitch Gorbachekov's station.  Mitch finally has 
some converstion options (three of them), one of which points you in Mr. Spots 
director for translating Egyptian.  Hold the down arrow to leave his station.  
Go east, south, and west to return to the elevation.  Press 1 and go east, 
north, and west to return to the transporter room.  Take the transporter near 
the door to return to Paw.  Turn around and get on the road.  Follow it to the 
right to return to the pyramid and enter it.

Go north and the west into a room with a pile of rocks on the north wall and a 
bottle.  SAVE THE GAME. Approach the bottle and the genies will give you the 
choice of two wishes.  Choose "Or do you wish me merely to open that door"  
and the genie will open to the door for you.  Choose "Would you like to cotrol 
all my mighty powers?" and you'll get trapped in the bottle.  A tourist will 
come along and ask you to open the door for him.  The next tourist will make 
the same mistake you did, releasing you from the bottle and opening the door 
for you.


Head north to the next room [1%]. The are hieroglyphs on 25 tiles in this 
room.  If you got the Rosy Stone translated by Mr. Spot, follow the path 
defined by the letters of the alphabet from A to Y.  If not the correct path 

Right, Up, Left, Left, Down, Left, Left, Up, Right, Up, Right, Right, Right, 
Right, Down,  Down, Right, Up, Up, Up, Left, Left, Left, Up

If you mess up you'll get crushed by falling rocks.

Head north from the last tile into the next room.


Head east up the stairs [1%].  If you try to go east across the room a giant 
scorpion will drop down and start to draw you towards it. One touch of its 
claws is instantly fatal. I've found its possible to hit with you fireballs if 
you take seven step down from where you enter the room.  I can maintain a long 
battle holding down the space bar to fire several shots, using the left arrow 
to move to the edge of the screen after Don's toes are almost parallel with 
the crack in the blocks at the bottom, turning around with the right around, 
and repeating, however it can't be killed in this manner.  

Jared Brown has informed me that all you need to do is speak after the 
scorpion starts to pull you in.  Go east and then south to an empty room [1%].  
Go north and west to return to the room where you fought the scorpion.

Head back to the west, and head to the west from there [1%].  Head down the 
slope here past the light streaming in and enter the next room to the west.

There a sceptre on to wall in the northeast corner of the room. Take it to add  
[A sceptre] to your inventory.  Select the sceptre in your inventory and use 
it. Walk under the goblet in the northwest corner and you'll use it to knock 
down the glass. Take it to add [A glass] to your inventory.  Select the glass 
in your inventory and use it as per the clue from the Pharoah's girlfriend. 
This opens a door to the north, go through it.

You'll scan the room on entering it.  Note the bow on the west wall.  Head 
through the door to the east [1%]. The room has a golden idol on the north 
wall. While you can take it's head to add [A statue's head] to you're 
inventory, you'll want to leave it in place (or put it back by using it) for 
two reasons: It's already where you need it to be, and you'll get killed if 
you try to take it through the previous room by an arrow shot from the bow.

Continue to the east.  There's a bee in the center of the room.  It's easy 
enough to avoid by walking around it.  If you deside to kill it, it will some 
its mother, a much larger bee.  A steady stream of fireball will finish it off 

Go east into the next room.  There's a lot of snakes in here. Shoot them with 
a steady stream of fire balls and move when they get close.  Once they're dead  
stand under the hand mirror on the north wall and speak. Pick up the pieces of 
the broken mirror to add two [A small bit of mirror] and one [A bigbit of 
mirror] to your inventory.

Go south into an empty room.  Head west into a room with some statues on the 
north wall [1%].  Take the yellow and oranges statues, which will  add [A 
yellow statue] and [An orange statue] to your inventory.  While you could take 
the blue statue to add [A blue statue to your inventory, it's already where 
you need it to be.

Go west into the next statue room [1%].  When you get to the middle of the 
room a porticulus will fall behind you and three spiders will drop in. Dodge 
them when they get close as keep a steady stream of fireball going at the when 
they're at a distance. The porticulus will rise again once they're dead. The 
statue you're really interested in is the blue statue, but there's no harm in 
taking the other two.  Take all three to add [A white statue], [A blue 
statue], andd [An orange statue] to your inventory.

Head east back to the previous statue room.  A force field blocks the passage 
south so you'll need to keep going east to the empty room.  Go east once more 
to a hallway where you'll see a relief of Superman some distance to the north.

Go north and you'll see that there are two other figures on the wall besides 
Superman on the left [1%].  On the far right will be a relief of Indiana 
Jones, while just to the right of Superman will be another relief that will 
depend on the choice you made with the Genie.  If you had the genie open the 
door, there will be a knight there.  If you spent some time in the genies 
bottle you'll find the Japanese tourist that took your (the game player not 
Don) picture instead, as well as a photo of a video game player on the floor.

SAVE THE GAME.  If you get to close to the X on the floor, you'll join the 
other three figures on the wall.

Select the bigbit of mirror and use it.  Approach the X until the mirror 
appears on the X and then get out of the way.  A block will come out and break 
the mirror into two smaller piece.  Take them while keeping a safe distance 
from the X to add two more [A small bit of mirror] to your inventory.
Go south twice from here.

You'll be at the north of a hall with a door to the west at the south end.  Go 
through the door.  There will be a mummy in the next room, you should be able 
to shoot it down before it gets too close. A stone relief adorns the northern 
wall. Go west twice, through another room with a stone relief on the northern 
wall to a room with a brick wall to the north and stairs going door to the 
south [1%]

Go south.  You'll see a golden plaque on the wall to the west.  If you go to 
investigate you'll find yourself in some quicksand.  Quickly go to the right 
if this happens to save yourself. If you want to read the plaque, select the 
rackets in your inventory and use them to walk on top of the quicksand.

The room to the east is empty except for a golden column, so head south to a 
room where a cup and knife lay on some stairs [1%].  Get the knife to add [A 
not really very small tiny miniscule knife] to your inventory.  Select the 
knife and use it, and approach the cup to put some of your blood into it, this 
ritual deactivates force fields leading into the room where you need to put 
the statues.

Head east.  Go north for here to the left of a pillar.  The next room look 
like the entrance to an inner sanctum. Go north into it [1%]. (If you haven't 
completed the blood ritual a force field will block your path.)

Place the yellow statue to the north in the room, the blue statue to the east, 
and the first orange statue in your inventory to the west.

Go north to the eastern statue room. Go east and then north.  Avoid the snakes 
and go west.  Go west again avoiding the bee.  Go west once more and then go 
south and east.  Stand under the light source here and use one of the small 
bits of mirror.  A light beam will start to reflect off the mirror bit towards 
the west.

Head west an place another mirror bit where the light beam ends.  This will 
direct the beem through the door to the north.

Go north an place another mirror bit to reflect the mirror beam to the east.

Go east three times, past where the light beam refects of the statues head to 
the room when you broke the mirror.  Notice the the bee and snakes are gone.  
Place the last mirror bit to reflect the beam to the south.

The light beam bounces of a wall and goes through the door to the west.  
Checking through the door you'll see the beam bounce off the blue statue on go 
through the door to the south.  It's suicide to go through this door so go 
east twice, south, and west to the room with the mummy. Go south to a room 
with four bees which you can either shoot or run past.  Go south again to 
see Mikhal Nuke taunt you. 

Go west and then north.  Select the rackets in your inventory and use them 
before going north.  The room will fill with sand when the light form a 
triangle between the statues you placed earlier.  Your rackets will act as 
snowshoes to keep you on top of the sand, thus avoiding suffocating beneath 
it.  You'll ride the sand up into the next room [1%].

Approach the sarchophagus and it will rise revealing a passage.  Go through it 

There's a sphinx in the next room.  When you walk in front of it you will be 
asked 3 questions.  Get all three correct and a path will be revelled to the 
north through one of the sphinx's paws. Get any wrong and you'll be shot by 
beams from the sphinx's eyes and lose 10 hit points and be ask the questions 

The correct answers are:

Head north throw the passage to the pharoah's crypt [1%].  Approach the coffin 
and it will open revealing the staff of miniaturization.  Take it to add [A 
staff of miniaturization] to your inventory.  Select it in your inventory and 
use it while in this room to make the pyramid shrink and fly away leaving you 
on the world map.

5.4.3 Getting to Sholda

Turn around and follow the road to the black to tower and enter it to teleport 
back to the transporter room.

If you want you can go east, south, west twice, and take the elevator to the 
4th floor.  Go north and west and enter Mitch Gorbachekov's station, he as 
three new conversation option now that your finished the pyramid. You can 
learn that you can't teleport to the next island, Sholda, and that the Duke 
may have a boat. Use the down arrow to leave his station and then go east, 
south, west, take the elevator to 1.  Go east, north, and west to return to 
the transporter room.

(NOTE: If you go to see the commander on the second floor, he'll offer to buy 
the staff of miniaturization from you.  Under no circumstances should you even 
consider this as you'll be unable to get to the next island.)

Take the first teleporter in the the western hall to go to Cauda. Go around 
the black tower, and down the road into the duke's castle.  Go north seven 
times, east once, and south once to get to the stairs.  Go up the stairs, go 
west, south twice, and then go east to where the Duke's son constructed a 
boat.  Use the staff of miniaturization in front of it to add [A drakkar 
(Viking ship used originally by Vikings)] to your inventory.

Go west, north twice, east, and south down the stairs. Head north, west, and 
south seven times to leave the castle.  Go around the castle an then down the 
road to the black tower. Enter the tower to get back to the transporter room.

MAKE AN ARCHIVAL SAVE HERE.  You'll be unable to return to the first four 
islands after you arrival in Sholda.

Go east, south, and west twice to get to the elevator.  Press 0 to go the the 
ground level.  Go east twice to leave the city.  

Turn around and go down the road, turning left at the intersection. Enter the 
pumping station at the end of the road.

Select the drakhar and use it.  Walk up to the water by the panel you fixed 
earlier, and you'll throw the drakhar into the water.  Use the staff of 
miniaturizate again to return in to full size and go to Sholda.  Nuke will 
taunt you as you sail.

5.5 Sholda

5.5.1 Sholda Countryside

You start out on a road after sailing to Sholda.  Head down the road and turn  
right at the first junction.  Take the right path at the next junction. And 
follow it until you encount a Blue Dragoon on the road.  Speak to him [1%], 
and he'll tell you that you're on the island of sholda.  If you want to give 
him all of your gold he'll also tell you its between Stomaca and Capit. 

Continue down the road going right at the next intersection.  Follow the road 
from here to a hut and enter it [1%].  

There an old man in here. If you say "I came to confront the Dragoons." on the 
first choice he'll tell you to mention the gods name to the old priest. (The 
other choice gives you a bit of his personal history.) On the second choice if 
you say "What exactly is this prophecy I keep hearing about?" you get a 
summary of the prophecy. (The other choise gets a warning about the prince's 
evil magic).  For the last option if you choose "How can I beat Mikhal Nuke" 
the man won't know his name but will tell you to beware of the Prince, the 
Alchemist, and Kodor and to concentrate on eliminating them first.  If you 
leave and return then are two new options, one of them encouraging you to see 
out the old priest, the other giving advice on not getting caught.

Leave the hut through the door to the west.  Turn around and follow the road 
and take the left path at the junction.  Turn right at the next junction, and 
follow it to dwelling that looks like a light brown reptile's head.  Enter the 
dwelling [1%].

Speak to the Dragoon in here.  He'll ask you if you're "He who will come" and 
mention the chosen one will be able to concentrate dozens of stars in his 
hands.  Select the flag from your inventory and use it to prove that you're 
the one when you approach him again.  The will be three sets of two 
conversation choice, the may gain you knowledge of the Dragoon weakness to a 
certain type of mushroom.  Regardless of the choice made the Dragoon will 
offer to give you a speel to kill the prince in exchange for you retrieving 
his remote control.  There are two conversation options if you approach him 
again without the remote, one of them indicates you'll need a few items from 
the Harem.  Leave his house to the east.

Turn around and follow the road to the junction. Turn right and take the right 
path at the next junction.  Go left at the following junction and left again 
at the one after that to get to a building, a dome with two windows.  Enter it 

This is the house of Kodos, who is standing on the east side of the room. If 
you approach him a conversation will start.  Only 2 of the 14 conversation 
threads don't result in your immediate death.  The first option doesn't matter 
but after that choose  "You don't seem very friendly.", then "You look like a 
healty young reptile to me", then "That calls for a celebration."  Don't come 
back here after that or he'll kill you.

Leave the house and turn around.  Turn left at the junction and right at the 
one after that. There should be a dragoon dressed in red around here, speak to 
him [1%].  Say "Your boss wanted to see me." and he'll point the way to the 
warrens.  The other option has him summon the alarm.

Turn left at the the next junction and enter the warrens.

5.5.2 Warrens
Head north.  Tracy will tell you that your in the Dragoons' Warrens.

Go north twice, past some statues of female dragoons, to where there's an 
outline of a door on the west wall. Go through the outline [1%]. 

Speak to the old priest, he'll tell you that you must destroy capit and not go 
to it.  Go east to return to the hall. (You'd get arrested if you go west). Go 
south twice and go east [1%].

The are four video game "heroes" in here.  They'll start jiggling after a bit 
and will hurt you if you get to close to them.  You can either shoot this or 
quickly wall around the front of the table and through the door to the east.

This is a another videogame like area. You can jump with the spacebar but its 
not necessary, the rolling barrels are harmless.  Go right, jump and get the 
fruit, turn left up the yellow, jump and get the fruit, and turn left up the 
blue stairs.  Go through the door to the north [1%]. (If you jump and get the 
balloon, you'll drift back to the previous room.)

This is the alchemists laboratory. Take the bone on the table on left to [A 
bone (remotus-controllus cubitus) to your inventory, this is the remote 
control you where asked to find.

If you talk to the Alchemist, choose "I'll find a way of getting him here." to 
avoid becoming sharkbait. (If you haven't talked to the high priest yet, the 
alchemist will ask you to bring the high priest to him.)

Exit the room to the south.  Jump and grab the balloon.  Go around the front 
of the table and out the west door to avoid the jiggling heroes.

Go north twice and west through the outline.  Speak to the high priest. Say "I 
just met the Alchemist. he told me some nasty things about you."  He'll tell 
you that a princess from another island is being held in the harem, she may be 
able to help.

Go east, and the south four times to leave the warren.

5.5.3 Country side revisited

Back up a couple of steps from the warren and turn around.  Go right at the 
juction, left and the next one, left again at the third junction, and right at 
the following one.  Go left at the next to and enter the dwelling at the end 
of the road.

Select the remote in your inventory and use it.  Approach the dragoon to 
return it.  In exchange he'll add [Complete Prince-killer outfit] to your 

Leave the house to the east. Turn around and follow the road, go right at the 
first two junctions, left and the next one, right at the next two, and left at 
the last on and reenter the warrens at the end of the road.

5.5.4 Deeper into the Warrens

Head north three times to outside the outline door.  There are three paths you 
can take from here to get arrested: 1. go west twice at get arrested in the 
harem chamber 2. go north and then west to get arrested in a room with a 
mirror 3. go north and then east to get arrested in the arcade. (Options 2 and 
3 give the 1% complete you get for entering those rooms but you'll get them 
anyway later.)

Choose either option when you're arrested.  The dragoons with take you to the 
prince who's outside the outlined door.  He'll sentence you to death and offer 
you a last request.  Select "Uh... Well... Now that you mention it... There is 
one thing... You may find it sort of weird..." and you be escorted two rooms 
west to the harem. (The other option see you on a tour a sharks stomach).

There are 5 Dragoon females in the harem, and one human the, the Baron 
Hautevilles daughter.  The barons daughter will tell you the one of the 
mushroom will make you invisible.  None of the Dragoons have anytime useful to 
say.  Take the mushroom on the south side of the room to add [A red toadstool 
with white spots], [A green toadstool] and [A round toadstool] to your 

Go through the exit to the south on the west side.  You'll be in a room with a 
statue and water in the middle.  Walk past the plank against the wall to knock 
it down across the water.  Wallk across the plank.  Go through the door on the 
east side of the room [1%]

This room has four misshaped beasts wandering about.  There a diamond in the 
statue by the fountain.  Take it to add [A diamond] to your inventory.

Go west, cross the plank, and go north to return to the harem.  Select the 
green toadstool in your inventory and use it to become invisible. (The red 
spotted mushroom is poisonous so don't use it).  Go east twice, past the two 
dragoons that arrested you, and the prince.  Go north from the prince.

Go east into the arcade [1%]. Go east again to where a jam session is in 

Go east again [1%] in the end chamber.  Take the bone and cannonballs on the 
north side of the room to add [A bone] and [Shiny Cannon balls] to your 
inventory. (NOTE: If you decide to leave the Warrens the cannonballs will 
leave your inventory and you'll need to come back for them.)

Go west four time to get to a room with a mirror [1%]. Walk up to the mirror 
and used the diamond to break the mirror.  Go west through the now open 


Walk carefully along this twisted path.  If you walk off the edge you'll fall 
to your death.  The path goes a few steps west, turns south, and turns west 
again.  A large lizard will appear when you approach the southwest corner.  
Quickly select the bone from you inventory and use it to avoid being eaten.
Don't walk into the cave to the north or a bear will kill you, instead 
continue on the path to the northeast and go through the door there [1%]

There a naked woman in suspended in a tube here, exit are to the east and 
west. Don't go east yet or you'll be killed by the Dragoons there.  Instead go 
west under the Triaceratops head [1%]

Don't let the cook see you or you'll become part of the menu.  Head for the 
pillar on entering the room and hide to the south of it.  Wait for the cook to 
walk over the stove.  Head for the shelf in the northwest corner and take the 
spice theres adding [Spices] to your inventory.  Select the round toad stool 
and use it to replace the spices.  Retreate to the pillar and wait for the 
cook to return to the spice shelf and hurry out of the room to the east.

Now its safe to go east since the mushroom as drugged the dragoons.  Go east 
again from here [1%]. Watch the dragoon seal a human into a sardine can and 
head north from here [1%].

The big cobra head in this room.  Head west into a torture chamber [1%].  
Prince Cuthbert son of Duke Ethered is being held here. Speak to him, 
apparently he's brothed to the Baron's daughter.  If you walk into the open 
cell he will be released but you'll be trapped, tell him "Try to get back to 
your cell..." if this happens.  Select the cannonballs and used them near the 
cell to free the prince.  He add [A flute] to your inventory as a reward.

Lead him to the east, where he'll rush off to save the Baron's daugher.  Use 
the flute to make the cobra's head rise revealing a passage to the north.  Go 
through it.  Go north again and you'll speak to the prince.  The first 
conversation option doesn't matter.  From the second choice there are three 
thread that result in the prince's death instead of yours:

1. "Wait. We're both reasonable peop... uh, beings. I'm sure we can make a 
deal...", "Maybe a very important object", "I command one astoundingly 
powerful spell"

2. "I have a personal message for you.", "It was neither the time or place", 
"I've got a spell to beat them all!!!"

3. "I have a personal message for you.", "It's very private. I had to see you 
alone...", "I've got a spell to beat them all!!!"

Pick any of those threads to kill the prince [1%].  Walk up to his corpse at 
take the key from him to and [A snake-shaped key] to you inventory. Go south 
twice and walk away from the cobra head, use the snake shaped key and approach 
the head to lower its tounge as a rope through where the blue circle opened.  
Watch the cutscene with the Duke's son and the Baron's daughter.

Head east [1%].  Go the door to the north on the east side to get to the shark 
pool.  You'll get eaten if you try to swim across right away.  Take a few 
steps north to pull an lever dropping a misshapen creature into the pool.  The 
sharks are still circling so step south and north to pull it again to drop in 
another creature.  It's now safe the swim across to the east.

You be in a cavern. The exit is to the north, go through it [1%].

There's a flaming pit here.  If you jump into it from the north you be burned 
to ashes.  Go east along the south side of the pit and push the rock to the 
north to let water spill into the pit extinquishing the flames.

Walk around the pit giving a wide berth to the northern edge to avoid drowning 
and push the rock back to stop the flow of water and allow the pit to dry up.

Drop down through the pit on its north side [1%].

Go north to reveal a staircase.  Go up the stair.

Go to the view port to the north here

Witness the volcanic erupture as the Dragon awakes on the Island of Capit, 
destroying Mikhal Nuke's base of operations, saving Eternam.  Nuke unfortunely 
gets away leaving you stranded on Eternam.

6.  Completion Objectives

I've only been able to identify 99% of the completely objectives.  There no 
was to check the percent after the final scene so that may account for the 
missing 1%.

1. Start a new game. You can miss out on this by loading an "Init the Game" 
2. Go upstairs in the first house to the left along the road in Cauda
3. Enter Duke Ethelred's castle
4. Enter the room with the sweetmeat shelf in Duke Ethelred's castle
5. Enter the guards barracks in Duke Ethelred's castle
6-8. Enter Duke Ethelred's council chamber.
9. Enter the map room to the west of Duke Ethelred's council chambers.
10. Enter the room to with the staircase and the entrance to the ordeal 
chamber, south of the infirmary in Duke Ethelred's castle.
11. Enter the room with a boat in Duke Ethelred's castle.
12. Enter the ordeal room with the flames in Duke Ethelred's castle.
13. Enter the ordeal room with the two levels in Duke Ethelred's castle.
14. Enter the inn at the end of the first right on the road past the Duke's 
15. Go up to the third floor of the inn.
16. Enter the temple at the end of the road marked by the yellow flag at the 
junction with three flags in Cauda.

17. Talk to man between ford and first house in Doralis
18. Enter the first house (bookkeepers) in Doralis
19. Enter the revelutionary house at the end of the first left past the 
bookkeeper's hourse in Dorsalis
20. Talk to the man in light blue near the second crossroads in Dorsalis.
21. Talk to Norbert at the intersection by the French flag in Dorsalis.
22. Enter Ducros' house at the end of the road to the left at the intersection 
past the French flag in Dorsalis.
23. Talk to man on road past the junction where the other path leads to 
Charlotte's house in Dorsalis.
24. Enter Charlotte's house in Dorsalis.
25. Enter Charlotte's studio/bedroom.
26. Enter the town of Middleville in Dorsalis.
27. Enter the area with the fight ring in Middleville.
28. Enter the secret passage in the bar in Middlevile.
29. Be tried and sentenced to die for walking to the grass outside to Baron's 
manor to the east of the town square.
30. Enter Baron BasseVille's Manor on the east side of MiddleVille.
31. Enter the kitchen to the east of the Baron's throne room in the Manor on 
the east side of MiddleVille.
32. Enter Baron HauteVille's Manor to the west of the compass salesman in 
33. Enter the Baroness HauteVille's Chambers in the northeast corner of the 
the Hauteville Manor to the west of the compass seller in Middlevile.

Stomaca 0.1
34-36.  Arrive in the examination room in Stomaca's universite after taking 
the ferry from MiddleVille.
37-38.  Take the examination at the University in Stomaca.
39-41.  Arrive in the Stomaca Commander's City.
42. Enter the room outside the Floor 0 elevation in the Commander's city.
43. Enter the room to the north of the Floor -1 entrance in the Commander's 
44. Enter to room to the east of the Floor 1 entrance in the Commander's city.
45. Enter the "HALFLIGHT ZONE" on Floor 3 in the Commander's city.
46. Enter the room to the north of the Floor 4 entrance in the Commander's 
47. Activate viewscope in room to the north of the the Floor 4 entrance in the 
Commander's city.
48. Enter the City Commander's room to the north of the Floor 2 entrance.
49. Take the elevator to floor 5 of the commanders city.
50. Enter the pumping station in Stomaca.
51. Talk to the man on the road on the road to the right at the intersection 
where going straight take you to the time warp building.
52. Enter the building with the timewarp.
53-56: Go through the timewarp to the moon.
57: Send 20th century game developers home.

58. Talk to the soldier near the sign with the hieroglyphs.
59. Speak to the pharoah's girlfriend near the junction.
60. Talk to the soldier further along the same road as the girlfriend.
61. Talk to the skeloton at the end of the same road as the girlfriend.
62. Enter the pyramid.
63. Enter the room in the pyramid with the Rosy Stone.
64. Enter the room with the hieroglyph tiles in the pyramid.
65. Enter the room with the giant scorpion in the pyramid.
66. Enter to room east and south of the giant scorpion in the pyramid.
67. Enter the slope tunnel with the stream of light in the pyramid.
68. Enter the room with the golden idol in the pyramid.
69. Enter the eastern statue room in the pyramid.
70. Enter the western statue room in the pyramid.
71. Enter the room with Superman and companions on the wall in the pyramid.
72. Enter the room with a brick wall to the north, and stair to the south in 
the pyramid.
73. Enter the room with a cup and knife on some stairs in the pyramid.
74. Enter the room where you need to place the three statue in the pyramid.
75. Ride the sand up to the room with the sarcophagus in the pyramid after 
lighting the statues.
76. Enter the room with a sphinx in the pyramid.
77. Enter the room with the rod of miniaturization in the pyramid.

78. Talk to the Blue Dragoon on the road to the wooden hut.
79. Enter the wooden hut in Sholda.
80. Enter the dwelling shaped like a light brown reptile's head.
81. Enter the dome shaped dwelling where Kodos lives.
82. Speak to the dragoon in red on the road near the Warren's
83. Enter the Warrens
84. Enter the room where the old priest is through the outlines door in the 
85. Enter the room with the jiggling heroes in the Warrens
86. Enter the Alchemist's lab in the Warrens
87. Enter the room with the mishapened beasts beyond the harem in the Warrens.
88. Enter the arcade in the the warrens.
89. Enter the room east of the jam session in the warrens.
90. Enter room with mirror in the warrens.
91. Enter the room with the naked woman suspended in a tube in the Warrens.
92. Enter the kitchen in the Warrens
93. Enter the room where a human is being sealed into a sardine can in the 
94. Enter the room with the big cobra head in the Warrens.
95. Enter the torture chamber in the Warrens.
96. Kill the Dragoon Prince in the Warrens.
97. Enter the room to the east of where you climbed down on the cobra's 
98. Enter the room white the flame spout in the warrens.
99. Drop through the flame pit are extinquishing the flames and draining the 
water in the warrens.

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